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Vinman was a human pilot of the Terran Confederation.

Vinman was active during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673. He was assigned to Green Squadron during a mission to escort the TCS Amadeus, a refugee transport, departing for the Megaron System. He flew a Hellcat V as Green 3. His wingmen were Russo and Sparky.

During the mission, the convoy was attacked by a squadron of cloaked Black Lance fighters, posing as Union of Border Worlds craft. Russo and Sparky were killed first, leaving Vinman to face the Black Lance alone. Before he could prepare for an attack however, the Black Lance leader, "Seether", shot down Vinman's Hellcat. Vinman veered out of control, desperately trying to recover his stricken vessel. He was urged by the Amadeus to eject, but was ultimately killed at Seether's hand. Vinman's death left the unarmed Amadeus defenseless.