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TCS Amadeus
Type Clarkson-class transport
Primary User Terran Confederation

The TCS Amadeus was a Clarkson-class transport in the service of the Terran Confederation.

The Amadeus was a standard Terran transport refitted as a medical transport. During the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673, the Amadeus was ordered to relocate Terran refugees from the frontier to the Megaron System. It was escorted by three Hellcat Vs labeled Green Squadron. The pilots were "Russo", "Sparky", and "Vinman".

The incident

While passing through the Hellespont System, five F-107 Lances flown by the Black Lance assaulted the Amadeus. Their wingleader was a man known only as "Seether". Using their cloaking abilities, they quietly ambushed the unsuspecting Confederation pilots. The Amadeus informed Russo that they had detected a strange signal from what would turn out to be cloaked craft. Russo dismissed it as paranoia before being shot down in cold blood by the fission guns of Black Lance leader Seether Lance. Russo was the only pilot of his squadron not to see the attackers. Sparky was the next to be hit. Before he could react Seether appeared in front of Sparky's craft. Sparky watched helplessly as Seether fired on his starfighter, killing the young pilot. Vinman was then swarmed by the black lance and before he could prepare for an attack Seether fired and hit Vinman's Hellcat. Vinman veered out of control, desperately trying to recover his stricken vessel. He was urged by the Amadeus to eject, but was ultimately killed at Seether's hand. Vinman's death left the unarmed Amadeus defenseless.

Green squadron leader, Russo.
Sparky during the incident.
Vinman moments before his death.

The Black Lance pilots identified themselves as Union of Border Worlds pilots, intending to frame the Border Worlds in a campaign to incite war between them and the Terran Confederation.

Defenseless, the Amadeus desperately sent out a distress call. Seether then launched a Flash-Pak on the vessel and his squadron retreated. The Amadeus assumed this was a withdrawal, but was completely destroyed when the Flash-Pak incinerated the vessel's internal structure, leaving no survivors.

The TCS Lexington later arrived at the site of the Amadeus in an attempt to locate survivors. There were none found.

The Flash-Pak incinerates the TCS Amadeus, one of many civilian vessels to fall prey to the Black Lance.

Behind the Screens

Appears in the opening of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.