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As we mentioned last month, LOAF, AD and team are working through an exhaustive overhaul to the CIC's original video archive. Our Holovids video index was pretty great for its time, but this takes the concept to an entirely different level. Right off the bat, you can see how branching plot choices work along with alternate video clips and dialogue script. With that text, you can understand exactly what was being said, even through the muffled parts. Alternate language French, German and Spanish editions are also included as are alternate quality sources where available. Plus, there are an enormous number of behind-the-scenes clips, deleted scenes, reviews and more. Want an extensive array of print reviews? That's included too! If that wasn't enough, a complete rundown of in-flight comms from both the story and gameplay are now available. Incredible! Today's update is all about Privateer 2, but stay tuned for Wing Commander Prophecy next!
LOAF: I've got a variety of exciting updates about this effort!

An index to all of the Privateer 2 video pages is now available! We've added all of our existing video content related to the game, including multiple VHSes and Betacams of higher quality video that cover a lot of the game and give a much better look at the production.

In addition to a page for each game cutscene we've also done an audit on all of the available behind-the-scenes video from the game and created a page for each one. We've got two making of featurettes, three set visits that appeared on TV programs, interviews with cast and crew and more all readily accessible! And each one has a transcript. Trailers and other marketing material goes here as well. (I stuck a page in there with the Hilliker movie cut, too!)

We've also just added dubbed versions of the game videos! So each article now includes the French, German and Spanish translation of each cutscene. And each 'choice' video has Lev's "inner thoughts" as embedded sound clips in all four languages! It's pretty fun. If you know of another Privateer 2 dub please let me know and we'll endeavor to find a copy and convert the videos. Gotta shout out AD again for all the video work, he did a lot of editing and converting to make this and the BTS stuff possible.

We also have the proof-of-concept for captions down, as always thanks to KrisV. If you look at the video for 4_S you'll see you can turn on captions although the timings are a mess. Unfortunately captioning videos isn't really in my wheelhouse so it's going to take a bit while I learn how to do the timings. But my plan is to conform the script extracts and the transcripts and then use the transcripts for the captions. If you're familiar with a better process, please speak up!

The subtitles can also be edited by anyone! The videos draw their subtitles from a WEBVTT-formatted page in the wiki. For example, the ones in 4_S come from We do have the option to caption the videos in multiple languages, if anyone is interested in doing that.

Plus all the comms for P2 (may take a while to load) and there's a magazine index too.

Also wanted to share my worksheet for this part of the project which is a good consolidated reference for all this.

Concordia, Pride of the Confederation Fleet Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Mac's highly anticipated lore video on the TCS Concordia has been released! The clip has been teased in a variety of forms over the past month, and now you can enjoy the entire episode. It details the extensive history of the vessel from its commissioning in the wake of The Secret Missions 2 through the exploits of WC2 and the Special Operations and finally with her heroic efforts from the WC novels. The thorough narration is complemented by more than twenty minutes of gorgeous fleet footage. It's very informative and visually striking. Don't miss it!
The Rockstar of Confed's Carrier Fleet.

Missing Cutscenes Recovered from German Prophecy Discs Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Pretty neat discovery by AD: the German dub of Wing Commander Prophecy includes two post-mission attaboys that aren’t present in the English release!

They are both included in the shooting script and the schedule! It’s not some giant missing piece but it’s pretty neat to see more of Ginger’s Rachel… even if she’s speaking German! Yes we are adding the entire German dub to Holovids! You can learn more here and here.
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Exploring Privateer Repair Values & Deleted Equipment Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The results of an evening of hex editing! This is how Privateer figures the cost of repairs (and the prices for selling damaged components, which is never worth it!). Every component has a damage rating from 0 (destroyed) to 100 (no damage). Repairs are a percent of the total item value times the damage rating. The armor is the exception: it has four values (one for each side) and the total amount varies by armor type. It’s also super broken and rolls over so will charge you more for a tiny amount of damage. But the range is so small you never notice while playing! The one component you can’t buy are the hated maneuvering jets. But from their repair costs we can see they seem to have a total value of 75,000 credits! The maneuvering jets graphic was actually initially created to be an EMP shield. This was part of a cut game loop that would've let you disable enemy ships (and need such a shield to protect yourself against such attacks). There was also an EMP missile that you would've used to disable enemy ships (for piracy!): There were two other cut missiles! The first one was simple, a Kilrathi missile that would've been unique to their ships. The other RealSpace games do this and it was likely just a cut for space. The other is a Mace-style nuclear missile that was the original plan for the torpedo launchers. They were reworked into being pretty similar to Dumb Fire missiles... but their pricing has a neat effect on the early game. Another cut component: small and medium jump drives. The original design gated you more by having you need to save up for improved drives with additional charges... ultimately getting to a point where you can explore Delta Prime. And here's a cut scanner! This would've been the level one B&S option and the Omni would've been the tenth scanner option. This is the last one I can think of tonight: double missile launchers! A more expensive option that would've let you double the number of missiles you carry. Killed pretty late for balancing!
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Sabre Takes Over the Flight Deck Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Klavs is back to polish his Sabre model again, and he's got a neat new setup here. He's put together an expansive 8K backdrop and then added his own models to it for a very ultrawide wallpaper. It would fit nicely across two 4K monitors with very slim bezels or anchor a higher/wider monitor very well. The ships look slick as always, and the Sabre is especially mean from a head-on perspective!
Fiddling with these models again with a heavily tweaked Midjourney AI background and a LOT of passes to make it look more painterly.

High Fidelity Excalibur Model Under (Re)Construction Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's been a while since we've last seen Chronocidal Guy's Excalibur model in action, but the ship is back on track and under construction on his workbench. He's reworked the design in a handful of ways, including rescaling the model to be considerably larger. This has allowed him to add more detail to items like the mounted weapons. It's pretty far along, so hopefully we won't have to wait forever to see the final ship!
I have been busy revisiting this design though, and decided to finally dig in and rebuild the blank sections, add a simple cockpit, and print a slightly larger scale one.

Good progress being made, but the print times have scaled up along with the size, and I'm waiting for the weekend to print the engine modules, since they'll take 24 hours each. The fuselage and wings were both about 36 hour prints.

Mac Takes Flashy Ferret Out for a Spin Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Mac is on a roll with fabulous Wing Commander renders this month, and his latest is a spectacular Super Ferret as originally modeled by Klavs. His new scene is vertically oriented with a lot of hard angles and implied speed. There's also some great interplay between the engine flare, background nebula gases and other light sources. The new image is below, and you can see it assembled with two of his similar pieces as well!
Ferret model by Hangar B Productions. Which now completes the poster series I started way back. Now to see what they'll look like printed.

RSI Announced Squadron 42 Milestone Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The gang at Roberts Space Industries is holding their annual Star Citizen convention this weekend, and they're wrapping events up with a big announcement: the campaign-driven game announced in 2012, Squadron 42, is now "feature complete." This means the core items are in place, and they are entering a new phase of polishing. This is expected to still take a significant amount of time, so the team is not putting a release date out there yet. They have, however, published a very cool new video that highlights the latest in the game's cinematics and spaceflight. The clip even begins with familiar nods to things like their iteration of the Hornet fighter and the Vega System. Chris Roberts says, "We want to make sure that Squadron 42 delivers on the promise of being this generation's Wing Commander," and it does indeed seem like this generation may get to experience it!

Origin Museum Material Digitized Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've reported in the past on the sale of the Origin Museum collection and today we're happy to report that the new owner is serious about preserving Origin's history! Dominus Dragon has begun digitizing Origin Museum material and he has been kind enough to share the Wing Commander-related discoveries with us... including an enormous Wing Commander Prophecy producer's bible! We're very grateful for the effort and the thought that went into sharing this for the Wing Commander community. Here's an index to 17 new documents added to our digital archive... plenty to explore and it sounds like there may be more to come!

Wing Commander I:

Wing Commander III:

Wing Commander IV:

Privateer 2:

Wing Commander Prophecy:

Wing Commander Prophecy (production bible):

Wing Commander (movie):


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Beautiful Capship Duo Ready for Escort Duty Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

CountvonSchnaps has a new sketch: a wonderful Tallahassee class cruiser like the TCS Coventry in WC3. I really like what he's done with colors, paneling and detail across the hull. It adds some rich character! He originally drew a Southampton destroyer, which we highlighted last year. I missed the cruiser addition until Dragon1 pointed it out this week, but I'm happy to be able to share both now!
A redesign (slightly) of a cruiser featured in Wing Commander 3 and 4: the Tallahassee Class cruiser. Sporting 11 turrets (2x dual barrel heavy antimatter turrets, 1 x dual barrel tachyon gun turret and 8 laser cannons) it also has a front mounted axial gauss cannon and a torpedo/missile launcher. Similar to the Southampton it has a hangar bay located at the back which can house a full wing of fighter; typically, 4 Arrow light fighters and a shuttle.

It is fun to make ships like these, in a sketchy and relative "fast" speed. I am considering making a more technical drawing but will see if I head into that direction.

Concordia Fires the Big Gun Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

People have been loving the recent glimpse of Mac's massive Concordia fleet, but the scene we've gotten has featured the ship and its many escorts majestically cruising through space. Now it's time for a peek at the action! He's posted this teaser that shows the dreadnought's powerful phase transit cannon warm up, take aim and blast a Fralthra to bits. The encounter is inspired by this famous scene!
Way back in 2010 I wondered if perhaps by 2020 it would be appropriate to post the full 250 kilobyte animated gif directly on the front page. Dear readers, I believe that day has come. Brace yourselves:

Take a Closer Look At “Confed HQ” Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DO YOU think that these--seen in Wing Commander III, IV and Prophecy--are supposed to be the same space station?

The answer is: maybe? It's a classic case of the individual game's developers probably intending them to be the same station but the endless march of lore deciding otherwise. Let's take a closer look... The script refers to the WC3 base only as "Confed HQ" with no location specified. The novelization, however, decided that it was Epsilon Sector HQ, located at "the Confed HQ complex on Torgo III." (A reasonable choice since the Victory picks up Tolwyn at Torgo later.) The folks doing the Kilrathi Saga manual don't seem to have been aware of that, though, as we have orders sending Blair to "Addington Station, Border World 8, Leyton Sector" for his new assignment. Must've been a stopover! The story behind the WC4 base is a bit messier. The script calls for the shuttle to appear near the rings of Saturn and then to swing around Jupiter to reveal the supercarriers and then the base... We don't see Saturn in the finished segment but we do seem to end up near one of Jupiter's moons (after passing the Victory). Here are the storyboards! The novel, however, comes up with a pretty detailed story about how it's a former LEO defense station named Orion that had been moved to Earth-Moon L5 after being damaged in the Battle of Earth. Wonder what that planet seen out the window is! The Prophecy version is pretty unequivocably orbiting Jupiter, though, and that's supported by both the script and the official guide. Of course, it doesn't last long! Oh! It IS the same mesh carried over from game to game. It's the rare object that never appears in-engine... but you can also tell it's a pretty quick kitbash: the center is a stack of Blackmane base bridges and the prongs are from Clarkson-class transport cabs.
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Impressively Tall South Korean Privateer Added to Collection Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a really nifty collectible that Christian Klein has added to his collection. It's a copy of Privateer localized for South Korea. You might not be able to tell from the first frame, but the box is extremely tall! Check it out side-by-side with a more conventional package. The Wing Commander series got a fair amount of translation in South Korea. Here's a lengthy 14-page review of Privateer as well as a local magazine ad. This also isn't Christian's first SK WC game: he's also got a tall box WC4!
FINALLY added a Korean Wing Commander Privateer (SKC Soft Land) to my collection. Look at this huuuuge box. Thanks to Dominus of Exult

Always Up for Arrow Art Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We're a sucker for a good physical Wing Commander model, and Conrad Teves recently made a slick one! He printed this Arrow light fighter a few weeks ago, which happened to be just in time for Wing Commander Armada's 29th birthday. A lot of people closely associate this ship with Wing Commander 3, but it appeared in Armada first. Arrows even take up a pretty big chunk of the box cover!
Made a 3d print of the Arrow. Here it is fresh off the printer.

Interactive Entertainment Reviews Privateer Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we have a neat "video review" for Wing Commander Privateer from Interactive Entertainment, a CD-ROM magazine. This is from the inaugural issue dated February 1994. The clip doesn't include rolling video, but it has a narrated overview presented on top of a large number of screenshots, which would have qualified as full fledged multimedia back in the day! In a similar vein, the author gushes about the vast universe, diverse planets and enormous freedom provided by the Gemini Sector. It's the same language you might hear in a modern review of Starfield today, which is interesting food for thought on how expectations evolve with the cutting edge of computer gaming over the decades. AD was able to piece together their proprietary image format and pair it with the appropriate audio to recreate this sequence, and now you can easily enjoy it on YouTube!
Interactive Entertainment (IE) was an interactive multimedia CD-ROM magazine published by Interactive Publishing, Inc. covering DOS, Windows, and console games. The magazine software was designed to run on Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

Unlike competing printed publications which offered CD cover disks as a supplement containing demos and utilities, each IE disc was a fully self-contained magazine offering all editorial content in the form of video, audio, and text, as well as the usual demos and utilities.

At the time of its publication, IE offered a multimedia presentation that was unfeasible over the Internet due to slow dial-up connections and a lack of standards in streaming video and audio on a web page, making IE the precursor to the modern video game magazine website designed for broadband Internet connections.

Confed Cockpits Get Extra Wide Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got some very cool large horizontal "wrap-around" cockpits that AllTinker has built for the Confederation project. These aren't merely a copy/paste of the various existing art pieces - Tinker has drawn in a bit of connective material to seamlessly bridge the transition from front to side to back. It's so good that you probably can't tell where it starts! The exact usage is still up in the air, although there are numerous ways these could be applied to accommodate widescreen setups or even a hypothetical 3D environment. There's a lot of work yet to do before anything like that will be implemented, but you can enjoy the 360 degree art right now!
Someone with the skills could obviously render up new 2D widescreen views with the proper perspective. I can experiment with some fake perspective on the far edges just to break up the flatness of it a bit, but I'm not sure how good it'll look. The lack of depth might make it look worse.

3D cockpits can also be done (but not by me, happy to help with the code though). I did experiment with making voxel cockpits... that will also work, but the amount of work is pretty nuts.

If this has got you thinking about all of the amazing Wing Commander cockpits over the years, you can download the nifty cockpit reference pack here.

Everything's Ship Shaped Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Due to popular demand, Mac has rendered out his recent preview animation as a glorious 4K wallpaper. This is the one absolutely chock-full of destroyers, cruisers, carriers, transporters and more. Klavs' iconic Concordia also forms the core of this mega fleet. It must be a challenge to figure out which ship you're supposed to land your fighter on!

More Privateer 2 Fun: Cut Story Sequence Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a scene cut from Privateer 2! It's from the main plot (between your visit to the hospital and Taffin Reclamation) and has Lev flying a mission for the police to find the Canera's registration number. Interestingly, there's a space for this in the game's internal file structure. I wonder if they shot it! I also initially read the 'menace to navigation' line as a Babylon 5 nod... but this predated the B5 finale by several years! The scene was boarded, too!
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Preview New CIC Video Archive, Feedback Needed! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

FEEDBACK NEEDED! The reason we've been looking at Privateer 2 the past few days is that we're using the Privateer 2 intro cutscenes as the demo for a totally overhauled Holovids section at the CIC!

These new pages will collect all kinds of interesting supporting material with each cutsscene: storyboards, alternate versions, artwork, etc. You can find the first one here. Before we move on to the cinematics for rest of Privateer 2, WC3 through Prophecy and beyond we'd love to know what else you'd like to see in these spaces! What would help organize it, make it usable/less confusing, etc.

And special thanks to AD who has been taking charge of the video section of the project, aka the hard part that requires actual talent. And if you'd like to sign on and help, stop by my office anytime!

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Fun Privateer 2 Group Watch Set for Monday Night Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

LOAF, AD and the team have been doing big and exciting things lately with Privateer 2. To further their research and project prep, we're holding a group watch-along of the "director's cut" footage posted by P2 director Steve Hilliker for the game's 25th anniversary. To join in, visit Discord #Wingnut on Monday evening at 9 PM Eastern Time. This YouTube link is all you need!
LOAF: Set your nav computers for fun: join us on Monday at 9 PM Eastern at the CIC Discord for a group watch of the Privateer 2: The Darkening 25th Anniversary movie cut!
If you want to enhance the experience even further, there is also AD & ODVS' special remastered version of the material that improves the quality and resolution even more. You can download it here (2.7 gig mkv) and watch with something like VLC. Here's a comparison of the two versions:

The Best of Both Worlds Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Look what's hiding in the 1994 Claw Marks: the Comm Relay logo is the planet from the cover of the 1992 Origin catalog! The planet is a painting by Terrell Powell and it was used for a bunch of different corporate things (press kit folders, convention signage and such). This is the version of Claw Marks included with Super Wing Commander. Claw Marks' Comm Relay is also what we were referencing with Star Citizen's now ubiquitous Comm Links!
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Confed Space Fleet Ready for Battle Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Mac has posted a new teaser for his next Wing Commander project. This one picks up on the Concordia theme from last week and now has the famous dreadnought anchoring an absolutely massive battle fleet. It's flanked by some of Klavs' most popular models, including Bengal class carriers and Waterloo cruisers. There are also scores of smaller destroyers, corvettes and fighters filling the space throughout. What an epic scene!

Japanese Tape Includes Rare Mega CD Preview Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a very cool video unearthed by Sega City. It's a preview of the Mega CD version of Wing Commander in Japan that was included on the April 1994 issue of SEGA Video Magazine. Contrary to what the name implies, this wasn't a print magazine with a cover disc - it was a VHS tape that included various game preview clips. A video advertisement for WC1 from Japan is quite a special find!
A preview of 'Wing Commander' on the SEGA Mega CD. SEGA Video Magazine, April 1994.

Poetry From the Border Worlds: A Whirlwind Ride... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Space poetry! There’s a shot in a Wing Commander IV briefing (M2) where we get a block of text behind Mark Hamill… and it’s mostly legible on the DVD! I can’t find it printed anywhere… must be a stray transmission from the Vogons.

A whirlwind ride
down the
spiraling drains of
desire drowning
dying to breathe
your air before the darkness
settles in. Ahh, if I
could wake next
to the golden
green pools of
your eyes in the
liquid hazel
dreams of my
someday in the
distant near
future you will
return to me
in my dreams.
Once again we
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Streaming Origin’s Newly Rediscovered Academy Missions Tonight! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

True to my word, I will play these missions LIVE tonight! Tune in at 8 PM Eastern to talk Academy and fly some Origin-made Wing Commander missions for the first time.
The search for the 'PC Player' Wing Commander Academy missions continues... but it HAS spun off something even more exciting: a set of five demo missions that Origin made in house and posted to their BBS in September 1993?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I've also collected about one hundred fan made missions from old BBSes and Warez CDs during the hunt! Except a feature with downloads soon.

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Do Bring a Knife to a Space Fight Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Alright, I can't think of a good reason for this, but here's the Wing Commander knife post. To start, WC always loved using knives to show a character was troubled. The one Cobra is sharpening in WC III is a Marto-Brewer Explora, a Spanish survival knife from the 1980s. Hawk’s thematically similar knife in Wing Commander Prophecy is called a hunting knife in stage directions but the actual prop is a United Cutlery Bushmaster survival knife. These are still made! Seether’s knife in Wing Commander IV is a Hibben Double Shadow, a design often used in sci fi productions including Star Trek and Babylon 5. The script calls it a “laser-blade” which it describes as “a curved handle with a lethal thread of light that pulses from one end of the handle to the other”. As a result, the novelization refers to Seether’s blade as a “laser knife” and says they are “plunging weapons that could also inflict severe surface burns depending on whether the attack was a pierce or a slash.” Double Shadows are still sold by United Cutlery today and they’re a pretty affordable and cool Wing Commander token to have! Another big knife is the Pilgrim dagger-cross from the movie. Here’s the official explanation of its meaning from the Handbook. (I want a glowing one!) There are four Pilgrim Crosses in the movie: Blair’s, Paladin’s, Wilson’s (cut) and Sansky’s (glimpsed only briefly). Of course there are more in the followup novels! Replica Pilgrim Cross knives were produced by United Cutlery back in 1999. They’re pretty collectible today! They came with a certificate with a little more lore background. There’s even a Pilgrim Cross trading card included with one of the action figures! In the original cut of the movie, Gerald battles Blair with a fighting knife on the concom. The novel says it is “not standard-issue to be sure” and that it “bear(s) a charge of winking silver.” (As of yet unidentified!) Meanwhile, the Handbook tried to explain its origins by giving all the marines a standard knife. D’oh! Must refer to something else… Another good Pilgrim Cross blade shot from the finished cut of the movie. We've got to eat, too! Here are dinner knives at the meal Damon Karnes has for Blair and Maniac… … and then dinner knives in the mess halls of the Tiger's Claw and the Intrepid! Now let's talk about the novels! False Colors tells us that Landreich pilots carry utility knives; we see Jason Bondarevsky use his to help treat one of his wounded pilots during a boarding action.

The same novel also introduces us to FRL marine Colonel Bhaktadil Rai, who carries a kukri, a type of large curved combat knife from Nepal.

Confederation Marines carry durasteel knives. The First Commando Battalion's flag has crossed knives over a Kilrathi skull. Decker's men in Wing Commander IV are armed with trench knives, which they used for close fighting aboard the TCS Princeton. There are two big knife fights in the books, too: False Colors has one Landreich delegate pulling a knife on another, a bit of a Brooks–Sumner Affair-style event intended to get across that the FRL is an analog for the rough and rowdy early days of the United States' legislature. Then there's a big moment in Action Stations where Ensign Tolwyn and company come across a group of aliens betting on a makeshift arena knife fight between two humans and a Kilrathi. And speaking of the Kilrathi…

Kilrathi typically do not use knives as combat weapons, favoring their own claws for close range fighting (and larger swords and polearms for medium combat). Nevertheless, knives serve a number of utility and ceremonial purposes in Kilrathi society.

The most famous Kilrathi knife is the vorshaki dueling blade or claw knife. These curved daggers can disembowel with the flick of a wrist. They are carried on the belts of noblemen and captured daggers have been adopted by Confederation marines. Vorshaki blades feature notches representing the noble clans of Kilrah. They are used in ritual duels to the death and for other ceremonial purposes. Barons throw their daggers in the "Pledging of Knives" to vote their support for the Emperor (who carries a golden version). In practice, the dueling aspect of claw daggers means that they are often brandished threateningly by important kil during political or interpersonal disputes. They are also used in mourning: a lord will cut his forehead to display their honor for the dead.

Kilrathi also have ceremonial "zu'kara knives" used for ritual suicide which they carry in sheathes at their thighs. These daggers have ornate handles carved of rare wood from the sacred forest of Kovokum and are fitted to an individual's paws. Formal Zu'kara involves stabbing ones heart or cutting ones throat. If a kil's knife is not available, they may regain their honor using whatever is available: their own claws, the vacuum of space and so on.

Kilrathi interrogators use knives for what they call "kalkrath", a form of physical torture. Thrak'hra lords may not be interrogated via kalkrath without the express permission of the Emperor.

Their culture places significant meaning on the method of an execution. Knives occupy something of a middle ground in this spectrum, lacking the respect of being dispatched directly but also avoiding the insult of disintegration. (See Ragark's execution of Ghadhark nar Volles).

While Imperial guardsmen carried energy weapons and large polearms during the Kiranka regime, many of those competing for power after the surrender preferred knife-wielding warriors. Chancellor Melek's guards carried knives, as did those protecting Governor Ragark.

Sivar priestesses also carry ritual knives; Hassa prepares to defend herself with hers in Freedom Flight. Finally, Kilrathi soldiers also carry utility knives; here we see one warrior using his claws to release a prisoner while the other wields a knife for the same purpose. And in Freedom Flight, the warrior who challenges Hunter to a duel specifically removes his utility knife. If you can think of any other knives in the Wing Commander universe (keeping in mind that I avoided any ship name jokes!) add them here and we'll keep... on... knifing...
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