Party Log Reveals CIC's True Colors Update ID

Jetlag has tweaked the log from our recent CIC Birthday Party so that all the color coding renders properly. This makes it much easier to see which text lines are people talking compared with the original black and white version. LOAF moderates the party in red speech beginning at 16:00. If you missed our 15th anniversary event, you can see what happened (in color!) here.
[16:09] <LOAF> The winner will get a Wing Commander Academy DVD set!
[16:10] <LeHah> Cool prize
[16:10] <LOAF> What popular racing game did Chris Roberts contribute cars to?
[16:10] <LOAF> DMJC wins! The answer was Need for Speed.
[16:10] <LOAF> Bonus points to Goku who said Car Citizen.
[16:10] <NinjaLA> hehe
[16:10] <bob> hehehehehe
[16:10] <Triple-B> that was a tough one
[16:11] <Toast> really? wow
[16:11] <Triple-B> I am listening to all kind of wc music in the background for atmosphere :)
[16:11] <LOAF> Yes! Chris is credited as special thanks in the the first NSF. He loaned them his fancy cars for testing during the game's development.

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