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Session Ident: #Wingnut

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[11:07] <LOAF> Howdy folks!

[11:08] <Rane> sup

[11:09] <bob> Hello again

[11:09] <Two-face> so does anybody here do any table top roleplaying

[11:10] <MatthTheGeek> I wish

[11:10] <MatthTheGeek> I'd need to know people that are into it for that

[11:10] <Two-face> i have made a game using a d20 system based on the wing commander world. 

[11:10] <PopsiclePete> hey

[11:11] <PopsiclePete> Yesterday was my daugter's birthday and guess what whe asked for her bday party ? A Dongeons & Dragons initiation quest for her friends and herself.

[11:11] <MatthTheGeek> you lucky bastard

[11:11] <Two-face> thats awesome 

[11:12] <PopsiclePete> I had to clear 15 years of dust on my AD&D books and re-learn how to host a game but it was fun !

[11:12] <MatthTheGeek> how old is she ?

[11:13] <PopsiclePete> We even integrated the diner with medieval reciepes to the quest. 

[11:13] <PopsiclePete> She turned 12.

[11:13] <LOAF> Hey Pete!

[11:13] <NinjaLA> hi

[11:13] <MatthTheGeek> when I was _that_ old I played pokémon

[11:13] <PopsiclePete> yoaf !

[11:13] <AD> That's cool... Did you see the other wc rpg that was finished recently two-face?

[11:14] <PopsiclePete> HeyD yoja

[11:14] <AD> Hey Pete

[11:14] <MatthTheGeek> kinda of a lame childhood compared to your daughter

[11:14] <PopsiclePete> bbl wife calling for help

[11:14] <Two-face> no AD i havent where is that located 

[11:14] <AD> I don't know what system Capi built his on... I was never big into pen and paper RPGs

[11:14] <AD> I'll try and find a link

[11:15] <Two-face> ok thanks 

[11:15] <NinjaLA> capi made a very complex RPG

[11:16] <AD>

[11:16] <Two-face> mine is easy it uses a d20 rules system and i feel it works well 

[11:16] <AD> neat

[11:16] <Dundradal> Hey Pete

[11:16] <AD> If it's something you want to share send it in and we can put it in the news

[11:16] <Dundradal> that's pretty nifty!

[11:18] <LtOverload> Who do we send a message to if we have something to share for the birthday?

[11:18] <NinjaLA> I'd be more inclined to play a d20 based RPG. capi's is awesome but looks like a lot of work

[11:18] <Dundradal>

[11:18] <ChrisReid> bob did you send your stuff in to

[11:18] <NinjaLA> aww crap... I forgot to write a post last night for the comic thread

[11:19] <NinjaLA> I'll do it now.. no biggie if it don't make it in the queue

[11:20] <Two-face> i would but i dont have anything on hardcopy just files i have set aside. i would like to one day publish it with permisson for whoever owns the rights to wing commander

[11:20] <PopsiclePete> My other daughter played with us too she's 9 soon to be 10.

[11:21] <NinjaLA> if you aren't doing it for money.. you can publish right now if you want.. if you intend to charge for it... you'll have to work out a contract with EA for the moment

[11:22] <LOAF> Hey Ninja

[11:22] <Two-face> I really didnt do it for the money i love the game and the world. I think its a great sci fi world up there with star wars and star trek 

[11:23] <NinjaLA> sent an email to newsie

[11:24] <NinjaLA> hey LOAF

[11:24] <Dundradal> yeah if anybody has anything they'd like included or birthday gifts send them in

[11:26] <LOAF> Grabbed the 11 docs off your Dropbox looks good

[11:27] <NinjaLA> cool.. dropbox is a pretty convenient sharing method

[11:27] <Dundradal> yeah I used it to share some of my Sicily research with the 1st ID museum and a Danish historian

[11:27] <NinjaLA> wish I would have gotten more done but the privateer3 document needs some formatting and cropping.. and there are many many pages

[11:28] <LOAF> No worries we can run the others later.

[11:28] <LOAF> 15 is a good number for the birthday

[11:30] <NinjaLA> cool... I'll clean up some of the ones we have up today as well.. I can do a lot given enough time

[11:31] <NinjaLA> anyone who was around last night can tell you I had some troubles with that storyboard one

[11:31] <NinjaLA> dang thing broke my acrobat reader install

[11:32] <bob> Yeah I think I'm going to run my thing later

[11:33] <NinjaLA> keep in mind that there'll be a news post hiatus for a while.. if it's something cool stick it in the newsie

[11:33] <bob> I was only doing it as a loser update since I thought you wanted to swamp the front page

[11:33] <bob> I don't have access to Newsie

[11:33] <NinjaLA>

[11:33] <NinjaLA> that's how I did it :P

[11:33] <bob> Yes you did

[11:33] <NinjaLA> I have magical powers of email

[11:34] <ChrisReid> it's looking like we'll be okay but be sure to get it out there sometime

[11:34] <bob> Well 15 right?

[11:34] <NinjaLA> I did quite a few of them. I think sherlock was trying some too... I'm kind of surprised he's not here yet

[11:35] <bob> Fifteen shall be the number thou shalt count and the number of the counting shall be fifteen. Sixteen shalt thou not count neither count thou fourteen excepting that thou then proceed to fifteen. Sixteen is right out.

[11:36] <bob> erm Seventeen

[11:36] * Joins: eddieb (

[11:36] <bob> hed

[11:37] <NinjaLA> hey eddie

[11:39] * Quits: eddieb ( (Ping timeout)

[11:41] <Sherlock> hey i'm here

[11:41] <Sherlock> and happy birthday!

[11:41] <NinjaLA> oh hi

[11:41] <NinjaLA> did you get any of those docs done?

[11:42] <Sherlock> just the wc1 docs and wc3 production book

[11:42] <LOAF> I did!

[11:43] <LOAF> Much appreciated

[11:43] <NinjaLA> very cool

[11:43] <Sherlock> i can probably do a couple more

[11:44] <NinjaLA> those slides are awesome

[11:44] <LOAF> That'd be great! Ninja did 12 of them

[11:44] <LOAF> CS Docs

[11:44] <LOAF> FY97 Data

[11:44] <LOAF> Gunnery Edit Companion

[11:44] <LOAF> Mousepads

[11:44] <LOAF> Origin Survey

[11:44] <LOAF> Privateer 3

[11:44] <LOAF> Press Article 2

[11:44] <LOAF> Press Cheats

[11:44] <LOAF> Rec Room Edit Companion

[11:44] <LOAF> Sales Data

[11:44] <LOAF> Shooting Schedule

[11:44] <LOAF> Spector Goodbye

[11:44] <LOAF> Spector Minigames

[11:44] <LOAF> WC1 Prsss Review Pack

[11:45] <LOAF> WC1 and 2 Sound Docs

[11:45] <LOAF> WC3 Article

[11:45] <LOAF> WC3 PSX

[11:45] <LOAF> WC3 Photo Booth

[11:45] <LOAF> Wing Commander Armageddon Design

[11:45] <LOAF> Wing Commander III Shooting Script

[11:45] <LOAF> Wing Commander IV Budget

[11:45] <LOAF> Wing Commander IV Shooting Script

[11:45] <LOAF> Prophecy PSX Design

[11:45] <LOAF> Prophecy Production Plan

[11:45] <LOAF> That's the to-be-done list

[11:45] <Sherlock> ok i have some of those downloaded

[11:45] <Dundradal> hey

[11:45] <Sherlock> let me take a look

[11:46] <Sherlock> wc1 and 2 sound docs are kind of funny

[11:46] <Sherlock> polite letters from the fatman over contract miscommunications

[11:47] * Quits: Two-face ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[11:47] <NinjaLA> AD and I expressed our dissappointment last night at the fact that wcpoems was wing commander prophecy OEM and not in fact a cd full of wing commander poetry

[11:47] <NinjaLA> hey Dundradal

[11:48] <Sherlock> hehehe

[11:49] <Dundradal> that is kind of sad

[11:51] <bob> thrakhath thrakhath burning bright

[11:52] <NinjaLA> in the skies of kilrah he was set alight?

[11:53] * Joins: Whistler (

[11:53] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Whistler

[11:53] <Whistler> Can't have a party without tacos

[11:54] <NinjaLA> I hope you bought enough for everybody

[11:54] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/Spector_Goodbye.pdf

[11:56] <Whistler> Sure let me just whip out my Montana arm and throw it on over to ya

[11:56] <Sherlock> http://wredactedorigin/Spector_Minigames.pdf

[11:56] <Dundradal> ain't no party like a #wingnut party because a wingnut party don't stop...say what?

[11:57] <LOAF> What?

[11:57] <NinjaLA> what?

[11:57] <ghost`scrn> whoa Wing Commaredactednder poetry

[11:57] <Dundradal> Kilrathi want to try Kilrathi gonna die

[11:57] <ghost`scrn> bob and NinjaLA I love you guys :)

[11:57] <Dundradal> and some WC rap

[11:58] <NinjaLA> hehe... somehow by next birthday we are going to have to make the poetry thing become a reality

[11:58] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/Sales_Data.pdf

[11:59] <ghost`scrn> Sherlock: I'm getting 403 "You shall not pass" on all of them

[11:59] <NinjaLA> you are supposed to download them. not just click the link I think

[12:00] <Sherlock> hm

[12:00] <Sherlock> not sure how much bandwidth i've got although i assumed it was "ample"

[12:00] <Sherlock> i'll try dropbox instead

[12:01] <NinjaLA> make a folder and share it with that's how I did it

[12:01] <ghost`scrn> oh and happy birthday CIC! :)

[12:01] <NinjaLA> indeed! Happy birthday to everybody! 

[12:02] <Sherlock> oh wait i need to change the permissions. sorry

[12:03] <Sherlock> there

[12:04] <bob> thanks I think

[12:04] <Sherlock> happy birthday ninja!

[12:05] <Dundradal> what better music to work on birthday updates to! 

[12:05] <bob> Stand By Me

[12:06] <Dundradal> heh listening to this is already making me want to fire up a WC game

[12:06] <bob> Springtime for Hitler

[12:06] <NinjaLA> I was playing wc1 as research a few days ago... forgot how much I like that game

[12:07] <bob> And Lo When the Imperium Marches Against Gul-Kothoth Then Dark Sorceries Shall Enshroud the Citadel of the Obsidian Crown

[12:10] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/CS_Docs.pdf

[12:15] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/WC1_and_2_Sound_Docs.pdf

[12:16] <Sherlock> i'll stop posting these here

[12:20] <Dundradal> hey sometimes there are benefits to being a #wingnut regular and at the party tailgate!

[12:21] <Sherlock> i'll see if i can get the directory to just give an index

[12:22] <NinjaLA> I'm sure wherever is fine

[12:26] <LOAF> I'm uploading the previous set - can someone collect Sherlock's new links?

[12:26] <LtOverload> Oh goody I still have WCPMP installed.

[12:26] <LtOverload> An Arena. Ready to go if we get any games going.

[12:27] <Sherlock> okay mousepads: http://redacted/origin/Mousepads.pdf

[12:28] * ChrisReid is making popcorn

[12:28] <NinjaLA> http://redacted/origin/Spector_Goodbye.pdf http://redacted/origin/Spector_Minigames.pdf http://redacted/origin/Sales_Data.pdf http://redacted/origin/CS_Docs.pdf http://redacted/origin/WC1_and_2_Sound_Docs.pdf http://redacted/origin/Mousepads.pdf

[12:30] <Zeether> salt the fries ;)

[12:31] <bob> WCPIMP

[12:31] <Zeether> this year is good for fans of spector's stuff because system shock 2 came out on digital download

[12:32] <bob> So to be clear you guys have enough updates right?

[12:33] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/Origin_Survey.pdf

[12:33] <NinjaLA> add it if you got one bob

[12:33] <Sherlock> too much fluff in documentation! irrelevant to gameplay!

[12:34] <bob> only if chris writes it'

[12:34] <NinjaLA> 1.) click fire 2.)*boom*

[12:34] <Sherlock> hehe

[12:35] <Dundradal> does the Russian navy have a prefix for their capital ships?

[12:35] <Dundradal> like USS HMS IJS?

[12:36] <NinjaLA> RFS

[12:36] <NinjaLA> Russian Federation Ship

[12:36] <Dundradal> is that for Imperial Russia though?

[12:37] <NinjaLA> that's how we identify them.. they don't use a prefix internally

[12:38] <NinjaLA> I'm not sure why I remember that

[12:38] <Zeether> did anyone see Pacific Rim

[12:38] <NinjaLA> I haven't yet

[12:38] <Sherlock> yes

[12:38] <NinjaLA> I haven't seen much of anything 

[12:39] <Zeether> I came back from that movie extremely satisfied

[12:39] <Zeether> and now I can't see anything else this year

[12:39] <NinjaLA> because you were eaten by a kaiju?

[12:39] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/WC1_Press_Review_Pack.pdf

[12:39] <Zeether> lol

[12:39] <ChrisReid> I think we'll be okay but do post your thing eventually Bob

[12:40] <Zeether> no one stayed for the post credits scene besides me

[12:40] <Rane> Didn't even know it would have one

[12:40] <Zeether> yeah

[12:40] <Rane> But it's really a short short scene

[12:40] <Rane> No?

[12:40] <Sherlock> whoops i meant to see that again on imax but i think it's been replaced by elysium now

[12:41] <Zeether> there's also a bit at the end of the other credits and a little memoir to harryhausen

[12:41] <Rane> Ah well

[12:41] <Rane> I'll get to see it once the BD is out

[12:41] <Rane> Or maybe I'll go watch it again

[12:41] <Zeether> too bad we won't see an extended cut with the deleted scenes

[12:42] <jetlag> Back from the beach.

[12:42] <Zeether> the funny thing is it was almost as long as Lone Ranger yet it managed to be more enjoyable 

[12:44] <jetlag> Is the 3DS XL a lot brighter than the 3DS?

[12:44] <Rane> Zeether: it could have been longer.

[12:44] <Rane> I would have loved to see more of the Jaegers.

[12:44] <Whistler> A little jet

[12:44] <Whistler> My kids had both

[12:45] <Zeether> Yeah Coyote Tango didn't get much screentime

[12:45] <Rane> But if we get a prequel all is forgiven.

[12:45] <Rane> Seeing them evolve beginning from Mark I

[12:46] <Sherlock> there may be a sequel

[12:46] <Zeether> yeah with a kaiju/jeager hybrid

[12:46] <Zeether> that would be cool

[12:46] <Sherlock> yeah

[12:46] <Zeether> I bet that's gonna be something Newt invents

[12:46] <jetlag> I'll do the Armageddon pdf if that's ok

[12:46] <Zeether> every time he was onscreen the theater cracked up

[12:46] <Sherlock> yeah that's a biggie

[12:46] <NinjaLA> cool

[12:47] <Whistler>

[12:47] <Rane> To be honest I like my Jaegers slow

[12:47] <Zeether> apparently Del Toro got him because of one episode of It's Always Sunny where he mentioned giant robots

[12:47] <Rane> Although it was crazy seeing Striker going full boxer on that one Kaiju

[12:47] <Zeether> Cherno was cool

[12:48] <Zeether> I liked the piston things in its chest

[12:48] <Rane> Choo choo

[12:50] <Rane> And Crimson with its three pilots.

[12:50] <Sherlock> it's analog! it's nuclear.

[12:51] <Zeether> the theme is awesome too

[12:51] <Zeether> I had it stuck in my head on the drive home

[12:51] <Rane> Heck yeah

[12:51] <Zeether> and it was heaving rain too

[12:51] <Zeether> like in the movie during most of the fight scenes

[12:51] <Rane> Yeah

[12:52] <Rane> I must have had the biggest grin on my face during the walk with the cargo freighter in hand.

[12:53] * Joins: trmeson (

[12:53] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v trmeson

[12:54] <Zeether> yes

[12:54] <Zeether> and the bit with the newton's cradle in the office

[12:54] <Dundradal> 3 hours to party start

[12:54] <Zeether> the ship clubbing scene was great too

[12:54] <Zeether> and the part where it picked up the shipping containers

[12:56] * Quits: Meson ( (Ping timeout)

[12:56] <Zeether> two thousand five hundred tons of awesome

[12:57] <Rane> If the movie was just 2 hours of watching the robots walk around punching stuff

[12:57] <Rane> I would still have been satisified

[12:59] <Zeether> I liked the different robots for each country thing

[12:59] <Zeether> Reminded me of G Gundam

[12:59] <LtOverload> Made me think of Power Rangers for some reason.

[13:01] <Zeether> also the elbow rocket is straight from The Big O

[13:01] <Zeether> and the plasma cannon was like Mega Man

[13:03] <jetlag> I know you shouldn't over-think a movie about giant monsters and robots but the analog annoyed me.

[13:03] <jetlag> analog *bit/plot/whatever

[13:05] <Whistler> Lol I'm playing Command Mission right now

[13:05] <Zeether> I never beat that

[13:06] <Zeether> I tried to get X's Ultimate Armor and then quit

[13:06] <Whistler> Get absolute zero first

[13:06] <Whistler> Makes a helluva lot easier

[13:12] <ChrisReid> Hash tag #Wingnut on twitter is fun

[13:15] <Sherlock> two more: http://redacted/origin/Press_Cheats.pdf http://redacted/origin/Press_Article_2.pdf

[13:17] * Joins: NoRemorse (

[13:17] <Dundradal> Hey

[13:17] <NoRemorse> Hi wingnuts

[13:17] <NoRemorse> greetings from France !

[13:18] <NinjaLA> hello

[13:18] <bob> .whois CplHades

[13:18] <ChrisReid> is anyone here clever/witty?

[13:18] <bob> no

[13:18] <Whistler> Maybe?

[13:18] <Sherlock> depends

[13:19] <Sherlock> snarky

[13:19] <Whistler> Linking all the documents the under a common thread?

[13:20] <Whistler> That are

[13:20] <Whistler> Stupid autocorrect

[13:21] <Sherlock> jetlag you're doing armageddon design right?

[13:21] <bob> AAJIDE

[13:26] <NinjaLA> what do you need ChrisReid?

[13:27] <ChrisReid> I think we're good for the moment thanks

[13:28] <ChrisReid> lots of irons in the fire need to start wrapping up before too long

[13:28] <Whistler> ?

[13:28] <bob> otherwise the wings won't stay on the plane

[13:29] <bob> I assume that's how you build planes

[13:31] <Rane> It's mostly duct tape and determination from what I hear

[13:31] <Rane> the air flow and the pilot's guts is enough to keep the wings in place during flight

[13:31] <NinjaLA> only if you are stupid enought to fly with a bush pilot



[13:37] <Sherlock> *INSERT DISK 2 AND PRESS ENTER*

[13:37] <NinjaLA> keyboard not found. press F1 to continue

[13:37] <Sherlock> where's the any key?

[13:38] <bob> hehe I just got that on my WCP install

[13:39] <Whistler> Head not found...find another?

[13:39] <Whistler> Bad Command or File Name

[13:40] <bob>

[13:41] <NinjaLA> that's why you don't mess witht he kiowians foo!

[13:42] <ChrisReid> that's a funny picture

[13:43] <Rane> Now imagine if your ship operating system crashes in the middle of a fight

[13:43] <Rane> And you just get a huge dos prompt on your hud

[13:43] <NinjaLA> bsods should come with battle damage in star citizen

[13:44] <NinjaLA> space windows has encountered an unexpected error

[13:44] <Rane> And you lose full/partial control of the ship

[13:44] <Rane> Stuck with doing circles at full speed

[13:44] <Sherlock> Thank you for playing Star Citizen.

[13:45] <Rane> And deploying repair drones just launches them at max velocity towards your last target.

[13:45] <Whistler>

[13:45] <NinjaLA> hehe.. I was the target audence for messages like that when I was a kid 

[13:46] <NinjaLA> "what a crash!? that makes me so mad I should throw this machine through the wi... oh well thank you too DOS prompt."

[13:47] <Sherlock> hehe

[13:49] <Sherlock> well now i want the ship computer to play wing commander

[13:49] <NinjaLA> that should be the idle animation

[13:50] <Whistler> "Crash! I'll show you crash" *tosses pc out window* "Crash that!"

[13:50] <Rane> And your main focus during those nice escort missions

[13:52] <LtOverload> Game within a game?

[13:52] <Rane> Yes

[13:52] <LtOverload> So if you go on the Tiger Claw's simulator you'd be playing a game within a game within a game?

[13:52] <MatthTheGeek> yo dawg

[13:52] <Sherlock> yes

[13:53] <Rane> Simulating emulators

[13:53] <Sherlock> hehehe

[13:54] <MatthTheGeek> inception

[13:54] <NinjaLA> wing commander 1 would have pretty good graphics on one of those little hud screens

[13:56] <LtOverload> We need to go deeper...

[13:57] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[13:57] <Whistler> Well day of the tentacle incorporated maniac mansion into it through Ned's lil IBM...why not?

[13:58] * Joins: LOAF (

[13:58] <Sherlock> you'll need to upgrade the computer to see the hand

[13:59] * Joins: Toast (

[13:59] <Toast> quiet

[13:59] <Dundradal> Hey

[14:00] <Toast> hello Dundradal!

[14:00] <Toast> party's not for a few hours is it?

[14:00] <Dundradal> it is

[14:01] <Dundradal> 2 hours to go time!

[14:01] <Toast> cool :)

[14:01] <Toast> Just checking this thing out. I have not been to #WingNut before

[14:01] <Dundradal> well welcome! It's always good to see a friendly ship!

[14:02] <NinjaLA> hey Toast

[14:02] <Whistler> Hi there Toast

[14:02] <Toast> hello Ninja Whistler

[14:03] <Toast> quiet afternoon. I've got a few errands to run but I'll be around in two. Had to check out the channel - haven't been here before

[14:03] <Dundradal> things start at 7 pm EST big posts at 8 pm and then party into the morning hours!

[14:04] <HotJob> Logging off back in 30 seconds

[14:04] * Quits: HotJob ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[14:04] <NinjaLA> begin the count!

[14:04] <Sherlock> 25

[14:04] <Toast> Cool! :)

[14:04] <Rane> Beep

[14:04] <LOAF> Hey Toast!

[14:04] <Toast> hello Ben!

[14:05] <NinjaLA> he has failed to return in the alotted time frame

[14:05] <Rane> I hope he is ready for the consequences

[14:05] <Toast> nothing like a cold launch tube

[14:06] * Joins: HotJob (

[14:06] <Sherlock> too late

[14:06] <NinjaLA> you have failed us for the first time HotJob

[14:07] <Sherlock> and for the last

[14:07] <NinjaLA> whoa wait we aren't barbarians!? 

[14:07] <HotJob> I'm back! THAT took longer than expected.

[14:07] <NinjaLA> no soup for you!

[14:07] <NinjaLA> like... 6 hours.

[14:08] <Whistler> Come back one year

[14:08] * Joins: Silent (

[14:08] <HotJob> Girl Scout party at In-law's house. Double whammy

[14:08] <NinjaLA> hehe... that sounds awful

[14:08] <Whistler> Rock the cradle of love

[14:09] <HotJob> Man! Your ban hammer is bigger than Ben's!

[14:09] <Silent> Hello

[14:09] <Sherlock> hey

[14:09] <NoRemorse> Hi Silent 

[14:10] <HotJob> Hello Silent! Welcome to the pre-party!

[14:10] <Silent> Hello

[14:10] <Toast> alright. be back in a few - time to run all those errands that don't get run during the week

[14:10] <HotJob> I'm actually baking a cake! (For my birthday that was 4 days ago)

[14:10] <NinjaLA> happy postbirthday

[14:10] * Quits: Toast ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[14:11] <HotJob> Tag toast! You're it if errands!

[14:11] <HotJob> er if=for

[14:11] <Whistler> Too late

[14:11] <HotJob> reverse-ninjaed

[14:12] <Whistler> Finally getting to see the last seeing Damon's redesigned Ferret in the video

[14:12] <HotJob> Augh! BeyondtheHorizonRadio died on my tablet!

[14:13] * Quits: chew ( (Quit: Leaving.)

[14:13] <Sherlock> ew!

[14:13] <HotJob> @Whistler: yea what was up with that? Was that an intional troll of the WH analysts?

[14:14] <HotJob> Please excuse spelling. On a tablet.

[14:14] * Joins: patterned (

[14:14] <Dundradal> Hey

[14:14] * patterned is now known as Alexis

[14:15] <LOAF> Helloaf

[14:15] <HotJob> Someone posted in the RSI forums thinking that was a new ship!

[14:15] <bob> Hlitz

[14:15] <Whistler> Clearly someone who didn't see the original

[14:15] <NoRemorse> I've just realised I've been a cic member for 15 years

[14:15] <bob> We're the old men now ace

[14:16] <Whistler> Lurker here for 15 years

[14:16] <HotJob> I think CIG was hiding a screen they didn't want viewers to see. Any comments LOAF?

[14:16] <Silent> I don't think I was even on the Internet 15 years ago

[14:16] <Whistler> Think I had a username long ago on the CIC but I couldn't remember it

[14:17] <HotJob> Old men? Hell I could buy beer when Wing Commander came out

[14:17] <NinjaLA> hehe.. I'm still a young man at the table.. I've only been here for 8?

[14:17] <Silent> Some of us here weren't even born when that game came out

[14:17] <Sherlock> i founded the original Battlecruiser 3000 fan site

[14:17] <MatthTheGeek> I wasn't born when WC1 came out

[14:17] <NoRemorse> Yeah we're getting older

[14:17] <Whistler> Lol Sherlock

[14:17] <Silent> When WC came out there was still something called the USSR

[14:17] <NinjaLA> huh.. I was 11 when it came out

[14:18] <NoRemorse> I was 9

[14:18] <Sherlock> 10

[14:18] <jetlag> yeah i'm still working on it Sherlock 

[14:18] <Whistler> I was newly 12 then

[14:18] <Sherlock> cool

[14:18] <HotJob> @Matththegeek: DAAAYYYUUMMN!!

[14:18] <Whistler> I'm an 80 boy

[14:18] <Silent> As am I

[14:19] <NoRemorse> And thanks a lot to LOAF for reminding us we're getting older by getting married :-)

[14:19] <ChrisReid> we have fans who weren't born when WC3 came out

[14:19] <NoRemorse> btw congrats to you LOAF 

[14:19] <HotJob> @Silent: I know. I was in the USAF then. I'm retired now. :(

[14:19] <MatthTheGeek> I'm a few weeks older than WC2 actually

[14:19] <bob> where is ace anyway

[14:19] <Silent> @HotJob: I'm a amateur historian.

[14:20] <LtOverload> I was born the same year WC3 for the 3DO came out. :P

[14:20] <bob> I was born in 49

[14:20] <HotJob> At least Chris Roberts is older than me. By 5 months

[14:20] <bob> stop 'em at the 38th parallel

[14:20] <Silent> Yeah we're at that time

[14:20] <Silent> We've lost a few game actors I'd say

[14:20] <Silent> Mary Tamm for example

[14:20] <NoRemorse> Silent: love history too. Writing stuff on WW1

[14:21] <HotJob> Did he write Times of lore when he was 20? I used to have it for the C64

[14:21] <Whistler> The Eagle has landed

[14:21] <Silent> Got an article for the Phoenix Roleplaying newsletter scheduled

[14:21] <Silent> On the RL USS Phoeni

[14:21] <Silent> *Phoenix*

[14:21] <Whistler> I miss #wing-commander and #wc-aces...good times

[14:21] <Silent> A ship that survived Pearl Harbor undamaged

[14:22] <HotJob> Bob Wins! Get that man a beer. WitEnsure chaser.h an 

[14:22] <Dundradal> #w-c is a weirdo place now

[14:22] <bob> After World War II the ship was transferred to Argentina in 1951 and was ultimately renamed the General Belgrano. General Belgrano was sunk during the Falklands War in 1982 by the British nuclear-powered submarine HMS Conqueror.

[14:23] <Whistler> So I've seen lol

[14:23] <Dundradal> but a lot of us here met in #w-c in the mid-90s

[14:23] <Silent> Indeed

[14:23] <bob> good job Britain

[14:23] <Whistler> And no more Dalnet

[14:23] <Dundradal> LOAF Chris ace myself at the least

[14:23] <bob> I what now?

[14:23] <Silent> Straight-running torpedoes as well

[14:23] <bob> Do they even talk about Wing Commander anymore?

[14:23] <bob> hehehe DALnet

[14:23] <bob> I still have logs from the Craplink days

[14:24] <Whistler> I lost everything after my hdd crashed in 03

[14:24] <ChrisReid> just a heads up

[14:24] <ChrisReid> we've drastically improved our bandwidth management stuff this year compared to the last birthday

[14:24] <ChrisReid> but if there happens to be some big glitch tonight

[14:24] <Silent> Glad to hear it.

[14:24] <Whistler> We're to it

[14:24] <ChrisReid> and IRC goes down check our social media

[14:24] <ChrisReid>

[14:24] <ChrisReid>

[14:25] <Dundradal> hehe yeah last year was crazy

[14:25] <ChrisReid> we'll post instructions on how to regroup

[14:25] <Silent> OK

[14:25] <bob> shot through the heart

[14:25] <HotJob> By decreasing demand by NOT having Ginger Allen or Chris Roberts stop by?

[14:25] <bob> Last year was pretty quiet

[14:25] <Dundradal> Kris has improved the system a lot

[14:25] <LOAF> Ginger has been pretty quiet lately

[14:25] <Dundradal> it was all those images

[14:25] <Dundradal> probably S'ing some D

[14:26] <LOAF> TEST TEST - is this a good mod color for me?

[14:26] <bob> Orange

[14:26] <LOAF> emcee color

[14:26] <LOAF> or this

[14:26] <Rane> That

[14:26] <Whistler> No color for me

[14:26] <Silent> The lighter blue works

[14:26] <bob> The first one

[14:26] <Whistler> There

[14:26] <HotJob> "or this" is better

[14:26] <Rane> It's going to vary for people though.

[14:27] <Rane> Since it's not blue for me but orange.

[14:27] <jetlag> I vote "or this"

[14:27] <Dundradal> lighter blue sticks out more

[14:27] <bob> or this

[14:27] <Whistler> Liked "or this"

[14:27] <bob> orthis

[14:27] <Rane> Bolded capital letters

[14:27] <Rane> Add underline for maximum attention

[14:27] <LtOverload> oR tHiS

[14:27] <HotJob> I'm running IE9 on my work tablet. I can't see Emcee color without highlighting it.


[14:28] <LOAF> Red?

[14:28] <Rane> Bloooooood

[14:28] <bob> Orange

[14:28] <NinjaLA> highlight LOAF if you can

[14:28] <LOAF> orange

[14:28] <jetlag> red is nice

[14:28] <NoRemorse> orange's better

[14:28] <Whistler> Red works

[14:28] <HotJob> Kilrathi rksred` wo

[14:28] <Rane> Piiiiiink

[14:28] <LOAF> I wonder if there's a way to set it to always 'red' me.

[14:28] <HotJob> what the frek?

[14:28] <LOAF> cntrl-k-red every line is annoying

[14:28] <Whistler> Sentences get reded for ones that include my handle

[14:28] <Rane> Which client?

[14:29] <LOAF> mIRC

[14:29] <HotJob> I ment to say "Kilrathi Red works"

[14:29] <bob> Pink

[14:29] <bob> Oh someone made that joke

[14:30] <HotJob> I missed it. What is the joke?

[14:30] <Sherlock> Pink

[14:30] <Whistler> Think pink

[14:30] <HotJob> (pardon me. I'm getting slow in my old ge)

[14:31] <HotJob> er age

[14:31] <Sherlock> pink is the new red

[14:31] * Joins: MajorCamKollent (

[14:31] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v MajorCamKollent

[14:31] <Dundradal> Hey

[14:31] <MajorCamKollent> Yo

[14:31] <Rane> Default mIRC doesn't have color code toggle as far as I can tell

[14:32] <Rane> Would need to install some silly script just for that

[14:32] <Rane> Worth it? Not really

[14:32] <Whistler> Or a slash code

[14:32] <LtOverload> Does anyone have WCPMP? Or Arena? I could set up a game if we can get people. I don't have Armada though if that multiplayer still even works...

[14:32] <Silent> @Sherlock: It's Mauve isn't it?

[14:33] <Whistler> \#Ff00ff oy

[14:33] <Whistler> Damn

[14:33] <Sherlock> is it? nooooo

[14:33] <HotJob> I could do Prophcy but no Arena. PC only:(

[14:34] <Whistler> I got PMP

[14:34] <Silent> *Gratituous plug approaching*

[14:34] <HotJob> Didn't Armada work over modem only or did it include netcode?

[14:34] <Sherlock> we could see who can beat wc1 the fastest

[14:35] * Joins: Space (SpaceNorth@

[14:35] <Whistler> Might play a little later when wife wakes from nap...flightstick noise pisses her off

[14:35] <Silent> If you want something a bit different in terms of multiplaying

[14:35] <Silent>

[14:36] <HotJob> Flightstick noise? What kind of equipment do you have? AND NO SNICKERING FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY!

[14:36] * Quits: MajorCamKollent ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[14:36] <Whistler> Logi extreme 3d pro

[14:37] <HotJob> Huh. Same as me.

[14:37] <Whistler> I am rather rough

[14:37] * Joins: MajorCamKollent (

[14:37] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v MajorCamKollent

[14:37] * Joins: Quarto (

[14:37] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Quarto

[14:37] <Quarto> Hey guys!

[14:37] <Dundradal> Hey Q!

[14:37] <NinjaLA> hey Quarto!

[14:37] <LtOverload> Hey yall!

[14:38] <Whistler> Oy oy...welcome to the pre-party

[14:38] <Dundradal> it's the tailgate!

[14:38] <HotJob> I play with headphones so I never hear the stick. I may be making a racket I wouldn't be able to tell

[14:38] <bob> installing armada now

[14:38] <Whistler> Same HJ...same deal

[14:39] <Whistler> Don't like limiting my audio

[14:39] <Quarto> I don't think I'll be here too long today probably half an hour or so but I couldn't miss dropping by to wish the CIC a happy birthday!

[14:39] <Quarto> Thanks for another year of hard work guys!

[14:39] <Silent> Indeed

[14:39] <Silent> If it wasn't for you guys WC:FTA wouldn't exist

[14:40] <LtOverload> We should read pages from the book of LOAF...think they're still around somewhere...

[14:40] <HotJob> I still can't believe LOAF is living the dream. I'm slightly envious but he deserves it!

[14:41] <LOAF> Backo

[14:41] <LOAF> Ordering pizza!

[14:41] <HotJob> ChrisReid is next for Space Sim job

[14:41] <LOAF> I should plug in the bluray player and put on some Wing Commander

[14:41] <Whistler> Pizza and Tacos

[14:41] <NinjaLA> dream pizza

[14:41] <Whistler> Paradise

[14:41] <LtOverload> Ordering Chinese food!

[14:41] <LOAF> It has been quite an adventure.

[14:41] <Dundradal> figure pizza here at 7

[14:42] <AD> I had the bluray in last night

[14:42] <bob> Chris is making real space

[14:42] <AD> Wouldn't kill me to watch it again

[14:42] <Silent> Never actually seen it

[14:42] <Dundradal> need to do a beer run and shower soon too

[14:42] <Silent> Mean to watch it one day

[14:42] <NinjaLA> I am tempted to apply for that sales position on CIG... but I can't really imagine myself moving to texas...

[14:43] <LOAF> Austin isn't like Texas

[14:43] <LOAF> We have two jobs that you guys would be good for right now

[14:43] <Sherlock> i thought CR made RealSpace

[14:43] <LOAF> Moderator and Assistant Community Manager. Get those applications in ASAP we'll be hiring quick!

[14:43] <AD> I'll apply for lead mod if I can do it from here and while I sleep...

[14:43] <HotJob> @Silent:YOU MUST! I saw it in thectheater when it came out.

[14:44] <Whistler> Wife hates Texas...tempting but stuck in FL

[14:44] <Silent> @NinjaLA: Can't say I'd move to Texas either

[14:44] <Silent> Too hot

[14:44] <AD> The movie is interesting... Hopefully Chris gets the chance to do a re-edit like he's talked about

[14:44] <Sherlock> while you sleep they'll be waiting

[14:44] <HotJob> All of 3 other people in the audience

[14:44] <LOAF> Back in a second

[14:45] <HotJob> If George Lucas can do it anyone can!

[14:45] <Whistler> Saffron is the only believable true-to-canon look & feel

[14:45] <HotJob> Or a commplete remake. Marvel did it with Hulk

[14:45] <Quarto> A complete remake?! Ack what a horrid idea!

[14:46] <Whistler> At least spellcheck

[14:46] * Joins: Triple-B (

[14:46] <Whistler> Adm Towlyn...really?

[14:46] <NinjaLA> toast should apply for the moderator job

[14:46] <Sherlock> admiral bruno should

[14:46] <HotJob> What? Second Hulk turned out pretty good!

[14:46] <NinjaLA> tolwyn

[14:47] <Quarto> We've had how many versions of WC1 already? The original then SWC then the Academy cartoon and then the movie... enough with the remaking/reimagining/rewhatever of WC1. Do something new.

[14:47] <HotJob> Doesn't Toast already have a moderator job elsewhere?

[14:47] <Whistler> I know Ninja...problem is the movie spelled it wrong

[14:47] <Dundradal> Hey

[14:47] <NinjaLA> star citizen this'd be paid though

[14:48] <bob> Tallwood

[14:48] <Quarto> Towline. It's what Microsoft Word always told me.

[14:48] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/FY97_Data.pdf

[14:49] * Joins: FekLeyrTarg (FekLeyrTar@

[14:49] * Quits: BitterBeard ( (Ping timeout)

[14:49] <ChrisReid> everyone getting excited?

[14:49] <FekLeyrTarg> Yes I am. :)

[14:49] <bob> I can't get excited unless I go off my meds

[14:49] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[14:50] <Whistler> Lmao

[14:50] <NinjaLA> I'd probably like the assistant community manager job... but the one I'm actually qualified for is customer service and sales

[14:51] <Whistler> Mark Skelton: 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea...does that mean 1 of them really enjoys it?

[14:51] * Joins: priest (

[14:51] <Dundradal> Hey

[14:51] <bob> hriest

[14:51] <FekLeyrTarg> hi

[14:51] <NinjaLA> hehe.. I just finished watching the hangar too

[14:51] <priest> howdy

[14:51] <bob> The Hangar sounds like a Stephen King novel

[14:52] <Whistler> I'm 35 min in

[14:52] * Quits: Alexis ( (Ping timeout)

[14:52] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/WC3_Article.pdf

[14:52] <bob> In all honesty I haven't been keeping up with the Star Citizen stuff at all

[14:52] <NinjaLA> dedicated sherlock

[14:52] <HotJob> Arrgh! HPB is killing the group!

[14:52] <NinjaLA> Star Citizen is pretty groovy

[14:52] <bob> I feel the same way about game design that I feel about sausages

[14:52] <Sherlock> just bashing out the smaller ones

[14:53] <Sherlock> tasty?

[14:53] * Quits: LtOverload ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[14:53] <Whistler> I hope we're cataloging all those documents for a CIC thread

[14:53] <Whistler> Lots to archive

[14:53] <Silent> @You really enjoy the taste?

[14:54] <ChrisReid> bob prefers his game design cold and lathered in ketchup

[14:54] <Sherlock> like revenge

[14:55] <bob> Video games are a dish best served cold

[14:55] <bob> Am I the only one who growing up made a discrete distinction between video and computer games?

[14:55] <Whistler> Especially the way we overclock

[14:55] <bob> Like I would become offended if one was called the other

[14:56] <Silent> @bob: Like gazpucho soup

[14:56] <bob> Which is why I had no friends

[14:56] <NinjaLA> hehe

[14:56] * Joins: Lt (

[14:56] <bob> Yeah everyone was playing Wario's World or whatever and I was playing Simcity 2000

[14:57] <bob> The only console I own is still a Game Boy Advance

[14:57] <bob> and that's not even a real console

[14:57] <NinjaLA> I have a GBA but I bought it way after the fact

[14:57] <FekLeyrTarg> I never had any consoles

[14:57] <NinjaLA> I still have my gameboy brick

[14:57] <bob> I bought it along with WCP

[14:57] <bob> Specifically

[14:57] <bob> For some reason my mom was really excited and paid for it

[14:57] <NinjaLA> and an xbox that most of the time won't even connect to my crappy alaskan internet

[14:57] <Dundradal> about an hour to kickoff


[14:58] <bob> (The CIC is the company)

[14:58] <HotJob> I feel the same way Bob. Never play anything that doesn't have a keyboard.

[14:58] <NinjaLA> I got that yes :P

[14:58] <bob> Like the drums

[14:58] <Silent> Just doing a post in my RPG

[14:59] <Silent> Chat box is having problems

[14:59] * Joins: Wedge009 (

[14:59] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Wedge009

[15:00] <NinjaLA> and a game gear I bought for like $25...

[15:00] <Dundradal> Hey Wedge

[15:00] <LOAF> Hey Wedge!

[15:00] <Silent> Hey Wedge!

[15:00] <LOAF> BD player set up WCA at the ready :)

[15:00] <Whistler> Curious to see how much Capi is going to mess with my character in Vespus

[15:00] <bob> Capy

[15:00] <bob> It's all about the Virtual Boy

[15:00] <FekLeyrTarg> hi

[15:00] <NinjaLA> howdy Wedge009

[15:01] * Parts: Wedge009 ( (Bye-bye!)

[15:01] <Whistler> I meant WC:RPG Capi

[15:01] <bob> See you

[15:01] * Joins: Wedge009 (

[15:01] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Wedge009

[15:01] <NinjaLA> howdy Wedge

[15:02] <HotJob> "Good shooting Wedge"

[15:03] <AD> You know... having typos is probably more realistic in films than everyone spelling everything perfect 100 percent of the time... but it's a bit too bad 'Towlyn" was spelled in such big letters

[15:03] <NinjaLA> yeah

[15:03] <NinjaLA> wasn't devereaux also misspelled?

[15:04] * Parts: Wedge009 ( (Bye-bye!)

[15:04] <bob> I never noticed

[15:04] <AD> I'm not sure you call it a typo... it's just different throughout the film isn't it? (when you see it on her helmet)

[15:04] <Sherlock> now he's just fishing for greetings

[15:04] <bob> Yeah

[15:04] <bob> And all the ranks are naval

[15:04] <bob> Like Angel is a Lieutenant Commander

[15:04] <bob> Only Action Stations did that

[15:06] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/Gunnery_Edit_Companion.pdf

[15:06] * Joins: Wedge009 (

[15:06] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Wedge009

[15:06] <NinjaLA> the ranks really are messing me up for the comic.. so I just lef them off the first two pages

[15:06] <HotJob> "Space Force does the dying Fleet just does the flying"?

[15:07] <Silent> OK gtg

[15:07] <Silent> Happy Birthday CIC!

[15:07] <NinjaLA> awww

[15:07] <ChrisReid> have fun at church tomorrow

[15:07] <NinjaLA> have a good whatever it is you are gonna do

[15:07] <bob> Hehe WC4N has the Space Force abandoning Repleetah

[15:07] <bob> And being decorated by Tolwyn

[15:08] <bob> I'm not sure anybody thought this stuff out

[15:08] <Silent> Sleep at the moment

[15:08] <Silent> It's 11.08pm here

[15:08] * Quits: Silent ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[15:08] * Quits: Wedge009 ( (Client closed connection)

[15:08] <ChrisReid> oooh 11 pm

[15:08] <bob> 1900 hours

[15:08] <HotJob> Wedge's connection has issues...

[15:08] <bob> He's in Australia

[15:09] * Joins: Silent (

[15:09] <Silent> Bye.

[15:09] <FekLeyrTarg> According to my watch it's 0008 hours. (I'm currently in Germany)

[15:09] <Silent> Ttyl

[15:09] <NoRemorse> 00.09am down here in France

[15:09] * Quits: Silent ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[15:09] <Dundradal> 6:09 pm EST

[15:09] <NinjaLA> hehe.. that's the first time I've ever seen a guilt rejoin just to say bye

[15:10] <Quarto> Dund 6PM? you're living in the past man :p.

[15:10] <Dundradal> hehehe must be new to IRC

[15:10] <NinjaLA> but it's barely 2 :P

[15:10] <Dundradal> Hey I was on your side of the pond a few weeks ago!

[15:10] <bob> wrong side of the puddle

[15:10] <Dundradal> exploring the battlefields of Operation HUSKY

[15:10] <bob> So am I supposed to buy your game?

[15:10] <Quarto> Oh that must have been interesting. All those skeletal remains of dead huskies...

[15:11] <Quarto> They did use huskies right? I mean why else call it Operation Husky?

[15:11] <Dundradal> I believe they called them "Canadians"

[15:11] <bob> hehehehehe

[15:12] <NinjaLA> I liked the saga post this morning Quarto 

[15:12] <bob> 8.15.43 NEVER FORGET

[15:13] <Dundradal> the campaign actually ended on my birthday 8-17-43

[15:13] * Joins: Wedge009 (

[15:13] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Wedge009

[15:13] <Quarto> Thanks Ninja. Anyone know how many missions exactly I need to suffer through if I actually want to finish that thing? It's getting harder and harder to motivate myself to keep going.

[15:13] <Dundradal> I think it is 50

[15:13] <NinjaLA> 50

[15:13] <bob> happy 70th

[15:13] <NinjaLA> I've never made it past the kinney mission

[15:13] <NinjaLA> Dundradal suffered through

[15:14] <NinjaLA> he's never been the same

[15:14] <Dundradal> I earned my medal

[15:14] <NinjaLA> the things you've seen man!

[15:14] <FekLeyrTarg> Using Glide at the Kinney Nav Point is usually one key to win this thingie

[15:14] <Dundradal> I'm pretty sure I've blacked it all out by this point

[15:14] <Quarto> Ah ok. So another eleven huh? Eleven more missions in the Excalibur killing fifty dozen bazillion ships per mission...

[15:14] <Dundradal> maybe?

[15:15] <NinjaLA> you don't understand.. the capship missile is annoying as heck to kill.. and it takes 20 minutes of flying dialogue to get past it..

[15:16] <NinjaLA> not to mention I'm well past the 5 replays you need to get the game to offer you a skip... and yet.... no skip option has been forthcoming

[15:16] <NinjaLA> so I just have no desire to continue

[15:16] <Quarto> Yeah the dialogues are the number one issue that makes replaying any Saga mission a bother. It's remarkable you become scared of dying for fear that someone will talk to you.

[15:16] <NinjaLA> hehe truly

[15:16] <Whistler> Yes I did suffer through Saga

[15:17] * Joins: ^Death_ (

[15:17] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +o ^Death_

[15:17] <^Death_> hey

[15:17] <FekLeyrTarg> I could look if I have any post-Kinney-pilot file lying around.

[15:17] <NinjaLA> I wouldn't bother

[15:17] <NinjaLA> bridge= burned

[15:17] <NinjaLA> I doubt I'd muster the energy to play it no

[15:17] <NinjaLA> w

[15:18] <Whistler> I'm not downloading it again

[15:18] <Whistler> Need a damn good reason for that

[15:18] <FekLeyrTarg> well maybe that's something which Deathsnake and I could take into account

[15:18] <FekLeyrTarg> for "Last Line of Defense" I mean

[15:18] <NinjaLA> the thing that really did me in though was one of the saga guys on the forums calling the kinney mission the first of the 'player' killer missions

[15:19] <NinjaLA> if that's the first.. I don't want to see the rest

[15:20] <FekLeyrTarg> I understand

[15:20] * Quits: MajorCamKollent ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[15:20] <Quarto> Well FekLeyrTarg the key conclusion you can draw from Saga for LLoD is simply this: good mission design and dialogues make happy players. And no dialogues is better than bad dialogues.

[15:20] * Quits: Rane ( (Quit: )

[15:20] <NinjaLA> yeah.. I still like the idea of saga mods... just not the main campaign :D

[15:20] <FekLeyrTarg> Thanks Quarto. :)

[15:21] * Joins: MajorCamKollent (

[15:21] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v MajorCamKollent

[15:21] <LOAF> Pizza's here!

[15:22] * Joins: akula65 (

[15:22] <FekLeyrTarg> enjoy your meal :)

[15:22] <AD> I had pizza last night

[15:22] <bob> One thing that amuses me is how nervous the Saga people seem to be about doing remakes because "that's the kind of thing that gets projects killed"

[15:22] <bob> As opposed to being jerkasses who act like they own Wing Commander

[15:23] * Joins: music_guru (

[15:23] <music_guru> ahhhh ya! almost party time!

[15:23] <AD> Hey 

[15:23] <MatthTheGeek> someday when I can find the motivations

[15:23] <FekLeyrTarg> hi

[15:23] <MatthTheGeek> I'm going to port WCS to the latest FSO

[15:23] <MatthTheGeek> and put it up theirs

[15:23] <FekLeyrTarg> I know what you mean Bob

[15:23] <music_guru> hi everyone!

[15:24] <NinjaLA> Last line of Defense has actually been looking pretty neat

[15:24] <Quarto> Well Bob it is on record that a project can survive jerkiness a project can survive being a remake but the one thing that really gets the legal department going is a remake run by people who act like jerks. So all things considered the Saga guys are right to beware of remakes.

[15:24] <music_guru> looks like we've got a nice turn out already

[15:24] <FekLeyrTarg> I also haven't fully understood why. EA never had anything against Remakes of the C&C games

[15:24] <bob> Because they weren't made by jerks

[15:24] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/Rec_Room_Edit_Companion.pdf

[15:24] <Quarto> I think EA only ever shut down one remake - at least only one that I know of. It was an Ultima game but I can't recall which.

[15:25] <bob> Ultimaians are notorious jerks

[15:25] <bob> But I think that was to promote Ultima Forever

[15:25] <bob> Whatever happened to that anyway?

[15:26] <Zeether> Didn't WCSaga eventually have a skip for the Kinney mission?

[15:26] <bob> if you fail a mission 5 times in Freespace you get to skip it

[15:26] <Zeether> Like if you failed enough you could skip it

[15:26] <Zeether> yeah

[15:26] <AD> you can skip every mission in saga

[15:26] <MatthTheGeek> hardcoded

[15:26] <bob> That was in the original game

[15:26] <NinjaLA> its supposed to work that way

[15:26] <NinjaLA> it don't on my pc though

[15:26] <MatthTheGeek> that's one of the things they forgot to nuke from orbit

[15:26] <MatthTheGeek> like command-line settings and cheat codes

[15:26] <NinjaLA> on my 8th run I gave up on ever getting to see it

[15:27] <bob> I don't know that sort of thing was big in the 90s

[15:27] <bob> Crimson Skies did it

[15:27] <FekLeyrTarg> how did you lose btw? was the Battleaxe destroyed or your fighter?

[15:27] <bob> I never legitimately beat that mission with the ornithopter

[15:27] <bob> Autogyro

[15:27] <MatthTheGeek> well if it was on a non-fucked-up version of FSO you could just press ctrl+shift+s and play it the rest of the campaign

[15:27] <NinjaLA> battleaxe destroyed

[15:27] <MatthTheGeek> but noooooo

[15:28] <MatthTheGeek> cheats are for devs

[15:28] <bob> hehehehehe

[15:28] <NinjaLA> then burn back to the carrier because nothing mattered after that point

[15:28] <MatthTheGeek> (that's what they litteraly said)

[15:28] * Joins: centaurianmudpig (meewpucrey@

[15:28] <NinjaLA> crimson skies was a fantastic game

[15:28] <ace> Hey everybody

[15:28] <FekLeyrTarg> hi

[15:28] <Quarto> Well come on guys - you don't produce missions designed to make the player hate you only to let the player skip it. That would be bad design ;).

[15:29] <MatthTheGeek> also you know what WCS doesn't have that it could have ?

[15:29] <NinjaLA> I don't think I ever managed to die playing saga.. but I did fail some missions

[15:29] <MatthTheGeek> checkpoints for 20-ish min hard-as-fuck missions

[15:29] * Joins: Triple-B (

[15:29] <NinjaLA> thats my problem with the freespace engine though.. the fighter combat is never really challenging... and the capships are too... frequent?

[15:29] <FekLeyrTarg> doesn't Saga's debug-build have cheats and ctrl-alt-s?

[15:30] <MatthTheGeek> debug builds are also slow as fuck

[15:30] <AD> It's a part not a funeral... let's leave Saga be

[15:30] <AD> Yay cake!

[15:31] <FekLeyrTarg> btw has anyone seen the LLoD trailer? What do you think about it?

[15:31] <MatthTheGeek> (00:30:10) NinjaLA: thats my problem with the freespace engine though.. the fighter combat is never really challenging... and the capships are too... frequent? <- try campaigns using improved AI

[15:31] <MatthTheGeek> retail AI is nerfed

[15:31] <Zeether> oh yeah it's not really related at all to WC but it does involve space...Cowboy Bebop is coming out here again

[15:31] <HotJob> LLoD?

[15:31] <Quarto> Ugh checkpoints in air/space combat games are a big design trap. They encourage designers to stretch out missions and add too many encounters. Ever played Heroes over Europe for example?

[15:31] <MatthTheGeek> also too many capships is more of a mission design issue than an engine one

[15:31] <Sherlock> cowboy bebop?

[15:31] <FekLeyrTarg> Last Line of Defense a campaign on which Deathsnake and I are working

[15:32] <Zeether> it's an anime series about a group of space travelers 

[15:32] <FekLeyrTarg> a campaign for WC Saga

[15:32] <Zeether> very well known 

[15:32] <HotJob> Last Line of Defence. Told you I was getting old...

[15:32] <Sherlock> i mean in what way is CB coming out here again?

[15:32] <Zeether> Blu-ray and DVD probably

[15:33] <Sherlock> oh sweet

[15:33] <Zeether> Outlaw Star is coming back too

[15:33] <Sherlock> pfft

[15:33] <Sherlock> hehehe

[15:34] <Sherlock> http://redacted/origin/Shooting_Schedule.pdf

[15:35] <NinjaLA> I've been watching LLoD... I'll definitely try that out when it is ready :D

[15:35] <Whistler> That'll be worth it

[15:35] <FekLeyrTarg> Thanks. Honestly I can't wait to see how it'll turn out. :)

[15:36] <NinjaLA> checkpoints in a space game can be achieved by just making missions in several parts anyways.. (ok.. that's all for now folks.. head back to the carrier for resupply and refuel.. be ready to meet back on the flight deck)

[15:36] <NoRemorse> FekLeyrTarg: same here. I will try this campaign when it will be released :)

[15:37] <Zeether> I own pretty much every WC game on GOG least until Prophecy or Armada come out :P

[15:37] <MatthTheGeek> making several part can break the flow of a very story-oriented mission though

[15:37] <Whistler> I miss multiple sorties...XWA allowed that

[15:38] * Joins: Shades2585 (

[15:38] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Shades2585

[15:38] <FekLeyrTarg> THe Team behind Blue Planet found a way to implement Checkpoints didn't they?

[15:38] <MatthTheGeek> as in landing and taking off again in the same mission ?

[15:38] <NinjaLA> hopefully they'll do that in squadron 42 a bit.. since your ships are slightly self repairing... 

[15:38] <FekLeyrTarg> yes it's possible in XWA

[15:38] <MatthTheGeek> FekLeyrTarg: they were the first yeah

[15:38] <MatthTheGeek> did it all with sexps back then

[15:38] <NinjaLA> so if you can find missiles somewhere.. you can hold off from ducking and running

[15:38] <MatthTheGeek> we have a nicer scripting implementation now

[15:39] <MatthTheGeek> it's still pretty much rock-banging though

[15:39] * Joins: LeHah (

[15:39] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v LeHah

[15:39] <FekLeyrTarg> I see

[15:39] <LeHah> Never fear Lehah is here

[15:39] <FekLeyrTarg> hello :)

[15:40] <LeHah> !

[15:40] <MatthTheGeek> you manually save the position and stats of every ship you care about and hard-set it when you load the checkpoint

[15:40] <NoRemorse> Hi LeHah !

[15:40] <LeHah> YOU ARE NOT FEKLAR

[15:40] <MatthTheGeek> all through scripts and sexps

[15:40] <MatthTheGeek> manually

[15:40] <NinjaLA> he is also very... capable of speech for a Targ :P

[15:40] <FekLeyrTarg> :D

[15:40] <LeHah> FekLeyrTarg:

[15:40] <ace> Ordering pizza now. Anyone eating or drinking anything special tonight?

[15:41] <FekLeyrTarg> that sounds good Matth

[15:41] <FekLeyrTarg> just some bitter lemon

[15:41] <NinjaLA> dang.. now I'm sorry I haven't made a beer run yet

[15:41] <MatthTheGeek> the Between the Ashes demo uses the scripting implementation

[15:41] <FekLeyrTarg> nice one LeHah :D

[15:41] <NinjaLA> I'll probably just make some black bean soup for dinner

[15:41] <MatthTheGeek> WiH part 3 and the actual BtA release will also feature it

[15:41] <LeHah> I'm trying to sober up let's see how that goes 

[15:41] <NinjaLA> in general? or just today.

[15:42] <LeHah> Right now

[15:42] <FekLeyrTarg> I'll need to check those out. I have played through Tenebra btw. I really enjoyed it. :)

[15:42] <Lt> Hm

[15:42] <MatthTheGeek> thanks was fun making it

[15:43] <MatthTheGeek> for the little I contributed

[15:43] <LeHah> Nice to see so many people on

[15:43] * Quits: ZFGokuSSJ1 ( (Ping timeout)

[15:43] <LeHah> Brb shower

[15:43] * Lt is now known as LtOverload

[15:44] <HotJob> Shower? No one can smell you on the internet

[15:45] <MatthTheGeek> that's my philosophy

[15:45] <MatthTheGeek> I bet you didn't need to know that

[15:45] <LOAF> Somone should stop by the RSI Live Chat and invite folks

[15:45] <bob> Is that a good idea?

[15:45] <HotJob> Must be a member of Gamers for Personal Hygine

[15:45] * Joins: Pedro (

[15:45] <NinjaLA> sure it is

[15:45] <bob> I mean we can talk about space lube now if you like

[15:45] <Pedro> Hello! :)

[15:45] <HotJob> I dunno... What does ChrisReid say?

[15:46] <FekLeyrTarg> hi :)

[15:46] <bob> So what's your favorite lube?

[15:46] <Pedro> ...

[15:46] <LtOverload> Did you guys know the fruit fly was the first animal in space?

[15:46] <FekLeyrTarg> I've never heard about that

[15:46] <HotJob> I'll pass on the lube (no comments from the peanut gallery) but I can put on my Space Whle shirt

[15:47] <MatthTheGeek> sleep time now

[15:47] <MatthTheGeek> have fun guys

[15:47] * Quits: MatthTheGeek ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[15:47] * Joins: ZFGokuSSJ1 (

[15:47] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v ZFGokuSSJ1

[15:47] <ChrisReid> you guys need to fix your bed times

[15:47] <ChrisReid> for once a year

[15:47] <ChrisReid> on a freakin Saturday

[15:47] <ChrisReid> stay up a couple hours later than normal

[15:47] <ace> hehehe

[15:48] <FekLeyrTarg> and drink some coffee or Red Bull. ;)

[15:48] <bob> Don't look at me it's 12 o' Clock High

[15:48] <bob> Hace

[15:48] <ace> Heya

[15:48] <bob> Where's blonde-1

[15:48] <ace> Getting pizza

[15:48] <bob> And ace-2

[15:48] <Quarto> Not always possible Chris. Life doesn't seem to want to stop just because of the birthday party :(.

[15:48] <HotJob> 1650 hrs here in New Mexico

[15:48] <ace> Kids are next to me

[15:48] <NinjaLA> chatroll plug complete

[15:49] <LtOverload> We need to make a lolkilrathi site.

[15:49] <music_guru> how many people were over in chatroll ninja?

[15:49] <NinjaLA> 92

[15:49] <NinjaLA> with varying levels of Idleness

[15:50] <bob> No we don't

[15:50] * Joins: Azazel (

[15:50] <Azazel> test

[15:50] <LOAF> Howdy

[15:51] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Yo

[15:51] <NinjaLA> test works

[15:51] <LOAF> How are you guys doing tonight?

[15:51] * Joins: Pix (

[15:51] <ace> Hey

[15:51] <LOAF> Woo Pix!

[15:51] <Azazel> great

[15:51] <ZFGokuSSJ1> What's up Pix?

[15:51] <Pix> Hello!

[15:51] <NinjaLA> Hi pix

[15:51] <FekLeyrTarg> hi :)

[15:51] <music_guru> looking forward to party nice to see you LOAF

[15:51] <ace> Hey Pix

[15:51] <NoRemorse> Literally falling asleep on my keyboard. Gonna leave you guys

[15:51] * Quits: Azazel ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[15:51] <NoRemorse> It's not this year that I'm gonna win something :)

[15:52] <NoRemorse> Anyway enjoy the party !

[15:52] <Sherlock> oh wow pix

[15:52] * Joins: SignoVir (

[15:52] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[15:52] <bob> Hi Pix

[15:52] <NoRemorse> see you guys

[15:52] <^Death_> Pretty good LOAF if a bit busy at the moment eating dinner

[15:52] <FekLeyrTarg> thanks. good night :)

[15:52] * Joins: Triple-B (

[15:52] <Dundradal> hey

[15:52] <LOAF> Good to see you too!

[15:53] * Quits: NoRemorse ( (Client closed connection)

[15:53] <LeHah> Back

[15:54] * Joins: DMJC (

[15:54] <NinjaLA> I just plugged it again.. now nobody there has an excuse :P

[15:55] <DMJC> morning wingnuts!

[15:55] <music_guru> so when can we expect the "mega news" to hit the site?

[15:55] <NinjaLA> hey DMJC

[15:55] <bob> Four minutes

[15:55] <Dundradal> Hey

[15:55] * Joins: Azazel (

[15:55] <music_guru> awesome

[15:55] <NinjaLA> the news update usually happens after an hour of party.

[15:55] <bob> oh right

[15:55] <DMJC> has EA announced Wing Commander online to compete with Star Citizen yet?

[15:55] <Quarto> Ok guys time for me to get to sleep. Sorry to be missing the party this year - have a lot of fun everyone! Just don't crash the internet... ;)

[15:55] <music_guru> hey worth the wait

[15:56] <NinjaLA> Quarto Noooooooo

[15:56] <Dundradal> Hello wingnuts!

[15:56] <music_guru> see ya quarto

[15:56] * Quits: priest ( (Client closed connection)

[15:56] <NinjaLA> good seeing you. stop in more often :P

[15:56] <Sherlock> it sounds like EA is going to do a Star Wars thing but it might be more Rogue Leader than X-Wing

[15:56] * Joins: Toast (

[15:56] <NinjaLA> ReToast :D

[15:56] <LeHah> Rogue leader was fun

[15:56] <Quarto> Hehe more often than once a year? :D

[15:56] <FekLeyrTarg> good knight Quarto :)

[15:57] <NinjaLA> indeed

[15:57] <DMJC> yeah any of the nintendo star wars games was fun

[15:57] <Azazel> X-Wing was more fun

[15:57] <Toast> hello Ninja!

[15:57] <NinjaLA> x-wing was brutally hard

[15:57] <Quarto> Anyway see y'all!

[15:57] <Pedro> Shadows of the Empire was fun?

[15:57] * Joins: priest (

[15:57] <Wedge009> Bye

[15:57] <LeHah> I liked Shadows

[15:57] <Toast> X-wing was REALLY hard. TIE fighter was a lot easier

[15:57] <Toast> you weren't personally singled out for death

[15:57] <Sherlock> Wing Commander was more fun

[15:57] <Pedro> I liked the flying sections

[15:57] <Azazel> lol true

[15:57] <FekLeyrTarg> I even read the SotE comic. I still need to read the novel

[15:57] <Dundradal> see you Q!

[15:58] <NinjaLA> hehe it's funny that the game where you get to fly a totally unshielded craft is the easier 

[15:58] <LeHah> Xwing was only hard because you couldn't auto set your speed with your target

[15:58] <Dundradal> Hey Pedro!

[15:58] <Toast> I got the sense that the Imperials targeted you a lot in X-Wing but in TIE they didn't outnumber you and so you didn't get shot at much

[15:58] <Dundradal> How's Japan?

[15:58] <Zeether> I heard X-Wing had a patch that fixed one really hard escort mission and it was a bullet point 

[15:58] <Pedro> heya Dund it's good thanks. How's you?

[15:58] * Quits: Quarto ( (Quit: )

[15:58] <Toast> @Ninja - yeah. The only TIE fighter mission I couldn't complete was the one where they send you to clean a laser minefield in an TIE-Int. (I'm just not that good)

[15:58] <Dundradal> not too bad! Just doing the final birthday crush

[15:58] <Azazel> Japan is awesome...sushi...chu-hi's...ramen...what's not to like about Japan?

[15:58] <AD> Hey Toast

[15:59] <NinjaLA> is that the one where your buddies turn on you?

[15:59] <bob> HCl's patdch isn't working for me

[15:59] <Toast> hello AD

[15:59] <ChrisReid> anybody still here?

[15:59] <NinjaLA> start that mission by blowing them to bits :P

[15:59] <ChrisReid> or did everyone go to bed?

[15:59] <Toast> today's my first day on this channel

[15:59] <LeHah> I know I finished all the Xwing missions but some of the bonus ones were insanely hard 

[15:59] <akula65> Still here

[15:59] <LOAF> Hello everyone!

[15:59] <AD> Bob did you download the latest version of all the patches?

[15:59] <FekLeyrTarg> Gamma 2 and 3 destroy Gamma 1 now :D

[15:59] <LeHah> Also I never liked the bwing

[15:59] <HotJob> There is a tread for lolkilrathi on the site forums. Grumpy cat Prince Thrackath and LOAF's cat as the emperor but I can't find it now 

[15:59] <Toast> Hi LOAF! Happy Birthday CIC!

[15:59] <NinjaLA> Greetings SpaceLOAF

[15:59] <bob> I downloaded whatever was on the WCP

[15:59] <Dundradal> It's game time!

[15:59] <Pedro> Birthday crush? Crush in which sense?

[15:59] <Dundradal> Happy Birthday Wingnuts!

[16:00] <DMJC> how's it working at CIG LOAF? has your brain exploded from the total overpowering awesomeness?

[16:00] <priest> Happy birthday CIC! :D

[16:00] <Toast> @Ninja - yeah I think that's the one where they question your loyalty by throwing you out there into the minefield to get killed. But you can call in a Nebulon-B to clear it for you

[16:00] <LeHah> Happy birthday CIV

[16:00] <LeHah> er

[16:00] <Dundradal> crush as in final details to birthday posts

[16:00] <LeHah> CIC

[16:00] <LOAF> Working at CIG is a lot of fun! Certainly an adventure.

[16:00] <Triple-B> I just arrived from germany HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIC :)

[16:00] <LOAF> LeHah thought he was at the Civilization birthday party for a minute.

[16:00] <Whistler> 7 it be

[16:00] <bob> hehehe

[16:00] <priest> hehe

[16:00] <NinjaLA> did you just give the CIC the HIV?

[16:00] <LeHah> I loved Civ2 :(

[16:01] * Whistler passes out drinks

[16:01] <LOAF> I still consider Civ 2 to be a recent game somehow.

[16:01] <LeHah> Hehehe yeah

[16:01] <NinjaLA> hehe they are on number 5

[16:01] <bob> I didn't install the game in 95 mode is that important?

[16:01] <HotJob> I have Civ 1 3 and 4. Never played 2

[16:01] <LeHah> I still don't understand how Warcraft 3 is old

[16:01] <Whistler> Nostrovia!

[16:01] <bob> I mean it works

[16:01] <bob> (the game0

[16:01] <Toast> Warcraft 3 was out over 7 years ago

[16:01] <music_guru> ya i bet CIG is a lot of fun LOAF i'm glad you're on the team

[16:01] <bob> *)

[16:01] <Toast> it's frightening even to contemplate

[16:01] <bob> CIGGY von Richthofen

[16:01] <Sherlock> time is the fire in which we burn

[16:01] <Pedro> Ahhh that crush. Somehow forgot you were a member of the CIC :|

[16:01] <LeHah> Nice turn out this year

[16:01] <LtOverload> Yay party

[16:01] <LeHah> Great to see everyone 

[16:02] <Triple-B> so what is the schedule?

[16:02] <bob> At least I still have Armada

[16:02] <bob> You'll never leave me will you?

[16:02] <HotJob> Heck I had to upgrade my computer to play SAGA! THAT is one old machine

[16:02] <LeHah> Armada is a very underrated game

[16:02] * Quits: Azazel ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[16:02] <LeHah> It's the Search For Spock for Wing Commander

[16:02] <priest> I didn't think I've had that much to drink but I think I'm already seeing double like the two Loafs over there

[16:03] <LOAF> Does everyone remember how trivia works?

[16:03] <LeHah> I do but some of the new spacehands won't

[16:03] <Toast> nope. I'm new here.

[16:03] <DMJC> I definately want to play some Armada and Proving Grounds

[16:03] <LOAF> Okay when I ask a trivia question in the channel you should MSG it to me (LOAF)

[16:03] <LOAF> Do not message it to LOAFCIG I can't see those responses:)

[16:03] * Quits: Toast ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[16:03] <bob> CIGGY von LOAF

[16:03] <HotJob> Well it ws a multiplayer game and I had no gamer friends so I never played it

[16:04] <LeHah> Sounds like a plan

[16:04] <music_guru> sounds good as always

[16:04] <Triple-B> I am in 

[16:04] * Joins: Toast (

[16:04] * Joins: DaveO (

[16:04] <LOAF> So do not answer in the channel or everyone will know what the response is.

[16:05] <bob> Sandra

[16:05] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Epee

[16:05] <LeHah> Also: you will be disintegrated 

[16:05] <LOAF> We will update the site with the birthday stuff in one hour at 8 PM CST... until then it's time for some trivia and chat!

[16:05] <music_guru> ya!

[16:05] <Sherlock> Kilrathi

[16:05] <LeHah> A+

[16:05] <LtOverload> Awesome

[16:05] <DMJC> the answer is always The Fat Man

[16:05] <LOAF> Question #1 is for a replica Confed cloth patch!

[16:05] <HotJob> Alright. Someone show the old guy HOW to message to an individual?

[16:06] <^Death_> For those using mIRC you can double-click on the name to bring up a /msg window.

[16:06] <ZFGokuSSJ1> ./msg LOAF without the period

[16:06] <LOAF> What are the three "atmospheric" fighters in Wing Commander IV?

[16:06] * Quits: HotJob ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[16:06] <Sherlock> The Fat Man

[16:06] <LOAF> Bob wins! Hellcat VIndicator Dragon

[16:06] <LeHah> Damn 2/3

[16:06] <akula65> Way to go!

[16:06] <bob> Hooray

[16:07] <music_guru> grats

[16:07] <^Death_> too slow :(

[16:07] <DMJC> damn

[16:07] <NinjaLA> hehe.. I could only think of hellcat

[16:07] <Pedro> I shouldn't try doing revision at the same time as trivia. I didn't even read the question correctly :(

[16:07] <Sherlock> winners of a trivia question cannot answer any other questions

[16:07] * Joins: HotJob (

[16:07] <^Death_> For some reason my so-called mind couldn't latch onto Hellcat right away

[16:07] <Triple-B> forgot about the dragon :D

[16:07] <Toast> I answered for the wrong game. So stupid.

[16:07] <bob> I love Vindicators

[16:07] <music_guru> it's ok toast plenty of triva to come

[16:07] <bob> Also they were the only ship I could fly because I kept braking autoslide

[16:07] <^Death_> 3 torps is nice. Lt tachs and lasers? Not so much. :P

[16:08] <DaveO> How can you forget the 4th mission in WC4. Rescuing some hostages

[16:08] <HotJob> word of note: don't click on the underlined #1

[16:08] <Dundradal> Vind feels like a fighter that tries to do everything but isn't good at most of them

[16:08] <Whistler> I said 3s

[16:08] <LOAF> Now for a deck of WC:CCG trading cards answer this 'easy' question!

[16:08] <LOAF> What ships are on the cover of Wing Commander I?

[16:08] <Whistler> Don't feel bad toast

[16:08] <LOAF> Triple-B is the winner! Dralthi and Hornet.

[16:08] <LtOverload> Nice

[16:08] <LeHah> Good job Triple-B 

[16:08] <DaveO> Damn just a bit slow

[16:09] <Triple-B> thanx :D this is quite fast 

[16:09] <Sherlock> i could've won that

[16:09] <Pedro> second time mis-read I'm closing the ipad now

[16:09] <NinjaLA> hehe

[16:09] <NinjaLA> I could have answered that.. I dunno about won it.. :P

[16:09] <LOAF> Ready for a 'hard' question?

[16:09] * Joins: capi3101 (

[16:09] <Dundradal> Hey

[16:09] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[16:09] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Who else has like two computers and three monitors on the Wingkipedia?

[16:09] <Zeether> lol

[16:09] <LOAF> The winner will get a Wing Commander Academy DVD set!

[16:09] <capi3101> Good evening gentlemen.

[16:10] <Toast> hey that's cheating.

[16:10] <LeHah> Cool prize 

[16:10] <HotJob> No. Go ahead;

[16:10] <LOAF> What popular racing game did Chris Roberts contribute cars to?

[16:10] <bob> Nobody and I edit it for a living

[16:10] <^Death_> evening capi. Doing trivia right now

[16:10] <LeHah> Hehehe I know this

[16:10] <LtOverload> Oooh.

[16:10] <LOAF> DMJC wins! The answer was Need for Speed.

[16:10] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Car Citizen

[16:10] <music_guru> darn

[16:10] <LOAF> Bonus points to Goku who said Car Citizen.

[16:10] <Sherlock> Car Commander

[16:10] <NinjaLA> hehe

[16:10] <bob> hehehehehe

[16:10] <Triple-B> that was a tough one

[16:10] * Joins: eddieb (uiaqhohokc@

[16:11] <Toast> really? wow

[16:11] <bob> Yeah

[16:11] <Toast> +trivia

[16:11] <bob> Paul Steed had a story he told about that one

[16:11] <Triple-B> I am listening to all kind of wc music in the background for atmosphere :)

[16:11] <DMJC> I'm listening to ActRazer and Perturbator

[16:11] <LeHah> Act raiser was an amazing game

[16:11] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Perturbator is great.

[16:11] <LOAF> Yes! Chris is credited as special thanks in the the first NSF. He loaned them his fancy cars for testing during the game's development.

[16:11] <DMJC> similar bands to Power Glove they make 80s style retro music :D

[16:11] <LtOverload> Cool cheese

[16:11] <Sherlock> huh

[16:12] <music_guru> that's some cool trivia

[16:12] <Zeether> Perturbator did music for Hotline Miami :D

[16:12] <HotJob> Kids listening to DisneyChannel in next room :(

[16:12] <Toast> and to think some cheapskate in the CIG forums poked at CR for wearing nice clothes

[16:12] <Sherlock> jerk!

[16:12] <Toast> massive jerk

[16:12] <Toast> the forumites burned him at the stake so he got his

[16:13] <capi3101> @HotJob: Reason why the Good Lord invented noise-cancelling headphones. And doors.

[16:13] <NinjaLA> part of the crew part of the ship.

[16:13] <capi3101> And remote controls...

[16:13] <Triple-B> opened a bottle of canadian club 12 years cheers :D

[16:13] <LOAF> And now for an iTunes copy of the Wing Commander movie soundtrack... 

[16:13] <NinjaLA> ooh

[16:13] <capi3101> ......

[16:13] <Sherlock> !

[16:13] <LtOverload> Nice

[16:13] <LeHah> A+

[16:13] <LOAF> What was the name of the Origin screensaver?

[16:14] <Sherlock> i totally knew this

[16:14] <LOAF> Pix is first! Origin FX.

[16:14] <HotJob> @Capi3101: Curse open floor plans!

[16:14] <Pix> Yay!

[16:14] <music_guru> grats pix

[16:14] <NinjaLA> hehe good show Pix :D

[16:14] <Whistler> Oops

[16:14] <Toast> damn this crowd is fast. But of course this would be the crowd :)

[16:14] <LeHah> Good one pix 

[16:14] <capi3101> Didn't even see him answer...

[16:14] <Sherlock> you better listen to that soundtrack on infinite repeat for the rest of your life pix!

[16:14] <bob>

[16:14] <LOAF> Okay let's try something harder!

[16:15] <NinjaLA> you message the answer to loaf

[16:15] <^Death_> capi answers are given via /msg to LOAF

[16:15] <Pix> Can't forget Origin FX having the amount of time I spent getting it running in Dosbox......

[16:15] <LOAF> For a TCS Eisen t-shirt...

[16:15] <Whistler> I don't even own an apple product lol

[16:15] <LtOverload> Oooh

[16:15] <LOAF> What was the first legitimate online service to offer Wing Commander games?

[16:16] <ChrisReid> that's a good one

[16:16] <LOAF> Zeether has the first right answer!

[16:16] <Dundradal> nice

[16:16] <LOAF> Gametap

[16:16] <Zeether> Oh nice

[16:16] <capi3101> ...crap I think I know this. How do you message......ah.........11!!!!!!!!!

[16:16] <DMJC> nice

[16:16] <Sherlock> no!

[16:16] <music_guru> gametap - ha!

[16:16] * Joins: DarkSlayer (

[16:16] <NinjaLA> I knew that and couldn't remember the name :P

[16:16] <Triple-B> never heard of it

[16:16] <Zeether> I just pulled that one out because I knew it was a trick question

[16:16] <Sherlock> was going to say compuserve

[16:16] <music_guru> i should have known that - was a beta tester for them - lol

[16:16] <Zeether> haha

[16:16] <capi3101> I was thinking Prodigy

[16:16] <NinjaLA> I love that advertisement they ran before they went under

[16:16] <Zeether> I was gonna say GOG but then

[16:16] <Zeether> "wait no..."

[16:16] <bob> I had Gametap wiped from my memory

[16:17] <DMJC> wouldn't it really be EA's secretops service?

[16:17] <Sherlock> i used to live next to gametap

[16:17] <DMJC> :)

[16:17] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Like what happened to Gametap.

[16:17] <music_guru> gametap is gone

[16:17] <Whistler> /msg loaf answer

[16:17] <music_guru> at least in the old sense....

[16:17] <capi3101> Thanks Whistler.

[16:17] <capi3101> Finished Vespus yesterday BTW.

[16:17] <LOAF> Yeah does Gametap still exist? I didn't log on again after they got rid of WC.

[16:17] <NinjaLA> no they crashed and burned

[16:17] <Sherlock> that's why they went down

[16:17] <LOAF> Okay next question for a deck of Confed playing cards!

[16:17] <Zeether> All I remember is Mega64 did ads for them and they had Daikatana

[16:18] <LtOverload> Oooooooh!

[16:18] <LOAF> What kind of special graphics cards did Wing Commander Prophecy support?

[16:18] <capi3101> big money big money big money...

[16:18] <^Death_> Zee that's hardly a recommendation :P

[16:18] <Zeether> lol

[16:18] <Zeether> yeah

[16:18] <LOAF> Sherlock had the first of many answers :) 3dfx cards.

[16:18] <LeHah> Damn

[16:18] <Zeether> and Daikatana is now on GOG for everyone to....experience...I guess

[16:18] <Sherlock> sweet!

[16:18] <NinjaLA> too specific :P

[16:18] <LOAF> I can't leave my buddy Superfly!

[16:18] <DMJC> btw dosbox has 3dfx support?. and windows 9x support if you can make the patches build

[16:18] <NinjaLA> hehehe

[16:18] <DMJC> should be able to boot/run prophecy in 3dfx mode

[16:19] <ZFGokuSSJ1> You have to use a custom build like ykhwong's but yep.

[16:19] <music_guru> i guess gametap still has a website but i think it's just a download service now - completely different

[16:19] <LOAF> And now for a Wing Commander novel can you tell me...

[16:19] <LOAF> What chivalric order is Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn part of?

[16:19] <Zeether> The Daikatana multiplayer mode is available for free standalone

[16:19] <DMJC> damnit I knew this but no way can I remember it

[16:20] <Zeether> Romero approved 

[16:20] <Zeether> I played it with a friend...until it crashed

[16:20] <LOAF> Bob wins! KCB Order of the Bath.

[16:20] <Zeether> because it's Daikatana

[16:20] <Sherlock> not again!

[16:20] <NinjaLA> so... Illuminati is incorrect..

[16:20] <bob> Hehe I said KSO

[16:20] <music_guru> nice bob

[16:20] <LOAF> Whoops I misread it :)

[16:20] <LOAF> Okay no one got it at all.

[16:21] <DMJC> Knight's commander order of the bath hah

[16:21] <music_guru> lol

[16:21] <LOAF> You can have a novel anyway.

[16:21] <bob> I don't have the WCIII one

[16:21] <NinjaLA> cool

[16:21] <Triple-B> congrats

[16:21] <jetlag> But bob can't reeeeead :(

[16:21] <LtOverload> Haha

[16:21] <Sherlock> boo

[16:21] <Toast> *applause*

[16:21] <capi3101> *belch*

[16:21] * Joins: alexis (

[16:21] <LOAF> Okay for people who CAN read... an e-book copy of The Fatman's book Tasty Morsels of... whatever it's called.

[16:21] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Sonic Goodness

[16:21] <LeHah> Hehehehe

[16:22] <LOAF> It's surprisingly great.

[16:22] <jetlag> oh neat

[16:22] <DMJC> how many sega WC games are there?

[16:22] <FekLeyrTarg> :)

[16:22] <DMJC> just segacd wc1?

[16:22] <Sherlock> mega wing commander

[16:22] <LOAF> How many CDs did the PSX version of Wing Commander IV come on?

[16:22] <LOAF> How many CDs did the PSX version of Wing Commander IV come on?

[16:22] <Sherlock> huh

[16:22] <LOAF> music_guru got it first!

[16:22] <LeHah> Damn

[16:22] <LOAF> Four CDs for the Playstation version

[16:22] <music_guru> woot!

[16:23] <LeHah> That's what I get for cooking

[16:23] <capi3101> PSX...not PC. Crap.

[16:23] <NinjaLA> at least I got it right :P

[16:23] <Sherlock> no points for that

[16:23] <capi3101> Laundry-time BRB gents.

[16:23] <FekLeyrTarg> roger

[16:23] <LOAF> By the way let's welcome Alexis who can easily win the trivia because she's sitting in back of me and can see the answers.

[16:23] <Sherlock> hehe

[16:23] <NinjaLA> hehehe

[16:23] <FekLeyrTarg> hello :)

[16:23] <Toast> o/ Alexis!

[16:23] <music_guru> ya always thought it was strange the PC version was 6 and PSX was 4

[16:23] <eddieb> Congrats Alexis

[16:23] <Sherlock> hi alexis

[16:23] <DMJC> hi Alexis

[16:23] <NinjaLA> glad to see you joining in alexis :D

[16:23] <Pix> Hello to Mrs Loaf

[16:23] <music_guru> hi alexis

[16:23] <priest> Congrats to you once again! :D

[16:23] <music_guru> and congrats!

[16:24] <alexis> Hi everyone! Thanks :)

[16:24] <Zeether> hi alexis

[16:24] <^Death_> Welcome to the weirdo parade Alexis. Also congrats on the marriage which I didn't even know about until a few days ago because I'm an idiot that doesn't read the CIC regularly.

[16:24] <NinjaLA> hehe

[16:24] <LOAF> Are you coming to D*C this year Death?

[16:24] <Toast> normal? We don't know normal here.

[16:25] <alexis> I will not answer any trivia questions :p

[16:25] <^Death_> Yeah LOAF though I have other arrangements for a hotel.

[16:25] <bob> So can I call you ABBA?

[16:25] <NinjaLA> but it'd be easy for you to raid LOAF's closet! :D

[16:25] <DMJC> I decided I need a new PC for Star Citizen so 48gb ram and 12-cores should suffice right?

[16:25] <LOAF> Good I"ll be there this year (as a guest!)

[16:25] <^Death_> That much I was aware of at least.

[16:25] <music_guru> that would be classic chris roberts specs DMJC

[16:25] <NinjaLA> moar cores!

[16:26] <Sherlock> moar coars!

[16:26] <LOAF> Okay let's ask another question!

[16:26] <Sherlock> Car Citizen

[16:26] <LOAF> Do you guys want an easy question with a lame prize or a hard question with a great prize?

[16:26] <LtOverload> Cool

[16:26] <bob> The second

[16:26] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Hard hard hard hard hard

[16:26] <Sherlock> both at once

[16:26] <FekLeyrTarg> all of them

[16:26] <LOAF> Okay for a physical copy of Star Soldier...

[16:27] <LeHah> :o

[16:27] <LOAF> What was the original name planned for Pilgrim Truth?

[16:27] <FekLeyrTarg> cool

[16:27] <LeHah> A prize for kings

[16:27] <LtOverload> Awwww

[16:27] <LOAF> LeHah got it!

[16:27] <Sherlock> Pilgrim This!

[16:27] <LOAF> Pilgrim Trust

[16:27] <jetlag> Revenge of the Pilgrim

[16:27] <LeHah> And I didn't even have to look anything up

[16:27] <music_guru> grats LeHah

[16:27] <Toast> dang. Excellent LeHah!

[16:27] <Whistler> My phone can't keep up with all this lol...I'm too slow

[16:27] <bob> Hehe I kept typoing all over my keyboard

[16:27] <NinjaLA> I like my answer best

[16:27] <DMJC> Pilgrim: End Times

[16:27] <LOAF> Alexis says: "LeHah?!"

[16:28] <NinjaLA> wing commander 2 the wrath of Ivar Chu

[16:28] <bob> Yeah because LOAF couldn't spell

[16:28] <LeHah> Hello alexis :)

[16:28] <alexis> Hey LeHah :D

[16:28] <Toast> "Longshot" LeHah. How fitting.

[16:29] <LOAF> Okay for an iTunes copy of the Wing Commander movie (in HD!)...

[16:29] <Sherlock> yes!

[16:29] <LOAF> What is the honorific/abbreviation for a female in the Tri-System?

[16:29] <Sherlock> no!

[16:29] <Dundradal> crazy bitch

[16:29] <jetlag> shecrab

[16:29] <Toast> Death Incarnate. No wait...

[16:30] <^Death_> whoreswhoreswhores

[16:30] <capi3101> Back. Hope that didn't need to be capitalized...

[16:30] <^Death_> Oh wait Miller didn't write for P2

[16:30] <LOAF> FekLeyTarg gets it! Serra.

[16:30] <LeHah> Man I can't remember a damn thing from p2

[16:30] <capi3101> Not fast enough. Damn.

[16:30] <Sherlock> so close!

[16:30] <DMJC> lol

[16:30] <FekLeyrTarg> woohoo

[16:30] <music_guru> nice one

[16:30] <bob> Because you never played it you lamer

[16:30] <akula65> Good job!

[16:30] <DMJC> makes perfect sense

[16:30] <LeHah> Good job FekLeyrTarg - but YOU ARE NOT FEKLAR

[16:31] <DMJC> I could not remember p2's script

[16:31] <^Death_> Dammit one letter too many. I put an 'h' at the end I could only remember it spoken in game and not written in the booth blurbs

[16:31] <LOAF> Que serra serra

[16:31] <DMJC> can always remember that freaky bar tho at the start..

[16:31] <capi3101> @DMJC: Dude goes crazy dude's brother crushes his coloscomy bag.

[16:31] <DMJC> I know how it ends LOL

[16:31] <NinjaLA> hehe.. I was distracted by my wing commander blu-ray showing up

[16:31] <capi3101> P2 in a nutshell...

[16:31] <capi3101> May have left out a bit.

[16:32] <DMJC> lol.. NOoooooo not my immortality sac

[16:32] <LOAF> Just under half an hour until the site update!

[16:32] <bob> P2 had inconistent spelling

[16:32] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Yesssss

[16:32] <LeHah> Awesome!

[16:32] <music_guru> ya!

[16:32] <akula65> Woohoo!

[16:32] <capi3101> Good game though.

[16:32] <LeHah> The site update is always the best part 

[16:32] <bob> inconsistent

[16:32] <FekLeyrTarg> yeah!

[16:32] <capi3101> Could never get past the fact that the pirates were male when they were shooting female when they were dying though...

[16:32] <bob> inconsistant

[16:32] <Toast> talk about good aim.

[16:32] <LOAF> Alright for another Confed replica patch...

[16:32] <capi3101> LOL!

[16:33] <LOAF> How many Excalibur squadrons appear in the WC:CCG?

[16:33] * Joins: wat (

[16:33] <LeHah> Ouch that's a tough one

[16:33] <LeHah> But the patches are amazing

[16:33] <Dundradal> Hey

[16:33] <capi3101> Crap!

[16:33] <^Death_> *snrk* (the 'good aim' comment)

[16:33] * Joins: Zeratul (

[16:33] <Dundradal> Hey

[16:33] <DMJC> no way I got this

[16:33] <Zeratul> Hey guys!

[16:33] <NinjaLA> 8

[16:33] <NinjaLA> err

[16:34] <LOAF> DaveO is the winner! (four)

[16:34] <capi3101> Yep. 

[16:34] <Zeratul> Happy Birthday ;)

[16:34] <capi3101> Guessed too early.

[16:34] <Sherlock> oh man i was going to guess 4

[16:34] <NinjaLA> 4 was my third guess :P

[16:34] <DaveO> That was luck

[16:34] <LtOverload> Cool cool

[16:34] <music_guru> nice dave

[16:34] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)

[16:34] <LOAF> Okay here's a harder one (maybe)

[16:34] <Sherlock> 4

[16:35] <LeHah> That's what she said

[16:35] <priest> 42

[16:35] <LOAF> for a CIC drinking glass...

[16:35] <LtOverload> No shit Sherlock :P

[16:35] <LOAF> What is Chris Roberts' dog's name?

[16:35] <LeHah> Cat

[16:35] <LOAF> Toast is the winner! Paddington.

[16:35] <Toast> YAY!

[16:35] <Sherlock> nooo

[16:35] * Quits: centaurianmudpig (meewpucrey@ (Ping timeout)

[16:35] <NinjaLA> I knew that one.. but I won a glass last year

[16:35] <priest> I thought it was Sandy's dog

[16:35] <Zeratul> Luke Skywalker!

[16:35] <NinjaLA> *cough* :P

[16:35] <Toast> thank you graciously Ninja :)

[16:35] <LeHah> Awww

[16:35] <DMJC> *wolfie*

[16:35] <bob> I still haven't gotten mine

[16:36] <bob> after eight years

[16:36] <capi3101> I still haven;t stolen mine.

[16:36] <capi3101> After two years...

[16:36] <LOAF> So what's everyone drinking tonight?

[16:36] <bob> Water

[16:36] <capi3101> Doctor Pepper.

[16:36] <Toast> Mead

[16:36] <LtOverload> BoomBoom

[16:36] <Triple-B> captain morgan+cola

[16:36] <music_guru> water - lol

[16:36] <Sherlock> safeway brand diet sprite

[16:36] <capi3101> I was going to say I suck but bob said water.

[16:36] <FekLeyrTarg> Bitter Lemon

[16:36] <Whistler> iced tea lol

[16:37] <priest> that was a trick question ;)

[16:37] <AD> So far just CocaCola

[16:37] <Dundradal> Shipyard Pumpkinhead

[16:37] * Quits: eddieb (uiaqhohokc@ (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[16:37] <Dundradal> just finished a bottle of wine I brought back from Sicily

[16:37] <DMJC> What I want to Drink is Melon Fanta from Japan

[16:37] <^Death_> Just Coke and some other sodas. 'Dry' household so the fun stuff is off-limits.

[16:37] <Pix> Hobgoblin

[16:37] <Sherlock> wait was that a trivia question

[16:37] <ZFGokuSSJ1> I'm drinking a Rostov Hairball

[16:37] <ace> Beer!

[16:37] <DMJC> I want a Hell's Kitchen

[16:37] <capi3101> My cat is coughing up a Rostov Hairballl...

[16:37] <Toast> @ZFGoku - nice!

[16:37] * Joins: TheyCallMeGrim (

[16:37] <Dundradal> Hey

[16:37] <NinjaLA> water.. since I forgot to make a beer run :P

[16:37] <LOAF> Now for a Wing Commander CCG starter box...

[16:37] <music_guru> it's only the answer if you buy everyone a round :P

[16:37] <LeHah> Rum and coke earlier now its beer

[16:37] <LeHah> OH MAN

[16:38] * Quits: wat ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[16:38] <^Death_> (House follows the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. I don't. :\ )

[16:38] <LOAF> Name two speaking pilot characters from the Wing Commander movie who aren't from the games.

[16:38] <capi3101> hell

[16:38] <capi3101> misread the question.

[16:38] <^Death_> gah I can only think of one...

[16:38] <LtOverload> ...damn. I know one but not the other.

[16:38] <Sherlock> i shoulda rewatched the movie this week

[16:38] <DMJC> DONE

[16:38] <DMJC> I got this

[16:38] <LOAF> Bob got it. Rosie and Bishop.

[16:39] <ZFGokuSSJ1> porkins

[16:39] <bob> woo

[16:39] <LeHah> Damn

[16:39] <DMJC> Rosie and Roberts

[16:39] <capi3101> Was going to say Forbes.

[16:39] <LOAF> (There are probably some others)

[16:39] <bob> Hehe yeah that would count

[16:39] <music_guru> i knew rosie

[16:39] <LeHah> I wasn't sure if Hunter counted

[16:39] <TheyCallMeGrim> Good evening everyone.

[16:39] <NinjaLA> hunter is in the game

[16:39] <bob> I think those are the only named ones

[16:39] <Sherlock> Blair

[16:39] <capi3101> Howdy

[16:39] <Triple-B> i tried cobra and merlin

[16:39] <bob> Also the ones that speak

[16:39] <DMJC> I love Chris' cameo at the end

[16:39] <DaveO> Merlin is the computer

[16:39] <bob> Chris is in the games though

[16:39] <Triple-B> still a "pilot" :D

[16:39] <Sherlock> Tiger's Claw

[16:39] <NinjaLA> and cobra is in wc3

[16:39] <LOAF> Interesting thing about Chris' cameo: Peter Telep used that same 'character' as his cameo for CHris McCubbin

[16:40] <LOAF> So Chris Roberts plays a pilot named Chris McCubbin.

[16:40] <NinjaLA> hehe

[16:40] <DMJC> whas chris roberts a pilot in the WC games?

[16:40] <bob> Who were you again?

[16:40] <DMJC> and I couldn't go on!

[16:40] <Wedge009> Blair

[16:40] <bob> Some kind of lieutenant?

[16:40] <DMJC> WC4 ftw

[16:40] <Wedge009> WC2

[16:40] <^Death_> He provided the 'base' body for the rotoscoping of the kissing scene with Angel in WC2

[16:40] <LtOverload> Wasn't Chris Robert's helmet used for the pirates in WC4?

[16:40] <DMJC> I should checkout WC3 and see if he's in there.

[16:40] <LOAF> Yes the pirates in WC4 say 'Roberts' on the helmet.

[16:40] <bob> hehehe

[16:40] <DaveO> Didn't he do one of the voices in WC2?

[16:40] <^Death_> IIRC in 3 he's the Comm Officer for the Coventry.

[16:41] <NinjaLA> the dread pirates: "roberts"

[16:41] <Sherlock> hehehe

[16:41] <LeHah> Yeah he's also in the WC3 funeral scenes I think?

[16:41] <bob> I was actually thinking of the Black Lance guy at the end

[16:41] <bob> We never know what he is

[16:41] <bob> And he's in Wings of Glory

[16:41] <Triple-B> any chance to win another confed badge?

[16:41] <Whistler> Inconceivable

[16:41] <AD> Isn't it the "suns for breakfast"guy?

[16:41] <^Death_> That word you use...

[16:41] <bob> Bishop is that guy

[16:42] <Sherlock> from Aliens

[16:42] <LeHah> Lance Henrikson

[16:42] <LeHah> I have his autograph on my wall 

[16:42] <Sherlock> sweet

[16:42] <music_guru> nice LeHah

[16:42] <Sherlock> i have malcolm mcdowell's

[16:42] <LeHah> Ditto

[16:43] <DMJC> should I Troll chris in my interview?

[16:43] <LOAF> Okay for a copy of The Masked Man Tom Wilson's e-book...

[16:43] <bob> Goku has Elton John's

[16:43] <Dundradal> How goes the war against the trivia gentlemen?

[16:43] <DMJC> "so how's it feel to be making WC online?"

[16:43] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Yup.

[16:43] <Sherlock> it actually says "You can be my wingman any day! Good boy!"

[16:43] <LOAF> What two WC games had "Playtesters Guides"?

[16:43] <capi3101> Got one of those right...

[16:43] <LOAF> Death got it!

[16:43] <Zeratul> Have to go guys have fun! :D

[16:43] <LeHah> Ouch

[16:43] <LOAF> Privateer and Armada

[16:43] <Toast> dang.

[16:43] <LeHah> I got one but not the other

[16:43] <music_guru> nice!

[16:43] <capi3101> Oh how could I miss Armada!!!!

[16:43] <bob> did you actually type both those out

[16:43] <NinjaLA> hah.. I wasn't even close

[16:43] <music_guru> was WAY off - lol

[16:44] <Sherlock> i said strike commander instead of armada

[16:44] <priest> too slow

[16:44] <bob> I have the Armada one 

[16:44] <Toast> same here Sherlock

[16:44] <DMJC> lol I was so out

[16:44] <DMJC> WC2/3

[16:44] <LtOverload> I was gonna say 3 and 4 haha

[16:44] <Pedro> ohhh never knew there was an Armada one :| A guide I don't own

[16:44] <capi3101> Used to have it.

[16:44] <Sherlock> hehehe

[16:44] * Quits: Zeratul ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[16:44] <capi3101> Last time I loaned out a book.

[16:44] <music_guru> i say playtesters and i thought playstations :P

[16:44] <music_guru> *saw

[16:44] <bob>

[16:44] <DMJC> I really should get off my lazy ass and finish WC3 3DO and WC3 PSX

[16:44] <LOAF> Okay for a copy of the BRAND NEW Wing Commander movie bluray...

[16:44] <DMJC> and 3DO SWC

[16:44] <^Death_> capi that's why you have people take a blood oath if they want to borrow a book and then have a hitman on standby if they break it. :P

[16:44] <LOAF> What ship was modeled for Wing Commander II but does not appear in-engine?

[16:45] <Sherlock> hm

[16:45] <Dundradal> 15 minutes to go time!

[16:45] <LOAF> Toast has it - Thrakhath's cruiser

[16:45] <LOAF> Hha'ifra or Rigakh

[16:45] <bob> ah yeah

[16:45] <capi3101> Oh. of course!!!

[16:45] <Toast> "Fire a full spread of missiles!"

[16:45] <music_guru> wow nice

[16:45] <LtOverload> Nice ha

[16:45] <Sherlock> oh is that right?

[16:45] <Sherlock> huh

[16:45] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)

[16:45] <DMJC> damn I had the ship class

[16:45] <LOAF> It was going to be used in the final mission but was cut for space and only appears in a cutscene.

[16:45] <capi3101> Well he kinda moved to another country on me...

[16:45] <NinjaLA> ohhhhh

[16:46] <bob> Hehe I read "in-engine" as "cut from the game"

[16:46] <TheyCallMeGrim> By the way congrats LOAF.

[16:46] <Wedge009> Sorry if this has already been asked but is the WC Blu-Ray region locked?

[16:46] <NinjaLA> I totally should have known it

[16:46] <bob> Yes

[16:46] <capi3101> Yes much congrats!!

[16:46] <bob> This is a good thing

[16:46] <Wedge009> So... only region A for the moment?

[16:46] <DMJC> hey if that got cut for space...

[16:46] <DMJC> would it be on the WC2 SNES copy?

[16:46] <LOAF> Thanks Grim :)

[16:46] <Dundradal> it's a real SOB in the Standoff losing path!

[16:46] <Sherlock> definitely not

[16:46] <^Death_> Not likely SNES carts are even more limited in space

[16:47] <bob> The last mission is bad enough without a cruiser

[16:47] <Toast> Standoff's losing path is awesome though

[16:47] <Toast> I jumped out of my seat and cheered when the TCS Drake actually torpedoed a capship

[16:47] <LeHah> That's because Standoff is the best WC fan game ever

[16:47] <bob> Also the only one

[16:47] <Toast> it is. Aren't you in there LeHah?

[16:47] <Whistler> Truth

[16:47] <LOAF> Okay for a Wing Commander novel...

[16:47] <Toast> no there's Saga

[16:47] <LeHah> Somewhere yeah

[16:47] <DMJC> I dunno man I've finished Standoff I haven't finished SAGA

[16:48] <DMJC> Saga was damn good but damn hard

[16:48] <bob> Sa what?

[16:48] <LeHah> Saga is... well I'll just say no.

[16:48] <Toast> Standoff is more WC-ish

[16:48] <Toast> in feel

[16:48] <FekLeyrTarg> honestly Standoff an Ue were harder for me

[16:48] <LOAF> Wing Commander Prophecy DVD was originally scheduled to be bundled with the Creative DXR5 DVD bundle. What DVD game replaced it?

[16:48] <^Death_> Setting aside personality issues Saga has the problem of being based on FS2. :P

[16:48] <LeHah> Whacky Wheels!

[16:48] <bob> Carmageddon

[16:48] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Whoa hey MajorCamKollent. Been a long time.

[16:48] <LtOverload> I miss PuttPutt...

[16:49] <LeHah> Hehehe Saga is terrible for that alone ^Death_ 

[16:49] <DMJC> engine is irrelevant it's what you make of it that counts.

[16:49] <Zeether> oh wow I just looked up the ship class of the Eisen and it looks awesome

[16:49] <capi3101> I liked both games personally.

[16:49] <bob> The FS2 engine is pretty terrible

[16:49] <Zeether> gonna love that shirt

[16:49] <LOAF> Pedro got it! Freespace DVD.

[16:49] <bob> It's a Vesuvius

[16:49] <bob> hehehehehe

[16:49] <Triple-B> tough one

[16:49] <DMJC> there was a DVD version of FS? wow

[16:50] <Triple-B> congrats :)

[16:50] <bob> They made a Freespace DVD?

[16:50] <bob> Why?

[16:50] <LOAF> They did - the only difference is a higher quality intro cutscene.

[16:50] <capi3101> So we could ask "wky"

[16:50] <NinjaLA> phantasmagoria came bundled with my creative 16x cd rom

[16:50] <capi3101> "why"

[16:50] <Cpl_Hades> I don't think the intro was higher quality. It looked exactly the same to me

[16:50] <Zeether> when my family got a CD-ROM drive for the first time we got the wheel of fortune game

[16:50] <Sherlock> it just took up more space

[16:50] <Zeether> complete with hilarious FMV contestants

[16:50] <FekLeyrTarg> as far as I know the DVD version of FS2 doesn't work currently

[16:50] <bob> Freespace had the problem of blowing 90% of its disc space on giant cutscenes that were 12 seconds long

[16:51] <DMJC> it'd be nice if EA made WC: Bluray edition just put all the games on one disc

[16:51] <LOAF> Ten minutes left!!

[16:51] <DMJC> no more swapping.

[16:51] <LeHah> Free space also had the problem of blowing period

[16:51] <Zeether> oh man imagine WC3 cutscenes in HD

[16:51] <Toast> Hey I enjoyed Freespace2

[16:51] <Toast> just not as much as WC

[16:51] <bob> You need to upload the raw footage you have

[16:51] <LtOverload> It would look horribly fake with all the green/blue screen in HD haha.

[16:51] <^Death_> IIRC the WC3 source material wasn't HD to start with wouldn't be any improvement.

[16:51] <bob> Of the Kilrathi puppets

[16:51] <DMJC> wc3 in HD would be soooo pixellated

[16:51] <Zeether> oh yeah

[16:51] <TheyCallMeGrim> They'd have to remake the cutscenes methinks.

[16:51] <LOAF> For a TCS Eisen hat...

[16:51] <Zeether> but IV would look cool

[16:51] <LeHah> :o

[16:51] <DMJC> would love to see WC3 without the compression artifacts tho

[16:51] <FekLeyrTarg> and V

[16:52] <LOAF> What is the Kilrathi name for wingmen?

[16:52] <Sherlock> bhurak

[16:52] <LtOverload> Wingcats

[16:52] <LOAF> bob is first wiith Wingcat

[16:52] <bob> I already have a hat

[16:52] <NinjaLA> O_O

[16:52] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Hehehehe that's the actual word?

[16:52] <LtOverload> wow really?

[16:52] <Toast> wh... seriously?!

[16:52] <capi3101> What?

[16:52] <bob> Give it to the runner-up

[16:52] <Sherlock> lolwat

[16:52] <NinjaLA> I've never known that

[16:52] <bob> It's from Armada

[16:52] <FekLeyrTarg> it was mentioned in Armada

[16:52] <Toast> lol!

[16:52] <Toast> man I won't forget that now

[16:52] <NinjaLA> that's amazing

[16:52] <LOAF> Yes wingcat is the answer it's from Armada. 

[16:52] <ZFGokuSSJ1> I kinda don't like Armada now.

[16:52] <music_guru> Wingcat as in Mr. Cat? j/k

[16:52] <NinjaLA> and going in the comic now

[16:52] <^Death_> Until next year Toast. :P

[16:52] <LtOverload> WHAT? I just guessed that!

[16:52] <bob> Who was the runner-up?

[16:53] <NinjaLA> LT Overload said it in channel

[16:53] <DMJC> who was the most dangerous Kilrathi ever?

[16:53] <NinjaLA> you are supposed to /msg LOAF

[16:53] <DMJC> Jukaga

[16:53] <bob> So no one?

[16:53] <bob> That is terrible

[16:53] <FekLeyrTarg> I also said "Wingcat"

[16:53] <bob> You're all awful people

[16:53] <LtOverload> I know I wasn't trying to win I was making a joke. :P Turned out to be the real thing.

[16:53] <bob> oh

[16:54] <LOAF> Fine I'll give away the hat again....

[16:54] <Sherlock> i could say it now

[16:54] <LtOverload> I thought it would be some weird kilrathi tongue thing.

[16:54] <LOAF> What class of space station is Perry Naval Base?

[16:54] <NinjaLA> hehehe

[16:54] <Sherlock> nooo

[16:54] <LOAF> capi3101 wins! Halsey-class.

[16:54] <capi3101> Hot damn!!

[16:54] <bob> Well done

[16:54] <LtOverload> Nice!

[16:54] <Toast> wow

[16:54] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)

[16:54] <Toast> *moar applause*

[16:54] <bob> Who else got it?

[16:54] <NinjaLA> another one I never knew

[16:54] <FekLeyrTarg> I did

[16:54] <capi3101> Doing all that research for WCRPG paid off.

[16:54] <DMJC> where is THAT mentioned?

[16:54] <LOAF> Kudos to ZFGoku's answer Katy.

[16:54] <Sherlock> the fighting sailor

[16:54] <FekLeyrTarg> it's from Star*Soldier

[16:54] <capi3101> Star*Soldier

[16:54] <LtOverload> S*S?

[16:54] <NinjaLA> hehehehe

[16:55] <^Death_> I'm sure I knew that at some point in the past...

[16:55] <bob> Star★Soldier

[16:55] <Triple-B> not much of a priv player

[16:55] <Triple-B> :/

[16:55] <LeHah> Hehehehe

[16:55] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Rockin' the trivia so harddddd

[16:55] <Toast> It wasn't in Privateer anyway

[16:55] <Toast> haha

[16:55] <DMJC> it's not in Priv dude

[16:55] <Zeether> I keep hearing Star Soldier and thinking of the Hudson Soft game series

[16:55] <ChrisReid> hehe

[16:55] <bob> I must have read that a hundred times

[16:55] <LtOverload> It's from Arena not Priv.

[16:55] <bob> The ship in Star Soldier kind of looks like a Talon

[16:55] <Triple-B> perry was not in priv?

[16:55] <bob> It was

[16:55] <capi3101> Perry was in priv

[16:55] <bob> But it didn't have a class until it was named

[16:55] <Wedge009> The class name wasn't.

[16:55] <^Death_> 3B it was just wasn't given a class name.

[16:55] <LOAF> Okay for your choice of a Wing Commander game from GOG... maybe one not out yet wink...

[16:55] <capi3101> It was named Halset class in Star*Soldier

[16:55] <bob> later

[16:55] <LOAF> What is the Stellar Accretion Device made of?

[16:55] <Toast> yeah wasn't named until later

[16:56] <Zeether> how did they manage to use the name Star Soldier without Hudson taking legal action lol

[16:56] <LOAF> Overload wins!

[16:56] <^Death_> argh... I knew this one...

[16:56] <LtOverload> Yay!

[16:56] <Sherlock> because the star

[16:56] <DMJC> what was the answer?

[16:56] <LOAF> It was the comm relay and drydock.

[16:56] <Zeether> oh right

[16:56] <DMJC> ice

[16:56] <DMJC> *nice

[16:56] <ZFGokuSSJ1> I was thinking like steel.

[16:56] <FekLeyrTarg> indeed

[16:56] <Sherlock> dark matter

[16:56] <music_guru> 3 minutes!

[16:56] <LOAF> minutes!

[16:56] <LOAF> Huh.

[16:57] <LtOverload> Minutes. Very informative. :P

[16:57] <bob> Star★Soldier

[16:57] <ChrisReid> as we get closer we'll initiate the countdown

[16:57] <FekLeyrTarg> roger

[16:57] <capi3101> Star Soldier is an awesome read.

[16:57] <ChrisReid> it may not be exactly the same minute as your clock

[16:57] <Triple-B> more badges please ;)

[16:57] <LOAF> Time for one more trivia question!

[16:57] <ChrisReid> the entire CIC staff is putting the finishing touches on things right now

[16:57] <Sherlock> i got this

[16:58] <capi3101> I'd recommend it even if you aren;t an Arena fan.

[16:58] <LOAF> For a CIC polo shirt...

[16:58] <ChrisReid> like an Octopus with 8 arms on 8 computers

[16:58] <AD> There's a difference between trademark and copyright

[16:58] <TheyCallMeGrim> So are we going to DOS the CIC again this year?

[16:58] <LOAF> How many missions were there in the Secret Missions 1?

[16:58] <AD> You can name things whatever you want if there's no chance of anyone mistaking the two for eachother

[16:58] * Joins: BitterBeard (

[16:58] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v BitterBeard

[16:58] <ChrisReid> we've made some major changes this year

[16:58] <ChrisReid> so I don't think you can knock out the server this time

[16:58] <Dundradal> 1 minute!

[16:58] <bob> Can you still embed 20GB files on the front page?

[16:58] <AD> Hehe yeah... no 100 mb pictures

[16:58] <LOAF> DaveO wins 16 missions

[16:59] <TheyCallMeGrim> Excellent.

[16:59] <NinjaLA> crap

[16:59] <Toast> dang

[16:59] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)

[16:59] <LtOverload> Nice work

[16:59] <capi3101> I was going to say not that many.

[16:59] <capi3101> Good job.

[16:59] <Toast> iz tu sloooow

[16:59] <Sherlock> only 6 off

[16:59] <NinjaLA> I said 18 and realized my math was off

[16:59] <DMJC> yeah because it's like 72 total in wc1+addons

[16:59] <NinjaLA> revised to 16

[16:59] <DaveO> I got lucky again

[16:59] <capi3101> Any more trivia tonight or is that over with?

[16:59] <NinjaLA> it continues after a break

[16:59] <LtOverload> That was the last one.

[16:59] <DaveO> I was thinking 14 after the first guess

[16:59] <LOAF> We'll have more trivia after a short break

[16:59] <DMJC> time to shower I stink

[16:59] <NinjaLA> we'll take some time to check out the website first

[16:59] <music_guru> thanks LOAF

[16:59] <Dundradal> Trivia returns after the updates

[16:59] <FekLeyrTarg> roger

[16:59] <LtOverload> Cool beans guys :) Update time

[17:00] <Triple-B> thumbs up*

[17:00] <Sherlock> readying low orbit ion cannon

[17:00] <DaveO> Don't DOS the site please!

[17:00] <LOAF> I also want to talk to you guys about some other Wing Commander things I'm working on!

[17:00] <NinjaLA> hehe

[17:00] <DaveO> Like last year...

[17:00] <Whistler> Sweet

[17:00] <FekLeyrTarg> sounds like fun :)

[17:00] <LOAF> But I'll be riiiight back!

[17:00] <NinjaLA> we would be glad to chat :D

[17:00] <^Death_> Can we DDOS you instead Dave?

[17:00] <^Death_> :P

[17:00] <Pedro> Wing Commander things? :o

[17:00] <Sherlock> don't disk operating system the site!

[17:00] <capi3101> I've got about 30 minutes then I'm going to have to disappear for a bit.

[17:01] <capi3101> Don't know if I'll make it back on again tonight.

[17:01] <LtOverload> we go. :D

[17:01] <Toast> Dos Operating System'ing something is the most sure way to BSOD it

[17:01] * Joins: WCADarkstar (

[17:01] <music_guru> i belive chris will give us a heads-up before the site updates

[17:01] <FekLeyrTarg> hi :)

[17:01] <TheyCallMeGrim> So what secret project with Chris Roberts hint at later on tonight? ;-)

[17:01] <bob> Is there a countdown and I'm just not seeing it?

[17:01] <^Death_> DOS on a web server is a painful and complicated way for the server to commit suicide. :P

[17:01] <NinjaLA> no countdown yet

[17:01] <LtOverload> I cannot stop F5ing send help

[17:01] <^Death_> Help is F1

[17:01] <bob> Hehehe I just realized everyone with Mibbit is banned from this channel

[17:01] <capi3101> F5? That works?

[17:01] <capi3101> F1? That works?

[17:02] <music_guru> i think CIC is still wrapping things up right now :P

[17:02] <Sherlock> site is now updated with help. hit F5

[17:02] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[17:02] * Joins: TRIPLE-B (

[17:02] <LtOverload> Now in CAPS

[17:02] <LOAF> Alright everybody ready?

[17:02] <NinjaLA> yup

[17:02] <FekLeyrTarg> standing by

[17:02] <Sherlock> yep

[17:02] <LtOverload> Sir yes sir

[17:02] <^Death_> PROTIP: ALT-F4 to refresh your browser.

[17:02] <music_guru> shoot!

[17:02] <capi3101> No but I'll fake it.

[17:02] <TRIPLE-B> what for again?

[17:02] <^Death_> :P

[17:03] <NinjaLA> heheheh

[17:03] <ZFGokuSSJ1> I did the first vote on the new poll.

[17:03] <LOAF> 10

[17:03] <LOAF> 9

[17:03] <LOAF> 8

[17:03] <LOAF> 7

[17:03] <TRIPLE-B> what is going on?

[17:03] <LOAF> 6

[17:03] <LOAF> 5

[17:03] <Sherlock> new years

[17:03] <TheyCallMeGrim> Three sir!

[17:03] <LOAF> 4

[17:03] <LOAF> 3

[17:03] <LOAF> 2

[17:03] <LOAF> 1

[17:03] <NinjaLA> TRIPLE-B go there

[17:03] <LtOverload> NOT SO FAST TERRANS!

[17:03] <capi3101> Happy DOS!!!!!!!

[17:03] <LOAF> Make something happen!

[17:03] <^Death_> Happy b-day CIC!

[17:03] <Sherlock> eject!

[17:03] * Quits: TRIPLE-B ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[17:03] <ace> Yay!

[17:03] <LeHah> Happy birthday CIC

[17:03] <TheyCallMeGrim> Wheeee!

[17:03] <akula65> Happy Birthday!

[17:03] <Dundradal> Happy Birthday!

[17:03] <Pix> Happy birthday CIC

[17:03] <NinjaLA> Happy CIC day!

[17:03] <Toast> HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIC!

[17:03] <WCADarkstar> Huzzah!

[17:03] <Dundradal> Long Live the Confederation!

[17:03] <music_guru> happy b-day CIC

[17:03] <alexis> hooray

[17:03] <ace> Happy Birthday!

[17:03] <FekLeyrTarg> Happy Birthday CIC!!!

[17:03] <Sherlock> happy birthday CIC!

[17:03] <capi3101> Happy bday CIC!!!

[17:03] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Yay!

[17:03] <Pedro> Happy Brithday!

[17:03] <Cpl_Hades> Happy birthday!

[17:03] <Zeether> happy birthday CIC!

[17:03] <Pedro> refresh does nothing :o

[17:04] <LtOverload> Happy CIC BIrthday!

[17:04] <music_guru> you have some cake LOAF?

[17:04] <DaveO> Now why does Confed award failure when you eject in WC1(only on the first time)?

[17:04] <music_guru> congrats to 15 years!

[17:04] <LeHah> Hmmm nothing happened?

[17:04] <DarkSlayer> Happy Birthday CIC!!!

[17:04] <Sherlock> whoa

[17:04] <LOAF> I do have some cake!

[17:04] <AD> Yay!

[17:04] <capi3101> There it goes...

[17:04] <TheyCallMeGrim> Happy birthday CIC!

[17:04] <LOAF> Ali baked it this morning.

[17:04] <LeHah> There we go

[17:04] <LtOverload> Cake is not a lie

[17:04] <Toast> Cake post!

[17:04] <WCADarkstar> I skipped the cake and went straight to the whiskey. Congrats!

[17:04] <capi3101> ARMADA ON GOG!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

[17:05] <jetlag> yay

[17:05] <Zeether> Oh wow!

[17:05] <bob> Wow I made today possible

[17:05] <Zeether> More WC on GOG is awesome

[17:05] <bob> What did I do?

[17:06] <WCADarkstar> Armada's on GOG? Why do I not see that?

[17:06] <DMJC> Happy Birthday WC

[17:06] <bob> Because it was just announced?

[17:06] <bob> CIC

[17:06] <LOAF> Armada is coming to GOG next month.

[17:06] <bob> WC is next month

[17:06] <bob> Anybody want to Armada?

[17:07] <Dundradal> great news!

[17:07] <WCADarkstar> Gotcha. I can wait a month :)

[17:07] <LOAF> So who's coming to Austin in October?

[17:07] <DMJC> man I wish EA would license SWC in a mac emulator

[17:07] <capi3101> I'll gladly play Armada...

[17:07] <DMJC> too bad Apple would prolly never allow it

[17:07] * Joins: Iceheart (

[17:07] <capi3101> not somewhere where I can do it right now though.

[17:07] <bob> Okay but you have to host

[17:07] <NinjaLA> I am sure hoping to

[17:07] <bob> oh

[17:07] <capi3101> Would love to come to Austin.

[17:07] <LtOverload> Woo awesome update!

[17:07] <^Death_> Not looking likely to make Austin here. Would like to but scheduling is a bitch.

[17:08] <capi3101> Not likely to make it there though.

[17:08] <LOAF> Licensing Super Wing Commander would be easy getting GOG to emulate powerpc games is hard.

[17:08] <Toast> I will! Have to plan the trip that's all

[17:08] <bob> And GOG is... GOG

[17:08] <capi3101> Just up the road a bit and all...

[17:08] <Toast> are the dates nailed down LOAF?

[17:08] <NinjaLA> thanks go out to Sherlock too

[17:08] <capi3101> I suppose I do have friends who live in Austin these days.

[17:08] <NinjaLA> he busted out a bunch of those documents this morning

[17:09] <LOAF> Yup dates are all set now

[17:09] <bob> I'm still not sure what I did?

[17:09] <capi3101> P2 on GOG might be worth picking up too.

[17:09] <bob> YES IT IS

[17:09] <capi3101> I've been wanting to try it again.

[17:09] <NinjaLA> p2 on gog would make a very happy NinjaLA

[17:10] <capi3101> Never thought of it as good aim before this evening...

[17:10] <TheyCallMeGrim> Excellent set of updates. Looks like GOG is getting more of my money.

[17:10] <NinjaLA> you're.... too close.. you'll burn up

[17:10] <DMJC> oooh WC1 sourcecode fragments?

[17:10] <DMJC> awesome

[17:10] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Just wait 'til you see the extras included.

[17:10] <DarkSlayer> hurray... wing commander academy is coming out too... so missed that game

[17:10] <Sherlock> oh sweet. never played p2 all the way through

[17:10] <NinjaLA> is it stuff from our errant box? goku?

[17:11] <bob> What's wrong with you?

[17:11] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Well there's nothing for Academy.

[17:11] <NinjaLA> p2 doesn't take too long to play through

[17:11] <bob> it does if you're bad

[17:11] <Sherlock> i only played like a mission or two

[17:11] <bob> Or good

[17:11] <capi3101> It does if you go for all the add-ons.

[17:11] <Sherlock> i was disappointed it wasn't really privateer 2 at the time

[17:11] <capi3101> Or if you suck in general.

[17:12] <LtOverload> Hehe

[17:12] <WCADarkstar> At this point I don't even remember if I played P2 all the way through. It took me ten years to even realize that was Clive Owen.

[17:12] <NinjaLA> I think I powered through the main game in a heretic the first time... since it was on the box

[17:12] <bob> Clive Owen will always be #levarris to me

[17:12] <capi3101> I would've liked to have seen a continuation of Burrows' tale at some point after RF.

[17:12] <LOAF> Alright guys let me talk about one other project...

[17:12] <bob> Hehe the Heretic is terrible

[17:12] <Pedro> I really loved Privateer 2 despite all its undeniable flaws and bugs it's probably the WC title I've put the 3rd highest amount of time into

[17:12] <Cpl_Hades> Yeah I liked Saffron Burrows too

[17:12] <capi3101> Maybe another WCRPG Campaign.

[17:12] <LeHah> I did too

[17:13] <Dundradal> P2 has a lot of things I do like

[17:13] <LOAF> So we have a possible archiving project coming up.

[17:14] <bob> UT again?

[17:14] <LOAF> We've found someone selling the bulk of Wing Commander Academy's cels storyboards and other production materials.

[17:14] <bob> Oh crap

[17:14] <capi3101> Fundraiser?

[17:14] * Joins: Triple-B (

[17:14] <Dundradal> you know how much it costs to fight "your" war?

[17:15] <Dundradal> and I'm totally spacing Jamison's bitchy reply

[17:15] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[17:15] <Triple-B> wingnut still off?

[17:15] <bob> Seventy billion dollars and some change

[17:15] <capi3101> Yeah about eighty bucks.

[17:15] <Triple-B> hello?

[17:15] <capi3101> Hallo

[17:15] <Dundradal> still off?

[17:15] <Dundradal> and LOAF killed his own connections

[17:15] <Triple-B> i cant enter wingnut

[17:15] <NinjaLA> this is wingnut

[17:15] * Joins: LOAF (

[17:15] <Dundradal> uhmm you're here

[17:15] <Triple-B> just read the news update

[17:15] <NinjaLA> you are in sparta

[17:15] <LOAF> Whoops :)

[17:15] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[17:16] <Triple-B> you are right

[17:16] <LOAF> Anyway we're thinking of doing a kickstarter to preserve the Academy slides

[17:16] <Triple-B> O_O

[17:16] <capi3101> THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

[17:16] <capi3101> Go for it.

[17:16] <NinjaLA> that's a good cause

[17:16] <FekLeyrTarg> agreed

[17:16] <LtOverload> Oooh

[17:16] <WCADarkstar> Any idea what kind of range we'd be talking about here?

[17:16] <capi3101> How much?

[17:16] <bob> Aren't you cursed though?

[17:16] <Triple-B> cool thing with adding the other wc games to gog. will prophecy be added with the fanpatches?

[17:16] <capi3101> @bob: Only when the full moon is out.

[17:16] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[17:17] <capi3101> argh

[17:17] <bob> hehehehehe

[17:17] <bob> He must be breaking the flood filter

[17:17] <Dundradal> it's a bit less than it was for Star Citizen

[17:17] <WCADarkstar> Ooh Prophecy with fanpatches would be a "shut up and take my money!" moment for me

[17:17] <bob> Or something

[17:17] <LtOverload> Prophecy on GOG combined with HC1's MP patch equals fun for all :D

[17:17] <capi3101> a bit less than SC. So.....1.9 million?

[17:17] <Triple-B> + enhanced starfield

[17:17] * Joins: LOAF (

[17:17] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[17:17] * Joins: Jochen (

[17:17] <Pedro> Obviously we'd all contribute. The seller wouldn't see the fan interest and decide to try and squeeze more out?

[17:17] <Zeether> I might try Privateer 2 despite my only exposure being a review that bashed most aspects of the game

[17:17] <DMJC> What will CIG do if they get $75 million?

[17:17] <LOAF> Argh

[17:17] <Jochen> Hi everyone

[17:17] <bob> Spoony?

[17:17] <capi3101> evening

[17:17] <Iceheart> Still 15 million but with that the CIC will own an actual escort carrier

[17:18] <Zeether> yeah

[17:18] * ^Death_ passes LOAF some duct tape for his connection.

[17:18] <Iceheart> Russia is still selling them like hotcakes

[17:18] <DaveO> Be careful mentioning Spoony here

[17:18] <LOAF> It's strange it's not disconnecting Ali I don't think.

[17:18] <Jochen> Happy Birthday CIC

[17:18] <Zeether> I stopped being interested in him don't worry

[17:18] <bob> use her connection

[17:18] <capi3101> If CIG gets 75 million they will build a WORKING Bengal-class ship.

[17:18] <Zeether> after his little outburst on Twitter and all

[17:18] <capi3101> For reals.

[17:18] <LOAF> What happened to Spoony?

[17:18] <DMJC> would CIG buy out the WC license?

[17:18] <Zeether> long story

[17:18] <Sherlock> there will be REAL spaceships in game

[17:18] <capi3101> No I mean in RL.

[17:19] <DaveO> Falling out with theguywithglasses or something...

[17:19] <Sherlock> i mean RL spaceships in engine

[17:19] <capi3101> Oh okay

[17:19] <DMJC> $75 mill isn't enough to get anywhere near an actual space craft

[17:19] <Zeether> it involved some pretty sleazy comments he made on twitter to someone and then he had a falling out with TGWTG

[17:19] <Sherlock> real 350r

[17:19] <capi3101> Kinda like KSP but with guns.

[17:19] <Jochen> I figured the birthday could be a good time to visit the CIC again after many years of absence :)

[17:19] <DMJC> might get you a small model of a hornet or bengal launched into space.

[17:19] <LOAF> Welcome!

[17:19] <capi3101> So what range are we talking about for the kickstarter LOAF?

[17:19] <NinjaLA> so you are saying a guy known for being awful to every game he ever played was awful to a person as well?

[17:19] <Zeether> yes

[17:19] <NinjaLA> shock and alarm! :P

[17:20] <PopsiclePete> hi all

[17:20] <bob> Are you WCMAD?

[17:20] <Zeether> lol

[17:20] <bob> I wonder what Derek Smart thinks

[17:20] <PopsiclePete> Looks like I missed all the trivia :(

[17:20] <capi3101> Not all of it.

[17:20] <NinjaLA> not at all pete

[17:20] <LOAF> capi: we should have numbers from the seller on Monday. A couple of thousand probably.

[17:20] <Sherlock> Car Citizen

[17:20] <Zeether> he's too busy making Derek Smart's Desktop Commander

[17:20] <DMJC> nah pete you just missed the first part.

[17:20] <NinjaLA> you missed the first hour... but we'll resume shortly

[17:20] <PopsiclePete> My wife unexpectedly invited her familly for diner and they're not all gone yet.

[17:20] <LOAF> But that'd just be the first part we'd need folks to go to Washington state to get the material and digitize it! So more adventure.

[17:21] <DaveO> If LOAF does not drop out again there should be some more trivia

[17:21] <LOAF> Yes more trivia in a bit!

[17:21] <^Death_> Pete kick them out. Screw family WC is more important.

[17:21] <Whistler> Derek sold out for consoles

[17:21] <akula65> 'Night folks. Happy Birthday! Congrats to Alexis and LOAF!

[17:21] <Triple-B> i still need a batch :D

[17:21] <Sherlock> WC IS family

[17:21] <bob> Derek Smart ‏@dsmart 27 Jul

[17:21] <bob> I just backed Eterium - A Space Combat Sim for Windows PC on @Kickstarter

[17:21] <bob> Oh dear

[17:21] <Dundradal> cya akula!

[17:21] <NinjaLA> alexis death doesn't mean that family comes first *whistle* :P

[17:21] <^Death_> (Though I suppose if you kick them out one part of that family will be unavailable for screwing namely Mrs. Popsicle.)

[17:21] * Parts: akula65 ( (Konversation terminated!)

[17:21] <bob> Family is LOAF's favorite TNG episode

[17:21] <PopsiclePete> Hehe right Death

[17:21] <DMJC> It's pretty funny that EA's backcatalogue is making a bunch of successful kickstarters

[17:22] <Jochen> I must say I'm really impressed to still see so many familiar nicks here which I remember from many years ago

[17:22] <Toast> @DMJC - their IP property managed is probably kicking himself in the face ><

[17:22] <DMJC> Satellite Reign anyone?

[17:22] * Joins: ovie (

[17:22] <Toast> ~manager

[17:22] <WCADarkstar> Right on there....a fun blast from the past

[17:22] <DaveO> Not The Inner Light from TNG?

[17:22] <DMJC> and Road Redemption

[17:22] <Jochen> I mean from my last visit many years ago

[17:22] <Zeether> I backed The 90's Arcade Racer

[17:22] <bob> You mean John Riciotello?

[17:22] <Sherlock> Shrowd

[17:22] <DMJC> 90s arcade racer?

[17:22] <Triple-B> maybe i should switch from rum to beer

[17:22] <DMJC> what's that called?

[17:22] <bob> Ridge Racer

[17:23] <Dundradal> last year I got way too drunk early on

[17:23] <Sherlock> it's called 90's arcade racer

[17:23] <DMJC> no bob? just no

[17:23] <Dundradal> and passed out

[17:23] <Zeether> It's basically a big tribute to Sega arcade racing games

[17:23] <Dundradal> this year am pacing it better

[17:23] <Triple-B> @ dund :D

[17:23] <ChrisReid> John Riccitello got fired

[17:23] <bob> I like you better drunk

[17:23] <Sherlock> daytona scud etc

[17:23] <bob> And the world wondered

[17:23] <DMJC> oh wow that's cool

[17:23] <bob> Wait no the opposite

[17:23] <Zeether> it's basically Virtua Scudtona USA

[17:23] <DMJC> my fav homebrew project for arcade racing is this dude who modded a sega rally cabinet

[17:24] <bob> Not the guys who built THE LAST STARFIGHTER?

[17:24] <DMJC> guy joined a Happ arcade wheel to a Logitech forcefeedback wheel's circuitboards...

[17:24] <bob> oh racing

[17:24] <Zeether> that last starfighter game is cool

[17:24] <DMJC> arcade force feedback for PC/PS2/PS3

[17:24] <Sherlock> i want a G-LOC cabinet

[17:24] <capi3101> It is cool.

[17:24] <Zeether> The website is outdated though they mention HDDVD!

[17:24] <bob> I want a WCM Rapier

[17:24] <DMJC> guy then built it into an initial D cabinet...

[17:24] <capi3101> Some guys wanted to sign me up for the Star League.

[17:24] <DMJC>

[17:24] <LeHah> Go to Luxembourg bob

[17:24] <WCADarkstar> If I had a G-LOC unit my family would starve.

[17:25] <bob> If the Star League had survived I'd have worn the uniform proudly

[17:25] <Sherlock> nice

[17:25] <capi3101> Maybe we can rebuild the legion then.

[17:25] <bob> Do they still have them?

[17:25] <Zeether> kind of sucks though because Initial D's arcade games aren't emulated yet

[17:25] <bob> I think they got split up

[17:25] <LtOverload> So is Prophecy GOLD coming to GOG or just Prophecy? Doesn't matter much since Secret Ops is out and free but I'm just wondering.

[17:25] <^Death_> G-LOC sounds familiar. Wasn't that an F-14 arcade game?

[17:25] <Zeether> yeah

[17:25] <LOAF> Not sure yet - hopefully Prophecy DVD.

[17:26] <Zeether> it was a spiritual sequel to After Burner

[17:26] <NinjaLA> ooh.. the pretty one

[17:26] <Zeether> speaking of Initial ended recently

[17:26] <LtOverload> Cool beans :D

[17:26] <ZFGokuSSJ1> It will probably be Prophecy Gold with DVD movies.

[17:26] <Zeether> not really the best ending though

[17:26] <bob> I remember playing Afterburner and thinking "THIS IS JUST LIKE THE WING COMMANDER MOVIE OH SHIT

[17:26] <bob> end quote

[17:26] <DaveO> No subtitles on the DVD one though

[17:26] <capi3101> LOL

[17:26] * ovie cries "last time i saw my Prophecy disk was when i lent it to my brother"

[17:26] <LOAF> We are watching Wing Commander Academy here

[17:26] <ovie> :(

[17:26] <bob> We are?

[17:26] <LOAF> Most Delicate Instrument is on right now

[17:27] <LOAF> The royal we Ali and I.

[17:27] <Whistler> I miss that old game afterburner

[17:27] <capi3101> I have so got to buy the DVD.

[17:27] <bob> oh right

[17:27] <capi3101> I hated Pacific Blue when it was on the air...

[17:27] <Triple-B> still listening to some wc music

[17:27] <alexis> :D


[17:27] <LOAF> Also JohnnyTime

[17:27] <DaveO> I still have mine along with WC1-WC4

[17:27] <bob> You're thinking of China Beach Sam

[17:27] <capi3101> Yep

[17:27] <^Death_> I can't remember if it was AB or GLOC but I played the shit out of the one at the local arcade (before it shut down) and probably took a few months off the lifespan of the stick. If you turn all the way to one way then slam the stick over to the other side you can barrel roll around pretty much all the missile barrages.

[17:27] <WCADarkstar> I'd forgotten about the WC Academy cartoon...thanks for that!

[17:27] <Zeether> I played After Burner Climax once

[17:27] <NinjaLA> you can get it on dvd

[17:27] <Zeether> it was awesome

[17:28] <LOAF> Very happy to have Academy on DVD now.

[17:28] <PopsiclePete> So is Alexis-LOAF attending this event ?

[17:28] <NinjaLA> absolutely

[17:28] <bob> hehe After Burner Climax sounds like a sleazy sex thing

[17:28] <capi3101> I still have the downloads from a few years back.

[17:28] <LOAF> Alexis and I are both here - she's on her computer.

[17:28] <bob> ABBA

[17:28] <capi3101> Gents time for me to sign off. Hope to see you later tonight.

[17:28] <WCADarkstar> Just ordered it for my four-year-old.

[17:28] <^Death_> G'night capi

[17:28] <bob> ABBA?

[17:28] * Quits: capi3101 ( (Client closed connection)

[17:28] <LtOverload> See ya

[17:28] <PopsiclePete> COngrats BTW LOAF andMrs LOAF ! Happy for you ! :)

[17:28] <WCADarkstar> WCA > My Little Pony

[17:29] <Whistler> Late capi

[17:29] <Sherlock> one less trivia competitor

[17:29] <bob> How big is the pony thread on RSI?

[17:29] <Whistler> Damn slow ass app

[17:29] <Zeether> too big probably

[17:29] <alexis> Thanks Pete!

[17:29] <DMJC> after burner climax has 3 arcade versions...

[17:29] <LtOverload> Pony as in My Little Pony?

[17:29] <DMJC> one of them does the full rotating cockpit thing

[17:30] <bob> I wish the Arena pitch had stuck to its guns and done a 1942 thing

[17:30] <^Death_> Any MLP thread on RSI is 'too big'. :P

[17:30] <ChrisReid> alexis made the cake! if you didn't see earlier

[17:30] <bob> That was the original plan

[17:30] <Zeether> yeah the one I played swayed around and had an emergency stop button

[17:30] <ChrisReid> looks like you did a great job ali

[17:30] <TheyCallMeGrim> In case no one has heard of it Tom Wilson has a podcast on The Nerdist network: Big Pop Fun.

[17:30] <LtOverload> ...MLP....on RSI...look I'm a brony and all but come on. :P

[17:30] <Zeether> I listened to that

[17:30] <Sherlock> thats what the gloc cab did

[17:30] <Zeether> He mentioned WCIII in one part!

[17:30] <bob> _/ignore LtOverload

[17:30] <WCADarkstar> Ha!

[17:30] <Zeether> The bit where he went "isn't that the guy from Star Wars"

[17:30] <bob> Yeah I typed that up

[17:31] <alexis> Thanks Chris

[17:31] <LtOverload> Aww come on haha I don't flaunt it.

[17:31] <TheyCallMeGrim> There's a three-part episode wirh Mark Hamill and yes there is some WC talk.

[17:31] <bob> I think I meant to put it on the Wingipede but I don't remember if I ever did

[17:31] <Zeether> GLOC was in a special Sega cabinet called the R360

[17:31] <WCADarkstar> Hey even I have to admit it's relatively clever and the kidlets are mesmerized by it (leaving daddy free for same game time)

[17:31] <bob> You don't come period

[17:31] <Sherlock> yeah

[17:31] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[17:31] <bob> ABBA or My Little Pony?

[17:32] * Joins: Triple-B (

[17:32] <bob> Hello

[17:32] <Triple-B> hello

[17:32] <DMJC> g-loc looks amazing

[17:32] <DMJC> reminds me of the gundam pods in Akihabara

[17:33] <Sherlock> yeah it does

[17:33] <Triple-B> I just decided to switch from rum to juice I hope there aren't kids around here because I have certainly a bad influence on them :D

[17:33] <Sherlock> drinkinh juice?

[17:33] <Sherlock> *g

[17:33] <Triple-B> after that last glass

[17:33] <DMJC> don't worry I just did a bottle of goon friday night

[17:34] <Triple-B> good so i am not alone :D

[17:34] <bob> I miss when there were still Battletech Tesla pods

[17:34] <Iceheart> I've had beer and wine thus far

[17:35] <Triple-B> bad combo ;)

[17:35] <WCADarkstar> I remember way back when some of our old WC group made that pilgrimage up to Canada to try those Battletech pods....ah memories

[17:35] <Iceheart> Not in great quantities

[17:35] <ChrisReid> nice comment from George Oldziey

[17:35] <bob> Romantically it connects me with my ancestors who drank grog

[17:35] <ChrisReid> George Oldziey Happy birthday CIC!!

[17:35] <ChrisReid> Like · Reply · about an hour ago via mobile

[17:35] <Iceheart> But I plan to avoid liquor and completing the trifecta... never ends well

[17:35] <ChrisReid> brief but nice

[17:35] <bob> Poor George

[17:35] <Triple-B> what did george say?

[17:35] <LOAF> I like George wish we were working with him.

[17:35] <bob> <@ChrisReid> George Oldziey Happy birthday CIC!!

[17:35] <Dundradal> nice

[17:35] <DaveO> Hmmm. The animated WC: Academy show is a little over $15 on Amazon. And I have a $25 gift card...

[17:35] <Sherlock> his twitter got hacked once

[17:35] <Triple-B> cool

[17:36] <Toast> Oldziey? Where!?

[17:36] <bob> What happened with him?

[17:36] <LOAF> Chris wanted more modern music

[17:36] <bob> pfft "modern"

[17:36] <Triple-B> hey i have got a question: will that wc concert of george be made available through dvd region free?

[17:36] <bob> it won't be recorded at all

[17:36] <Triple-B> too bad :(

[17:36] <bob> yes it is terrible

[17:37] <ChrisReid> if you ever have to ask if it'll be available region free it won't be available region free

[17:37] <Iceheart> To LOAF have there been any just outstanding experiences working with RSI that you can share? not necessarily looking for spoilers but anecdotes from working with people who want to make games and play games

[17:37] <Triple-B> since us wc fans are all scattered around the world a region free version would make sense

[17:38] <Dundradal> the Confederation is made up of thousands of systems

[17:38] <FekLeyrTarg> I agree

[17:38] <Whistler> So much to add to my

[17:38] <LOAF> Iceheart: it's difficult to really think about it at this point! Plenty of great times so far.

[17:38] <bob> Only about 700

[17:38] <DMJC> actually what I want to know: Cryengine 3 is getting Linux ported

[17:38] <bob> Actually more like half that

[17:38] <DMJC> Does CIG have people working with them on that?

[17:38] <DMJC> the port was confirmed a while ago by linux news sites.

[17:38] <bob> There's a CrySpecialist yes

[17:38] <Wedge009> Still looking through the updates: Is the Privateer 3 Pitch link broken?

[17:38] <Toast> Getting photoshopped into the Constellation captain's chair was probably a highlight - and he didn't even have to be awake for that one.

[17:38] <ChrisReid> although we don't play it up at the CIC things like the Movie on Bluray even Academy on Bluray aren't made for WC fans

[17:38] <bob> The guy who did Mechwarrior Living Legends

[17:39] <ChrisReid> we are the fortunate beneficiaries

[17:39] <AD> DMJC that kind of question is really better off saved for the RSI ask a dev section

[17:39] <bob> Academy on Blu Ray would be nice

[17:39] <music_guru> still it's awesome they exist

[17:39] <ChrisReid> but they're made to capture the nostalgia of the mass population that happens to be reminded that they liked WC when they see these things

[17:39] <Triple-B> @ chris reid: yeah that is a pitty. I mean region 1 is primary of course but still..

[17:40] <DMJC> WC Academy is not region locked...

[17:40] <DMJC> that or I cracked it not sure

[17:40] <bob> I'm Blu-Ray all the way now Region A 4 lyfe

[17:40] <bob> Yes it is

[17:40] <DMJC> DVD is so easy to jailbreak anyway

[17:40] <bob> That's the only region I don't set my player to Region 2

[17:40] <bob> reason

[17:41] <ChrisReid> but yeah everyone who doesn't live in North America just needs to buy a region free player because WC isn't the only thing that may or may not be region locked

[17:41] <Wedge009> Looks like both Privateer Online PDFs are broken.

[17:41] <ChrisReid> it's to your own best interest to be prepared for anything that doesn't happen to be available in Europe

[17:41] <DMJC> you can't get a region free bluray player...

[17:41] <NinjaLA> they are?

[17:41] <Wedge009> Does that apply to Blu-Rays Chris?

[17:41] <ChrisReid> yes

[17:41] <bob> It was a rush job overnight done by overworked volunteers notified minutes in advance

[17:41] <DMJC> depends a lot of Japanese blurays don't have region locking

[17:41] <bob> I haven't noticed

[17:41] <ChrisReid> Japan and North America are the same Bluray region too

[17:42] <DMJC> so discs labelled japan region work on PS3 anyway

[17:42] <bob> but then I live in 

[17:42] <bob> I was going to say North America

[17:42] <ChrisReid> they're both Region A

[17:42] <DMJC> I'm in Australia we're PAL region C

[17:42] <bob> but I'm not sure what I count as

[17:42] <Wedge009> Region B DMJC.

[17:42] <LOAF> We are eating the cake!

[17:42] <bob> My regards

[17:42] <DMJC> ah fair enough hah

[17:42] <LOAF>

[17:42] <Wedge009> It's nice that we can share with Europe for Blu-Rays.

[17:42] <bob> Yes the BD system is simpler

[17:42] <music_guru> just got through the CIC updates very nice CIC team - cheers!

[17:42] <DMJC> shows how much I follow it I pirate everything media wise except my WC stuff..

[17:42] <Toast> glorious noms

[17:42] <NinjaLA> hehe

[17:42] <NinjaLA> WCcake

[17:42] <bob> As opposed to DVD which had twenty regions

[17:42] <bob> WCake

[17:42] <Triple-B> cool shelve :D

[17:43] <DMJC> but yeah my amazon discs I ripped when i got them so I just run the dvds on my file server..

[17:43] <DMJC> the original are in my cabinet.

[17:43] <Toast> wow. The cake does look delicious. And so do those shelves.

[17:43] <PopsiclePete> Wow a woman holding the CIC cake nice change !

[17:43] <Dundradal> hehehe

[17:43] <Sherlock> damn i thought i had a lot of copies of wc1

[17:43] <music_guru> cake looks great! alexis did a nice job

[17:43] <bob> you should see Chris's house

[17:43] <Dundradal> and for once we can confirm that someone who says they are a woman is actually a woman! Besides ace's Blonde that is!

[17:44] <NinjaLA> hehe yeah

[17:44] <bob> you mean blonde hyphen one

[17:44] <DMJC> it's just super annoying that it's easier to get an illegal copy and play that than it is the legitimate copy. Stupid media companies with their region BS.

[17:44] <Dundradal> although I think we are just about due for a "Concordia" visit

[17:44] <NinjaLA> we are always due for a concordia visit

[17:44] <bob> Yes it is easier to download something over the internet than it is to have it shipped for hundreds of dollars

[17:45] <ChrisReid> wedge try the priv documents now

[17:45] <ChrisReid> they should be fixed

[17:45] <DMJC> it's not hundreds of dollars to get a WC bluray but having to buy a US console to play it on is a bit stupid.

[17:45] <PopsiclePete> LOAF is you boss paying us a visit this year ?

[17:45] <bob> You don't have a computer?

[17:45] <NinjaLA> the privateer online pitch is grand

[17:45] <DMJC> Bob: I have a computer but bluray hasn't been cracked

[17:45] <LOAF> It's not set up that way to force you to buy a US bluray player it's so some Australian company can license the movie themselves.

[17:45] <bob> that isn't really what I'm asking

[17:46] <Sherlock> now i want some cake

[17:46] <LOAF> Chris is crunching for the hangar I don't think he'll be here tonight

[17:46] <DMJC> LOAF: But FOX films has an Australian division...

[17:46] <bob> Too bad

[17:46] <Wedge009> Thanks Chris. Both work now.

[17:46] <bob> Fox only has the license for one more year

[17:46] <LOAF> DMJC: the BD wasn't even released by FOX

[17:46] <DMJC> ah fair enough.

[17:46] <bob> And good riddance I say

[17:46] <Toast> Chris is building a space sim. He could not be giving a more majestic gift to the CIC than that.

[17:46] <music_guru> looking forward to the hangar definitely give mr. roberts our regards LOAF

[17:46] <NinjaLA> that's alright last year's Chris Robert's visit nearly brought the house down

[17:46] <bob> he could be building a Wing Commander space sim

[17:46] <LOAF> Chris will be in Austin this next week.

[17:46] <music_guru> that was so awesome last year

[17:46] <bob> Are you having some kind of event?

[17:46] <Toast> @bob - oh picky picky ;)

[17:46] <Zeether> we didn't know about star citizen then did we

[17:47] <Wedge009> I thought we did bring the house down? Or was that a couple of years ago?

[17:47] <Zeether> and he was like "I have something coming up..."

[17:47] <Sherlock> not everyone

[17:47] * Quits: Jochen ( (Client closed connection)

[17:47] <music_guru> no... he hinted at the announcement though

[17:47] <Dundradal> no last year we crashed the CIC

[17:47] <DaveO> No last year

[17:47] <NinjaLA> no.. he hinted at a 'thing' that he was working on

[17:47] <LOAF> bob: no he comes to down every three weeks or so.

[17:47] <DMJC> I'll be buying a US PS4 this year anyway so I guess it no longer matters...

[17:47] <NinjaLA> and told us where to look in september

[17:47] <DaveO> Killed the chat and the site for a while IIRC

[17:47] <Wedge009> I do hope for WC Blu-Ray in Region B though.

[17:47] <music_guru> he just said like "stay tuned i have an announcement in a month"

[17:47] <DMJC> they want $550 for a PS4 here when amazon is doing $415 including shipping. Australian gaming retail is practically dead.

[17:47] <bob> I'm a Wing Commander fan first and foremost I'm backing Star★Citizen to help the genre

[17:48] <LOAF> Yes back during the last birthday I was already hard at work on Star Citizen I just couldn't say anything.

[17:48] <bob> and to give LOAF money indirectly

[17:48] <LOAF> You could just give me money directly

[17:48] <NinjaLA> I never thought I'd get as into the Star Citizen development cycle as I have....

[17:48] <bob> I don't know how

[17:48] <PopsiclePete> Hehe those glossy Priv3 pitch pages... isn't that the document I converted to PDF from the source files last year or the year before ?

[17:48] <Wedge009> You know we get screwed over for elecronic imports DMJC.

[17:48] <LOAF> I'd buy some neat stuff with it

[17:48] <bob> I was going to buy you that wheel of cheese

[17:48] <DMJC> Wedge009: yup that's why I'm moving to grey-market importing.

[17:48] <Triple-B> lets all kickstart a project to buy the wc rights back :D

[17:48] <Dundradal> first we have to buy the WCA cells

[17:48] <NinjaLA> speaking of

[17:49] <music_guru> if we did that EA would want more money for it i think....

[17:49] <Dundradal> and send the CIC staff to...Fiji? no Tahiti...or Hawaii?

[17:49] <NinjaLA> is this kickstarter idea anything beyond simple concept phase? or is it actually being worked on right now?

[17:49] * Quits: Ephisray ( (Quit: Nettalk6 -

[17:49] <bob> I already live here

[17:49] <Dundradal> oh right screw Hawaii

[17:49] <bob> hehehe

[17:49] <bob> also Kris Kristoferson

[17:49] <Zeether> lol Fiji

[17:49] <LOAF> Ninja: we'll be working out the details next week.

[17:49] <bob> and LOAF's stupid aunt and uncle

[17:49] <NinjaLA> I can offer both print and original artwork as a pledge reward.. someone donates enough money they dang sure get some NinjaLArt :P

[17:50] <Zeether> just reminds me of Red Dwarf

[17:50] <LOAF> That'd be great Ninja. Yes any ideas for the KS are welcome.

[17:50] <bob> I can donate blood

[17:50] <Triple-B> are we talking about a kickstarter to buy the rights back?? for real?

[17:50] <NinjaLA> printed copies of the wing commander comic when I finish it..

[17:50] <Sherlock> the stuffs

[17:50] <NinjaLA> kickstarter for academy cells

[17:50] <bob> Seriously though is there anything we could do that we *haven't* given away for free?

[17:51] <Triple-B> ah ok

[17:51] <music_guru> lol i've bought a ton of those academy cells :P

[17:51] <NinjaLA> the guy who has them has thousands.... and mostly wants to sell them off piecemeal

[17:51] <Iceheart> I look forward to the possibility of upgrading my computer to get the best Star Citizen experiences

[17:51] <bob> Just build more TCS Eisen hats and CCG cards and shot glasses

[17:51] <music_guru> ya i talked to the guy i think he said he had pretty much everything

[17:51] <LOAF> Yeah we want to buy the whole lot and digitize them all

[17:52] <NinjaLA> I've bought two of those

[17:52] <FekLeyrTarg> :)

[17:52] <bob> And I can have a bunch of flags commissioned

[17:52] <music_guru> anyone ask how much he would sell his whole lot for?

[17:53] <ChrisReid> yeah LOAF has

[17:53] * Joins: HCl (HCl@

[17:53] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v HCl

[17:53] <FekLeyrTarg> hi

[17:53] <Dundradal> Hey HCl!!

[17:53] <HCl> hey guys happy birthday

[17:53] <NinjaLA> and what do we do with the excess if the pledge goal is substantially exceeded?

[17:53] <PopsiclePete> Hi HCl !

[17:53] <music_guru> hey HCl!

[17:53] <LOAF> Hey HCl!!!

[17:53] <music_guru> always great to see you!

[17:53] <AD> We should get Chris ROberts to start a kickstarter to redo the movie kilrathi with CIGs mocap studio

[17:53] <Whistler> Holy shit HCl!

[17:53] <HCl> wish i could stop by earlier for the big countdown :)

[17:53] <LOAF> Excess should go back to the fans.

[17:53] <Dundradal> hehe I still need to get a CIC Confed glass from LOAF

[17:54] <AD> Hey HCl

[17:54] <Toast> Hello HCl :)

[17:54] <ChrisReid> hey HCl! there's someone who knows how to adjust a bed time

[17:54] <Wedge009> Hello Mario.

[17:54] <NinjaLA> that's what I mean.. any ideas on other things we could aquire for the cause?

[17:54] <music_guru> what are you up to these days HCl?

[17:54] <HCl> hehe

[17:54] <LOAF> Nah I don't want to just collect money for nothing... gotta have a good reason to need it.

[17:55] <NinjaLA> I don't think they let you just give back the excess though...

[17:55] <PopsiclePete> We could collect money to hire HCl full time for vintage WC editing.

[17:55] <Pedro> Hiya HCl! :)

[17:55] <HCl> well still doing a good bit of wc-related research lately.. i should find the time to update my web site with some of the latest work

[17:55] <FekLeyrTarg> I'm looking forward to it :)

[17:55] <music_guru> that's great HCl!

[17:55] <NinjaLA> hey HCL

[17:56] * KrisV sets mode: +o alexis

[17:56] <DMJC> HCl: is there any chance of OpenGL Engine ports of WC3/4?

[17:56] <Whistler> Revival is down last I saw

[17:56] <Pedro> If EA was open to that I'd happilly get in on a project like that. With everything the CIC has collected there's a lot of upates that could be done

[17:56] <DMJC> or were there hooks you tapped in WCP to get that?

[17:56] <AD> I was thinking about reediting the film while watching the bluray... I think they would proabably have to redo more than the missing scenes though. It would need a pass to make sure everything matched as well as to make sure the old stuff matched with the new and then a music pass to fill in the blank spots and fix the legnths of the music in scenes so they still hit the cues

[17:56] <Zeether> oh man source ports of WC3/4 could be a thing?

[17:56] <Zeether> that would be neat

[17:57] <bob> he did not say that

[17:57] <Zeether> oh

[17:57] <DMJC> Zeether: not source ports just engine hacking to add GL rendering paths

[17:57] <Zeether> I see

[17:57] <Dundradal> they shot that kidnapper dude in Idaho

[17:57] <Dundradal>

[17:57] <HCl> dmjc you could add some exe hooks into wc3/4 and add opengl functionality

[17:57] <bob> did he steal Rance's baby

[17:58] <LOAF> I still believe we'll see a Wing Commander from EA.

[17:58] <Pedro> DMJC - The OpenGL part of the port was mine - it wasn't too bad as the game was set up to use multiple renderers through external dlls (although still a hacky mess). WC3 and 4 would need a lot more work

[17:58] <LOAF> The Ultima Forever team was keen to work on a Wing when that shipped and it just did.

[17:59] <bob> How did it do?

[17:59] <Pedro> Only HCl could really manage that I think

[17:59] <DMJC> Pedro: fair enough but GL for wc 3/4 would be sweet it basically gives us 100% linux/mac compatibility in wine.

[17:59] <music_guru> that would be interesting LOAF.... i wonder if it would "feel" the same or just be a product with the name attached

[17:59] <HCl> that would be exciting yeah:)

[17:59] <Triple-B> @ loaf: what makes you tink of a new wc?

[18:00] <NinjaLA> something in the same vein as 4Ever?

[18:00] <Sherlock> Wing Forever

[18:00] <LOAF> Paul Barnett said he wanted to do something like WC2

[18:00] <LOAF> Which is interesting; WC2 is probably Chris Roberts' least favorite

[18:00] <music_guru> is that right? huh i rather liked WC2

[18:00] <NinjaLA> wing commander 4ever.. a game where you have to manage your space nazi empire and rise to the challenge of becoming space marshall-in-chief

[18:01] <Triple-B> who is paul barnett?

[18:01] <music_guru> reasons why chris roberts didn't like WC2?

[18:01] <LOAF> He's an EA executive now... ran EA Mythic for a while

[18:01] <NinjaLA> Paul Barnett is actually a pretty good guy.. I'd like to see that

[18:01] <Pedro> I'd love it. But the other thing is there was no lighting in WC3/4. I think you'd need new artwork to make it worthwhile (or at least someone editing the original artwork).

[18:01] <Sherlock> wc2 is good but it's no wc1

[18:01] <ChrisReid> I guess I should buy Ultima Forever

[18:01] <LOAF> Ultima Forever is free!

[18:01] <Whistler> They killed the Claw

[18:02] <Triple-B> @ loaf: mmh if they do this then proabalby witouht casey & co. they may be to old by now

[18:02] <ChrisReid> hehe oh

[18:02] <bob> I hate to be a killjoy especially with HCl here but has anyone had any problems installing the WCP patch on Windows 7?

[18:02] <ChrisReid> well they should sell it and make some money

[18:02] <bob> It keeps crashing when I try to install and yes I have the TRE files in the patch folder

[18:02] <Toast> alright. Hafta step out for a few hours

[18:03] <Pedro> Hmmm nope I installed it this week without problems.

[18:03] <Toast> ttyl everybody

[18:03] <AD> Seeya Toast

[18:03] <Sherlock> later

[18:03] <NinjaLA> thanks for coming Toast

[18:03] <Dundradal> Cya Toast

[18:03] <Toast> a pleasure being here for the 15th :)

[18:03] <Pedro> (except the intel card not liking the default 2xFSAA option being enabled)

[18:03] <AD> Funny becuase WC2 is my fav...

[18:03] <bob> Oh intel

[18:03] <NinjaLA> yeah.. I'm pretty fond of WC2 myself

[18:03] <bob> I have an Optimus system

[18:03] * Quits: Toast ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[18:03] <Pedro> wasn't my PC :P

[18:03] <Zeether> I can't really decided which WC I like the most

[18:04] <Zeether> *decide

[18:04] <AD> But I can see how WC1 has more technically interesting stuff with regards to branching and medals

[18:04] <DaveO> My favorite is 3

[18:04] * Quits: priest ( (Client closed connection)

[18:04] <Zeether> III is probably one of my favorites because of the FMV and Mark Hamill

[18:04] <Zeether> IV gets nasty sometimes

[18:04] <bob> Well shit I can't very well tell an installer to use a graphics card can I?

[18:04] <Dundradal> WC4 major problem is uber missiles

[18:05] <Zeether> in some missions they hand you a lot of decoys 

[18:05] <Zeether> and you need them

[18:05] <Pedro> that won't be relevant to your problem bob

[18:05] <music_guru> speaking of FMVs... are the Wing III movie reals anywhere?

[18:05] <NinjaLA> wc2 would probably be pretty easy to redo and give some branching mission outcomes

[18:05] <Pedro> PopsiclePete made the installer he's the man to ask

[18:05] <NinjaLA> or ssomething that emulates t he style

[18:05] <DaveO> I think I've played Secret Ops thru at least half a dozen times

[18:05] <Triple-B> I think WC4 had the deepest story while prophecy was the "darkest" part

[18:05] * Quits: FekLeyrTarg (FekLeyrTar@ (Ping timeout)

[18:05] * Joins: FekLeyrTarg (

[18:05] <Dundradal> SO can be really fun

[18:05] <Pedro> just drop him a message

[18:05] <Dundradal> I replayed it a few years ago. I'd forgotten how intense and big the battles were

[18:05] <ChrisReid> 15th CIC Birthday means 15th anniversary of Secret Ops is very soon

[18:05] <AD> WC4 is awesome but you can see the holes to easily when you've played it too much

[18:06] <AD> WC3 is much more balanced

[18:06] <Dundradal> yeah

[18:06] <AD> gameplay wise

[18:06] <NinjaLA> wc movies were done on VHS weren't they?

[18:06] <music_guru> WC4 turned out very well despite having like no time to make it

[18:06] <Dundradal> Priv/RF are still some of my favs

[18:06] <Dundradal> Priv before the plot especially

[18:06] <NinjaLA> err wcIII

[18:06] <music_guru> was it VHS?

[18:06] <Whistler> Me and Pete just tackled an issue with texturing

[18:06] <FekLeyrTarg> as far as I know WC3 was filmed on VHS

[18:06] <AD> I like that WC4 is so cinematic and well done... just lots of polish on the FMV but really not the best when you start breaking it down

[18:06] <Dundradal> that's probably my favorite part of any WC game

[18:06] <Wedge009> WC3 was on video WC4 on film from memory.

[18:06] <NinjaLA> pretty sure there was never a film reel

[18:07] <FekLeyrTarg> I read that it was supposed to be filmed on 16mm

[18:07] <AD> Yeah I was always more about hte story than the gameplay too

[18:07] <DaveO> WC4 had its moments

[18:07] <Whistler> Superlaser Midway was crashing to desktop

[18:07] <Triple-B> anyone trivia??

[18:07] <Dundradal> yeah that's why I loved Voices of War with Armada

[18:07] <Dundradal> that still is one of my favorite WC docs

[18:07] <music_guru> assuming the WC3 VHS copies are around be great to digitize if they haven't degraded by now

[18:07] <Pedro> WC4 is my favourite - simply because so few games give that much attention to the story

[18:08] <LOAF> Yeah WC3 was on video... not VHS...

[18:08] <bob> How about you pledge to Kickstarter and we give you patch

[18:08] <LOAF> WC4 was shot on 35mm film

[18:08] <NinjaLA> oh

[18:08] <music_guru> oh sorry for the confusion

[18:08] <FekLeyrTarg> and Prophecy and THe Darkening?

[18:08] <FekLeyrTarg> same here

[18:08] <AD> It would be amazing to get the tapes that have the WC3 source video on them

[18:08] <bob> Darkening was full Hollywood

[18:08] <bob> Except it was shot at Pinewood

[18:08] <FekLeyrTarg> I mean which type of film?

[18:09] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[18:09] <Pedro> If it was the green screen source that would be amazing

[18:09] * Joins: LOAF (

[18:10] <HCl> yeah definitely.. wc3 source video should definitely look better than any console port

[18:10] <Zeether> I like the little blooper reel for WC3

[18:10] <Pedro> I know you could never do very high quality from that kind of source material but you could get something that looks notably better with a good artist reproducing the sets

[18:10] <Whistler> Use the 3DO video

[18:10] <Zeether> especially when Tom does his "anyone here know about the Maniac" line 

[18:10] <Zeether> and some guy on set yells "I DO!"

[18:11] <Whistler> Looked a lot better

[18:11] <AD> The sets are hard coded in the WC3 video

[18:11] <bob>

[18:11] <AD> That was the point of the SGI machines back then

[18:11] <FekLeyrTarg> It would've been nice if there were (more) WC4 WC5 and Priv2 bloopers

[18:11] <Pedro> damn that's a shame

[18:11] <bob> That mean anything to you?

[18:11] <AD> you shot digital on greenscreen and the sets were added by super computers

[18:11] <music_guru> bummer bob

[18:12] <AD> That's why all the angles are more or less static

[18:12] <Pedro> Usually it's done in post but now you mention it I recall seeing footage of it being filmed and that sounds right

[18:12] <AD> I could be wrong I guess.. .but we won't know without the original tapes

[18:13] <music_guru> that certainly sounds right AD

[18:13] <FekLeyrTarg> agreed

[18:13] <AD> nowadays they do it all in post but back then they made a big deal about being able to look at the monitors and see themselves in the virtual sets

[18:13] <PopsiclePete> Good all the in-laws are now gone I can finally focus on the chatroom :p

[18:14] <Pedro> well you might do that now but still keep the source material around for the FX companies. But in the case of WC3 they probably had no need to

[18:14] <DMJC> Whistler: use the raw tapes looks better again 

[18:14] <bob> ahahahaha

[18:14] <DMJC> or better yet: hire the tupac hologram guy

[18:15] <Pedro> but if the tapes exist it would be a nice kickstarter project to have WC3/ Privateer2 etc cleaned up

[18:15] <PopsiclePete> Scrolling down I saw an earlier reference to "Pete made the installer"..... who's having an issue ?

[18:15] <bob> the WCPedia links to the WRONG VERSION of the patch

[18:15] <Pedro> bob is

[18:15] <bob> [expletive deleted]

[18:15] <bob> I'm what?

[18:15] <Pedro> having issues

[18:15] <bob> Tupac?

[18:15] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[18:15] * Joins: LOAF (

[18:15] <bob> I think I might have them fixed give me a sec

[18:16] <Whistler> I mean the codec is better in the 3DO version

[18:16] <KrisV> You should have put a higher baud modem on your wedding registry

[18:16] <DaveO> Poor LOAF. Hopefully he can get a solid connnection...

[18:16] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[18:16] <Iceheart> Have a good evening everyone!

[18:16] * Quits: Iceheart ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[18:16] <DMJC> Whistler: it's easy enough to rip the videos out dunno how hard it'd be to patch kilrathi saga to take them

[18:16] <Whistler> Wasn't AD doing something like that?

[18:17] <ChrisReid> HCl has been working on it a lot

[18:17] <ChrisReid> figuring out the codec

[18:17] <AD> We have the videos ripped out of hte 3DO version

[18:17] <AD> HCl has been working on figuring out the decoding

[18:17] <HCl> yeah i managed to figure out the video codec used by wc3 3do

[18:17] <LOAF> Yeah! NOt sure what's up with my connection.

[18:18] <AD> The problem is that it's good video but all the sources PSX PC 3DO are all low res with different benefits

[18:18] <HCl> turns out to be a modified version of the PC codec taking into account the CEL processor of the console and memory layout considerations

[18:18] <HCl> it's really fascinating

[18:18] <HCl> but as AD said it's still pretty low res

[18:18] <^Death_> Hmm. Reading back through the old Mailbag pages in retrospect I was too needlessly angry in my responses.

[18:18] <music_guru> nice job HCl

[18:19] <bob> HCl: What work have you done with P2?

[18:19] <bob> you were too needlessly angry in general

[18:19] <LOAF>

[18:19] <LOAF> So strange!

[18:19] <AD> P2... we were working on a patch just to make it more stable I think

[18:19] <AD> remove interlacing

[18:19] <HCl> yeah

[18:20] <Whistler> We can put up with low res

[18:20] <HCl> pretty much a set of wrappers to make the windows version of P2 more stable

[18:20] <Whistler> Hell we have for years

[18:20] <bob> No gameplay tweaks or anything yet right?

[18:20] <HCl> seems to work pretty well but still have a few issues to sort out (vertical sync for example)

[18:21] <Whistler> Just the pc video is hideous with the sticky pixels

[18:21] <AD> Yeah the PSX/3DO video is much cleaner

[18:21] <HCl> bob besides that did some research on P2 data as well as missions

[18:21] <AD> But text is sharper on the PC version for some reason

[18:22] <FekLeyrTarg> gotta go to bed now. have a nice day everyone. :)

[18:22] <KrisV> PSX/3DO text would be optimized for TV display?

[18:22] <ChrisReid> that's a great DC link

[18:22] <bob> Have you managed to rip the ship models?

[18:22] <bob> Some of them are corrupt on the disc we have

[18:22] <HCl> hmm i think i did some work on that yes

[18:22] <bob> (the Chirichan Demon)

[18:23] <bob> Awesome

[18:23] * Quits: FekLeyrTarg ( (Quit: )

[18:23] <bob> Any P2 work is good work by my book

[18:23] <bob> Which is...

[18:23] <PopsiclePete> Priv2 needs a subtitles addon patch

[18:23] <bob> LOAF what's my book?

[18:23] <HCl> gotta agree i love P2 :)

[18:23] <bob> Privateer needs subtitles

[18:23] <bob> the dialogue is incomprehensible to english speakers

[18:24] <LOAF> Yeah Privateer 2

[18:24] <PopsiclePete> Too bad the CD version of Priv got rid of the subs too

[18:24] <bob> Privateer 2 has replaced the original in my head

[18:24] <HCl> i'm not sure i made a ripper for those though... my latest research has been on ripping movies

[18:24] <bob> the original being an offramp from WC2

[18:25] <bob> How are they coming out? I know there were some quality issues?

[18:25] <Whistler> Store run back for more entertainment soon

[18:25] <bob> Or rather that the ingame video was somehow better than the higher res production versions

[18:26] <HCl> the videos i've seen are still pretty low-res

[18:26] <HCl> in the order of 320x160

[18:26] * Quits: Whistler ( (Quit: "Should fate hand us defeat still we cannot stay our march. For it is neither fate nor glory for which we fight but for the freedom to exist." Belgen Gunther)

[18:26] <DaveO> Which sounds standard for the time they were released

[18:26] <HCl> yeah indeed

[18:27] <HCl> everything from that time is maximum 320x240

[18:27] <HCl> same with SWC videos

[18:27] <DaveO> I don't 640x320 was a standard for a while

[18:27] <jetlag> holy butt that took forever

[18:27] <Sherlock> armageddon?

[18:28] <KrisV>

[18:28] <KrisV> The privateer 2 cinematics we have came from a VHS tape

[18:28] <Zeether> oh yeah I mentioned this a long while back

[18:28] <Zeether> one of the Japanese voice actors from the Mega CD WC port died 

[18:28] <Zeether> goro naya

[18:29] <bob> I know I mentioned it too

[18:29] <bob> no one cared

[18:29] <NinjaLA> trivia isn't resuming... is it :P

[18:29] <DMJC> HCL: is there a way to place ships in 3D at nav points in WC3/4?

[18:29] <bob> (Shotglass)

[18:29] <jetlag> so I've been working on this for the last bunch of hours

[18:29] <Zeether> although he was more well known as Inspector Zenigata from Lupin III

[18:29] <DMJC> I'd be curious to see if WC3/4 could ever be so thoroughly hacked that new campaigns were possible to make

[18:30] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[18:30] <bob> I knew him as Admiral Murav from LOTGH

[18:30] <NinjaLA> and I will now be downloading it for the next several minutes :P

[18:30] <HCl> dmjc you mean a mission editor?

[18:30] * Joins: LOAF (

[18:30] <DMJC> a campaign mission editor: not just a simulator mission editor..

[18:30] <DMJC> I saw that btw that was beautiful work

[18:30] <jetlag> 292 pages!

[18:31] <Sherlock> whoa you shopped them?

[18:31] <bob> We're still piling through all of them

[18:31] <jetlag> I've seen some stuff man.

[18:31] <Dundradal> he's been in the shit

[18:31] <bob> AAJIDE

[18:31] <bob> Always Assume Jetlag Is Doing Everything

[18:32] <HCl> dmjc it's possible but the tools need work

[18:32] * Quits: alexis ( (Ping timeout)

[18:32] <DMJC> have you ever tried to decompile the engines?

[18:32] <HCl> the mission editor for wc3 i currently have handle spaceflight and not much else

[18:32] <NinjaLA> if you want to send me your shopped files.. I can attempt to stretch them vertically on the left side to combat warping?

[18:32] <bob> oh no it's spreading

[18:32] <NinjaLA> looks pretty good though

[18:32] <DaveO> Now alexis is having the same problems as LOAF

[18:32] <bob> Why not use the perspective tool?

[18:33] <DMJC> I found out recently someone's been decompilling Syndicate Wars and porting it to other platforms...

[18:33] <Pedro> If only EA would do that offically

[18:33] <Pedro> would love an ipad version

[18:34] <LOAF> Sneesh awful connection

[18:34] <LOAF> Sorry folks

[18:34] <DMJC>

[18:35] <NinjaLA> in 2012.. we crashed the CIC

[18:35] <bob> Vexillium?! That's a flag word!

[18:35] <NinjaLA> this year.. all we've managed to do is crash LOAF

[18:35] * Joins: wcnut (

[18:35] <jetlag> LOAF did you get that link before your connection died?

[18:35] <DaveO> What type of connection are you using LOAF?

[18:35] <LOAF> No I didn't

[18:35] <wcnut> hello evreybody

[18:35] <bob> Google Fiber

[18:35] <LOAF> Google Fiber next year

[18:35] <bob> wait no

[18:35] <bob> In Jerusalem!

[18:36] <jetlag> 21:29:44 <+jetlag> so I've been working on this for the last bunch of hours

[18:36] <DMJC> my parents house is set to get NBN Fibre this year

[18:36] <bob> finally to be free of the 2800 baud shackles

[18:37] <LOAF> That's great thank you

[18:37] <LOAF> We do have about a dozen more documents to release we couldn't get them done in time for the post today.

[18:37] <Dundradal> the hell are you on now? Google String?

[18:37] <Sherlock> hey add me to the last word post :)

[18:37] <bob> Oh HCl are you still here?

[18:37] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Ping timeout)

[18:37] <NinjaLA> yeah.. poor sherlock got overlooked in the thanks :D

[18:37] <HCl> dmjc i've done some work decompiling the engines but mainly for gathering information... the end result is not compilable not at this time

[18:37] <Dundradal> blame corporate

[18:38] <jetlag> The NSA should just offer fiber and skip the middleman stuff.

[18:38] <NinjaLA> darn you corporrraaaate

[18:38] <Dundradal> they've been really jerking us around down here at the CIC

[18:38] <bob> I'm still not sure what I did to help this year

[18:38] <NinjaLA> so did dundradal.. :P

[18:38] <DMJC> LOL @ jetlag

[18:38] <bob> P2 uses the Brender engine right?

[18:38] * Joins: Triple-B (

[18:38] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Client closed connection)

[18:38] <NinjaLA> hehe I thoght that said Bender engine

[18:38] * Joins: Triple-B (

[18:38] <bob> I know some other games with that engine use 3D acceleration

[18:39] <bob> (I-War Glide)

[18:39] * Quits: WCADarkstar ( (Client closed connection)

[18:39] <HCl> (although at some point i cooked together a tool to convert assembly to C with a few auxiliary structures.. gotta dust that off and take another look at that)

[18:39] <Dundradal> I know a game who knows a game

[18:39] <DMJC> HCl: that is really cool. I took a look at static ice and debugging/reverse engineering but it just does my head in completely.

[18:39] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[18:39] <bob> Is it possible to hack that into p2?

[18:39] <HCl> bob it does i think

[18:39] * Joins: LOAF (

[18:39] <Dundradal> wtf is this? Dalnet??

[18:39] <music_guru> wow LOAF...

[18:39] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[18:39] <HCl> LOL Dund

[18:39] <Dundradal> yeah that's one for the oldies in the room

[18:39] <bob> Ultima Online beta

[18:39] <^Death_> No if it was everyone would be bouncing like a 5 year old crack baby on a sugar jag

[18:40] <^Death_> if it was dalnet rather

[18:40] <LOAF> Sherlock should be in the thanks post!

[18:40] <DMJC> if it was dalnet we'd all be suffering a netsplit

[18:40] <LOAF> We wrote it last night is the thing :)

[18:40] <Sherlock> hehe

[18:40] <NinjaLA> I sort of figured

[18:40] <Sherlock> no worries

[18:40] <bob> yeah I didn't do anything

[18:40] <bob> well I edited the WCPede

[18:40] <bob> but I do that every twelve minutes

[18:40] <NinjaLA> one must fall.. one must fall..

[18:40] <Dundradal> and we are always thankful when you don't bob

[18:40] <Dundradal> last time getting the bail money together was a problem

[18:40] <NinjaLA> hehehe

[18:41] <bob> LOAF told me to do it!

[18:41] <bob> I can't disobey the landed nobility

[18:41] <Triple-B> anyone TRIVIA???? :D

[18:41] <bob> or... CAN I?

[18:41] <^Death_> Most of the difficulty with the bail money was finding someone who thought it a worthy use of their cash.

[18:41] <HCl> bob if you could separate the p2 code from the base BRender engine sure... but it would probably be easier just to locate the renderer routines and hook them

[18:42] <HCl> (after bumping the whole thing to 16/32-bit via DirectX wrapping... P2 is still an 8-bit game at heart)

[18:42] <bob> That's intereting thanks

[18:42] <bob> And that's why we love it

[18:42] <bob> (Ninja and I)

[18:43] <bob> (and no one else)

[18:43] <bob> (ever)

[18:43] <DMJC> heh don't suppose there's any chance of getting the WC3/4 original rendered (cutscenes) art assets to dump into star citizen

[18:43] <HCl> hehe well i got a soft spot for P2 as well ;)

[18:43] * Joins: ZFGokuSSJ2 (

[18:44] <bob> I love how the cynical hardbitten British press ate it up like sugar-coated deep-fried cocaine

[18:44] <bob> really shows you where their heart is

[18:44] <LOAF> Anybody want a little more trivia?

[18:44] <HCl> LOAF sure!

[18:44] <Triple-B> sure :)

[18:44] <jetlag> sure

[18:44] <music_guru> ya!

[18:44] <LOAF> Lemme go grab a glass of water then I'll ask a few more uestions

[18:44] <LtOverload> Yay

[18:45] <bob> if it'll shut Triple-B up yes

[18:45] * Quits: ZFGokuSSJ1 ( (Ping timeout)

[18:45] <bob> RIP Goku

[18:45] <bob> We hardly knew ye

[18:45] <NinjaLA> hehe.. p2 is my favorite

[18:46] <NinjaLA> I'm up for trivia

[18:46] <ChrisReid> man where were you all in 1996 when we needed you at the newsgroup?

[18:46] <ChrisReid> nothing but complain complain complain about P2

[18:46] <bob> wasn't born yet

[18:46] <Dundradal> P2 is my least favorite

[18:47] <ChrisReid> hehe that's not true is it bob?

[18:47] <bob> Hehehe the funny thing is that could actually be a legit response

[18:47] <NinjaLA> In 1996.. I was probably dressing in black and playing Vampire LARP

[18:47] <NinjaLA> oh to be a fat broody teenager again...

[18:47] * Quits: wcnut ( (Quit: Leaving.)

[18:47] <NinjaLA> y'know.. instead of fat broody adult

[18:47] <bob> at least you're still... oh

[18:47] <bob> I still don't understand newsgroups

[18:47] <bob> And I had AOL

[18:47] <music_guru> god now i feel old again (don't we all) - lol

[18:47] <Dundradal> like most things bob like most things

[18:47] <Triple-B> +bob seems quite rude for his age

[18:47] <ChrisReid> the internet lost the ability to speak newsgroup

[18:48] <ChrisReid> it's a shame

[18:48] <NinjaLA> I hadn't even heard of an IRC or newsgroup in those days

[18:48] <bob> I'm sixty four

[18:48] <Triple-B> and you werent born 1996?

[18:48] <bob> Do you still have that AOL account?

[18:48] * Joins: wcnut (

[18:48] <NinjaLA> I used to check out the JMS Speaks section on lurker's guide to babylon 5 and wonder where these people are that get to ask the man questions..

[18:48] <ChrisReid> yes

[18:48] <Pedro> timeywimey

[18:48] <ChrisReid> 18 years old

[18:48] <bob> Yes I bought WCIII when it came out before I was born

[18:48] <Dundradal> bob's just full retard

[18:49] <LtOverload> And here I thought I was the youngest haha.

[18:49] <bob> People JMS likes

[18:49] <LOAF> Alright here I am!

[18:49] <Sherlock> time to win all prizes!

[18:50] <bob> A number that has shrunken rapidly as the years went by

[18:50] <LtOverload> Faaaaabulous prizes~

[18:50] <LOAF> For a copy of the Wing COmmander movie bluray...

[18:50] <LOAF> What issue of Claw Marks came with Wing Commander I?

[18:50] <Dundradal>

[18:50] <Dundradal> I think the Brits are stretching it there

[18:51] * Quits: Space (SpaceNorth@ (Ping timeout)

[18:51] <LOAF> Pix wins! April 2654.

[18:51] <LtOverload> Nice

[18:51] <NinjaLA> oh 4

[18:51] <music_guru> oh you didn't want the vol and no? lol

[18:51] <NinjaLA> yes I just downloaded clawmarks to check :P

[18:51] <LOAF> That worked too

[18:52] <music_guru> ok pix just beat me to it then :P

[18:52] <Pix> Only got that cos the box was within reach.

[18:52] <NinjaLA> hehe

[18:52] <music_guru> nice pix

[18:52] <NinjaLA> that's a good reason

[18:52] * Joins: Whistler (

[18:52] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v Whistler

[18:52] <Sherlock> had to dig around for my box

[18:52] <ChrisReid> if you have a Claw Marks within reach you deserve to win

[18:52] <Whistler> Back to whistle again

[18:52] <LOAF> For a copy of the WC movie soundtrack from iTUnes...

[18:52] <LOAF> What Wing Commander games were included in the 'Mile High Pack'?

[18:52] <Whistler> Ty Chris...though I have no idea what I'm winning

[18:53] <LOAF> Music Guru wins! WC1 and Academy.

[18:53] <Dundradal> Gateway 2000 had a flight sim game pack that had Priv/RF CD and Armada CD

[18:53] <Whistler> Oh trivia is back and I missed it damn it

[18:53] <music_guru> m

[18:53] <NinjaLA> oh.. right.. wc2 was the top 10 pack

[18:53] <music_guru> Mile High Pack was actually how i got academy for the first time :P

[18:53] <PopsiclePete> Back and I missed tricia again !

[18:53] <ChrisReid> WC1 and Academy are a funny pairing

[18:53] <Dundradal> You're married Pete!

[18:53] <PopsiclePete> Hopefully there is more :)

[18:53] <bob> hehe Gateway 2000

[18:53] <Whistler> Btw loaf did you ever use those scans I did of Claw Marks?

[18:53] <Dundradal> Tricia is never coming back

[18:54] <bob> we were young then so ambitious

[18:54] <PopsiclePete> trivia of course :p

[18:54] <LOAF> Whistler: I still have them! I haven't used them yet.

[18:54] <LOAF> Now for a TCS Eisen hat...

[18:54] <LOAF> What is the name of the Kilrathi carrier the Landreich restores in False Colors?

[18:55] <PopsiclePete> NOw I just need to answer faster than all those real WC nerds competing with me 

[18:55] <bob> You better get this one

[18:55] <Sherlock> Cat-carrier

[18:55] <^Death_> Gah I can think of the rename but not the original

[18:55] <LOAF> Pedro got it!

[18:56] <LOAF> That was a long time guys. Go reread False COlors!

[18:56] <PopsiclePete> Yes definitely !

[18:56] <NinjaLA> hehe.. I think that's the only book I don't have..

[18:56] <wcnut> just spitballing but afterward does anyone want to join me in a little prophecy multi?

[18:56] <music_guru> so what was the carrier?

[18:56] <bob> What's wrong with you people

[18:56] <jetlag> yeah *re* read

[18:56] <Pedro> I have no room for books. Need Kindle editions :)

[18:56] <bob> Karga

[18:56] <LOAF> Karga

[18:56] <LtOverload> Aye wcnut

[18:56] <PopsiclePete> I was just late but did answer

[18:56] <bob> slash Mjolnir

[18:56] <NinjaLA> holy gorknut.. I should have known just based on your computer name

[18:57] <PopsiclePete> I already have a TCS Eisen hat anyway. I now want a WC Movie BluRay !

[18:57] <Dundradal> ouch that hurts me that no one knew that

[18:57] <Dundradal> fast

[18:58] <Whistler> I was off screen :P

[18:58] <bob> False Colors is my favorite novel after WC4 and End Run

[18:58] <Sherlock> i didn't know the answer

[18:58] <LOAF> Well let's give away a WC novel...

[18:58] <LOAF> Where did Jason "Bear" Bondarevsky first appear?

[18:58] <Sherlock> in space

[18:58] <LOAF> Pete wins

[18:58] <LOAF> A surprising number of people got that wrong

[18:58] <PopsiclePete> Yay me !

[18:58] <NinjaLA> wc3

[18:58] <LOAF> Special Operations 1 folks

[18:58] <music_guru> nice pete

[18:58] <PopsiclePete> hehehe

[18:58] <bob> dammit

[18:58] <Dundradal> hehehe

[18:58] <NinjaLA> egad!

[18:58] <DaveO> Too slow

[18:58] <Dundradal> yeah not End Run

[18:59] <NinjaLA> I had no idea

[18:59] <LtOverload> Woot

[18:59] <LtOverload> Nice.

[18:59] <bob> I thought it was 2

[18:59] <Whistler> Oh thought you meant th book lol

[18:59] <Dundradal> what was he flying in that mission?

[18:59] <Whistler> Gettysburg revolt

[18:59] <bob> Epee

[18:59] <bob> Four Epees

[18:59] <jetlag> Karga

[18:59] <Dundradal> because I was thinking cockpit of a Ferret

[18:59] <NinjaLA> we are all slipping in our old age :P

[18:59] <PopsiclePete> Hehe funny so many people thought of the novel first when Bear is a central character in Special Ops 1

[18:59] <LOAF> Okay for a Wing Commander Bluray...

[18:59] <LOAF> Name someone Admiral TOlwyn attended the Academy with.

[19:00] <LOAF> bob wins for Bergstrom

[19:00] <LtOverload> Forgot how to spell her name...

[19:00] <LOAF> (Although you got her first name wrong)

[19:00] <PopsiclePete> hehe

[19:00] <Dundradal> I went with Turner

[19:00] <bob> David Whittaker would also have been acceptable

[19:00] <Whistler> I said Bainbridge

[19:00] <NinjaLA> I went with wilson

[19:00] <LOAF> There's a bunch of possible answers

[19:00] <Sherlock> i said paladin

[19:00] <bob> Pretty good for an illiterate though

[19:00] <PopsiclePete> I got it wrong but I thought the movie stated Blair's father ?

[19:00] <Triple-B> i saif david whittaker

[19:00] <LOAF> Bob was just first

[19:00] <LOAF> Well you picked the one from the cartoon.

[19:00] <Dundradal> Banbridge not Bainbridge. Bainbridge is the American

[19:01] * Quits: ZFGokuSSJ2 ( (Ping timeout)

[19:01] <Dundradal> read today's WC vs History!

[19:01] <bob> What was her actual name?

[19:01] <LtOverload> @Pete he fought the Pilgrim wars with Blair's father I think he didn't go to the acadamy with him.

[19:01] <PopsiclePete> Oh right

[19:01] <bob> I feel like I should give this away I want to buy the blu-ray myself

[19:02] <NinjaLA> keep it and then buy 21 more

[19:02] <Sherlock> seconded

[19:02] <PopsiclePete> I just realise I won a WC novel but I don't know which :p

[19:02] <bob> I admit I'm doing this for pure ego now

[19:02] <LOAF> Okay for a copy of The Fatman's book (ebook)...

[19:02] <PopsiclePete> Bob with all do it for fun

[19:02] <DaveO> I logged on to the Photobucket page so my WC replay pics should be good for another few months

[19:02] <LOAF> Name a character who appears on the Wing Commander I box but not in the game itself.

[19:02] <Dundradal> too bad you already live way off shore otherwise I'd say we should send you to some damn island to die bob

[19:03] <bob> I live right next to the shore

[19:03] <Pix> Reached for that box again but I can't spot them so far...

[19:03] <LOAF> Sherloock wins!

[19:03] <Sherlock> woohoo!

[19:03] <LOAF> He went with Karskh but Lt. Shadow was also an option.

[19:04] <Whistler> auto correct adds the I...and apps too slow to fix :P

[19:04] <Whistler> At least to try and answer in time

[19:04] <NinjaLA> sir not-appearing-in-this-game

[19:05] <Sherlock> oh yeah shadow. that mystified me back in the day

[19:05] <music_guru> shadow.... well he stayed in the shadows

[19:06] <LOAF> Okay for a Wing Commander Academy DVD set...

[19:06] <LOAF> What is the proper name of the Skipper Missile?

[19:06] <Whistler> Oh hell

[19:06] <LtOverload> OHHELLWE'RESCREWED Missile.

[19:07] <Sherlock> pilium friend or foe!

[19:07] <bob> I know the answer but fear answering

[19:07] <LOAF> I'll give it to Triple-B for KH-19Y

[19:07] <LtOverload> It's Paw DF right? :P

[19:07] <bob>

[19:07] <Triple-B> thanks :)

[19:07] <PopsiclePete> Yeah WCpedia is cool :)

[19:07] <music_guru> good one... too late

[19:07] <LOAF> I would also have accepted Ultra-Long-Range Phased Photon-Cloak Torpedo

[19:08] <PopsiclePete> I got it too but later

[19:08] <Pedro> that was a google question in no mistake :)

[19:08] <LtOverload> Were Skippers in Standoff?

[19:08] <NinjaLA> or ulrppct for short

[19:08] <PopsiclePete> Yes ?

[19:08] <NinjaLA> I think once or twice

[19:08] <PopsiclePete> No

[19:09] <LtOverload> I can't recall.

[19:10] <jetlag> They call him Skipper because his grandfather was also named Photon-Cloak Torpedo but not his father.

[19:10] <bob> hehehehehe

[19:10] <bob> oh I did get her first name wrong

[19:10] <PopsiclePete> We have the nukes to chase and tors and capship missiles and even cloking ships but no skippers I think.

[19:10] <PopsiclePete> Skippers were supposed to be WC3-era... until the WC Movie changed that :p

[19:12] * Quits: MajorCamKollent ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[19:12] <LOAF> I think I'm about trivia'd out. For once we've run out of questions from the setup!

[19:12] <PopsiclePete> boooooooh

[19:12] <LtOverload> Wow heh

[19:12] <music_guru> thanks LOAF!

[19:12] <NinjaLA> hehehehehe

[19:13] * Joins: MajorCamKollent (

[19:13] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v MajorCamKollent

[19:13] <wcnut> well in my book they still are wc3 :p else Eisen's entire conversation doesn't make sense

[19:13] <bob> Chris had been defeated

[19:13] <music_guru> definitely some great trivia as always

[19:13] <ChrisReid> your book must not be written by Peter Telep

[19:13] <jetlag> aw whammied.

[19:13] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[19:13] <LtOverload> Just in time to finish the trivia too :P

[19:13] * Joins: LOAF (

[19:14] <bob> Nobody told me what my book is

[19:14] <DaveO> I'll check the updates to the site tomorrow

[19:14] <Pedro> or mine

[19:14] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[19:14] <PopsiclePete> That's all you've got ? I can't believe LOAF ran dry of trivia questions ! It only took him 15 years to !

[19:14] <Whistler> Cloaking tech was perfected in Ghorah Khar's shipyards

[19:14] <bob> How can these scum turn against their rightful lord?!

[19:15] <DarkSlayer> are there any major differences between the Acadamy 2disc vs 3 disc release?

[19:15] <wcnut> so do we got anybody willing to dust off their prophecy cds?

[19:15] <bob> I can't install the patch

[19:15] <PopsiclePete> I'd love to challenge a few to a multiplayer game

[19:15] <LtOverload> I'm up for it. 1v1 isn't so fun though.

[19:16] <music_guru> wait... there's only been one official academy DVD release right?

[19:16] <PopsiclePete> It is fun.

[19:16] <LtOverload> What's the max for WCPMP?

[19:16] <bob> 4?

[19:16] <ChrisReid> only one official Academy release

[19:16] <ChrisReid> there was an unofficial one that a guy made years ago

[19:16] <ChrisReid> printed a couple dozen copies

[19:16] <PopsiclePete> 4 is good after that the server better have a good connexion.

[19:16] <^Death_> I have no idea where my WCP discs are. I can find the DVD handed out at dragoncon years ago but don't know if it can be used for installation purposes.

[19:17] <ChrisReid> well you can download Disc 1 of WCP right off the CIC right now

[19:17] <ChrisReid> I wonder if the WCP enhancement pack works on it

[19:17] <ChrisReid> it probably does

[19:17] <ChrisReid> so you probably don't need to have Prophecy discs to do WCP multi as of today

[19:17] <bob> you still need the TRE files

[19:17] <DaveO> It does for Secret Operations so I'm pretty sure the same applies to the standard game

[19:18] <ChrisReid> are there any tre files that WCP OEM lacks that WCP multi would need?

[19:18] <ChrisReid> I wouldn't think so

[19:18] <PopsiclePete> I don't think so

[19:18] <ChrisReid> so that's pretty cool

[19:18] <PopsiclePete> The multiplayer EXE is separate 

[19:19] <DarkSlayer> hmmm okay thanks... i ran into some sites selling a 3 disc one... 

[19:19] <wcnut> i take it wcpmp gets unstable with more then 4?

[19:19] <LtOverload> Awesome

[19:20] <DarkSlayer> i saw two different cover jackets... red planet one with the scimatars and the space one with the tiger's claw on it... thought they were two different releases

[19:20] <PopsiclePete> It's not unstable it just needs a server with low latency

[19:21] <LtOverload> Almost forgot how to play WCPMP :P

[19:21] <Whistler> And distance between pilots (physically)

[19:21] <wcnut> likewise :) how does the teams work again?

[19:21] <wcnut> if its an ffa situation

[19:21] <Sherlock> well this has been fun but now i have to get back to writing. happy birthday CIC! see you guys tomorrow.

[19:22] <ChrisReid> Origin Customer Service Policies

[19:22] * Quits: Sherlock (Sherlock@ (Quit: thinking of puns)

[19:22] <Dundradal> [22:16] <LtOverload> What's the max for WCPMP?

[19:22] <PopsiclePete> ChrisReid: I'll download the OEM later but if the EXE has been recompiled for it we can't be sure the patched PROPHECY.EXE that comes with HCl's package will work as intended. The multiplayer portion should work though.

[19:22] <Dundradal> I think the most we've ever done is 6 a few years back

[19:22] <ChrisReid> 24) Happy Hour - On the Fridays that we do not get paid there will be either a company or departmental Happy Hour that begins at 4:00 pm

[19:22] <ChrisReid> and attendance is mandatory

[19:22] <bob> multiplayer patch still crashing for me

[19:23] <LtOverload> @Wcnut: There's a team number thing from 1-8. Whoever picks the same number is on the same team.

[19:23] <music_guru> @pete if it is different maybe it will just be a matter of changing some address locations in the patch?

[19:23] <PopsiclePete> have you put Win9x compatibility on the multiplayer.exe ?

[19:23] <bob> erm hires patch

[19:23] <bob> Haven't tried multiplayer yet

[19:23] <PopsiclePete> Music: sure. HCl would have to do that though.

[19:23] <bob> The installer just crashes

[19:23] <Triple-B> keep celebrating folks it is 4:30 am now I can bareley hold my eyes open. so long 

[19:23] <LtOverload> See ya triple

[19:24] <PopsiclePete> see ya !

[19:24] <Whistler> Wish there was a co-op option for P/SO

[19:24] <bob> Bye

[19:24] <bob> There's one for Starlancer

[19:24] <wcnut> well i'll give it a test run my ip is

[19:24] <bob> For what that's worth

[19:24] <music_guru> see ya triple-b

[19:24] <Whistler> I do have Starlancer still setup

[19:24] <LtOverload> Co-Op and all types of multiplayer stuff was cut from WCP.

[19:25] <LtOverload> I'm guessing pretty late in development because there's still alot of MP related text files in WCP.

[19:25] * Quits: Triple-B ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[19:25] <bob> I hated Starlancer

[19:25] <bob> I loved it at first

[19:26] <bob> But then you kept flying into one death star after another

[19:26] <DaveO> It got tedious with the Ion cannon missions

[19:26] <NinjaLA> I admit.. I've never even tried starlancer

[19:26] <bob> and that final mission seemed designed to infuriate you

[19:26] <Whistler> Believe it or not I rather enjoyed the Coalition torp bomber run

[19:26] <DaveO> So you had to fly a fighter that could cloak

[19:27] <Whistler> Tedious? There were only 3

[19:27] <LtOverload> Gah I'm not sure if I'm connecting to you or not wcnut.

[19:27] <DaveO> Yeah but if the cannon got you it was time to refly the mission

[19:27] <bob> That was a captured bomber run right?

[19:27] <wcnut> yah not working invalid socket?

[19:27] * Joins: alexis (

[19:27] <Whistler> Yes

[19:27] <DaveO> Yeah. It mas a multi part mission with the bomber

[19:28] <ChrisReid> Armada has a pretty great coop campaign you can play online

[19:28] <Whistler> 2 sortie single mission...weren't we just talking about that earlier? 

[19:28] <ChrisReid> like 30 missions

[19:29] <Zeether> I like Freelancer

[19:29] <NinjaLA> I really hope we'll be able to do some armada stuff after the gog launch

[19:29] <bob> we should play it now

[19:29] <bob> you might like tomorrow

[19:29] <PopsiclePete> Ok who's ready for some WCP-MP ?

[19:29] <ChrisReid> I love everything about Armada

[19:30] <ChrisReid> even just doing the strategy part with quick combat on

[19:30] <LtOverload> Me Pete. xD Remind us what to do.

[19:30] <wcnut> ane me

[19:30] <LOAF> Alexis!

[19:30] <PopsiclePete> Well first get it working. Done ?

[19:30] <bob> The only thing that hasn't aged well about Armada is the interface

[19:30] <wcnut> yup

[19:30] <PopsiclePete> Then I think we should open a channel for WCP-MP

[19:30] <LtOverload> Yeah I think I need your IP if you're hosting.

[19:31] * Joins: NomadTerror (

[19:31] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v NomadTerror

[19:31] <Whistler> I like Freelancer but I really want to get that mod WCFL working

[19:31] <wcnut> over at WCP-MP

[19:31] <ChrisReid> you guys should take some fresh WCP-MP screenshots too

[19:31] <Zeether> the wing commander mod was too hard

[19:32] <ChrisReid> to go along with the CIC update when you confirm whether WCP OEM supports multiplayer :)

[19:32] <Zeether> at one point all the enemies had missiles far too early on

[19:32] <wcnut> my question is if the skybox for multiplayer was ever fixed with the ogl

[19:32] <Whistler> It crashes when any lane hackers or outcasts come in range after leeds run

[19:32] <ChrisReid> you can get someone's IP by doing /dns NAME

[19:32] <DaveO> I'm going to call it a night here. Have fun with the multiplayer!

[19:32] <Whistler> Flying Banshees

[19:32] <LtOverload> See ya Dave

[19:32] <PopsiclePete> Chris: all right :p

[19:33] <music_guru> lol WCP-MP goes Free to Play with OEM CD :P

[19:33] <Zeether> wait you can play WCP multiplayer with the OEM?

[19:33] * Parts: DaveO (

[19:33] <music_guru> not sure yet

[19:33] <PopsiclePete> Maybe that's what we'll confirm

[19:33] <Zeether> if that gets figured out yet count me in

[19:33] <Zeether> I'll probably suck though

[19:33] <LtOverload> Don't think /dns works for regular people...didn't do anything for me.

[19:33] <LtOverload> And how do we set up a WCPMP channel?

[19:34] <ChrisReid> it probably appeared in your status window not the channel

[19:34] <NinjaLA> I'm downloading the OEM now.. it'll be a while

[19:34] <PopsiclePete> Geez I forgot the IRC command to create a channel :p

[19:34] <wcnut> type /join #WCP-MP

[19:34] <NinjaLA> anything else required for the multiplayer upgrade?

[19:34] <PopsiclePete> No

[19:34] <PopsiclePete> Just WCP and HCl's patch. You can optionally install OpenGL over.

[19:35] <ChrisReid> that's cool that you guys are doing what we always say people should do play WC multi after the party

[19:35] <ChrisReid> the CIC staff is always too exhausted

[19:35] <ChrisReid> we've all been in pretty crazy crunch for the last 12-13 hours

[19:35] <NinjaLA> hehe yeah

[19:35] <music_guru> cheers for always putting on a good party though

[19:35] <bob> I've been bugging you to play Armada for a year 

[19:35] <Zeether> so I should get the OpenGL patch too

[19:36] <NinjaLA> I was like that yesterday after compiling a bunch of documents...

[19:36] <Zeether> I might try to Fraps this

[19:36] <Wedge009> Yes thank you everyone involved.

[19:37] * Quits: MajorCamKollent ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[19:38] <music_guru> if by chance you're trying the OEM Zeether i don't think we know how HCl's patch will work with it yet

[19:38] * Joins: MajorCamKollent (

[19:38] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v MajorCamKollent

[19:38] <Zeether> oh

[19:38] <music_guru> it might work though just back up your exe

[19:39] <music_guru> (or whatever gets patched that is)

[19:39] <music_guru> but multiplayer may work since i think that is a separate exe

[19:39] <Zeether> I might have to alt tab if it's fullscreen

[19:40] <NinjaLA> I am intending to try out the OEM.. but it'll be at least 45 minutes before it downloads

[19:41] * Quits: TheyCallMeGrim ( (Ping timeout)

[19:41] <HCl> yeah the MP patch was designed to be as self-contained as possible.. should work as long as all the assets are there (which they should we always tested the patch with CD1)

[19:42] <LtOverload> You are amazing love your stuff.

[19:42] <HCl> anyway getting pretty late here so i'm gonna get some sleep

[19:42] <Whistler> Make sure you unblock it in your firewall

[19:42] <music_guru> which is awesome no reason to not play WCP-MP now

[19:42] <HCl> thanks LtOverload :)

[19:42] <music_guru> night HCl!

[19:42] <HCl> great party!

[19:42] <music_guru> thanks for your hard work too!

[19:42] <Whistler> Excellent to meet this legend again

[19:43] <ChrisReid> good to see you HCl

[19:43] <NinjaLA> thanks for everything you do HCl

[19:43] <bob> Thank you

[19:43] <Whistler> The Code Chemist

[19:43] <HCl> glad to be part of this great community :)

[19:43] <bob> Glad to have you

[19:43] <HCl> seeya!

[19:43] * Quits: HCl (HCl@ (Quit: )

[19:44] <LtOverload> Odd question but whatever happened to Thomas? Did he just fall off the grid?

[19:44] <Whistler> No joke he is the single reason why many of my titles even work on my machine

[19:44] <TC-Maverick____> Hey guys glad to see you are still going strong after 15 years!

[19:44] <Whistler> Instead of eatting dust

[19:45] <music_guru> 15 years and 15 year more hopefully

[19:45] <TC-Maverick____> And congratulations LOAF!

[19:46] * Quits: MajorCamKollent ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[19:46] <LOAF> Thanks!

[19:47] <music_guru> well i'm going to head out too (AFK really) - i'll check back a little later but it has been great as always!

[19:47] * Joins: MajorCamKollent (

[19:47] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v MajorCamKollent

[19:47] * Quits: MajorCamKollent ( (Quit: )

[19:47] * music_guru is now known as music_guru_away

[19:48] <LOAF> I wish we could recover that "Tiger in your tank" WCP scene.

[19:49] <LtOverload> Tiger in your tank?

[19:52] <Whistler> Hanging here

[19:53] <Zeether> crap

[19:53] <Zeether> I can't get the WCP-MP thing to authenticate me

[19:57] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[19:57] * Joins: LOAF2 (

[19:57] <AD> I don't know if we broke that on the new version of the forums

[19:57] <AD> You should be able to skip that... it just wont track your kills on the CIC leaderboards

[19:57] <Zeether> I can't skip it 

[19:58] <AD> even if you leave your callsign blank?

[19:58] <Zeether> yes

[19:58] <AD> hmm

[19:58] <PopsiclePete> wcnut and I could register just fine.

[19:59] <Zeether> I don't know if I have a version that's older or something

[19:59] <PopsiclePete> Zeether is a new account

[19:59] <ChrisReid> could be firewall type stuff too

[19:59] <ChrisReid> or port forwarding or some network issue

[19:59] <bob> I have that problem too

[19:59] <bob> My name has a space in it though

[20:00] <Zeether> I probably have to port forward

[20:10] * Quits: LOAF2 ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[20:11] * Joins: LOAF (

[20:11] <PopsiclePete> Kris are you around ?

[20:12] <^Death_> Is there a WCP-MP patch more recent than the one in the Enhancement Pack from 2007?

[20:12] * ^Death_ sets mode: +o LOAF

[20:13] <PopsiclePete> According to the WCPedia no

[20:13] <Zeether> the one I got is supposed to be release 1

[20:13] <Zeether> but it says release 0

[20:13] <PopsiclePete> But teh rewadme file in the ZIP says release 1

[20:15] <Zeether> I'm going to try a clean install

[20:15] * Quits: NinjaLA ( (Ping timeout)

[20:18] <ChrisReid> is the latst one I think

[20:18] <ChrisReid> the one older than that is called

[20:19] <Zeether> I have the first one

[20:19] <ChrisReid> and at HCl's site he refers to the same release 0 and 1

[20:19] <^Death_> Yeah the 'pedia one is the one I was looking at. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything more recent.

[20:19] <LtOverload> WCPEP_Release also says release 0 (test)

[20:20] <ChrisReid> if it has a 2007 date stamp you should be good

[20:20] <Pix> I've managed a quick browse through all those updates. That concert is tempting... Any ideas what you guys will have lined up in the way of Wing Commander activites? Is the movie commentary looking likely?

[20:21] * Joins: OMJoe (

[20:21] <OMJoe> Hell All!

[20:21] <^Death_> BTW the readme for the patch says that you just run prophecy.exe as normal but the start menu entry points to the launcher. Just to make sure I'm not missing something completely obvious the launcher will fire up the modified prophecy.exe just fine right?

[20:21] <Pix> Hi Joe

[20:21] <ChrisReid> hey

[20:21] <^Death_> Hey Joe. *guitar riff*

[20:21] <ChrisReid> I'll need to check with LOAF there was a possibility of having the movie shown at theater

[20:21] <OMJoe> I'm so sorry I missed it. :(

[20:22] <ChrisReid> and another idea was to have a happy hour/get together that might have some of the former Origin people in attendance

[20:22] <OMJoe> Well happy birthday guys--Chris AD Hades LOAF etc Thanks for 15 terrific years!

[20:22] <Zeether> I still can't get it to let me in because of the authentication failing

[20:22] <AD> Hey Joe

[20:22] <Zeether> I have my forums account registered

[20:23] <Zeether> the stupid thing just won't let me in

[20:23] <ChrisReid> have you suspended all the firewall/antivirus stuff you have?

[20:23] <ChrisReid> it's been a pretty good 15 years

[20:23] <AD> Yeah LOAF said movie event at the Alamo... 

[20:23] <Zeether> I let the multiplayer through the firewall

[20:23] <^Death_> Hrm... I try to launch the EPed Prophecy and it spits me out with 'Could not determine which GL DLL to load.'

[20:23] <AD> Which is an amazing place to see the movie

[20:23] <OMJoe> Absolutely awesome posts this year--thanks guys. :)

[20:24] <^Death_> using the OEM WCP install

[20:24] <AD> And if it's there I would think Chris would be doing a Q&A after 

[20:24] <AD> but LOAF would know more about that

[20:24] <OMJoe> That would be really cool!

[20:24] <Pix> Be the only chance I'd ever get to see it on a large screen I expect.

[20:24] <OMJoe> Pix--coming back to the states?

[20:25] <Zeether> well I quit on this

[20:25] <Zeether> I need sleep 

[20:25] <Zeether> I'll try to work at it tomorrow

[20:25] <Pix> Yeah could be. I've been saving up but it's could be either that or a pinball table.

[20:25] <OMJoe> How can you choose a pinball table over an awesome experience?!

[20:26] <OMJoe> [wait--what title is the table?]

[20:26] <Pix> I've not got that far yet.

[20:26] <OMJoe> If it's 8-Ball Deluxe or Haunted House then to hell with Austin! ;)

[20:27] <Pix> I expect Austin would be more affordable

[20:27] <OMJoe> hehe

[20:27] * Joins: NinjaLA (

[20:27] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +v NinjaLA

[20:28] * Quits: LeHah ( (Quit: LeHah)

[20:29] * Quits: LOAF ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[20:29] * Joins: LOAF (

[20:30] <LOAF> Hey guys

[20:30] <Whistler> Welcome back

[20:30] <LOAF> Sorry we were looking at pictures of Chris' dog and lost track of time

[20:30] <Pix> Hey 

[20:30] <NinjaLA> hi LOAF

[20:30] <LOAF> How are y'all doing?

[20:30] <Zeether> pretty good despite disappointingly trying to get WCP multiplayer to work

[20:30] <LOAF> There needs to be a Facebook thing so we can just click PIchu and see all the pictures he's in.

[20:30] <bob> Hi

[20:30] <Pix> Does their face recognition not work on dogs then?

[20:31] <PopsiclePete> Zeether we'll have this fixed

[20:31] <Zeether> alright

[20:31] <Zeether> I'm still kind of satisfied that I won trivia

[20:31] <Zeether> didn't expect that

[20:34] <^Death_> Hrm. Still being told it couldn't figure out what GL DLL to load when I run prophecy OEM (either directly or through the launcher) even after getting the relevant TRE files from the DVD and running install.exe for the hi res patch.

[20:34] * Joins: capi3101 (

[20:34] <Whistler> Hey again Capi

[20:34] <capi3101> Howdy

[20:35] <capi3101> What all's happening at the moment?

[20:35] <Whistler> How's Vespus?

[20:35] <capi3101> Donish

[20:35] <PopsiclePete> ok death

[20:35] <capi3101> Done-ish

[20:35] <PopsiclePete> First: don't run install.exe

[20:35] <Whistler> Bug squashing

[20:35] <capi3101> Ah.

[20:35] <PopsiclePete> second: you have to run the install "run as admin" or with Win9x compatibility

[20:36] <PopsiclePete> Then you have to set the Win9x compatibility on the game EXE

[20:36] <capi3101> Standoff?

[20:36] <wcnut> I still say you should think about a multi standoff one of these years :)

[20:36] <Whistler> Multiplayer prophecy

[20:37] <capi3101> Gotcha.

[20:37] <capi3101> @Whistler: The campaign text is done. I need to add some mission maps and update the "front half" of the guide.

[20:38] <capi3101> Oughta be done sometime this coming week.

[20:38] <PopsiclePete> Death: installing HCl's enhancement pack is much easier than the readme file says:

[20:38] <PopsiclePete> 1) Install WCP

[20:38] <PopsiclePete> 2) Unzip HCl's files over.

[20:38] <PopsiclePete> 3) Optionally install OpenGL over.

[20:39] <PopsiclePete> 4) Optionally put the DVD .vob files in a "movie" subfolder

[20:39] <PopsiclePete> That's all. 

[20:40] <PopsiclePete> The install.exe and TRE file copying was meant to upscale the source images that's better done with OpenGL instead now.

[20:41] <ChrisReid> <LOAF> There needs to be a Facebook thing so we can just click PIchu and see all the pictures he's in.

[20:41] <ChrisReid> hmm... they let you tag a page and control its privacy settings like people pages now

[20:41] <ChrisReid> officially they want you to make a Page not a people profile

[20:42] <ChrisReid> wow they have Pets as a category of FB pages now

[20:42] <ChrisReid> hmm

[20:42] <ChrisReid> we might do this

[20:42] <PopsiclePete> I'll need to download the OEM and check if the OpenGL installer needs ajdustments for that one...

[20:43] * ChrisReid sets mode: +o LOAF

[20:43] <LOAF> Good

[20:43] <LOAF> We deffo need to be able to see all pichu pictures in one place

[20:44] * Joins: klavs81 (

[20:44] <Whistler> Klavs!

[20:44] <klavs81> Happy Birthday CIC!!

[20:44] <Whistler> I freaking love these models

[20:44] <LOAF> Thanks Klavs!

[20:44] <klavs81> Hehe

[20:44] <klavs81> Thanks guys! And congrats on your marriage LOAF

[20:44] <klavs81> !

[20:45] <LtOverload> Where's the Prophecy MP scoreboard?

[20:45] * Quits: ^Death_ ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[20:45] * Joins: ^Death_ (

[20:45] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +o ^Death_

[20:45] <^Death_> Dammit system locked up.

[20:45] <PopsiclePete> Oddly the only link to the WCP-MP scoreboard I remember seeing was in the left side bar of the old site in teh "What's hot" section...

[20:45] <LtOverload> Same. It's gone now though.

[20:46] <wcnut> good night evreyone

[20:46] <PopsiclePete> I think we'd still get if if we find a page with the old layout

[20:46] <PopsiclePete> good night wcnut !

[20:46] * Parts: wcnut (

[20:47] * Joins: Sylvester (uagjyxiisu@

[20:47] <Sylvester> Hey guys!

[20:47] <Sylvester> Sorry I'm late!

[20:47] <LtOverload> Shouldn't it be with the Standoff Scoreboard?

[20:47] <PopsiclePete>

[20:47] <capi3101> Evening Sylvester

[20:47] <Whistler> There were both I recall

[20:47] * Quits: ^Death_ ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[20:47] * Joins: ^Death_ (

[20:47] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +o ^Death_

[20:47] <^Death_> Let's try that again... :\

[20:47] * Quits: OMJoe ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[20:48] <ChrisReid>

[20:49] <LtOverload> Hehe I ejected in the last game.

[20:49] <Sylvester> So did people get lotsa cool prizes?

[20:49] <ChrisReid> yup

[20:49] <Sylvester> Its funny Chris emailed me today apologizing for never sending the prizes I won last year

[20:49] <Sylvester> oh look Chris

[20:50] <ChrisReid> yup they might not get there quick but they all get there someday

[20:50] <capi3101> About that: what all are you guys going to need for me to get that hat I won?

[20:50] * Quits: alexis ( (Ping timeout)

[20:50] <capi3101> From.

[20:50] <ChrisReid> we'll post details in a couple days

[20:50] <capi3101> ok

[20:50] <ChrisReid> you just need to send us your address

[20:50] <capi3101> Figured as much. Just a PM or something?

[20:51] <ChrisReid> to

[20:51] <capi3101> Cool.

[20:51] <NinjaLA> oh yeah.. I won a cic glass last year... :P

[20:51] <ChrisReid> I don't think you claimed that one ninja

[20:51] <ChrisReid> but you can again this year

[20:51] <NinjaLA> I didn't because I had forgotten

[20:52] <Zeether> I guess I'll have to solve this MP issue tomorrow

[20:52] <Whistler> Next time Gadget next time

[20:52] <NinjaLA> the conversation above inspired me to see what people won last year

[20:52] <Zeether> something tells me it takes a while to authenticate accounts

[20:52] <Zeether> because I registered a forums account but it won't let me in

[20:52] <LtOverload> Well I gotta go. G'night everyone great time happy birthday again!

[20:53] <klavs81> Tarawa liveries are up!

[20:53] <PopsiclePete> Good night and thank for the joust !

[20:53] <klavs81> in the thread shapeways momentarily

[20:53] <ChrisReid> can you login on the forums?

[20:53] <Zeether> yeah

[20:53] * Quits: LtOverload ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[20:53] <PopsiclePete> Zeether: we can try again

[20:53] <ChrisReid> it's all the same system

[20:54] <Zeether> but when I enter in my name and pass in the client

[20:54] <Zeether> it just says "authentication error please retry"

[20:55] <capi3101> Guys I'm going to go ahead and head out. Happy b'day CIC.

[20:55] * Quits: capi3101 ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[20:55] <PopsiclePete> Zeether what's your registered name on the CIC forums ?

[20:56] <Zeether> Zeether

[20:56] <Zeether> same as here

[20:56] <Zeether> I haven't posted at all though

[20:57] <PopsiclePete> try again ? I started a server at

[20:57] <Zeether> nope

[20:57] <Zeether> still giving me the error

[20:58] <PopsiclePete> I think it *might* have something to do with the MP patch trying to read the old forums database ?

[20:59] <PopsiclePete> Kris would probably know but he's most likely sleeping right now

[20:59] <Zeether> I'll probably head off to bed too

[20:59] <Zeether> night guys I had fun 

[20:59] * Quits: Zeether ( (Quit: )

[20:59] <PopsiclePete> It's unfortunate 

[21:00] <Whistler> Ding midnight

[21:00] <LOAF> Woo!

[21:00] <Whistler> Not in front of my pc or I'd try to test it on my end

[21:01] <AD> Not quite midnight here yet... So "hi" to everone living in the future

[21:02] <PopsiclePete> BTW: In the news Lt. Overload mission screenshots; they're prompting my browser to download the BMP isnated of using the site embedded viewer.

[21:04] <NinjaLA> oh yeah.. I was gonna mention that earlier

[21:04] <AD> hmm the viewer might not support BMP

[21:04] * Quits: Sylvester (uagjyxiisu@ (Client closed connection)

[21:04] <AD> might have to change them to jpg

[21:05] * Quits: LOAF ( (Ping timeout)

[21:06] <Whistler> Ez fix with paint

[21:10] <bob> it's only six PM you weenies

[21:13] * Joins: LOAF (

[21:13] * ChrisReidU sets mode: +o LOAF

[21:13] * Joins: AndroUser (

[21:14] * AndroUser is now known as GledUk

[21:14] <Whistler> Nice new poll

[21:15] <GledUk> Happy Birthday WC CIC

[21:15] <Whistler> <------ Since WCHS and WCAC

[21:15] <Pix> I'm long overdue some sleep. Night folks and happy birthday CIC!

[21:15] * Quits: Pix ( (Quit: )

[21:15] <Whistler> Welcome Gled

[21:16] <GledUk> Thanks. Was meant to be hw

[21:16] <GledUk> Here earlier but fell asleep. 

[21:17] <GledUk> I'm guessing I missed all the fun. 

[21:19] <LOAF> Since WCHS here :)

[21:20] <GledUk> I hope everyone has had fun

[21:21] <AD> I go back to WCHS too... But I was more at the very tail end of it

[21:22] <AD> Started posting lots a bit before prophecy came out

[21:22] <PopsiclePete> I started visiting the WCHS in.. 1995 or early 1996 ? I don't remember.

[21:22] <AD> But I wasn't on the newsgroups or IRC till much later

[21:23] <bob> Since before the Concordia went down

[21:23] <PopsiclePete> must be 1996

[21:24] * Joins: Toast (

[21:24] <AD> Hey Toast

[21:26] <Toast> Hello AD 

[21:26] <Toast> seems quiet in here

[21:26] <Toast> as you know we're... um... looking at at least two windows atm

[21:26] <Toast> party over or something?

[21:26] <AD> It's after midnight out east so everone is going to sleep though LOAF was still here a few minutes ago

[21:26] <Toast> ah

[21:26] <Toast> fair 'nuff

[21:27] <AD> Just starting to get quiet actually

[21:27] <GledUk> Glad someone mentioned newsgroups; I'd almost forgotten about them

[21:27] <GledUk> Alt

[21:27] <GledUk> . Alt. Games. Wingcommander

[21:28] * Quits: GledUk ( (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))

[21:30] <Toast> *crickets*

[21:30] <bob> Derek Smart ‏@dsmart 13 Mar

[21:30] <bob> @krebsbrandon Of course I backed Star Citizen!!

[21:30] <bob> Oh my

[21:31] <AD> hehe didn't he used to always trash talk WC?

[21:32] <bob> I have no idea

[21:32] <bob> LOAF would know

[21:32] <bob> he also backed Eterium

[21:32] <bob> those guys must be so proud

[21:33] <NinjaLA> sorry.. I got distracted by shiny objects... I am here now

[21:33] <bob> I think we should be more concerned by the ramifications of this

[21:33] <^Death_> Just don't get distracted by a dull object like Derek Smart and you'll be fine Ninja.

[21:33] <bob> which is Derek Smart has an RSI account

[21:34] <bob> Derek Smart DEREK SMART DEREK SMART

[21:34] <NinjaLA> I am not really sure who that is.. but it's entertaining that there is universal derision for him :P

[21:35] <bob> if people ever remember who Derek Smart is the terrorists win

[21:35] <^Death_> (I never cared much about him either way. For all his rantiness I used to lurk in alt.usenet.kooks. After that nothing will phase you any more.)

[21:35] <bob> Yeah he's just another screechy guy on twitter now

[21:35] <bob> There are trillions of those

[21:36] <bob> Hehe it was funny to see his message board and him insisting on being called "Supreme Commander"

[21:36] * Quits: Dundradal (Dundradal@ (Quit: )

[21:36] <bob> He's a bit like Spike Lee except without the talent

[21:42] <NinjaLA> so like spike lee without a bus?

[21:47] <klavs81> Anybody have suggestions on some Wildcat liveries?

[21:48] <NinjaLA> liveries?

[21:49] <klavs81> colors

[21:49] <Toast> Derek Smart is the Battlecruiser 3000AD guy no?

[21:50] <ChrisReid> That one WW2 livery that Howard Day did for the Broadsword might fit the Wildcat

[21:50] <bob>

[21:50] <klavs81> hrmmm

[21:51] <klavs81> maybe it needs a blue/gray one with color roundels

[21:51] <bob> No it needs the yellow

[21:51] <klavs81> oooh

[21:51] <klavs81> yah

[21:51] <klavs81> I like dat

[21:52] <NinjaLA> thats a pretty good looking skin job right there

[21:55] <Whistler> Posted the new gog releases on RSI

[21:56] <klavs81> Gotta come up with a Confed Roundel with a red dot in the center

[21:57] <klavs81> Might as well hit 'em on the head with the WW2 parable

[21:58] <bob> If you walk up to the bell ring it

[22:02] <klavs81> oh man it looks so cheesy

[22:02] <klavs81> I love it

[22:03] <klavs81>

[22:03] <^Death_> I'm leaving IRC open but off to bed. I'm tired of beating my head against WCP-OEM.

[22:04] <^Death_> After a nap I'll dig through my closet to see if I can find my WCP copy.

[22:04] <PopsiclePete> Good night

[22:04] <bob> How much would an X-Wing scale model cost through Shapeways?

[22:05] <PopsiclePete> I posted a few edited files from HCl's enhancement pack to have it workwith WCP OEM

[22:05] <PopsiclePete> For the next of you who'd want to install it.

[22:06] <klavs81> what scale?

[22:06] <klavs81> I'd be worried about the wingtip lasers

[22:07] <klavs81> breaking off that is

[22:08] <bob> N-scale I think

[22:08] <bob> I guess you could always forgo the lasers and use toothpicks

[22:08] <Whistler> Plastic kits might be better for Xwings

[22:08] <bob> X-Wing already has X-Wings

[22:09] <PopsiclePete> Going to bed. Good night all !

[22:09] <bob> bye

[22:09] <PopsiclePete> And happy birthday CIC ! Thanks again for all the work all those years.

[22:09] <klavs81>

[22:10] <klavs81> You're probably better off with one of those

[22:10] <klavs81> Better detail anyway

[22:10] <bob> Lambda–class Shuttle Expansion Pack includes one large-base Lambda-class shuttle miniature at 1/270 scale

[22:10] <klavs81> They are pretty detailed

[22:11] <bob> No I don't want an X-Wing

[22:11] <Whistler> I'd try xwaupgrades opt model as a's pretty thorough

[22:12] <bob> I want an X-wing scale model

[22:12] <bob> Which is apparently 1/270

[22:12] * Joins: MatthTheGeek (

[22:12] <Whistler> Not necessarily an Xwing

[22:12] <MatthTheGeek> g'mornin

[22:12] <klavs81> ah

[22:13] <bob> Oh 1/600

[22:13] <bob> That's probably more than good enough

[22:13] <klavs81> best thing is to upload it to Shapeways and see what happens

[22:13] <klavs81> trial and error

[22:13] <klavs81> lots and lots of trial and error

[22:15] <Whistler> I'm no modeler

[22:15] <bob> I'm a bad modeler

[22:15] <bob> Do you ever plan on doing a Super Wing Commander Hornet?

[22:17] <klavs81> Not in the immediate future unfortunately. A little busy getting ready for a little wingnut

[22:18] <Whistler> Congratulations!!

[22:19] <klavs81> thankee

[22:20] <klavs81> Kid's gonna have a heck of a custom built mobile above it's crib that's for sure!

[22:20] <klavs81> Rapiers and Ferrets and Excaliburs everywhere

[22:25] <klavs81> anyway hope everyone has a great night!

[22:25] <klavs81> Happy Birthday CIC!

[22:26] <Whistler> Gnite Klavs

[22:26] * Quits: klavs81 ( (Quit: Flash IRC Client)

[22:26] <Whistler> Enjoy your sleep...For now...

[22:27] <Whistler> I need to wrap it up too phone's gonna die soon and too lazy to plug it in

[22:29] <Whistler> Happy Birthday CIC! Thank you for always being there to rock my true fav sci fi universe

[22:30] <Whistler> I'm a hardware guy so coding is beyond me past html

[22:30] <ChrisReid> thanks

[22:30] <Whistler> Well...config.sys and autoexec.bat too lol

[22:30] <ChrisReid> it's been a good year

[22:31] * Quits: Whistler ( (Quit: "Should fate hand us defeat still we cannot stay our march. For it is neither fate nor glory for which we fight but for the freedom to exist." Belgen Gunther)

[22:32] * Quits: LOAF ( (Quit: LOAF)

[22:35] <NinjaLA> I think it was a good day. 

[22:42] <ChrisReid> yup

Session Time: Sun Aug 11 00:00:00 2013