Guns Blaze In New WC Comic Update ID

NinjaLA has posted the latest spread in his Wing Commander comic. The dogfight heats up in these frames as Angel and Hunter tangle with some Dralthi. We get our first peek at the Kilrathi here, just before they're taken out by the Tiger's Claw pilots. Ninja's done a lot of art over the years, but these energic combat scenes are some of his best yet! Let him know what you think at the CIC Forums!
Introducing my Wing Commander comic series! I know I have been promising this for quite some time now, but I have an outline, a story and a whole bunch of pages roughed out.. so for this CIC birthday, I thought I would launch a weekly two page comic and keep it going for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!

Party Log Reveals CIC's True Colors Update ID

Jetlag has tweaked the log from our recent CIC Birthday Party so that all the color coding renders properly. This makes it much easier to see which text lines are people talking compared with the original black and white version. LOAF moderates the party in red speech beginning at 16:00. If you missed our 15th anniversary event, you can see what happened (in color!) here.
[16:09] <LOAF> The winner will get a Wing Commander Academy DVD set!
[16:10] <LeHah> Cool prize
[16:10] <LOAF> What popular racing game did Chris Roberts contribute cars to?
[16:10] <LOAF> DMJC wins! The answer was Need for Speed.
[16:10] <LOAF> Bonus points to Goku who said Car Citizen.
[16:10] <NinjaLA> hehe
[16:10] <bob> hehehehehe
[16:10] <Triple-B> that was a tough one
[16:11] <Toast> really? wow
[16:11] <Triple-B> I am listening to all kind of wc music in the background for atmosphere :)
[16:11] <LOAF> Yes! Chris is credited as special thanks in the the first NSF. He loaned them his fancy cars for testing during the game's development.

Recent Updates

Wing Commander Movie Model Rundown

Atherin has been busy recreating nearly every ship in the Wing Commander film using SketchUp. There's really not much missing - we don't see the Kilrathi Concom, Diligent or some of the small background items, but just about all of the other major stuff is there. It's a pretty nice lineup! (2018-05-24)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: It's Not Going To Happen

That's what we've been saying all along! (2018-05-24)

Hobbes Betrayal Crosses Over Language Barriers

Most people are familiar with the infamous video cuts that were made to fit all of the video on the Wing Commander 3 discs. Helpful sequences such as the TCN news bursts and Hobbes explanation were omitted due to space constraints. Fortunately, these are now available here at the CIC, but for a long time, the main way players could watch the Hobbes scene was to track down a copy of WC3 on the Playstation or 3DO. (2018-05-23)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Evil Kermit

Resist the temptation! (2018-05-23)

Check Out Spanish Wing Commander Armada

Christian Klein has found another rare and exotic Spanish Wing Commander translation by DROSoft. His last couple finds were for WC1 and the Secret Missions, but this jumps all the way forward to Armada. It would be a treat to see how they changed the Voices of War manual and how the English and Spanish versions would mesh over multiplayer. (2018-05-22)

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