mIRC mArches On Update ID

And for all the #WingNut regulars out there -- mIRC v5.9 has been released! It's... another update to mIRC! So go and get it, everybody... especially Byydo.

Trivia 3, Week 27 Update ID

Today's trivia is two meters longer than a Proxima Spaceworks' Errant class merchantman!
Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Seven Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to alt.games.wing-commander and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to CReid1701@aol.com or ChrisReid@wcnews.com. Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard that will be up soon. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (May 6, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Also feel free to try our new auto trivia submission device that Kris cooked up for us at trivia.shtml

Answers to Questions for Week 26 (starting April 16, 2001):

Question 51: Who is Vukar nar Caxki?
Answer: Admiral Vukar nar Caxki was commander of the Superdreadnought Shak'Ar'Roc fleet that darted all through Terran space on Pilgrim related crusades in '54.

Question 52: Who is Ukar dai Ragark lak Haka?
Answer: Ukar dai Ragark, was the governor of Hralgkrak. He tried to incite some serious aggressive activity involving the Confederation and post-war Kilrathi Empire.

Bonus 26: Who is Mr. Kat?
Answer: Who *isn't* Mr. Kat?

New Questions for Week 27 (starting April 23, 2001):

Question 53: What is a Kilrathi capital ship or pilot that crash landed on a moon or planet?

Question 54: What is a Terran capital ship or pilot that crash landed on a moon or planet?

Bonus 27: What is a starbase or orbital structure that crash landed on a moon or planet?

Submissions are due by May 6, 2001.

Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

Return of the Nephilim Update ID

Twister found something interesting in a Dutch gaming magazine called Power Unlimited -- it appears that the next Tomb Raider game will pit players against a race that also takes its name from Hebrew mythology....
Core has anounced a new Lara Croft game... and things are going to change. First of all, the game is going to have a more grown up (darker, bloodier, and sexier) gameplay and it's about time. Core is working on 6 diffrent storyllines at the moment (the cow milking begins again), which should turn out to be somewhat X-files style. Although each game has its own plot, one big subplot that will be added to all games base around a mythical race called the Nephelim.

Personal Touches Update ID

HellcatV has completed work on a texturizer/weapons editor for Vega Strike. The new tool lets users to easily place weapons, engines, logos and textures anywhere on any Vega Strike mesh! You can find the Model Editor here. The source code and perl scripts for converting .obj, .3ds and .dat files to the new format are also available.

SubSpace: The Continuing Mission Update ID

As hard-core SubSpace junkies already know, Continuum, an all new game client, was released yesterday... Continuum, which you can download here, upgrades the look and feel of the classic MMP game. But how does this affect the WCZone mod? Here's what Tye says...
You don't need to re-mod the game. Just use the "upgrade to continuum" thing at subspace.net and it keeps the WC ships, etc. You still have to add the WCZone, but that's all there is to it. It took me maybe two minutes to download it and start playing.

Trivia Reminder Update ID

Today is your last chance to submit answers for Week 26 of agwc/CIC Trivia Game 3. Week 27 questions and current scores will be posted on Monday morning.

Freelance Details Update ID

The Lancers Reactor scored an interview with FreeLancer producer Jorg Neumann. There's still Wing Commander blood in this game...
TLR: Can you tell us a bit of the Team behind the game? We heard that you hired renowned resources like Terry Borst, Craig Mullins and Harald Bilker. The team must be pretty first-class?
JN: A game that is as massive and vast as Freelancer requires a lot of people's hard work. We have brought in artists from all over the world (Texas, Great Britain, Los Angeles, Korea, and the Ukraine) to create the unique look and huge amount of detail of the game world – we had writers from Hollywood, musicians and sound designers from all over the US and we ended up creating an all-new department here in Austin for our real-time cinematics (RTC). Some of the industry's most experienced people have been assembled to make this game: we have a healthy mix of veterans (from Wing Commander I-V, Strike Commander, Privateer, Ultima VI, Bioforge, Crusader and many other games) and talented and excited new talents.

Campaign Poster Update ID

Mike12 sent me this picture -- it's a teaser for a 24 mission campaign he and Ladiesman plan on developing to follow Invasion.

SWC Ship of the Day: Salthi Update ID

If you take out the salt, it's really just saying hi. Get ready for Sunday, since we'll start showing off the Confed fighters...

2,000 and Counting! Update ID

This is a very special update for me: it marks my 2,000th news report for the CIC... time to break out the moderately priced champaign! Here's to 2,000 more!

Petition Clarification Update ID

An important reminder about the Wing Commander Music Petition -- sign it only if you're interested in actually buying a Wing Commander 1 & 2 music CD... do not sign it if you don't want the CD, if you're trying to find a copy of Ultima VII or if you're the girlfriend of some guy who's cousin wants a copy. We're not looking for masses if signees -- we're trying to find out how many people are interested in buying the CD.

You've Been Carded Update ID

Jetlag has created an online thumbnail database of Wing Commander CCG cards... and it's located here. He's still missing a few cards -- but it's almost complete! Nifty...

Mailbag #14 Update ID

Believe it or not, there's actually another mailbag -- you can watch Chris, Hades, Byydo and Death deal with the criminally stupid here -- all in good fun.

Still Creating Worlds? Update ID

Interesting little note over at LumTheMad's -- an Origin employee apparently inadvertently let slip that he's working on "the next UO title"... effectively putting to rest rumors that EA would no longer use Origin to develop new software.

SWC Ship of the Day: Jalthi Update ID

Day three of Super Wing Commander Ship of the Day... try saying that three times fast! Here's the Jalthi class heavy fighter...

Goodbye, Lanced.Net Update ID

Because it hasn't been updated in months, SLVault (and FLVault), formerly Lanced.Net, is closing for good on April 27th. The site, run by ShadowLight, was the first (and for a long time the best) StarLancer news site -- we enjoyed a friendly rivalry with them for some time... it's a real shame to see it gone for good.

VS Update Update ID

Here's the latest from the Vega Strike team...
I have made tremendous progress on a new model editor. The current version allows a very user friendly interface to texture a model, and just in: a very intuitive system to place weapons or logos or engines or anything for that matter on the surface of a given starship model! I just got it working this morning though I've been sick recently and unable to make much progress. I'm hoping to release the editor to the public shortly...though I am not sure when. Additionally, Lighting has been tweaked somewhat, but physics AI has remained more or less the same due to a leave of absence by ashieh. Things should resume in the AI category shortly.

ANZAC Day Update ID

Raptor asks that we post this, about ANZAC day, the Australian/New Zealand equivalent of Veteran's Day....
Today, Australia and New Zealand observe ANZAC day, honoring the soldiers who fought and died for us in wars throughout this century. For all you Antipodean Wingnuts out there, please take the time to remember the soldiers whose sacrifices gave us the freedom and privileges we take for granted today. And be sure to give generously to the Returned Services Association collectors. It's the least we can do for those who have given us so much. Lest we forget.

SWC Ship of the Day: Krant Update ID

Super Wing Commander Ship of the Day rolls into day two... today's picture: the Krant class medium fighter!

In response to all your many, many e-mails: I know that it looks like a Talon -- but it's not! The models from Super Wing Commander were re-used on various other projects... wait until you see the Scimitar.

Fleet Action Heats Up Update ID

New changes are in store for the Fleet Action mod for Homeworld... the Mothership will now be the Concordia (Confederation class), the carrier will now be the Tiger's Claw, the Support Carrier will now be the Victory (Ranger class) and Perry Naval Base will no longer appear in the game.

$6.99 for a Limited Time! Update ID

Noted Seattle socialite (and collector of fine Super Spoakers) Chris Reid has noticed that the Wing Commander Movie VHS release is now available for only $6.99 at K-Mart... if you don't have a copy, you no longer have an excuse -- at least not a good one!

Music Petition Again Update ID

The Wing Commander music petition has taken a new form -- The Fatman is interested in (and has the means to) producing a Wing Commander I & II soundtrack CD featuring "the best MT-32/SoundCanvas arrangements we can muster"... Would you be interested in buying such a CD? If enough people are, it can happen! Either reply to this thread or e-mail me if you're interested in purchasing such a release... If you signed the previous petition, please re-sign this one. Thanks!

SWC Ship of the Day: Gratha Update ID

Here's something new for y'all -- a new picture of a Super Wing Commander fighter each day, until we run out... so you can see how the other half lives! Today's ship is the Kilrathi Gratha class Heavy Fighter -- remind you of anything?

Carry This Update ID

Wraith is working on a Wing Commander style capship, which will be posted to our WC3D section... called -- the TCS Wraith (CV-85)! Here's what's done so far, by skilled modeller Derrin Proctor... (you can find his site here).

Like Wing Commander... But Not! Update ID

Tye found an article at PlanetDreamcast that mentions our favorite series... apparently an undersea game called Deep Fighter "actually has quite a lot in common with the PC's X-Wing and Wing Commander series." Actually, that sounds sort of neat... although they say it's boring.

Poll-Vaulting Forward Update ID

Another day, another Wing Commander themed poll at Action Vault -- now you can decide "Which of these classic space sim series is your favorite?"... Wing Commander and Privateer are both options! Thanks to Death, whom I accidently forgot to credit for finding the last one of these polls -- sorry! Here are their results for the last poll... we can do better, people (although, the guys at cosmicriftnews.com are even worse off...)!
Eve: The Second Genesis - 33.4%
Jumpgate - 31.8%
Hoping for another Wing Commander - 10.4%
3rd World - 6.2%
Earth and Beyond - 4.6%
FreeLancer - 4.0%
None - 3.2%
Hoping for another Privateer - 2.7%
Other - 1.3%
Independence War 2 - 1.1%
Battle Isle: DarkSpace - 0.5%
Cosmic Rift - 0.0%

Trivia 3, Week 26 Update ID

What does this week's trivia and the day after Casey arrived on the Midway have in common? That's a stupid question!
Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Six Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to alt.games.wing-commander and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to CReid1701@aol.com or ChrisReid@wcnews.com. Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard that will be up soon. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (April 29, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Answers to Questions for Week 25 (starting April 16, 2001):

Question 49: What is a Confederation Cruiser that carries half as many antimatter guns as a Confederation Class Dreadnought?Answer: Waterloo Class Cruiser

Question 50: What is a Confederation Cruiser that carries three times as many Heavy Plasma Cannons as a Hades Class Strike Cruiser?Answer: Plunkett Class Cruiser

Bonus 25: What is a Confederation Cruiser that carries twice as many torpedo points as a Vindicator Class Medium Fighter?Answer: Hades Class Cruiser

New Questions for Week 26 (starting April 16, 2001):

Question 51: Who is Vukar nar Caxki?

Question 52: Who is Ukar dai Ragark lak Haka?

Bonus 26: Who is Mr. Kat?

Submissions are due by April 29, 2001.

Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

StarLancer Lives On Update ID

The Lancers Reactor has announced that the reports on the demise of the StarLancer mission editor are premature -- according to Warthog programmer Paul Hughes, he will be completing the editor despite the fact that the company will not be officially releasing it. Now that's class!

Who is Number One? Update ID

I've gotten quite a few e-mails asking where TNC broadcosts #1 and #6 are... the answer is that you've already seen them! The shorts are listed as they are classified by the WC3 script -- #1 appears in the WC3 intro, and #6 appears during a conversation with Rollins. Stay tuned for even more missing-scene madness...

Nephilim Invasion! Update ID

WildCat has, indeed, been a busy modder... he's also extracted all the Nephilim models from WCP/SO -- they're intended for Invasion, but he's posted them in 3DS format with TGA textures for everyone else to use! Pick 'em up here (1.10 MB). The pack contains everything but the Stellar Accretion Device -- if you know how to extract that, contact WildCat immediately!

Trivia Reminder Update ID

Attention all hands: Trivia players must turn in their Week 25 answers by midnight tonight -- Week 26 begins Monday! That is all.

Sweet Little Lies Update ID

The nice folks at the official Bridge Commander site have changed Derek Chester's bio following the recent reaction of the WC community... it's still lies -- but they're less blatant lies, and that counts for something!
In that time Derek worked on Wing Commander: Prophecy, writing an original script for the project entitled Wing Commander: Prophecies. He later helped to adapt some of its content into the final version of the game.

1.0 Mentality Update ID

Got Invasion? Word is that the v1.0 Beta is now ready -- and will be in the hands of the authorized Beta testers in the near future... and then should be released to the general public soon after that. The new version features a full conversion of Starfleet into the Terran Confederation...

Warthog Star-Lances Editor Update ID

ATFW reports that an official release of the StarLancer mission editor is now "unlikely"... Warthog employees had been using their free time to develop the editor, originally promised to ship with the game. While this is not a great shock, as StarLancer did not sell particularly well, it's a real shame for those who have been waiting for the editor release.

Purple! Update ID

The Rebel Assault jump point poll has been concluded -- the Wing Commander 3/4 style blue jumps easily won over the Prophecy green style tunnels. And so, for now, the violent blue versus green debate is silenced!

Did You Miss Me? Update ID

WildFire and I have been working hard to DivX the 3Wing Commander 3 missing scenes -- from Hobbes' holo-message to the extended ship take-offs, they're all here... in high quality DivX format! Enjoy...

Daily Bread Update ID

Just wanted to thank everybody who ICQ'd, AIM'd, /msged, CZed and called to wish me a happy birthday... thanks, guys! You WingNuts are the best!

All Hail Garri-Ot Update ID

RPGDot scored one of those exciting interviews with Origin founder Richard Garriott. Here's what he says about the future of Wing Commander -- but lets first remember that he's a little crazy...
RPGDot: What kind of games can we expect from you in the future? Who owns the rights of the Ultima and Wing Commander series? If it is EA - will you consider to buy them back or have you even done this already?

Richard Garriott: EA owns Ultima and Wing Commander. I own Lord British. Lord British has left Britannia, and will be visiting new worlds soon. EA would not likely sell me anything that would help me compete with them.

RPGDot: And the unevitable question: Will there be an Ultima 10 (by you)? If so, will it be single player or MMORPG? Will it conclude the known storyline? And how about Underworld 3 or a new Wing Commander?

Richard Garriott: I seriously doubt that there will be another Ultima, Wing commander or even an Underworld. But, you never know what EA might do with those trademarks. On the other hand, the new team of expatriates and I do expect to continue in the stylistic vein which made those properties great!

Crius.Popular Update ID

The numbers are in for the worlds best Privateer 2-based communications server -- Crius.Net now boasts over 50,000 posts in more than 2000 threads by 850 different members. More than 300 people use free @crius.net web-based e-mail accounts. If you haven't visited Crius, you aren't talking to other Wing Commander fans!

Make a Cent, Part 2 Update ID

Here's part two of RF Burns plans to build his very own Centurion...
I plan to publish a complete assembly manual and parts list, as well as draft assembly pages on each part that will need to be crafted from bulk material, such as some of the framing work will need to be crafted by the builder, unless a model company buys the idea and pre-manufactures the individual pieces. The frame itself will be quite a task to build since it must be able to withstand flight wind loads, and hold everything inside. Pictures and small documents will be posted at my web site and hopefully here at the CIC news pages. I have the wireframe file donated by one of the WCTC memebers (dreaddnott)and once I get this wireframe file to a format where I can print it out and blow up the print, I can begin to build the frame pieces. The frame may consist of both balsa wood parts and aluminum tubing, probably the aluminum tubing will be the "keel" and main hard points of the model.

Once completed, the hull will consist of the same thin plastic sheet material used on regular RC planes, lightweight and strechable, and of course, painted grey. Retractable landing gear with landing lights and navigation lights on the wingtips and belly. On board cameras will provide a "pilots point of view" from inside the cockpit complete with a cockpit pannel that will resemble the cockpit from the game.

A second camera, mounted just in front of the nose landing gear will provide an extra view during landings and take offs. The engine in consideration for this model will probably be a small "weedeater" type engine, a 2 cycle gas engine, since regular "cox" engines might not be powerfull enough.

Air will be pulled into the 4 engine nozzles and ducted out the same nozzels to the rear. The tail fins on top will be slightly larger in hight to allow for a rudder control surface, plus increased stabalization. The delta wing will keep its shape, except for a slight increase in thickness from the front edge of the wing and narrowing towards the back. Each wing will have a full length alieron control surface with two functions, one for roll and turn, the other function will serve as flaps and or elevator assistance during take offs and landings. All that will be wind tested using large industrial fans.

Just a small detail of what the project will require and I estimate that the framework alone will take a few months to complete, mostly due to drafting each part after test fitting, then draw up the part full size and document the process. By the time its all said and done, it will be like the assembly instructions found in other model kits, except for the model itself, but the book will have a complete listing of all the materials you will need, plus detailed instructions on cutting each part from those raw materials, radio and servo parts listings and where to find those parts, recommended engine types as well as complete wind test data.

Tanj! Update ID

The Wing Commander movie's Lieutenant Christopher Blair, Freddie Prinze Jr. is now engaged to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sarah Michelle Gellar... kudos to soul-less Hollywood teen idol relationships! Read all about it here, at SciFi.com.

Choose Your Own Fan Project Update ID

The WCMC mod for Unreal Tournament is looking for a new project head; read below for details -- perhaps the new guy won't be so stupid as to use the world's worst hosting service? But seriously, TAKFAW, you had a good run and did a great job -- good luck on whatever's next.
As you may or may not know Wing Commander Marine Corps (one of the first fan project ipos) is barely progressing, this is due to lack of time and general bad leadership on my side. That is why I would like to step down as leader and hand the horn to someone else. Someone who can get the project back on the rails and lead it to success since I see that I won't be able to acheive that. I would still like to be a prt of the project but that can be discussed to anyone who cares to contact me. He who does will receive all the information and progress we have booked so far. So if you are intrested in leading the grandpa of all projects please contact me at ac.noordegraaf@quicknet.nl

It's About the Music Update ID

LeHah needs you all to answer this very important question... for very important reasons! E-mail him your responses ASAP...
What do tracks would you fans want if EA lets Oldziey do an Orchestral CD? I'm listing a few below, if you can't think of the name (if its one of the existing MP3s), then tell the SPECIFIC scene in either WC 3, 4, or Prophecy.

1.) Opening Credits to Wing Commander 3, straight through to the landing on the Victory
2.) Scene where Prince Thrakhath sends the Heart of the Tiger Message in Wing Commander 3
3.) A single track for all the inflight music from WC3, including the Launch theme, the scamble theme and the landing theme, all orchestrated as if it were a film score. (In other words, isnt 4 minutes of 30 second cues, 2 seconds of silence, music cue, etc...the music compeltely flows)
4.) Breifing Music with Tolwyn over Project: Behemoth
5.) The Bar Music from WC3
6.) Briefing with Eisen before the Final Mission
7.) Melody of all the Bridge / Gunnery Station / Flight Station theme
8.) The Final Mission Theme
9.) Destruction of Kilrah / Meeting Melek / Kilrathi Truce
10.) WC 3 End Title Credits
11.) Opening Credits to WC4
12.) A track of all the WC4 inflight music orchestrated in the same way as track 3
13.) "The Milk Run" - Combination of the tracks where Catscratch is attacked by Confed forces over a satalite extraction. It plays the in-flight, the succeed and the failure music and score during the chewing out of Catscratch and Maniac on the Deck of the Intrepid.
14.) The Death of Vagabond
15.) The Arrival of the St Helens
16.) Arrival at Telemon
17.) Confronting Tolwyn / War Averted / Tolwyn Dies
18.) End Titles from WC4
19.) Combination of all the In-Flight music from WC Prophecy

The final track is a special one. George has said its a good idea, but he's so busy, he's not sure if he could do it. I asked him if he does do a WC Orchestral CD, to write one or maybe two new peices to some of the WC novels. I'd like to hear his version of the Battle of Earth, the Final Battle in "End Run" or the Cloak Chase in "Fleet Action"

That's A-Polling Update ID

Action Vault is holding a poll that you've got to vote in! The question: "Which space sim are you looking forward to the most?" Answers include that you're hoping for another Wing Commander or another Privateer -- go show them what the world needs! The poll is located to the lower-right of the site's front page.

Taking on the Universe Update ID

Darkmage has proposed a very, very complex fan project -- it's going to take a lot of hard working people to pull this one off! That's what you fan project people are good at, though... he's already rendered some 3D planets (below)!
I wish to create a Privateer 3 if you will, only it will be unlike any game you have ever played, or will ever play, it will be based entirely off of the Wing Commander Series, It will be set durinng the Terran-Kilrathi War. What makes this ambitious is that within the game, you will be able to go ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE WING COMMANDER UNIVERSE! It will have the entire universe map from Prophecy fully integrated into it. You will be able to buy almost anyship you were allowed to fly in the Wing Commander games as well as a few Kilrathi ships you weren't, I loved the Wing Commander cockpits (didn't we all), so I'm going to bring them back, I will also include the option to switch off the cockpits if you prefer that. The game will allow the player great freedom, yet it will adhere strictly to the Wing Commander timeline, there will be a dating system used, so if you were to visit say, the Goddard colony on a date before it was destroyed, you would find the Goddard colonists peacefully going about there business, you would even be able to land there, but if you visited Goddard after that terrible day in history, you would find it levelled! I will also make it so that if you visit Goddard on the exact date it was destroyed, you will get to see the colony get completely levelled! This sort of history in your face style, will be used throughout the game, If you happened to be in the system where the Behemoth is test firing, you will see it level a planet, at the same time you will told to leave the system immediately by Confed pilots patrolling the surrounding area. You will be able to purchase guns, and upgrades for your ship, you will even be able to go to the BLACK MARKET! where you will be able to purchase items deemed illegal by confed, There will be a bounty hunters, and merchants guilds as well as others when I've decided on them, there may even be a Pirate's guild. It will be based off of the privateer style game, but it will use a completely new engine with full 3d graphics and sound, I have yet to decide if I will include characters, You will be able to hire your services out to confed, private owners, pirates, even the Kilrathi, yes this game will take the privateer concept even further, you will be able to work for the Kilrathi against the rest of Humanity! I need lot's of help with this game, I need researchers, programmers, graphics artists, anyone who can donate stuff is welcome, I will continually work on this project, I will not let it die. It is my wish to see Wing Commander thrive, and with this game I hope to achieve that goal, I would like to make it multiplayer comatible, and maybe even in the far off future make it into a fully online game, I don't think it would be feasible but.... I am already designing artwork for the game, so if anyone can donate stuff........ I need cockpits people, lot's of cockpit's I have them for terran wing commander 2 ships, and I can get them for Wing Commander 1 it will take some time though, I would like to get some wing commander 3 cockpits as well as some Kilrathi ones, I would like to use the existing privateer 1 and wing commander 1&2 cockpit's, but I also need wing commander 3 cockpit's I want all the cockpit's to have the same detail level, which means I need to either downgrade the Wing commander 3 cockpit's or else upgrade the wing commander 1&2 cockpits. I have got all the planets ready, I have a mesh of earth and one of Kilrah, any other planets can be created with the Axion planet shader plugin for truespace 4.3 It generates planets quickly and easily. I think that's about it. Anyone who want's to help just e-mail me at Darkmage50@start.com.au

I am deadly serious about this project. If I can get ptogrammers and artists to help me I will go ahead with this. If you think you can help at all, then PLEASE CONTACT ME!

RFBurn's Two Cents Update ID

RF Burns has begun what promises to be a fascinating new kind of fan project -- I'm very interested to see how this one (literally) takes shape. Here's his official announcement...
Hi CIC! This is RF Burns, I just wanted to inform the CIC about my project in the works regarding a Radio Controlled flyable model of the Centurion fighter from Privateer. I requested a wireframe drawing in the fan projects forum and got a response from one of the team members of the WCTC project. Once I get the wireframe drawing, I will begin construction of the Centurion fighter. I wanted to give the CIC a "heads up" notice since I will be taking pictures of the construction process and wind tests, as well as the maiden test flight (video). This model will feature on board CCD color cameras for front cockpit view as well as rear and belly views. The camera inside the cockpit will pivot to allow views from a pilots prospective. When viewed from the cockpit camera, the pannel will look just like the cockpit pannel in the game. This project will take quite some time to complete, since most of the time involved will be wind testing the control surfaces as well as testing the lift capabilities of the delta shape wing and slightly increased size of the vertical fins on the back of the Centurion (vertical stabalizers/rudders). Since the Centurion has a delta shape wing, there shouldnt be any need for elevator control surfaces, that will be handled by the alierons and helper fins mounted on the sides and just under and forward of the cockpit.

When the construction process starts, I will send the CIC notice and a series of pictures of that process.

Thank you for your time!

Flight Commander Released! Update ID

Eddie Benowitz has released the first beta version of Flight Commander, his 3D Wing Commander game featuring an entirely new engine. Here's the details...
I'm proud to announce the first public beta of Flight Commander. Flight Commander is a Wing Commander 3d combat game engine written by a fan. Features include
  • OpenGl acceleration.
  • Takeoff and landing cutscenes.
  • Nebula and planets in the background.
  • All fighters from Prophecy, Wc3, Wc4, Armada, WC1 and many capships.
  • A graphical mission editor.
  • Easy editing for ship stats, guns, and missiles.
  • Music and sound effects.
  • Explosions.
  • Automatic detection of newly installed campaigns.
  • An AI.

Get all the fun at http://www.cs.ucla.edu/~eddieb/fc/

Please email any questions, or campaigns :), to eddieb@ucla.edu.

What's really needed now is Wing Commander experts to help create stats for ships and weapons.

To Jump or to Jump Differently? Update ID

Phoenix, in working on the Rebel Assault 3D movie, has run into a problem... he's run out of colorful silk. Wait, no -- he needs to know which type of jump sequence you like best: Wing Commander 3/4 or WIng Commander Prophecy. E-mail him your preference of the two shown below...

Taking on the Classics Update ID

Remember that cool Rapier and Raptor models that Ender made? Well, here's his take on the Gilgamesh... But first, he posted this to the Chat Zone about his mod.
First of all, I've chosen to do all the work by myself. I've been editing games since 97 and something I learned is that it's better to depend on others as little as you can. The downside to that is that this mod can take a really long time to be finished, but I don't really mind, after all, I'm doing this more for the kicks I get out of doing it than for the desire of seeing it finished.

Now for the mod itself. It'll take place along the frontier systems of Gemini and Vega, around the year 2663. I've got the plot pretty organized in my head (nothing too epic, I never liked that type of plot). I haven't decided for sure which engine I'm going to use, though I'm partial to the XWA engine for now. However, I still need to make 12 more craft, so by then, if there's a better engine out, I'll use it. (If someone has got any suggestions, let me know!!!) Depending on the engine chosen, I plan to include as most weapons from WC1-WC2 as I can. I've also got a list of the ships that will be in the mod. The list may change, but it probably won't. There's not many ships, I know, but I gotta be realistic about what I can do (so it's gonna be quality over quantity, I hope). Well here's the list:

Flyable craft: Ferret, Rapier G, Raptor
Other confed craft: Drayman, Gilgamesh, Bengal, Starbase
Enemy/civilian craft: Talon, Sartha, Dralthi, Krant, Jalthi, Drayman, Dorkir, Ralari, Fralthi
(That accounts for 16 craft total)

Now I've already wrote too much, so let me wrap it up. I'd like you guys to give me all the feedback you can, and also, if someone wants to help me perfect the storyline, or make textures, please let me know. Most of all, suggestions of which engine to use are appreciated.

I think that's all.... hope someone gets interested by all of this :-P

If anyone wants any of the models, I'm willing to send it to you, as long as I get credit (of course), and maybe some other model I'm in need of (I like to base my models on more primitive ones, just to have a 3D reference). Just email me at eder_hc@terra.com.br if you're interested.

Two potential problems, though...

The models are about 700-1000 faces (triangles and quadrangles (does that word even exist? english is not my forte )). Your engine better have some endurance (For instance I don't think SO has any ships with this number of faces)

The models are in Rhino 3D format. I can easily convert them to most formats, but you'll most likely have to re-do about all of the textures. They were applied to the models once they were already in XWA format, and therefore, the application of textures is done quite a bit differently from other formats I know (in truespace for instance it's done totally different).

Modding the Mod Update ID

Napoleon has created a mod for the Fleet Action mod for Homeworld -- try saying that three times fast! The mod changes many little details like gun color and such, to make them more like the actual Wing Commander universe. You can download it here (1.65 mb). Some notes...
There is a tiny problem with the weapons pack, any ship that is listed as a heavy cruiser will crash the game if it is blown up -- so you have to go to HeavyCruiser.shp and look for shipclass and change it to CLASS_Destroyer or CLASS_Carrier so that it doesn't screw the game up. Do this in both R1 and R2 files. The Broadsword is still the non correct version where the side turrets don't fire correctly, but that is the way they appear in the mod, if you really want, within a few days I can attempt to correct the problem for you.

Give me a Sign Update ID

Argent has created a really fantastic rendition of the Confederation and Black Lance logos from Wing Commander IV -- check 'em out...

Build a Better Raptor Update ID

A CZ posted named Eder is creating some interesting new Wing Commander models for X-Wing Alliance... check out his Raptor and Rapier II.

Fun Fiction Update ID

NoRemorse has written a Wing Commander story! You can find it, titled "Battle Frenzy", divided into two sections -- the prologue and the first chapter. I certainly enjoyed it... he asks that you send him your comments. If you'd like us to post some fan fiction, send it here.

Invasion Plus? Update ID

Another interesting layer to Invasion -- Mike12 has proposed doing a space-sim mod that will complement the Star Trek Armada mod's story -- following the Midway after Secret Ops. He's even created a teaser poster... He requests that you comment on the idea here.

High-Res Carriers Update ID

The Invasion team posted some wonderful new renders -- they've re-textured the Concordia, Durango, Vesuvius and Fralthi II class ships... with excellent results!

Jolly Bengal Update ID

Two amazing new screenshots of Unknown Enemy's Bengal class Strike Cruiser (they're everywhere!). The carrier was recently re-textured by the talented WildCat -- who is also working on re-doing the Scimitar, Fralthi and Ralari for the UE project.

Trivia 3, Week 25 Update ID

If this week's trivia were the age of Jason Bondarvesky, it'd be the same as that given at the start of End Run...
Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Five Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to alt.games.wing-commander and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to CReid1701@aol.com or ChrisReid@wcnews.com. Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard that will be up soon. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (April 22, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Answers to Questions for Week 24 (starting April 9, 2001):

Question 47: What was a Terran planet with research facilities that was infiltrated by the Kilrathi in the 2650's?
Answers Included: McAuliffe & Greenhouse

Question 48: What was a Kilrathi planet with research facilities that was screwed up by Kilrathi in the 2650's?
Answers Included: Ghorah Khar & Repleetah

Bonus 24: What was a Terran planet with research facilities that had information stolen and sold back for ransom in the 2660's?
Answer: Oxford

New Questions for Week 25 (starting April 16, 2001):

Question 49: What is a Confederation Cruiser that carries half as many antimatter guns as a Confederation Class Dreadnought?

Question 50: What is a Confederation Cruiser that carries three times as many Heavy Plasma Cannons as a Hades Class Strike Cruiser?

Bonus 25: What is a Confederation Cruiser that carries twice as many torpedo points as a Vindicator Class Medium Fighter?

Submissions are due by April 22, 2001.

Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

Trivia Reminder Update ID

Remember to turn in your week 24 Trivia responses -- this is your last chance! New questions, previous answers and score updates will be posted on Monday morning.

Happy Easter Update ID

And a happy Easter for those few Wing Commander fans who aren't members of the Cult of Sivar or the Pilgrim Alliance... have fun, and, uhm, drive safely... not that, as far as I know, Easter is a big drinking holiday. Although it does have giant rabbits...

Invasion Special Edition Update ID

Major A Payne posted information on a newly added feature planned for the Invasion mod...
Right, because I know there will be alot of true hardcore Wing Commander players who may very well try the mod, I think I'll let manic work his magic and create a completely seperate patch which will bring a more authentic canon feeling to the game. The patch won't be a huge file (at least not as large as the main project anyway), and you'll still need to download the original mod anyway, but it will give you the choice of playing with either style. I'm also tempted to include two types of AI profile, as well. One will be the normal AI which I'll try to make as good as possible but the other will be an advanced cheating AI which will try to give a more pressured game. Although, this won't be done until the final version of the mod, it will most liekly be included.

All Your Moon-Base Are Belong to Garriott Update ID

CDMag has done an absolutely wonderful interview with Richard Garriott, which just about covers all bases -- confirming that he plans to announce his new company shortly, and that he will be working with Starr Long. And here's what he says about Chris... (Thanks to all who sent this in).
Do you think that when Chris Roberts' Wing Commander games were released, that an overly-inflated budget standard was introduced?

No. They were already going up. Chris just led the pack!

WC in Passing Update ID

TC found three Wing Commander references in this month's issue of Computer Gaming World... (May 2001, issue 202)
"Gameplay is still sketchy, but AQUANOX seems to be shaping up like a deep-sea WING COMMANDER/PRIVATEER, with players cast as a mercentary earning cash to purchase a variety of upgrades for their zippy submarines." (Hot Shots, p. 25)

"Because Volition is making [SUMMONER]. The same team who helped create DESCENT when the world was enamored with the 2D-ness of DOOM. The same people who crafted FREESPACE 2 and showed that you didn't need X-Wings or Kilrathi in order to have a great space sim." (Previews, p. 54)

"I'm only 21, and have been computer gaming for, what - 12, 14 years now? I could revel in the nostalgia, through many of the older games (ZORK, WING COMMANDER, and others) I had not played until years after their respective release dates." (Letters, p. 15)

Invasion Progress Report Update ID

Major A Payne posted a status report to the Invasion chat board...
After finally getting my hands on Manics rather impressive weapons, I've added them to the project (Appologies Kosh, but this was discussed previously with other parties). I've not added the ODF's which Manic included though as theres a few things which some people may not like (I assume that Evil will most likely have a go at me about this), and before anyone whinges at me, about me making this decision, it can always be changed, or a second version of the mod (which would use these figures and be more realistic), can be created. The current tech research is fully working but I won't give details as to what they are though. Also the final structure that the Confederation will be using is a Battle Station which is being kept completely secret and only the team will know what it is before everyone else. Suffice as to say it should be able to take out a large fleet on its own. Furthermore, the missile turret now works better, and although its not 100% how I would like it, it'll do. Problem is, is the missile weapons for the fighters/capital ships will have to wait, as I don't think the actual missile weapon won't work due to game restrictions, and I've contacted Westworld1 concerning this. Finally, I've recently received three of the 8 capital ships I require to finish of the Confeds capital ship list. Please be advised that its unlikely there will be more than three carriers, unless Wildcat wants otherwise.

Instructing the Masses Update ID

I've heard it said that Lego brings out the worst in us... and the best. Let it be said of HellcatV that he gave his best...
In the spirit of seeing some _glorious_ lego models up, I scanned in my age old lego designs that I still have sitting in my room...

These are step-by-step lego instructions for all you Lego maniacs (note the relation to Todd Marshall) to build all your favorite ships from Epees to Excals...from Hellcats to Hornets from Arrows to Stilettos (I'm very proud of the Hornet... considering it is such a hard ship to make of Lego)... Hope you enjoy and post 'em... and anyone who has trouble fabricating them IRL should E-mail me...I'd take digicam pix, but I don't have physical access to anything but the plans I drew up right now--maybe in the future...

Pretty (Slow) Little Fighter Update ID

Update from the Unknown Enemy guys -- the new CF-105 Scimitar model is completed, and will be posted for download in the near future. Here's a screenshot (minus the wings, whose textures have since changed). Mission 3 of UE is now currently undergoing bug testing.

Get Into the Zone Update ID

Still can't connect to WCZone's SubSpace server? You can manually add it to favorites.lst by editing in these two lines...

ExS Wing Commander,,5800
#Wing Commander Zone

Hopes for Music Update ID

LeHah posted this idea to the Chat Zone, and it bears repeating to all of you...
After this whole send up of the WC4 cut scene score, I'd like to point out something...

There is a fanproject going on called Project Majestic Mix. It's pretty much a few guys taking the fan's favorites from the Final Fantasy series and putting the songs to different arrangements, from Orchestral to Techno.

The Majestic Mix site is http://www.kfssstudios.com/music.php3

I think we, as fans, need to get a few things. Possibly bother Oldziey into giving us sheet music to his WC music.
I think we need to grab one or two people in the WC fandom that can read sheet music and have them arrange it...maybe we could get someone's high school band to play it? Even the scramble theme from WC3 would be easy...all it is is percussion and brass which is practically all HS bands are.

If we fans want an orchestrated peice, we need to obther Origin and see if they'll give us the rights and maybe 2% of money. Of course this'll cost money, you fool! Everything these days costs money, and the bill might be high, but we'll never know unless we give it a shot...

Lego My Bengal Update ID

Speaking of Bengals, WC Wraith has made a nifty little carrier out of Legos... and he sent us some cool pictures!

Armadables Update ID

Chad Ketchum found a great resource for those who just can't wait for the coolness that is Invasion -- a site called STAMods has a section of Wing Commander ships for download! They've got the Hades, the Panther, the Phantom, the Tigershark, the Wasp (WCP), the Plunkett, the Bloodfang (WC3), the Dralthi (Armada), the Vaktoth (WC3) and the Skate Cluster -- as well as a number of WC-style space stations. The only problem? Many of the names are wrong -- they call the Plunkett the Hyperion, the Hades the Cerberus, the Skate the Hunter and so forth...

Reset Your Zone! Update ID

Because of recent server problems, fans of the SubSpace WCZone need to re-add the game's server to their lists... or they won't be able to connect! Good luck out there...

Fantastic Music Update #3 Update ID

There's been a lot of discussion at the Chat Zone regarding where these songs came from -- they're high quality WC4 tracks... but we can locate no official source for their release -- they just appeared on Napster! So far five of these WCIV songs have been discovered, posted now for your listening pleasure...

More Free Space Update ID

Mav, legend in his own mind, today announced details regarding an upcoming Wing Commander based Freespace 2 Mod -- the second such project. Plans are currently to enact a 36 mission campaign featuring ships already converted to FS2 format for the FS2 WCTC, ships which will be converted specifically for this mod and a trio of new ships -- a fighter, a capship and a Nephilim vessel of some sort.

Bengal RTS Redux Update ID

The Wing Commander Saga mod for Conquest has updated, reporting that they are hard at work determining details -- determining admirals, special weapons and so forth. Much like the Fleet Action mod, they're also developing a Bengal class ship. I guess you can't keep a good Strike Carrier down... StarSaint also posts word that a 'secret' project is being worked on -- if it turns out as well as their Sabre did, it should be exciting!

Vega Strike Lights Up Update ID

Vega Strike posted another technical update to their website. HellcatV is seeking a VC++ experienced individual to attempt to compile the game for Windows... if you fit the bill, contact him immediately! Here's the new features...
I finished a really complex lighting system (in addition to the multitexturing) that can support arbitrary numbers of point source and directional lights using an optimal number of hardware lights...the lighting effects should be top of the line and accelerated!

Additionally I finished adding Triangle Strips and Traingle fans (as well as quad strips) to the model format, so a model optimizer and tesselator are both pending. (expect curved surfaces also!)

ashieh has put tremendous work on the game physics and multiplayer expandability. and has almost completed a preliminary AI that will almost do what you click it to... He uses quaternion rotations, etc to compute physics between physics frames. So all is certainly not lost, and expect a really cool demo out as soon as I get help compiling it in windows with VC++!

A Game to Try Update ID

Niels informs us that he has created a Wing Commander-esque shareware game, featuring space combat and trading. You can find out more about the game, called "Smugglers", here. Here's his press release... it sounds like fun!
SMUGGLERS is a strategy-trading game for PC Windows. Play as a smuggler, pirate, trader or soldier in a science-fiction universe.

Smuggling is a tough business. You have to be careful not to run up too huge depts to the loan sharks, evade the planets military and make still a profit - fast! SMUGGLERS takes you to a fascinating tour into a growing science fiction world. Which role you choose is up to you. You can be a true smuggler, a common trader, a bounty-hunter, a pirate or even join the military.

"You maybe won't believe me, but I am addicted to this game" Avatar, one of our betatesters.

SMUGGLERS is a strategy-trading game for PC Windows. Its featuring a game of ultimate freedom of choice. Nobody is telling you how to play the game. You decide which challenges to face. Nothing is impossible in SMUGGLERS. Its action ranges from peaceful trading to attacking whole planets with large battleships.

Awards and top ten ratings:
On 3th April 2001:
Filemine.com: Smugglers got the JEWEL award and is listed on the front page. "Smugglers is a very fun game that calls for a bit of skill and ingenuity on your part." - Matt Tribe (tribbe@fuse.net) in the official filemine review.
FileTransit.com: Smugglers rated 5 of 5 stars. On spot 6 of the top 10 downloads and on spot 9 of the top 10 rated.
SuperShareware.com: Smugglers on spot 7 in the top 10 (from 11293 applications)

Giving the Tiger Its Claws Update ID

The guys over at Fleet Action have decided to handle the Bengal Strike Carrier in future releases of the famous Homeworld mod... the carrier will simulate 18 laser turrets. The Bengal and Fralthi II ships for Fleet Action are slated for release in the future. Simulating the Bengal is often perplexing to modders, because of the difficulty of discerning the entirity of her armament.

Freelancer on the Rebound Update ID

The Lancers Reactor posted some fascinating information regarding the development of Digital Anvil's long-awaited Freelancer title: namely that Microsoft has tapped Jorg Neumann to replace Chris Roberts... and that they plan on displaying the first post-Roberts version of Freelancer at the E3 in May. The entire Wing Commander community will be waiting with baited breath to see what changes have been made to Roberts' original amazing -- albeit technically impossible -- vision...

Welcome to the TCS Mountain Dew, Cadet... Update ID

Yahoo!News has an article titled "MTV, Def Jam, Coke: They're All Playing With Video-Game Product Placement", which reveals the fact that Electronic Arts has begun placing advertising inside of games -- and that it's going to pay the cost of producing the games themselves.
''We started in-game advertising for the first time in December, and we generated a couple million dollars of revenue with that,'' EA president John Riccitiello told a crowd at a European multimedia conference in February. ''Our expectation is, we'll cover the cost of the games where we do the in-game advertising, partly because of the large audience we're able to realize.'' (EA declined to clarify the comment or provide more details of its in-game advertising strategy.)

Invasion Makes a Big Bang Update ID

Three new Invasion screenshots from the Invasion chat board -- the first two show off the Wasp's attack abilities -- word on the street is that another, more-featured, public beta is on the way!

Hail to the King Update ID

GameSpy has posted the first post-NDA interview with Origin founder Richard Garriott -- and it's official, he's going to be producing 'X' with former UO2 developers. And here's what he says about Chris Roberts...
GS: For years, Origin has been known as a spring board into the industry. How do you feel about having been a part of "seeding" the industry with extremely talented people like Harvey Smith, Warren Spector and Chris Roberts?

RG: Very proud to help them learn and grow and yet also often sad to see them leave the fold.

Another Academy Mirror Update ID

Lord Nightwalker has graciously provided another Wing Commander Academy mirror! Get 'em while they're hot... Thanks, man!

Crazy Pictures Update ID

How'd I let this one slip under my radar? HotT has updated his site with two new wacky Wing Commander related crossover graphics. You can see 'em here and here. His talent is obvious... his sanity -- not so much.

Trivia 3 Week 24 Update ID

If this week's trivia were a page in Fleet Action, it'd begin "... of single malt Scotch."
Trivia is played each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to alt.games.wing-commander and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com. Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard that will be up soon. Have your answers in *before* this coming Sunday (April 15, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3. And get ahold of me as soon as possible if your Week 22 submission was lost in our email troubles so we can work something out.

Answers to Questions for Week 23 (starting April 2, 2001):

Question 45: What was something that K'Kai did to save a great many lives?Most Popular Answer Topic: She joined Hunter, Paladin and others to rescue a large group of important Firekkan hostages shortly after the 2655 Sivar Eshrad ceremony.

Question 46: What was something that Grayson Burrows did to save a great many lives?Most Popular Answer Topic: He was able to destroy the Steltek Drone that was actively rampaging behind him across Gemini Sector in 2669.

Bonus 23: What was something that Duke Grecko did to save a great many lives?Most Popular Answer Topic: He stayed behind to guard and initiate an antimatter mine in the center of a Hakaga Supercarrier in Sol System that was part of a massive assault.

The Questions

New Questions for Week 24 (starting April 9, 2001):

Question 47: What was a Terran planet with research facilities that was infiltrated by the Kilrathi in the 2650's?

Question 48: What was a Kilrathi planet with research facilities that was screwed up by Kilrathi in the 2650's?

Bonus 24: What was a Terran planet with research facilities that had information stolen and sold back for ransom in the 2660's?

Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com by April 15, 2001.

WCA Mirror - All Update ID

TyeDyeBoy's server still lives... so instead of one episode, you can get them all this week! This large, fast server will go down soon... so get 'em quick!

We're Big Fans Update ID

You begged and you pleaded... and we finally updated our fan projects section! It's got an all new look... and an all new URL! www.wcnews.com/fanprojects... with the latest information on the greatest Wing Commander fan projects. Each one now has its own page -- and we ask project heads to e-mail us any requested changes.

Help a Role Playing Game Update ID

Lee "DarkWolf" Wulffen sends this request for help with a Wing Commander based RPG...
Currently working on a conversion of the Wing Commander Universe to the ALTERNITY Roleplaying game, to eventually be placed in www.alternity.net. Could anyone who could give me a hand (timelines, extra info, theories, *especially* drawings of the ships and aliens!!!) mail me at this address?

It should be fraggin' cool, and roleplayers will love it, *especially* the part I've got down for the future... *grins*

Fleet Action Rolls out the Big Guns Update ID

Newcommanderondablock is keeping us informed regarding the status of the Fleet Action mod for Homeworld -- it's definitely still a contender! Read on...

I have decided that I will work on the MSs later when I get a turrets person and pay more attention to the fighter side of things. Yes, there is a Behemoth in the works, but it will be released near the end of the mod.

I don't need any more models for the Dralthi Mk1/2 as the proximity sensors wont fire if weapons are added, however, I MIGHT use the Hornet and Dralthi, but without weapons, which is unfortunate. I, for one, would like to have a scout ship which can do combat.

I still need turret people. Also a Sivar model, Dreadnaught model, Saber, etc. Head to the site for ship details. (NOTE: Ship list will change.) Contact me if you can help.

View shiplist


Not Something to Miss...ion Update ID

CZ regular R.F. Burns (of RFBurns.net) has made for us... a Prophecy mission! It's called "Make it back to the Midway", and it involves... well, making it back to the Midway! You can download it here (10k). If anyone else out there has been making Prophecy missions, we'd be glad to post them -- just contact us.

WCDC Returns Update ID

Mav dropped us a line to report that the Wing Commander Development Center plans to re-open on Saturday at 11 PM EST. The new layout will feature new sections, news on WC projects and a new staff member. So, it's sort of like here, except with a new staff member.

All At Once! Update ID

TyeDyeBoy has set up the capacity to temporarily host all the Wing Commander Academy DivX episodes! Grab 'em while you can! Be sure and thank Tye, too.

Derek Chester Update Update ID

LeHah contacted Totally Games about Derek Chester's false scriptwriting claims -- and received this response...

Thank you for your interest in Star Trek Bridge Commander. Unfortunately, all the information I have is what he included this text as part of his "biography." Derek has been working with D.C. Fontana on spicing up our script and characters for Bridge Commander. Both were hired directly by Activision and were referred by Paramount.

I don't lay claim to any other information about his part or present but have forwarded your concerns to our producer at Activision.

Thank you again for your interest in Bridge Commander,

Peter Leahy
Totally Games

A very kind response -- we can stop bothering them now.. lets just hope his forward gets somewhere effective. I've talked to several ex-Prophecy team members in the last few days -- they've completely confirmed the fact that Chester was someone who submitted an unsolicited script, and had absolutely nothing to do with the actual writing or design of the game.

Action Problems Update ID

Newcommanderondablock posted a status update to the Fleet Action message boards...
I am currently working on the Confed MS and am having probs.
1. When ships dock, they go in on an angle.
2. When ships launch, 2 things happen.
- They dont finish launching (stop in one spot)
- They become phantom ships (invisible)
3. The MS doesnt fire. I might have 2 get rid of the phase cannon (there will still be a mesh for it)
4. Cap ships will, unfortunantly, have to appear below the MS and carrier. What would it be like if you saw a huge capship appear out of its hull?

I have decided about the connie/dreadnaught sizes. I will 1/2 the dreadnaught size and make the Connie about the same size as the new dreadnaught. 1 km long ship against a 22 km long ship? I doubt it.

I am reviewing the shiplist and are still having trouble with some ships (eg, Behemoth/Sivar and defence/drone frig). am looking for ideas.

I have started work on the Confed prox sensor and it is now the Hornet fighter. I need a model of a Dralthi Mk I. If anyone has one, send it to Newcommanderondablock@hotmail.com

Carly Gone Update ID

LumtheMad's reports that Carly "LadyMOI" Staehlin is leaving Origin -- possibly for another job elsewhere with Electronic Arts. Some may remember Carly as Origin's online rep several years ago -- she helped us through quite a few problems here at the CIC -- so we wish her the best of luck. She's replaced as produced by Rick Hall. Well, that's one less reason to go to the next Worlds Faire.

Cover Your Rips Update ID

Phoenix, the designer who has had a (large) hand in the layout and artwork of all the CIC's various incarnations, has made CD-covers for people looking to store ripped Wing Commander IV's movies... the jpegs shown below are just examples -- to print out wonderful high-res versions of the covers download this (1,004k) zip file -- it contains the track lists and images in PhotoShop format.

Some Guy Who Didn't Write Prophecy Update ID

Something freakishly odd from the Star Trek: Bridge Commander web page: Derek Chester, the man who (falsely) claims to have written the original Prophecy script, has used his fictional job experience to land himself a position writing for this Star Trek title. And now he designed Prophecy's missions, too! They ought to shoot that kid, if you ask me... or at least complain about him to Totally Games. His bio...
Derek has been writing in the television and computer game industries for the last six years. In that time Derek has worked on the famed Wing Commander series, writing the original script for Wing Commander: Prophecy, as well as partaking in the mission design of the game. Derek also worked on a potential Battlestar Galactica title that was later discontinued but may some day see the light of day.

Invasion Review Update ID

CZ resident Gregory "Napoleon" Haroutunian sent in this review of the recently released Invasion Beta... sounds great!
"On April 1st 2001 the team over at Wing Commander Invasion released a Beta version of their Invasion for Star Trek Armada. They released 4 fighters, the piranha, wasp, devestator, and excalibur. The wasp has great weapons graphics. The excalibur is the only one of the four fighters that can normally survive more than 1 second in combat. The fighters are well made and look great. On their forum the team states that they are currently working to produce non-standard st:armada weapons for their fighters.

They also released 4 capitol ships. A Murphy Class Destroyer which is very very well done. As well as a Hades Class that cannot build fighters but unfortunatly has the problem of being mis-named Cerberus Class. The next is a Plunkett in design but again has been mis-named Hyperion Class, unless I am missing something and they are variants of the original ships. Their is also an amazing looking Midway class ship that is capable of building all 4 fighters and the construction ship. All laser turrets and lasers are currently represented with defiant style pulse phasers.

Also released are a series of buildings. First is a starbase capable of building the construction ship, the dilithium miner/frieghter and also the Piranah fighter, which is a big help early on in a game. Next is the mining station, which serves the same purpose of the one in the original Armada. They also have a fighter shipyard which builds, yes you guessed it, fighters. The fighteryard resemballs the many shipyards seen in WC. Next comes a recon sensor which allows about 1/4 of a map to be shown, and looks like a big sensor dish. Then their is the Laser Sat which doesn't look like the laser sat from WCIV at all, and I can't think of another laser mine in the games. Their is also a capship shipyard which resembals the shipyard used to make the Vesuvius in WCIV. Finally they have an "outpost" which builds the fighters, the murphy, and the construction ship. It is also armed with some pulse phasers.

Overall the Mod is quite well done with only the few naming errors that I mentioned. I hold high hopes for the future releases that have been promised. This is Napoleon Signing off"

Starring Brack Update ID

The Star Wars Galaxies Official Site has an interesting team comments article by J. Allen Brack -- who worked on Wing Commander III onward... and is (presumably) the man behind Prophecy's TCS Brack. Check out the picture! Here's a quote...
One day as I was driving home, I spotted a familiar logo: "We Create Worlds." On a whim I applied for a QA job, never thinking I'd be lucky enough to be employed in the game industry. Imagine my surprise when two weeks later I was an Origin employee! A gamer's dream come true - well, sort of.

Four grueling months later, working seven days a week without a break, sleeping at work, and playing more Doom then I could have ever imagined possible, I helped ship my first game, Wing Commander III. Starring none other than the great Mark Hamill himself!

Fantastic Musical Update #2 Update ID

IceFire has put together all 3 CD's of Prophecy music! Grab 'em below (see the readme, also below, for credits). Thanks, again, BlackLance.org!
Wing Commander: Prophecy Mp3's!

Wing Commander Prophecy, although breaking with some of the story traditions of the previous Wing Commander series, had a unique feel of music and mood that none of the other games captured. This pack allows you to listen to the Prophecy music files from Winamp or any other Mp3 player.

All 3 CD's worth of music is here. The quality is low because they were recorded into the game with roughly the same quality.

Thanks to HCI for his Mgi2Wav Utility and to Popsicle Pete for keeping HCI's utilities on the internet!

All music credit goes to the composer of Wing Commander Prophecies music. All copyrights are copyrighted to their respective owners.

I take credit only for the intense work of pasting together hundreds of wave files into a single file.

Fantastic Musical Update #1 Update ID

Joe Garrity, of the Origin Museum, has sent us something exciting... Two mp3s from the ultra-rare 1991 Origin Soundtrack -- each contains several pieces of music from the given WC title (listed below). Thanks for hosting, BlackLance.org!

Track 1 - Wing Commander 2 (26:03) - 21,492k

Track 6 - Wing Commander (9:06) - 7,960k

Trivia 3 Week 23 Update ID

If today's trivia were the length (rounded down) of a Wing Commander IV fighter, it'd be the Border Worlds Banshee class light fighter...
Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Three Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to alt.games.wing-commander and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to CReid1701@aol.com or ChrisReid@wcnews.com. Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard that will be up soon. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (April 8, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Answers to Questions from Week 22 (starting March 26, 2001):

Question 43: What is a major warship that participated in a joint operation with the TCS Tiger's Claw?
Answers Included: TCS Austin & TCS Kyoto

Question 44: What is a major warship that participated in a joint operation with the TCS Gettysburg?
Answers Included: TCS Concordia & TCS Wolfhound

Bonus 22: What is a major warship that participated in a joint operation with the TCS Cerberus?
Answers Included: TCS Tereshkova & TCS Midway

New Questions for Week 23 (starting April 2, 2001):

Question 45: What was something that K'Kai did to save a great many lives?

Question 46: What was something that Grayson Burrows did to save a great many lives?

Bonus 23: What was something that Duke Grecko did to save a great many lives?

Submissions are due by April 8, 2001.

Get ahold of me as soon as possible if your Week 22 submission was lost in our email troubles so we can work something out.

Please email answers to ChrisReid@wcnews.com and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

L33t Action Update ID

The Fleet Action mod for Homeworld has once again begun updating their website -- Newcommanderondablock, the new team leader, has been hard at work: A model of the Behemoth is currently in the works, and game-balancing regarding the WC2/3 stat change is currently being decided. They're looking for someone capable of adding turrets to ships to help them... well, add turrets to ships. A new poll is underway at their forum.

Invasion Beta Released Update ID

The Wing Commander Invasion public beta has been released! Invasion is a mod for Star Trek: Armada, featuring (at present) new ships... grab the beta here, and a small updated file here. Word thus far is that this beta is cool! I don't have a copy of Armada anymore... but if anyone out there would look to send a review, I'd gladly post it. Some screenshots...

Trivia Reminder/Alert Update ID

Because of recent e-mail troubles at the CIC, AGWC/CIC trivia will be delayed until Tuesday, to give players who's e-mails were lost a chance to resubmit. If you sent your responses to ChrisReid@wcnews.com within the past 36 hours, please re-send them in order to be scored.

Akkbar Still Sucks Update ID

Experts now predict that Dan "Akkbar" Hardwicke -- who now goes under the IRC alias cHEMICALx -- still sucks. "God.. still brooding over 3 years past... grow up", responded Akkbar to the recent allegations, before proceeding to repeatedly !LOAFSearch for WCHS -- the name of his long-defunct web site. Akkbar, who is known for being 'too ugly for #Wing-Commander, too dumb for #WingNut', started the tradition of April Fools day updates by falsely claiming that Origin planned to release a multiplayer patch for Wing Commander Prophecy.

Supreme Court Rules on Privateer 2 Issue Update ID

The United States Supreme Court ruled today on the controversial issue of whether or not Privateer 2: The Darkening is part of the Wing Commander series -- deciding that the game bares enough similarities in both fiction and gameplay to be considered part of the Wing Commander canon. The descision, the result of a 5-4 vote, has shocked Wing Commander fans through all walks of life. Justice Clarence Thomas responded to press speculation, stating that: "Our descision is based primarily on the fact that Privateer 2 contains numerous references to the 'Confederation'. We also took into consideration various other minor references -- and the simple fact that it's simply difficult for Privateer 2 *not* to be considered a reletive of Wing Commander. Plus, that 'secret' fighter -- it's, like, so obviously a Talon."

WCNews Announces Cutbacks Update ID

The following e-mail was sent by LOAF to all members of the CIC staff.
Today, WCNEWS.com announced staff reductions to our online website that will put us on a quicker path to further non-profitability. I want to make sure that everyone understands the scope and the context of these actions.

The acquisition of Crius.net put us two years ahead of our goal of never being able to apply for a home-loan. Crius.net is a free e-mail service that has been judged by The New Crius Examiner to be a free e-mail service. Integrating that content and expertise into our site resulted in some duplication in our Cpl Hades, ChrisReid, Hadrian, ace and KrisV positions. The headcount reductions announced today for those people reflect that consolidation.

Secondly, we've decided to dedicate more focus on the Chat Zone. After pioneering the Wing Commander dedicated Chat Zone in 1996, the CZ continues to amaze us by generating stupider and stupider threads about how dumb Tolwyn's cape looks in Wing 2. Rather than create any content that might compete with the CZ, we'll dedicate our resources to improving the core page. This is best displayed with our all new "Pretty Pink" CZ layout.

WCNews.com/Crius is now one of the most popular space-sim sites on the internet -- not just among Wing Commander sites, but among giants like ATFW and that StarLancer site whose name nobody can remember. When we introduce richly entertaining offerings like pictures of Kerri-Lee, the ChrisReid Dance and cheap ads for ace's music, the result is going to impress a lot of people.

In the next few weeks, I'll continue to do things that will make you wonder how the hell I got this job.


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