What's your (Call)Sign?

Well, it must be getting boring.. Stormbird of course.. always been. For several reasons.

One. The Messerschmidt Me 262A-2a. The first Jet fighter. Not a great one, actually a bloody coffin to fly and even worse for the mechanics: they had to use somebody with absolute hearing to tune the engines! But still... the first, and chiming in a new era in aviation history.

Two. The real Stormbird, the centropos phasianinus, or pheasant coural. Hear it sing and you'll know there's a storm coming up. This has been my active callsign as well, I staid faithful to it.

Three. As I am of mixed blood.. The Stormbird God, Pamola. Has the beak and talons of an eagle, the arms and torso of a man, the head and antlers of a moose. He is easily angered, venting his rage by brewing up storms.
It varies between "Trauma" and "Manboy" depending on my mood. But Trauma is the one I usally use for WC and Subspace...
I've had a few over the years.
My first one when I first played WC2 was 'Super'. Yeah, I know, but I was ten and didn't know too much English.
I played under 'G-Force' for a while too, but since some people commented on that being a stupid cartoon (while I didn't even know it WAS a cartoon, for me it's just Force stuck to the first letter of my last name), and because SO didn't allow a hyphen in your callsign, I dropped it for 'Unforgiven', which as a Metallica fan suits me better anyway.
In WC1-4 I tend to play as 'Maverick' nowadays though.
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My callsign has always been Gorath from
old Betrayal at Krondor crpg wich was based on Raymod E. Feists Riftwar books.

Yeah! Gorath was one of the coolest characters ever!
When I first started playing, I was Raptor. I was was younger and I loved dinosaurs. I also found it fitting because I found it at KB toys in california. I visit there alot, and I don't have access tot a computer there, so I studied the Blueprints of all four ships until my eyes were soar. I loved the stats for the raptor, soo figured why not. Now days, I play as Gohan (DBZ fan) and Starwind (Just plain anime fan).
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Yeah! Gorath was one of the coolest characters ever!

For anyone who enjoyed the game, I would recommend reading Feist's novel series about those events:

-Krondor: The Betrayal
-Krondor: The Return
-Krondor: Tear Of The Gods

Best, Raptor
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My callsign is Oggy, (from my love of Cornish Pasties ):D

Cornish "pasties"?... Um, I don't think I wanna ask about that (though I'm sure others will...).