What's your (Call)Sign?

In WC2 I couldnt remember but I was either Stryker or Shotgun, I played WC1 at a young age so I didnt know what Callsign meant at that time so I just put in my real name :p

From WC3 and 4 It was Maverick for me, then in Priv it was Havoc. In WCP and SO I went by Defiance
I think I used "Tiger" when I first played WC1. Ever since then, in just about every game that I've played, I've used "Raptor". That fighter really made a lasting impression on me.

Best, Raptor
Zim. Zim Areejan.

Since I started Star Wars roleplaying, and just loved my character, I took his name as my callsign (yes, the first name is from that soo cool DS in Starship troopers)

before that I went by the callsign of Lock. I just loved the WC ImRecs Beep Beep Beep Booooop lock confirmation!

Pity is I had to stop playing Zim. I have built a new character now, but my nick will stay the same... *sniff*

*sniff* *sniff*

(You know you're too devoted when you start writing love letters to your character :D)


My callsign is Sadic since wc1.
And as it is how I am known on the Net, I'm still using it very often...
I'm new here, just thought I'd start with that. :D

Anyway, my callsign in WC I-IV is Wynter. My callsign in WCP and SO is HFD (Hot Flaming Death).
Lynx...I like these cats. It's my callsign in WCIV-SO. My TFC callsign is "Kill all Cheaters!" and in FS "Mik".
The Lynx is probably the most underrated and least appreciated handheld game system ever produced. It was really ahead of its time. Too bad Atari came late to the game, it could have saved the company.