What's your (Call)Sign?

Oh that's right, now I remember, I'm just used to the female voice from the games (the one that you could actually *understand*)
Heh, I just watched Tomorrow Never Dies again. "I think you would pay more attention to a female voice" - Q. :) [Something like that, anyway.]
I was kinda saddened to hear that they were going to make the "R" character "Q" in the next Bond film, I know the "R" thing was just a joke, but it really would of been cool, and showed more respect for the original "Q"
In RA-2 if you're the Allies you get "Lieutenant Eva" (female) and if you're the soviets you get a female as well. And in Tiberian Sun if you're on the NOD side you get a male voice who doesn't know how to pronounce commands :)
yeah, did you ever notice he said "Constructure complete" instead of "Construction complete"? :) I wonder if that was some sort of inside joke or somethin' that no one will ever get :D
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Sonto means Saint

The last name I came up with was:

Is that Spanish or Portuguese? (La palabra en Espanol para "saint" es "santo"--no es "sonto"...)

That second name sounds like it'd be a pretty good Kilrathi name :)
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That second name sounds like it'd be a pretty good Kilrathi name :)

More like a Klingon name IMO

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But in TS expansion, he strikes back more evil than ever !!

Exactly, one of the better expansions I think.
I understand it perfectly. Merlin may have a little distortion to him, but it sounds completely intelligible.