What's your (Call)Sign?

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sure, uh huh. well now, you stay there, and im going to call the nice people dressed in white, and they will take you to the nice padded room..........;)
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Please, lets not go here. I'd rather not start a fight that would end up with me as the verbal victor, but the banned poster.

Don't worry, only the latter is even remotely possible.
Well, my call sign is Excalibur incase you haven't already guessed. I think that it just such a cool name. Than, and I'm into quite a bit of fantasy stuff, and I really like the stories of the Knights of the Round table and the famous king that goes with it.
I REALLY want to see the Holy Grail, but I can't find it any where. I'm hopefully going to see monty python soon as I have a friend that said he could show me some, but I've heard a lot about the Holy Grail and I really want to see it.