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Union of Border Worlds Emblem.

The Union of Border Worlds is a collection of a number of systems along the Confederation frontier that, while accepting Confederation rule during the Terran-Kilrathi War, never signed the Articles of Confederation. Once the war was complete, these worlds asserted their independence from the Terran Confederation and established the Union as a sovereign nation.

The opponents of the Union argued that, despite never signing the Articles of Confederation, the Union members were de facto Confederation members for various reasons. The Border Worlds had all, at one point been colonized by Confederation citizens from Confederation planets, and hence should be Confederation territory. Also, many of their people accepted regular commissions in the Confederation Fleet during the war and the Border Worlds systems were tied into the Confederation’s supply network. Though independent, some argued that they acted as Confederation members when it suited them.

Those who supported the position of the Union argued that the Articles of Confederation were more than a mere technicality and that, without signing them, a planet was not a Confederation member.

The Union of Border Worlds, while an important ally during the Terran-Kilrathi War, were known for the abuse they suffered at the hands of the Confederation. The Border Worlds, being frontier worlds with undeveloped economies, were seen merely as assets rather than equals while under Confederation rule. The Confederation was known to dump its POWs or toxic wastes into the Border Worlds, which further prompted the Border Worlds to make the call for independence.

These issues became important during the Border Worlds Conflict in 2673, when rogue Confederation forces posing as Union of Border World craft began harassing outlying Confederation territories. Some argued that the Border Worlds were renegade Confederation citizens and, as such, should be treated as pirates and renegades, while others argued that they were hostile external forces, and should be treated as terrorists or soldiers.

Ultimately, it was discovered that Admiral Tolwyn and the Black Lance were responsible for the attacks against the Confederation as well as attacks on the Union of Border Worlds territories. After these incidents, the Union of Border Worlds became generally recognized as a nation independent of the Terran Confederation.

Following their independence, the Union has worked to reduce its former dependence on the Terran Confederation, and is steadily empowering its own military forces while working to establish unity among its people. However, the Union remains a scene of much political strife, with several secessionist movements growing in strength among the struggling colonies by 2701.

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