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Tyr VII is a Terran colony and the seventh planet of the Tyr System. Formerly a member of the Terran Confederation, it joined the Union of Border Worlds when that faction declared its independence from the Confederation in the 2670s.

Tyr VII is located in the Downing Quadrant of the Vega Sector, on the outer edge of the Terran Confederation. Over 70% of its surface is land, with the remaining portions consisting of oceans. The planet is dotted with several small lakes and highly-vegetated, allowing for a habitable environment suitable for human life.

When the Union of Border Worlds declared independence from the Terran Confederation, the Tyr System was among several dozen border systems to join the alliance. During the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673, the Border Worlds captured Dr. Tuesday Brody, a Terran bio-convergence scientist with expertise in genetic manipulation. She was held prisoner on Tyr VII under the suspicion that she might have been participating in military activities against the Border Worlds. This proved a major setback for the Terran Confederation, as the Terran High Command insisted that Dr. Brody's knowledge and expertise was vital to their effort to end the Border Worlds insurgency.

The TCS Lexington, under the command of Captain William Eisen entered the system and prepared to launch a rescue mission to the planet. After gathering the reconnaissance necessary to plan the attack, Colonel Christopher Blair escorted a squadron of Terran Space Marines to Tyr VII's surface. Blair neutralised the Border Worlds forces defending the base where Dr. Brody was imprisoned, allowing the marines to extract her safely. The Lexington then fled the Tyr System before Border Worlds forces could intercept them.

Despite the success of the operation, later events would reveal that the operation was the work of the Black Lance, a secret faction attempting to instigate war between the Confederation and the Border Worlds. Dr. Brody was taken hostage by the Black Lance and was then forced to develop the Gen-Select Bioweapon, a biological weapon designed to selectively kill humans on the basis of genetic make-up.