Waterloo-class cruiser

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Waterloo-class cruiser
Type Heavy Cruiser / Light Carrier
Primary User Terran Confederation
Ships of the Line Agincourt


General Characteristics
Length 503.9 meters
Mass 19,500 tonnes
Spacecraft Carried 40
Acceleration Poor
Cruise 100 kps
Maximum 200 kps

Jump Drive Yes
Front 300 cm
Rear 300 cm
Right 250 cm
Left 250 cm
Waterloo-Class Cruiser Target Designation
Source Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

The Waterloo-Class Cruiser was a class of cruiser that served with the Terran Confederation during the Terran-Kilrathi War of 2634-2669.

The Waterloo was a heavy cruiser that had seen much action during the war against the Kilrathi. Durable and self-sufficient, these cruisers could hold their own on the battlefield. They often served as escorts for larger fleet carriers and could conduct offensive missions traveling solo, serving as a light carrier in a sense with its wing of forty fighters. A few examples of these cruisers also served as prison vessels.

One notable Waterloo was the TCS Gettysburg, which was conducting field tests for the A-18 Crossbow during that bomber's introduction in 2667. During these trials, the vessel became the scene of a mutiny when the crew of the vessel seized control of the vessel from its commander, Commodore Cain after he issued the order to fire on unarmed Kilrathi refugee transports. During the mutiny, a band of rogue space marines also captured the Rigel Supply Depot, murdering its personnel and preying upon unarmed civilian transports. The crew was pardoned for their crimes as their orders were in fact illegal and ultimately took part in destroying the Rigel Space Depot in an effort to silence the traitorous marines. Legendary pilot Jason Bondarevsky was a pilot on the Gettysburg.

In 2666, the TCS Agincourt cooperated in the offensive in the Heaven's Gate System, where it escorted a transport that would later rendezvous with the TCS Concordia. It also participated in the final assault on K'tithrak Mang in 2667.

Another notable Waterloo was the TCS Centurion, which was active in the Enigma Sector during the final stages of the Second Enigma Sector Campaign at K'tithrak Mang in 2667.

Another notable example was the TCS Alcatraz, a prison ship that was assigned to transport Terran traitor Zachary Colson to Earth for his execution. This operation failed when the transport delivering him was hijacked by Colson's allies, the Mandarins.

In 2655, the TCS Leningrad engaged in combat with the KIS Ras Nik'hra, then captained by Kilrathi Lord Ralgha nar Hhallas. The Leningrad was lost in action, with over 500 Confederation crew members killed.