Skecis Mk II Medium Fighter PL3a

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Skecis Mk II
Type Civilian Medium Fighter
Model PL3A
Primary User Civilians
Additional Users Good Ol' Boys Haulage
Tri-System League of Hunters
General Characteristics
Crew 2 (Pilot & Passenger)
Cost c110,000
Maximum Yaw 65 dps
Maximum Pitch 65 dps
Maximum Roll 65 dps
Acceleration 60 k/s2
Maximum 360 kps
Maximum Afterburner 720 kps
Flux Beam (3)
Mounts 3
Default Missile Loadout

Mounts 5
Shield Enhancer Mk. II [Difficulty Level 5]

Signal Filter [Difficulty Level 7]

Mounts 4
Decoys Decoy Mk. II (10)
Fore 157.5 cm equivalent
Aft 157.5 cm equivalent
Right 157.5 cm equivalent
Left 157.5 cm equivalent
Front 125 cm
Rear 125 cm
Right 125 cm
Left 125 cm
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Skecis MK II is an unusual followup to the Skecis design. It improves in areas where the Skecis was limited, such as missile loadout and shields, but cuts down on things the original did effectively, such as gun mounts and armour protection. As a result, the Skecis MK II actually retails for 5,000 credits less than its predecessor. Because of this, it is the more common ship among groups in the Tri-System.

The Skecis MK II is especially popular among high-profile female pilots. One of the Tri-System's most famous, Vicksen Aureola, flies a Skecis MK II, as did Stella Widowmaker, a member of the Tri-System League of Hunters. They are also extensively used in mercenary work. Both Senator Ames of Janus IV and Xavier Shondi keep six Skecis MK II in their employ for enforcement missions. The fighters have also seen use by the organised pirate clans: three Skecis MK IIs once joined a Jincilla attack on a CIS convoy carrying home men wounded fighting on Terrel. Good Ol' Boys Haulage, a front for a pirate organisation, maintained a Skecis MK II as part of its arsenal.

The Skecis MK II entered service before 2785. Notable Skecis MK IIs include X465_435E (2786) and D239_756K (2785). X465_435E is especially unusual because it has been granted a formal License to Kill.