Flux Beam

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Flux Beam
Type gun
Manufacturer KriskArms
Damage 30 cm
Range 355 KM
Max Velocity 3480 KPS
Refire Rate 6 shots/sec
Energy Rating 5/10
Heat 140
Cost 5,000 credits"credits" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 5000.
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The KriskArms Flux Beam (also called the Flux Beam Mk I and the Flux Beam FLUX) is an energy weapon available on the civilian market in the Tri-System. They are powered by high capacity trifluxoid generators. An upgraded model, the Flux Beam MkII, also exists.

The Flux Beam can be installed in the gun slot of many ship models, including the PR01 Aurora, PR02 Shaman, PR03 Karnenan, PR04 Jendevi, PR05 Icarus, KN01 Drakkar, KN02 Danrik, ML01 Duress, ML02 Heretic, ML03 Faldari, ML3A Faldari MK II, ML06 Freij, ML6A Freij MK II, PL01 Straith, PL02 Velacia, PL03 Skecis, PL3A Skecis MK II and PL04 Kalrechi. They are the standard guns on the Danrik, Skecis and Velacia.


The first of the serious big guns. It is high powered and causes major damage, due to its high capacity trifluxoid generators.

Your Guide to the Universe

This weapon owes its power to its high-capacity trifluxoid generators.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

This is a good long-range weapon (i.e., between 200-250 klicks), although it isn't as powerful as the Mk II version, especially towards the end of its range.