Janus IV

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Janus IV
Booth-Janus IV.png
Janus IV planetary logo as seen from the CCN
Region Tri-System
System Isaac
Nav Point 3
Locations No Name Inn
Temesa Ames Apartment
Jan Mittor's House
Other Features Universal Government

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

This tiny planet is arguably the most powerful in the entire Tri-System. It serves as the seat of Tri-System government and is a second home to the wealthiest and most influential politicians, businessmen and vid-flix stars. Astronomical rent has kept Janus IV inaccessible to most, and thus it remains a holocard-perfect resort planet, breathtaking in its beauty.

CCN Entry


Janus IV
Clean, artificial
1,076 Miles

Janus, lovely Janus, playpen of the gods! Verdant, balmy, warm and sunny, this luxurious planetoid, habitable solely thanks to Hephaestan grav-field technology, is the home of the Universal Government and every plutocrat, Vidflix star and criminal mastermind of any note and hardly anybody else. The value of real estate is so high here the deposit alone on a two-dorm habi-cube is comparable to the average Anhurian municipal budget. Inspiration for the Tri-System's biggest-selling bumper holo ("My other craft's in long-term parking on Janus IV"), the gilded boulevards and plazas reek so much of opulence that crafty entrepreneurs are bottling it for sale to aspiring bourgeoisies on other planets. It is also the only place in the galaxy where beggars (of which there are a licensed few, as a conscience-salving measure) can be heard to say "Spare a Hephaestan megacredit, guv" with anything like hope in their voices. If you're lucky enough to set foot on Janus IV, heed this advice: always consult the price of any commodity before you consume it, as Janus debt-collection agencies are authorized to conduct surgery on unfortunate debtors to regain deficits through organ sale. Of course, there's as much money to be made here as lost: Commodities can be sold for outrageous profit here, although demand is quite low considering the incredibly small population.