Rygannon (star system)

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System Map - Rygannon 2669-2.png
Sector Gemini Sector
Quadrant Fariss Quadrant
Stations Rygannon
Jump Links Delta, Xytani
Random Mission Opponents 2/3 Retro, 1/3 Pirate

Rygannon is a Terran Confederation star system in the Fariss Quadrant of the Gemini Sector. It is home to Rygannon and jump points leading to the Delta and Xytani systems.

In 2678, the system was included on the Terran Confederation Navy/Confederation Exploratory Services Akwende Projection.

Nav Points

Point X Y Z Description
Nav 1 -60000 -30000 20000 Jump Point - Xytani
Nav 2 10000 40000 -20000 Rygannon Mining Base
Nav 3 -50000 30000 20000 Asteroid Field
Jump Point - Delta


Stellar Objects

Random Encounters

% # Faction Ships Intelligence
Nav 1
30% 3 Bounty Hunter Centurion confident pros
30% 2 Merchant Drayman timid novices
2 Retro Talon fanatiacal aces
2 Kilrathi Gothri fanatiacal aces
4 Retro Talon fanatiacal pros
Nav 2
25% 1 Merchant Drayman timid novice
2 Militia Talon timid novice
25% 3 Pirate Talon fanatical pros
25% 2 Retro Talon fanatical novices
2 Militia Talon confident pros
25% 3 Pirate Talon fanatical aces
1 Merchant Drayman timid novice

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