Ralarrad-class light destroyer

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Type Destroyer
Manufacturer Kilrathi

The Kilrathi Ralarrad-class Light/Escort Destroyer was a light destroyer in the service of the Kilrathi Empire.

Class Overview

Ralarrad-Class Light Destroyer Target Designation, circa 2669.

Ralarrad-Class light destroyers were an essential part of Kilrathi task forces. They were also used in a variety of other roles that ranged from convoy escort to capital ship interdiction. Although not as strong as the Kilrathi Ralaxath-Class Heavy Destroyer, Ralarrad-Class light destroyers were potent capital ships in their own right.

The Kilrathi light destroyers had eight heavy laser turrets in its arsenal for combating smaller Confederation capital ships and starfighters. It was also capable of carrying anti-capital ship missiles.

Ralarrad-Class destroyers host a small starfighter complement.


One notable Ralarrad was the vessel that attacked Locanda IV during Operation Unseen Death, a Kilrathi operation to eradicate life in the Locanda System. This ship fired five biological warheads at the planet and Terran Confederation pilots attempted to intercept them, however the missiles ultimately reached their target and infected Locanda IV. The system was thereby quarantined by the Confederation.

Ralarrads were encountered on may occasions by the Confederation, usually escorting convoys or patrolling star systems. The pilots of the TCS Victory encountered many such destroyers, destroying several of them in campaigns such as the Battle of Ariel.


Class: Light Destroyer
Length: 450 meters
Mass: 17,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 180 kps
Cruise Velocity: 150 kps
Acceleration: Poor (10 k/s^2)
Maximum Y/P/R: 15/15/15 deg/s
Fore Shield: 1500 cm (Phase Shields)
Aft Shield: 1500 cm (Phase Shields)
Front Armor: 1,000 cm
Right Armor: 1,000 cm
Left Armor: 1,000 cm
Rear Armor: 1,000 cm
Guns: 8 Laser Turrets Classified