New Constantinople (starbase)

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New Constantinople Station
Type Sector Capitol
Introduction 2640s
Status Destroyed between 2681 and 2701
Primary user Terran Confederation

New Constantinople Station (also referred to as New Constantinople Starbase) was a Confederation space station located in the New Constantinople system, Potter Quadrant, Gemini Sector. New Constantinople Station was the capital of the Gemini Sector from a few years after the initial settlement of the Sector until the base's scuttling during the Nephilim War, and was the hub of all political and cultural events in Gemini. Located in a system containing major strategic intersections with most of Gemini's main trade routes (including direct jumps to the Junction, New Detroit and Aldebran systems), it received a great deal of traffic. It was a major population center, with representatives of every major industry in Gemini present. To protect it and to prevent the movement of contraband on- or off-base, the Confederation Navy and local militia patrols kept a strong presence in the system and around the base itself in particular. It was a noteworthy place to do business in Gemini, with people from all over the Sector coming and going to buy and sell nearly everything. It was also known as an artist's colony, and was known for producing almost all of the artwork to be found in the area.

This station was scuttled during the Nephilim War in an attempt to cause damage to the invading forces. By 2701, a new sector capitol had been built in the same location, fittingly called New New Constantinople.