Orsini Mission 2 (ORS-2)

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Orsini Mission 2 (ORS-2)
Fighter Arrow, Hellcat V, Thunderbolt VII
Wingmen Cobra, Hobbes, Maniac, Vagabond, Vaquero
Objectives Make a three-area sweep and destroy any Kilrathi fighters you find.
Previous Orsini Mission 1 (ORS-1)
Next Orsini Mission 3 (ORS-3)

Mission Layout


Nav Area Enemies Friendlies Objective Notes
Take off Cleared to launch
Sweep 1 Fly to way area Destroy all enemy fighters
Sweep 2 2 Darket Fly to way area Destroy all enemy fighters
Sweep 3 2 Darket
1 Sha'kar (Transport)
Fly to way area Destroy all enemy fighters
Victory 2 Southampton (Sheffield, Coventry)
1 Tallahassee (Ajax)
1 Yorktown (Victory)
Fly to way area Return to the Victory
Landing Return to the Victory


Nav Area Enemies Friendlies Objective
Sweep 1 3 Darket Sweep for enemy activity
Sweep 2 2 Darket
1 Kamrani (Corvette)
Continue sweep
Sweep 3 2 Dralthi IV Final leg of patrol
Victory 3 Southampton (Destroyer)
1 Yorktown (Victory)
Return to the Victory



Location Characters Video Notes
Flight Control Hobbes A2FCTHBO Optional
Rec Room Vaquero A0RECVQS
Barracks Cobra A1BARCBO Optional


Location Characters Video Notes
Lift Rollins A0LFTRLS
Rec Room Cobra, Hobbes, Vagabond A1RECCB
Rec Room Vagabond A0RECVAS
Barracks Angel A0BARAG
Bridge Maniac A0BRIMAS

Mission Briefing




Let's get started, Colonel.



One of our tracking stations reports Kilrathi activity in these regions. I'd like you to run a patrol through there and sweep the areas.


The station's report is sketchy. You might encounter some sort of Kilrathi cap ship.


Go to it, Colonel.

Wingman choices for Mission A2: Hobbes, any other pilot Blair has had a conversation with. Cannot be Flint since Blair hasn't really spoken to her yet.

Mission Debriefing

Success Failure


ROLLINS (V.O.) Score one for our side, Colonel. You are clear to land.

Go to A3.

Scene A19


ROLLINS (V.O.) Tough break, Colonel. You’re clear for landing.

Go to A3.

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander III


Conversations Cobra (BK), Hobbes (FC), Maniac (BG), Rollins (LF), Vagabond (RR), Vaquero (RR)
New Morale Conversations
Vaquero (RR) Sounds good to me. +1
He's not focused. -1
Other New Movies
Cobra (BK) ORS-2


Briefing Sweep three areas. This mission is similar to ORS-1, but you will encounter a wayward Kilrathi logistic hull with a few escorting light fighters.
Wingmen Cobra, Hobbes, Maniac, Vagabond, Vaquero
Ships Arrow, Hellcat, Thunderbolt


  • Autopilot.

(A) Nav 1

  • Clear. Proceed to next Nav point.

(B) Nav 2

  • 2 Darket.

(C) Nav 3

  • 2 Darket, 1 enemy transport.


  • Destroy all Darket. (You must destroy all of them to receive the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED message.) Go to Mission ORS-3.


  • Go to Mission ORS-3.


  • You don't have to take out the transport. But if you want to anyway, activate full guns and afterburn in toward the ship. Aim for the turrets (bracketed in yellow). A transport has two turrets, and once you take them out the ship is defenseless. For the killing blow, unleash your guns, or use a missile.
  • Try to tail the Darket and match speed with them. Don't forget to lock onto a targeted ship--this activates your I.T.T.S. targeting system. Aim for the green sight to hit the locked ship.

TNC Newsbrief Text Feed

... according to pilots in numerous sectors, the Kilrathi have ceased the time-honored tradition of taking ejected pilots prisoner by plucking them out of space's vacuum and tractoring them aboard support ships. Instead, they have been firing on the defenseless fliers, murdering them in cold blood...

Authorized Combat Guide to Wing Commander III

A Word From Colonel Hart

This mission is a little more tricky than the first. You're going to have to hit three of the nav points and take out the Cats that you find there. Hobbes isn't your only ally aboard the Victory. Go out and meet your pilots. Once you get to know them they'll report to duty and be available for missions.

Colonel Hart's Tactical Analysis

You'll have three conversations in this mission: Cobra in the Barracks, Hobbes in flight control, and Vagabond and Vaquero in the living quarters. Maniac is still up on the bridge if you didn't talk to him last mission.

{Picture: Cobra} Now there's a lady with a chip on her shoulder.

On this mission you'll encounter a transport. The Intelligence boys call this kind of thing catnip. It's there to lure you in. Remember, it's not a part of your mission. Take out the Kilrathi fighters and if you have the time and patience, or simply want some target practice, open up on the transport. Just don't let it lure you in while there's still fighters floating around.

{Picture: Dogfight} Don't be lured in too soon.

In the 3DO version you'll face a corvette instead of a transport.

Objective for Success

Destroy all of the Darkets.

Colonel Hart's Counsel

Take the Arrow or Hellcat on this one, with a standard load. I'd suggest flying with either Cobra or Hobbes.