Novaya Kiev System - Series 4 - Mission 4

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Novaya Kiev System - Series 4 - Mission 4
Fighter A-17 Broadsword
Wingmen Etienne Montclair
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Doomsday and I were called to the flight deck at the same time. We both launched in Broadswords, but I ended up being sent on a solo mission to escort a courier back to the Concordia.

I was rushing to the jump point with my afterburners glowing when two Drakhri jumped me from above. I was still 14,000 kilometers from the jump point, and knew I couldn't waste any time in reaching my destination. With my heavy shields and armor, I didn't have to dance around with the medium fighters. I launched a Pilum, kept my speed at 200 KPS, and just let them come. The three mass-driver cannons made short work of the first ship, and my tail gunner lit up the sky with the fiery debris of the second. I think the second pilot ejected, but I couldn't worry about taking any prisoners of war on this mission.

After my jump, I received a communication from the courier ship. They were in big trouble. Three Sartha and a single Ralatha were smashing through their defenses, and I'd never get there in time to help out. The comm officer said they would release the data capsule through one of their turrets. It was up to me to get past the Kilrathi and take the capsule back to Admiral Tolwyn.

The way those Sartha zipped around, it was easier to rely on my gunners than to try to take them down with my forward guns. I did launch my last two Pilums, to give the Sartha pilots something extra to think about.

Once the escorts were down, a single torpedo run hammered the Ralatha. It was a by-the-book run. Target lock at 8000 meters, slow and straight approach until the torp locked, then launch at 2000 meters.

Without any distractions, picking up the capsule was a cinch. I went straight for it, let it slide under my wing, hit the brakes, and yanked it in. I wondered whether my stop to fight the Drakhri had caused the destruction of the courier ship. It's one of those things combat pilots have to carry with them forever.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing