Heaven's Gate System - Series 5 - Mission 1

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Heaven's Gate System - Series 5 - Mission 1
Fighter F-54 Epee
Wingmen Mariko Tanaka
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We were starting the liberation of Heaven's Gate from the tyranny of the Kilrathi, but we had run into a snag. It took the form of a large Kilrathi strike force in the system.

Angel paired me with Spirit for a patrol of a jump point and two nav points in and around Heaven’s Gate. It was my first time in an Epee, the light attack fighter that had replaced the Hornet just five years before. I was ready to take it through its paces.

We headed first for the jump point, looking for any Kilrathi ships that had recently come in from out-system. Spirit noticed the four Drakhri before I did and transmitted their presence. When I threw the throttle forward, I was surprised at the Epee's explosive response. "If I'm not careful," I thought. "I'll lose my lunch in this baby."

I headed right, jumped on the afterburners, then followed with a left turn to start my slide. I knew the Drakhri carried lasers, and I wanted to take the fight in close to take advantage of my powerful particle cannon. I hoped Spirit was following my lead. I hit two of the Drakhri on my first slide, then raced in behind them to finish off the job. Spirit radioed that she'd hit one, just as I splintered the second. We combined forces to take out the last Drakhri.

As soon as I'd downed the fighters, I found what they'd been protecting. A Kamekh loomed into view. I knew torpedoes were the only way to take out a capital ship, but I wasn't sure if corvettes really fit into that class. I told Spirit to attack my target, then unleashed everything I had at the Kamekh. Spirit was hit hard by the capital ship's flak cannons and ejected. I kept sweeping in, firing my particle cannon, and then burning away. I was surprised when the Kamekh started to break up. What a rush that was!

Author's Note
The Kamekh must be destroyed if you are to continue on the winning path in the Wing Commander II game.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing