Novaya Kiev System - Series 4 - Mission 3

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Novaya Kiev System - Series 4 - Mission 3
Fighter A-17 Broadsword
Wingmen Etienne Montclair
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

It was a rough briefing and Angel ended up giving Stingray and jazz a garbage detail after they disrupted the briefing. Doomsday and I were ordered to jump out-system and assist the Hector in an attack on a Fralthra.

Our jump was unexciting, but we were still 7000 kilometers from the Hector when we intercepted four Jalkehi guarding the Fralthra cruiser. I ordered a break and attack, rolled left, punched the throttles, and tried to circle around behind the Jalkehi. It didn't work. They turned to face me. "It worked once," I thought, "so let's try that fake run again." I broke hard, spun to the right, and started away from the enemy fighters. Doomsday had already engaged one, but three stayed on my tail and when they got close enough the rear gunner opened up. He had inflicted heavy damage on one ship, and when he raced by, the starboard-side gunner knocked him down.

Doomsday scored a hit with his ITTS-guided guns, and I took out the last two fighters with my Pilums and guns. I'd sweep Ship: Broadsword across their stern, launch a missile, then make sure I evaded the gunfire from their own rear turrets. I couldn't outrun the Jalkehi, so I relied on my shields to hold and tried to wait until they were dose to unleash the guns. The Hector hadn't locked on the Fralthra, so after the fighters were gone, I ordered Doomsday to attack my target, and we started our torpedo runs. We stayed away from the Fralthra's guns until we had a lock, then took our punishment as we went in for the launch. I fired two torps, and Doomsday one, before the capital ship exploded. Then Doomsday had to eject and I called Search and Rescue before meeting the Hector.

We hadn't reached the Nav point when the four Grikath raced into view. Since they were slow, I just tried to stay away from their rear turrets and let my own gunners handle taking them out as they circled my ship. I had a great gun crew on board.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing