Mu Wing (Corsair System)

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Mu Wing
Fighter Dralthi
Wingmen Zachary Colson
Previous Beta Wing (Corsair System)
Next Psi Wing (Firekka System)

Mission Layout

  • Between the Tiger's Claw and Nav 1
  • Nav 1
  • Nav 2
    • Wave 1
      • 2 Jalthi
    • Wave 2
      • 2 Rapiers


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We finally understood the situation. We had ended up right in the middle of a military-religious ceremony that the Kilrathi held every year. The fact that it took place in the Firekka system was just plain dumb bad luck on our part. Captain Ralgha had come up with a plan to disrupt the ceremony by launching an assault on the Kilrathi war priestesses on the planet's surface.

Mission Profile:

Flying Dralthi, Jazz and I would again infiltrate behind enemy lines. This time our mission was to intercept communications between the Kilrathi in space and those who had landed on Firekka. Once again, we weren't to engage the enemy unless they discovered our deception.

Mission Chronology:

1. Three Drakhai in Jalthi sighted 90,000 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Three Dralthi and two Rapiers attacked 16,000 kin from Nav 1.
3. Two Jalthi attacked 8000 kilometers from Nav 2.
4. Two Rapiers attacked 5000 kilometers from Nav 2.

Post-Mission Analysis:

Maintaining radio silence, we blew by the three Drakhai pilots. They had no idea we weren’t Kilrathi.

The Dralthi and Rapiers somehow knew we were impostors and attacked our position. At first I was taken aback Here I was, sitting in a Dralthi and dogfighting with a Rapier. It's a good thing we carried Terran weapons in the captured Dralthi and that the enemy didn't know it. The Rapiers held a speed advantage, but they came in straight and fast, thinking that we were only using lasers. Our mass drivers surprised them and blunted the assault, and we quickly swung around and hit them from the rear with the Javelins and Darts.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing