Kilrah (planet)

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Kilrah is the second planet in the Kilrah system. The planet is orbited by two moons. It is also the homeworld of the Kilrathi and the Imperial seat of the Kilrathi Empire.

Planetary System

  • Kilrah 2 - Kilrah
    • Kilrah 2.1 - Unidentified moon
    • Kilrah 2.2 - Largkza
    • Dozens of Orbital Stations and Depots


Kilrah was described as a "dirty orange-brown sphere." It was also described as a blue-green planet by some sources. The planet was seismically unstable potentially due to strong tectonic forces, further exacerbated by a multi-layered surface riddled with active faultlines. The planet suffered from large scale volcanism and quakes. This instability was taken advantage of by the Confederation when Colonel Christopher Blair dropped the Temblor Bomb on Kilrah on 2669.267, destroying the planet. The planet was covered with deserts and savannahs prior to its destruction.

The tectonic destruction wrought by the Temblor Bomb was complete. A large section of the planet was literally ejected into space as a result of the Temblor Bomb. The shipyards and the majority of Kilrathi warships within its immediate vicinity were annihilated in the resulting blast, as were both of its moons.

The Kilrathi evolved on the planet and their society was centered on the imperial system based on the planet.