Kappa Wing (Goddard System)

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Kappa Wing
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Ian St. John
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The Tiger's Claw was streaking toward Goddard and the fighter wings were ordered to help clear a path in front of the carrier. We still didn't know what would be found when we arrived at the colony.

Mission Profile:

Jump to Nav 1 and destroy any enemy targets encountered at the nav point or along the way. Proceed to Nav 2 and take out the Kilrathi Dorkir before it can jump out of the system.

Mission Chronology:

1. Three Krant and two Gratha attack immediately after launch. After hitting us, they go after the Tiger's Claw.
2. Four Salthi and a Lumbari 14,889 kilometers from Nav 1.
3. Asteroid field discovered 60,000 kilometers from Nav 2.
4. Dorkir and two Krant found 14,702 kilometers from Nav 2.

Post-Mission Analysis:

It's a good thing I was flying with a veteran like Hunter, because the three Krant were on us as soon as we launched from the carrier. They would have inflicted heavy damage on our Hornets if we hadn't hit the afterburners right away, whizzed past them, and turned around to attack from the rear with our lasers and Darts. As soon a I saw the two Gratha come in to join the attack, I saved my Javelins for them.

When we hit the Krant and Dorkir at Nav 2, we both attacked one of the fighters to take it out quickly. Then I sent Hunter after the second Krant while I attacked the Dorkir with a classic circling rear attack. I didn't want to waste any time in going after the capital ship, since we knew it would try to jump out of the system as soon as possible.

Preflight Conversations


Hey there, Major Maverick! Can't offer you anything alcoholic, sorry.
I heard you'll be flying again today.
Most of the pilots are already in the Briefing Room already.
I hear there's still no communication out of Goddard.
But I'm hoping that the Kilrathi only wiped out the colony's comm satellite, not the colony.
I've got a cousin on Goddard. Zach Siegler. He's a shuttle pilot.
And his wife's a Chief Engineer. If you hear 'bout either one of them...
Let me know, and I'll try an' get hold of them myself.
But you better get to Briefing right now, Major.

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

All right, we don't have much time.
We're making full speed to Goddard.
And the crews are doing emergency repairs on damaged fighters.
Early telemetry indicates that no Kilrathi capital ships...
...stayed behind in the Goddard system, but we've had reports of some smaller ships.
Therefore, you Killer Bees will go search and destroy.
Scour the Goddard system, and engage and destroy any remaining Kilrathi.
Tactical shows bogies heading this way...fighters left behind to hunt for 'sports.
Kappa wing is Mavierck and Hunter. You'll start by going after those fighters.
Once you've taken care of them, you'll swing out to clear our path into the colony.
Here's the setup...
...you'll jump to Nav Point One, where long range scans show something moving. Delete it.
At Nav 2, you'll find a Dorkir-class troop carrier. They may be trying to leave the system. Don't let them.
When you've accomplished these objectives, return to the Claw.
Next is Maniac and Spirit on Beta Wing...

The Colonel briefs the other wings as you consider your orders...

Peter Halcyon
Remember, there are a quarter million colonists in danger. Don't make any mistakes, pilots.

Mission Debriefing