KIS Shar N'Tanya

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KIS Shar N'Tanya
Type Ralatha-Class Destroyer
Primary user Kilrathi Empire, later Kilrathi Separatists

The KIS Shar N'Tanya was a Ralatha-Class Destroyer that was in service with the Kilrathi Empire. In the 2660s, it joined service with the Kilrathi Separatists on the Kilrathi frontier. It was commanded by Captain Raktha by 2667.

The Shar N'Tanya was once a frontline destroyer of the Kilrathi Empire. However, after the uprising on Ghorah Khar in the 2650s, the vessel eventually defected to the Separatist rebels on the planet. Its principle role after its defection was to defend Ghorah Khar alongside the Terran Confederation, with whom the Ghorrah Kharrans were allies.

In 2667, the Shar N'Tanya was charged with escorting a Clydesdale-Class Transport from Ghorah Khar to N'Tanya, another Kilrathi star system that sought to secede from the Empire. With assistance from Colonel Christopher Blair, both the Shar N'Tanya and the Clydesdale safely arrived at N'Tanya.