Heaven's Gate System - Series 5 - Mission 2

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Heaven's Gate System - Series 5 - Mission 2
Fighter F-54 Epee
Wingmen Mariko Tanaka
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

A Confederation convoy needed an escort to the jump point. Then Angel wanted us to investigate enemy movements at the point marked "unknown" on our navigation map.

Flying an Epee with Spirit on my wing, the mission was a piece of cake until we reached a point 19,832 kilometers from the last destination. That's where four Drakhri tried to make a stand. It was their last.

Spirit was amazing. After I signaled a break and attack, she ripped right through middle of the fighter wing. In the mean-time, I was trying to circle to the right and approach from their rear. Two fighters followed Spirit, so I headed after the others.

We were outnumbered, but with more agile fighters, more powerful guns, and the ITTS, the odds were in our favor. It's tough to fight the odds, and we destroyed the four Kilrathi without firing a missile. Since they didn't have rear turrets, we stayed on their tails with the afterburners and held fire until we had a perfect target. Then we just unloaded.

Spirit got too aggressive against four Jalkehi. Our first dogfight had led us further from the last nav point, and we met them 28,000 kilometers away. It wasn't like Spirit, but she tried to match up head-to-head against their four laser cannons and particle gun. She took a path that was as straight as a stick, and paid for it with an eject warning. She took an enemy fighter down with her, but had to punch out within minutes of her attack run.

I was worried about taking three Jalkehi on at the same time, then I saw jazz heading into the battle. "What the hell's he doing here?" I mumbled, but I was glad of his presence. He didn't take any enemy fighters out, but he kept them busy enough that I could zip around and get good position against the slow heavy Jalkehi. I hit two with guns followed by Javelins, and one with a lucky shot from a Dart with a perfect lead.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing