Heaven's Gate System - Series 5 - Mission 3

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Heaven's Gate System - Series 5 - Mission 3
Fighter F-54 Epee
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The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The Concordia's inventory of missiles was really low, so I was sent out to meet a freighter and escort her back with her full complement of Javelins, Pilums, and Darts. Of course, a little patrol duty by two nav points along the way would never hurt.

I was 13,010 kilometers from Nav 1 when targets designated "Unidentified" showed up on the right VDU. Right away, I knew these were the Stealth fighters and this time my flight recorder would allow me to prove their existence. I really wished Spirit hadn't been sick so I could corroborate my story with my wingman's visual ID. This was a solo mission, though.

I'd learned some basic tactics from my first two dogfights with the Stealth fighters. First, was a defensive tactic. Never hold a steady course for more than a few seconds. If they can predict your speed and heading, they'll reappear and hit your weak point. I waved the joystick around like it was a magic wand and kept changing speed, kicking the afterburners, and hitting the brakes to keep them guessing.

As an offensive tactic, I had learned that a Stealth fighter's shields are down when it first reappears. It must have something to do with the amount of power needed for the cloak of invisibility that's generated. Given that, a single shot from a particle cannon as soon as they appear, is often all that's needed to de-stroy one. I guess I'm the Terran Confederation's Stealth expert now.

I destroyed two of the fighters in the first group. I cruised around, but never saw any more in that location. I met four more unidentified Kilrathi 15,165 kilometers from Nav 2. I managed to destroy every one.

The only downside to the mission was a malfunctioning flight recorder. I guess it just wasn't in the cards for me to prove that these Stealth fighters exist. I'd just tell everyone I never met any enemies on this mission. After meeting Mama's Boy, the escort route to the carrier was uneventful.

Author's Note
The freighter must survive if you are to continue on the winning path in the Wing Commander II game.

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