Governor Menesch

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Place of death Regallis System, Fariss Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Rank Governor, Gemini Sector (-2654)

Menesch (first name unknown; also spelled "Meshach") was one of the first Confederation civilian governors of the Gemini Sector. He is remembered for his corrupt administration and was directly involved in war profiteering, including multiple illegal trades. He sold surplus Confederation ships to criminal groups (including the Church of Man) and later brokered several deals with the Kilrathi Empire. It was the sale of a batch of F-38 Talon fighters to the Church of Man and the subsequent exposure of that deal to the general public in 2654 that brought down his administration, forcing him into hiding. The Confederation later placed a 40,000 credit bounty on him, with several other private sources following suit.

In 2670, Menesch was responsible for the theft of Grayson Burrows' Steltek Gun and its subsequent sale to Mordecai Jones, an action for which Burrows later hunted down and finally assassinated Menesch.