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This page is the current template for creating Ship/Fighter entries. It is subject to change as we work on a final layout for these type of entries. The most important information contained on this help page is the explanation of the new ship infobox listed below.

Every article should contain an infobox. The fighter infobox is used for both fighters and capships. Not every line needs to be filled in. Only those lines that are relevant need to be filled in.


{{infobox Fighter New
|faction = #REQUIRED for faction design of template - terran/kilrathi/landreich/firekkan
|name = #REQUIRED <!--please avoid stating manufacturer in this field; it's stated two lines below -->
|type = #REQUIRED
|manufacturer = <!--enter only if known otherwise leave blank-->
|image = <!--in the ''image:filename'' format, no image tags-->
|caption = <!--image caption; if it isn't descriptive it should be left blank-->
|primary user = <!--please list only one user – for military fighter, the user is a nation and not a service arm-->
|additional users = <!--limited to three "more users" total; please separate with <br/>-->
|introduction = <!--date the spacecraft entered or will enter military or civilian service-->
|length = <!--the length of the spacecraft-->
|mass = <!--the mass of the spacecraft-->
|max velocity = <!--max velocity of the spacecraft in KPS-->
|cruise velocity = <!--only if known-->
|max afterburner velocity = <!--only if known-->
|acceleration = <!--can either be numbers or words excellent, good, poor-->
|max afterburner acceleration = <!--only if known-->
|max y/p/r = <!--max yaw/pitch/roll-->
|guns = <!--forward firing weapons only-->
|missiles = <!--fighter and capship missiles can go here-->
|turrets = <!--list turret number and type here-->
|armor = <!--fore/aft then sides-->
|shields = <!--same as armor-->
|fighter complement = <!--only to be used on capships/starbases that have fighter bays-->
|decoys = 
|cloak = 
|jump drive = 
|crew = 
|devices = <!--mostly for Arena ships-->

Following the infobox, the 5 angle shot should be placed next. Use the image tag with the following format.

[[Image:IMAGE NAME|thumb|300px|right|IMAGE DESCRIPTION]]

Other images should be placed in a gallery at the end of the article in a gallery. Galleries are created by using the gallery tag.


Most fighter entries will not require long articles and may not need headings, however if they do, they are created by using the heading code. Two equal signs with the heading in the middle will create sections. This is useful when discussing ships that have extensive histories.

==Heading 1==

Article text should follow the 5 angle shot, if required use headings, if not the text can be entered simply by typing in the text. After text is inserted articles need to be categorized. Wikipedia uses the double brackets for creating links.


Multiple categories can be entered by creating multiple category tags.

This is the raw code for the F-36 Hornet Light Fighter. It is a useful reference when creating fighter entries. Internal links in Wikipedia are accomplished by using double brackets

[[Article Name Here]]

You may also wish to look at other article's code by using the edit tab located at the top of every page.

{{infobox Fighter New
|faction = terran
|name = F-36 Hornet
|type = Light Fighter
|manufacturer = Origin Aerospace
|image = image:wc1hornet.jpg
|caption = 
|primary user = Terran Confederation
|additional users = Free Republic of the Landreich, Union of Border Worlds
|introduction = 2600s
|length = 20 meters
|mass = 12.5 tonnes
|max velocity = 420 KPS
|cruise velocity = 300 KPS
|max afterburner velocity = 
|acceleration = Good
|max afterburner acceleration = 1240 KPS
|max y/p/r = 8/9/8 DPS
|guns = 2 [[MK. 25 Laser Cannon]]s 
|missiles = 2 [[Dart DF]]s, 1 [[Javelin HS]]
|turrets = 
|armor = 4/4/4/4 cm
|shields = 4 cm
|fighter complement = 
|decoys = None
|cloak = None
|jump drive = 
|crew = 1
|devices = None

[[Image:Hornet.gif|thumb|300px|right|Hornet Target Identification circa Vega Sector 2654]]
[[Image:Cm-hornet.gif|thumb|250px|right|Hornet line-drawing from Joan's Fighting Spacecraft.]]

The F-36 Hornet was the standard light fighter of the Terran Confederation in 2654. It engaged in reconnaissance, patrol and light anti-shipping duties through the entire run of the Terran-Kilrathi War. A trainer variant of the Hornet is flown by rookie pilots at the Terran Confederation Space Forces Academy. These fighters are known for their speed, and carried a fairly-balanced arsenal of weapons for such a small fighter.

Noted Hornet squadrons include the Yellowjackets and Killer Bees assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw during the Vega Sector Campaign. General James Taggart began his career flying the nimble fighters.

The Hornet was officially replaced by the F-54 Epee in 2661, though Hornet squadrons continued flying combat missions through the Battle of Earth. After the war, surplus Hornets were sold to the Free Republic of the Landreich - where they served in numerous border disputes. Hornets were also sold to the Union of Border Worlds, who used their existing squadrons in combat against the Black Lance during the 2673 Border Worlds Conflict.

The Flying Eyes, VF-12 of the Free Republic of the Landreich Space Forces were used heavily during President Kruger's Project Goliath. They conducted the initial fly-bys of KIS Karga which showed the hulk to be mostly intact. They were eventually transfered to the Karga/FRLS Mjollnir as part of its budding air wing. Their presence was critical when the carrier was attacked by Guild forces. VF-12 also served with distinction during the Battle of Baka Kar which pitted FRLN forces against those of Ragark da Haka in 2671.

== Specifications ==

{|border="1" cellpadding="2"
| Class:
| Light Fighter
| Length:
| 20 meters  
| Mass:
| 12.5 metric tonnes  
| Max Velocity:
| 420 kps
| Cruise Velocity: 
| 300 kps
| Acceleration:
| Good
| Max Y/P/R:
| 8/9/8 dps
| Fore Shield:
| 3.0 cm equivalent
| Aft Shield:
| 3.0 cm equivalent
| Front Armor:
| 3.0 cm
| Right Armor:
| 3.0 cm
| Left Armor:
| 3.0 cm
| Rear Armor:
| 3.0 cm
| Guns:
| [[Mk. 25 Laser Cannon]] (2)
| Missiles:
| Dart DF (2), Javelin HS (1)

An earlier variant of the Hornet carried two [[FF Pike]] missiles instead of [[Dart DF|Dart DFs]].

== Images ==
Image:Bp-hornetside.gif|[[Origin Aerospace]] blueprint.
Image:Bp-hornetfront.gif|Origin Aerospace blueprint.
Image:Bp-hornettop.gif|Origin Aerospace blueprint.
Image:wc1box-hornet.jpg|View from a Hornet cockpit as it chases down a wing of [[Krant]]s.
Image:wc1box-hornet2.jpg|View from a Hornet cockpit as it engages a wing of [[Dralthi]].
Image:Killer Bees Hornet.gif|A Hornet from the [[Killer Bees Squadron]] prepares to launch.
Image:Hornet_Landing_1.gif|A Hornet landing on the [[TCS Tiger's Claw]].
Image:Hornet_Landing_2.gif|A Hornet landing on the flight deck of the TCS Tiger's Claw.
[[category:Fighters]][[category:terran Fighters]][[category:Light Fighters]]