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This article is about a ship. For the mythological hero, see Karga (Hero).

KIS Karga
Type Bhantkara-Class Super Carrier
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
Captains Largka Cakg dai Nokhtak
Service Terran-Kilrathi War - ??? to 2670, abandoned 2670.

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The KIS Karga was a Bhantkara-class carrier in the service of the Empire of Kilrah. He was named after the Kilrathi hero Karga.


Raid on the Landreich

In 2670, the Karga was the flagship of Admiral Largka Cakg dai Nokhtak. He was leading a fleet on a raid on the Free Republic of the Landreich. Only the Karga and the destroyer KIS Frawqirg had survived the Battle and retreated into the Vaku System, pursued by the Terran Confederation cruisers TCS Dover and TCS Juneau. During the battle, the Frawqirg crashed on the surface of Vaku VII’s Moon, Vaku VIIa (later called Nargrast). The Karga’s flight deck was damaged so he couldn't launch any fighters. He managed to destroy the Dover but the Juneau crippled him. As his shield were about to fail, Admiral Cakg dai Nokhtak ordered many crewmen to abandon ship, including his nephew Murragh Cakg dai Nokhtak and to activate the self-destruct sequence to take the Juneau with them. The escape pods reached Vaku VIIa but due to a computer failure, the self-destruct sequence was aborted and the shields failed. Because of Vaku VII's radiation, all remaining crewmen, including the Admiral, decided to commit Zu'kara. The Karga would remain in orbit of Vaku VII for at least half a standard terran year.

Project Goliath

Surprise Attack on Baka Kar as FRLS Mjollnir

FRLS Mjollnir
Type Bhantkara-Class Super Carrier
Primary User Free Republic of the Landreich
Captains Geoffrey Tolwyn
Service 2670 to ???

Attempted Coup d’État of Murragh Cakg dai Nokhtak

In 2675, Murragh Cakg dai Nokhtak took the FRLS Mjollnir to Pasqual in an attempt to take the Kiranka throne for himself. Support from the Free Republic of the Landreich had been expected but it never came and as a consequence, the planned invasion didn't take place. After being pursued by Chancellor Melek nar Kiranka’s police forces, Murragh lives in the Landreich in exile.

Behind the Scenes

Star*Soldier’s page 48 mentions an FRLS Karga instead of an FRLS Mjollnir.