Episode 4 - Losing Mission 8A - Skinning Cats

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Skinning Cats
Date 2668.365.0120
Fighter Sabre
Wingmen Squealer
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Stilettos
  • Primary
    • Defend the Firekka
  • Hidden Primary
    • Destroy Frigate
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Next Episode 4 - Losing Mission 9A - Backlash

Preflight Conversations


There is no briefing. This mission is a scramble.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This is a scramble mission, which ends with a strike on a Targu II. The player flies a Sabre.

Ejection always means rescue.

Three Jalkehi and six Gothri are spawned at launch. Two Gothri are positioned behind the player and can inflict major damage on the player at launch if they are not careful. Afterburn away either up, down or to the right to avoid their fire.

Thirty seconds later: three Drakhri and three Krants appear.

When all the enemies are dead the player takes on the mission of attacking a Targu II frigate. Squealer, in a Sabre, will fly with the player to the next nav point. If Trigger has not ejected, his wing of three Stilettos will also join.

At the intercept nav: one Targu II, two Kamekhs, three Grikath and nine Sartha, including Najji Fireclaw.

When all the Kilrathi are dead the mission is completed.