Episode 4 - Losing Mission 7A - Cruiser Escort

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Convoy Hunting
Date 2668.365.0013
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Longshot and Hades
  • Primary
    • Protect the Reims
  • Secondary
    • Protect the Sao Paolo (if it's still alive)
    • Protect the Breslau
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Next Episode 4 - Losing Mission 8A - Skinning Cats

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: Captain, we've just received word from the Reims. Like us, they were operating far out on the flank, and stayed behind to inflict damage on Kilrathi supply ships. Unfortunately, their luck's been much worse than ours, and they've gotten badly mauled. Now, the way I see it, after your last strike, the cats are gonna turn this place upside down, so it's really time to turn tail and get out of this system. We're not, however, leaving the Reims behind.

If the Sao Paulo and the Breslau are both still alive: You will meet up with the Reims, together with the remnants of Destroyer Group Two at this navpoint.

If only the Breslau is still alive: You will meet up with the Reims, together with the Breslau at this navpoint.

Bring them back, Captain, all of them. On this side of the frontline, our best chance at survival is if we can establish a strong task force with the Reims.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

In this mission the player must find and rescue the Confed capships. They fly a Rapier. Longshot and Hades fly on the player’s wing.

Ejection always means rescue.

This mission has a minefield dividing the player from the Reims. The player can either go through the minefield or around it. If they go through it they may sustain damage or lose wingmen to the mines. If they go around it, they may not arrive in time to save the Reims.

At the Reims Nav is: TCS Reims, with one component destroyed, TCS Sao Paulo (if survived), TCS Breslau along with six Rapiers.

Thirty seconds after the player arrives: six Krants and six Grikaths appear. The Grikath target the destroyers first.

Thirty seconds later: six Gothri and eight Sartha appear. The Gothri again target the destroyers first.

If the player goes through Nav 1 only two of the six Rapiers are alive and the first wave of Kilrathi is already spawned when they arrive.

If the player saves the Reims the mission is a success, otherwise it is a failure.