Episode 4 - Losing Mission 9A - Backlash

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Date 2668.365.0159
Fighter Sabre
Wingmen Squealer and Hotdog
  • Primary
    • Destroy Fralthra
  • Hidden Primary
    • Destroy both Ralatha
  • Secondary
    • Destroy Frigate (only if it survived Skinning Cats)
  • Hidden Bonus
    • Destroy the convoy
Previous Episode 4 - Losing Mission 8A - Skinning Cats
Next Fralthra destroyed
Episode 4 - Losing Mission 10A - A Monster of Myth
Fralthra not destroyed
Episode 5 - Losing Mission 12 - Rearguard Duties

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: I don't particularly like sending you out there again so soon after what happened, Captain. That stunt you pulled, going after the frigate in a state like that... you shouldn't have made it back alive.

If the frigate in M8A was destroyed: ...But you got the job done, which I suppose means you're at least as skilled as you are insane.

If the frigate wasn't destroyed: ...And I'm not at all surprised you failed to get the job done. I simply don't know what you were thinking.

Regardless, this opportunity is far too good to pass up, so you are going back out there. Thanks to Lieutenant Freyers' decoding skills, we've got a bearing on a Fralthra-class cruiser. They're nearby, and apparently, nearly all their fighters are out hunting us. That means two things - firstly, we have to take that ship out before they find us. And secondly, we should be able to take her out with a single wing.

Bradshaw: Uh, sir, one wing? Against a cruiser?

Reismann: Sending a single wing IS risky, yes... but we believe that a single wing should be able to get through without attracting any attention. On the other hand, a bigger force is bound to be detected, and then the Fralthra will pull all her fighters back for defence. So, a single wing is the way to go. Now, get out there and kill that ship. Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

The player has to destroy a Fralthra cruiser that is currently hunting the Firekka. The player pilots a Sabre with Squealer and Hotdog as wingmen.

Ejection always means rescue.

As soon as the player launch they receive an additional objective in taking out a Kilrathi convoy. The player can go to the convoy first, however they stand to lose fighters and then might not be able to finish off the capships.

The Fralthra Nav consists of: one Fralthra, one Targu-II (if it survived Episode 4 - Losing Mission 8A - Skinning Cats), two Ralatha, and three Drakhri.

If the player went to the Convoy Nav first the first of the following waves is already at the Fralthra, otherwise they begin to appear four minutes after the player arrives.

Wave 1: six Sartha and six Drakhri

Three minutes later: three Krants and three Hhriss

Three minutes later: three Gothri and six Jalkehi

The Convoy Nav consists of: three Dorkathi, two Drakhri, and two Sartha.

This mission is a success if the Fralthra and both Ralathas are dead, otherwise it is a failure.