Episode 4 - Losing Mission 6 - Convoy Hunting

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Convoy Hunting
Date 2668.364.2127
Fighter Rapier or Sabre
Wingmen Rapier
Spoons and Gunner
Saxman and Popsicle
  • Primary
    • Destroy all Kilrathi Transports (percentage-based Dorkathi counter)
  • Secondary
    • Destroy any Kilrathi escort vessels (percentage-based Kamekh counter)
    • Ensure the Ralatha's Destruction
Previous Episode 4 - Losing Mission 5 - Supply Run
Next Destroy Ralatha
Episode 4 - Losing Mission 7A - Cruiser Escort
Fail to destroy Ralatha
Episode 4 - Losing Mission 7B - Cleaning Up

Preflight Conversations


If the previous mission was a success

Reismann: Good news, Captain - while you were bringing in that convoy, we intercepted a Kilrathi transmission.

If the previous mission was a failure

Reismann: While you were out there losing vital supplies, Captain, we intercepted a Kilrathi transmission.

Reismann: Lieutenant Freyers has decoded it, and he believes he can point us towards a cat convoy. And we're not talking about one or two freighters, Captain - this is a big one. It's hard to get any precise numbers, but Freyers says there's gonna be at least a dozen Dorkathi out there.

Bradshaw: And the escort?

Reismann: Well, they certainly ain't here alone. However, we are behind enemy lines, and if we're lucky, the Kilrathi haven't yet realised we're in position to strike that convoy. So, you can definitely expect resistence, but hopefully not much of it. Unfortunately, though, the convoy is spread out over a fairly large area, marked by these three navpoints, which means the sweep is likely to take a while. By the time you're done, you can expect interceptors from the carriers to arrive in the area. Good luck - and kill them all!

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission allows the player to choose their ship. They may either fly a Rapier or Sabre. The mission is to find and destroy a Kilrathi convoy. It is spread out, so the player will need to visit multiple nav points (including one hidden nav point) to kill the entire convoy.

Until the player finds the Ralatha, ejection means capture. Afterwards (even if he doesn't destroy it) ejection means rescue.

In this mission, the player must clear three nav points (actually, two, since the third is empty). There is also a fourth, hidden nav point. This is a bonus nav point, which means that the ships at that nav point are only added to the objectives IF the player visits it. Once he does visit it, however, the ships there must be killed in order to win (in other words - until he visits this nav point, killing fifteen Dorkathi will give him 100% for the primary objective - but after he visits it, 100% is eighteen Dorkathi).

Nav 1 consists of: a Kamekh, three Dorkathi, three Drakhri.

Nav 2 is empty.

Nav 3 consists of: a Ralatha, twelve Dorkathi, six Sartha, six Drakhri.

The hidden nav point is located in the middle of the diamond created by the other four (including Firekka) nav points. At the hidden nav there is: two Kamekhs, three Dorkathi, six Drakhri.

If the player got 100% of the Dorkathi (15 or 18, depending on if they visited the hidden nav), the mission is a success, regardless of the other vessels involved. The mission, however, is marked as a success if the Ralatha was destroyed - otherwise, it's marked as a failure regardless of the Dorkathi.