Episode 3 - Losing Mission 3A - Capship Strike

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Capship Strike
Date 2668.358.1105
Fighter Rapier or Gladius
Wingmen Barbarian and Longshot (Rapier)

Hotdog and Popsicle (Gladius)

Other Friendly Ships 2 wings of Rapiers
1 wing of Gladii
1 Venture-class Corvette
Firekka CAP (2 wings of Stilettos)
  • Primary
    • Patrol Sirius Jump Point
  • Hidden Primary
    • Destroy Fralthi Cruiser
    • Defend the Firekka
  • Hidden Secondary
    • Defend the Drake
Previous Episode 3 - Losing Mission 2A - Hiding the Firekka
Next Fralthi destroyed
Episode 3 - Losing Mission 4A - Marching to Sirius
Fralthi survives
Episode 3 - Losing Mission 4B - Charging to Sirius

Preflight Conversations


Well, Captain, I'm afraid we don't have much information to give you regarding this mission. All we know is this - if there is indeed a Kilrathi capital ship at the Sirius jump point, as the data the Drake has collected seems to indicate, it must be removed. The stakes are big on this one - it's not just a question of us having a clear path to join the main fleet. There is also a danger that the Kilrathi could use this jump point to strike the fleet from the rear. Of course, we don't know the size of the force we're up agaist here, but even a single cruiser on the loose along the fleet's supply routes could be disasterous. In short, you must clear that jump point.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission allows the player to choose their ship. They can either fly escort in the Rapier or the strike package in the Gladius. This is a capship strike, as the mission name states, however it is also slightly blind since the player is unaware of exactly what type of ship they are going up against.

Until the attack on the Firekka has been beaten off, ejection means capture.

Nav 1 contains no enemies.

At the Jump Point Nav there is: a Fralthi, four Jalkehi, four Krants (including Virahn Bloodclaw), and six Drakhri . Two minutes after the player’s arrival they receive a recall order from the Firekka because the ship is under attack. The player can now retreat from the nav point towards the Firekka. The Kilrathi will break off pursuit once you are roughly 40,000 meters from the nav point.

In order to kill the Fralthi the player must be quick in killing it. They have roughly three minutes from arrival until the recall order is issued.

Thirty seconds after the Firekka message, if the player is still at the nav point the following begin to launch from the Fralthi: six Drakhri.

If the player is still at the Jump Point Nav a minute and a half after the Firekka message they receive another desperate plea for help from the Firekka. If the player leaves after the second recall message the Firekka will have lost one engine component and several turrets.

Once the player has retreated the autopilot light will come on and they will be able to finish the journey using autopilot. However, at Nav 1 there are three Shok’lars waiting for the player. After they have been defeated the player can continue on to the Firekka.

The Firekka is under attack from: a Kamekh, three Gothri, three Gratha and six Krants. Once they have been destroyed the mission is over.