Episode 3 - Losing Mission 4B - Charging to Sirius

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Charging to Sirius
Date 2668.358.1604
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Gunner and Longshot
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Rapiers
1 wing of Stilettos
1 Venture-class corvette
2 wings of Gladii
  • Primary
    • Clear a path to the jump point
    • Defend the Firekka
Previous Episode 3 - Losing Mission 3A - Capship Strike
Next Episode 4 - Losing Mission 5 - Supply Run

Preflight Conversations


I'm very disappointed with your last failure, Captain. We don't have the time to launch a follow-up strike. What we're looking at is a repeat of the Mastif scenario. We're charging the jump point, and we'll try to run past the Fralthi. Of course, I expect your people to take another crack at her when we arrive at the jump point, but her destruction is now a secondary concern. When we're in position, whatever the Fralthi's status, your people must be prepared to land on the Firekka at a moment's notice. Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes