Episode 2 - Mission 2 - Mastif Patrol

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Mastif Patrol
Date 2668.357.0735
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Trigger and Raptor
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Rapiers and 2 wings of Stilettos at Foxtrot Nav
  • Primary
    • Patrol all three navpoints
  • Hidden Primary
    • Bring back Foxtrot wing
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 6A/B – Sabre Pursuit OR Episode 1 - Mission 7 - Sabre Pursuit
Next Episode 2 - Mission 3 - First Engagement

Preflight Conversations


Bradshaw, let's get started. We're still waiting for one more wing of Rapiers to arrive, but in the meantime we're already moving towards the Weslyn jump point. Now, those incoming Rapiers can take care of themselves. However, we have no intel on enemy activity here, so what I need from you is reconnaissance data. This is the shortest route from Perry to Sol, and the Kilrathi know this. This means that their privateers are bound to be operating out here. We don't have time for a clean sweep - all I want is for your ships to keep the Kilrathi at bay and disrupt any wolfpacks that might be assembling. Good luck.

Mission Layout

  • Between Firekka Nav and Nav 1
  • Nav 1
    • None
  • Nav 2
    • None
  • Nav 3
    • None
  • Foxtrot Nav

Player Notes

This is your first mission in Mastif, prior to the arrival of the Kilrathi fleet. You are flying a Stiletto once again. Soon enough, my friend you will no longer have to go head-to-head with Gothri in a Stiletto, soon. Trigger and Raptor are your wingmen. The mission is a supposed to be a simple three point patrol, however it is interrupted by a distress call.

All ejections end with a friendly pickup, however it results in the loss of three Stilettos and one Rapier.

In between the Firekka and Nav 1 is an intercept nav with one Gothri. Nav 1 and Nav 2 are devoid of anything, Nav 3 has only asteroids. After arriving at Nav 3 you receive a mayday from Foxtrot Wing. Your autopilot is now reset to Foxtrot Nav for the intercept.

Upon arrival Foxtrot Wing (Rapiers, Sparrow and Swordfish) are both damaged 30%, although Sparrow is invulnerable. They still have full armor and shields, but it can be challenging against six Gothri to start. Ninety seconds after the fight begins two more Gothri arrive near the edge of the nav point. Forty-five seconds after that three Gothri appear around the edge of the nav point. At this time, Bradshaw sends his own distress call to the Firekka requesting assistance. Forty-five seconds later reinforcements begin to arrive. Twenty-five seconds after that another wing will arrive.

The mission is successful if you patrolled all three nav points.