Peter Halcyon

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Peter Halcyon
Peter Halcyon around 2654
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Years of service -2656
Rank Colonel
Unit 88th Carrier Wing
Commands Wing Commander, 88th Carrier Wing, TCS Tiger's Claw
Battles/wars Vega Sector Campaign,
Operation Thor's Hammer,
Operation Crusade,
Enigma Sector Campaign

Colonel Peter Halcyon was commander of the 88th Fighter Wing aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw. He was also the bridge commander/captain of the ship in Super Wing Commander, and The Secret Missions (PC and SNES).


As befitting one of his position, Halcyon had his own office aboard the Claw. Halcyon was often forthcoming with praise following a successful mission, but would be equally hard on pilots who failed to complete their objectives. Besides issuing orders to the pilots, Halcyon's other duties included squadron transfers, awarding medals, and overseeing pilot funerals.

Halcyon was a prominent commander of the Terran Confederation Space Force during the 2650s. It was his pilots, among them then-Major Christopher Blair, who halted the Kilrathi offensive in the Vega Sector and ultimately liberated it from the Kilrathi in 2654 by destroying the Kilrathi Sector Command at Venice. Shortly after this victory, Halcyon took part in Operation Thor's Hammer, in which the Tiger's Claw tracked down and destroyed a Kilrathi fleet that had destroyed the colony of Goddard. During this mission, Halcyon held command of the Tiger's Claw, following the removal from command of Captain Thorn by Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn. Finally, from 2655 to 2656, the 88th defended the planet of Firekka after the Kilrathi invaded in 2655. The planet was eventually liberated thanks to Halcyon and the 88th.

During the year 2656, the Tiger's Claw was deployed to the Enigma Sector with the mission to destroy the Kilrathi Sector Command at K'tithrak Mang. The Claw was ambushed and destroyed by Kilrathi stealth fighters resulting in Halcyons death.

Behind the scenes

Halcyon was featured in the first Wing Commander game and it's two expansions.