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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Antares Quadrant
Locations Circe V, Circe VII
Jump Links Peleus, Telamon

Circe is a star system located in the Epsilon Sector. It is a member of the Union of Border Worlds.

Circe was first settled from 2525 to 2560. It hosts seventeen planets, including Circe V and Circe VII, both of which are fully inhabited by Terran colonists. The system is a well-established Terran territory that administered a major intelligence network within its vicinity during the Terran-Kilrathi War. This made Circe a prominent center of intelligence activities.

Circe was formerly a member of the Terran Confederation, but joined the Union of Border Worlds when the later declared its independence.

Circe was the center of a bloody civil war during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673. This war was fought between the legitimate Circean government and rebel forces aided by Terran mercenaries, who in reality were Black Lance operatives. During the conflict, the BWS Intrepid, commanded by former Terran Colonel Christopher Blair, led the Border Worlds effort to evacuate the civilian populace and to end the civil war.

In 2675, after the Union had gained full independence, the Circean Civil War ended after both sides in the conflict instead focused their activities off of profiteering from the civil war that was plaguing the Kilrathi following their defeat in the Terran-Kilrathi War. The star system has since enjoyed a rapid reconstruction process.

By 2701, Circe V hosted a population of 8,317,955 while Circe VII hosted 4,191,981 people. By this point, Circe had become renowned as a virtual training ground for Terran pilots, given the dangers of traveling through the Epsilon Sector.