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Terran-Kilrathi War
Date 2634.186 - 2669.267
Location Milky Way Galaxy
Result Confederation Victory
Terran Confederation Empire of Kilrah
Units involved
Terran Confederation Navy
Terran Confederation Marine Corps
Terran Confederation Space Force
Kilrathi Imperial Fleet
Kilrathi Imperial Marines
Casualties and losses
2.1 Trillion KIA
4.2 quadrillion credits worth of war materials lost
7.4 Trillion KIA
9,500,012,432,187 total deaths for both sides

The Terran-Kilrathi War was a galactic military conflict which lasted from 2634 to 2669. Through the duration of the conflict, the Terran Confederation and its allies fought the Kilrathi Empire to ensure the survival of humanity in the face of the Kilrathi's desire for galactic dominance.


The Terran-Kilrathi conflict actually dates back to humanity's first encounter with the Kilrathi during the year 2629. During that year, a Terran research vessel known as the TCS Iason was conducting research deep within the Terran-controlled Vega Sector when it encountered an unidentified alien starship. Hoping to ensure peaceful contact with the unknown vessel, the captain of the Iason, Jedora Andropolos, transmitted a non-verbal greeting to the ship's crew, and he ordered that the defenses on the Iason be deactivated. Upon receiving the message, the crew onboard the vessel detected wide-band radiation from the transmission, and believed that it was an attempt to render their shields powerless. Twenty minutes after initial contact, the mysterious vessel opened fire on the Iason, destroying the defenseless vessel and killing its entire crew.

Some time later, the vessel was identified as the destroyer KIS K'rath'kan, a warship serving with a felinoid sentient species known as the Kilrathi. Upon receiving word of the disastrous engagement, the Terran Confederation sought to establish peace with the Kilrathi, and they called for a peaceful compromise with them by means of diplomacy. The Kilrathi, however, rejected these calls and refused to send ambassadors to discuss relations with the Terrans. Instead, they resorted to a campaign of piracy and murder along the Terran frontier, capturing or destroying defenseless Terran transports and inflicting severe material and civilian losses. In response to these attacks, the Confederation Senate enacts a non-aggression policy aimed at discouraging Kilrathi activities on the frontier. However, as these raids continued, the Terran Confederation threatened military reprisals against the Kilrathi Empire if they refused to cease all activities of piracy within Terran airspace.

After five years of undeterred piracy and murder within Terran space, the Kilrathi attacked yet another civilian vessel in 2634. This vessel, a transport known as the TCS Anna Magdalena, was ferrying orphans to their new homes on the planet Dieno, deep within the Vega Sector. Two Kilrathi starfighters ambushed the defenseless vessel and destroyed it, killing its entire crew and all passengers. News of this murderous act sparked outrage across the Terran Confederation, and on 2634.186, the Terran government officially declared war on the Kilrathi Empire, thus beginning what is now known as the Terran-Kilrathi War.

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