TCS Anna Magdalena

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The TCS Anna Magdalena was a civilian transport in the service of the Terran Confederation. It served with the Confederation for several years prior to 2634.

On 2634.186, the TCS Anna Magdalena was transporting orphans to their new homes in the colonies of Dieno when it was ambushed by a pair of Kilrathi starfighters in a raid. The Anna Magdalena was just the latest of many civilian vessels to fall victim to Kilrathi piracy. The transport possessed virtually no means of self-defense, and was destroyed by the Kilrathi. The attack left no survivors.

This latest atrocity after five years of Kilrathi harassment of civilian shipping finally motivated the Terran Confederation to declare war on the Kilrathi Empire that year, officially beginning the 35-year Terran-Kilrathi War.