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This page is the template that should be used for creating Capital Ship entries.

Every article should contain an infobox. The fighter infobox is used for both fighters and capships. Not every line needs to be filled in. Only those lines that are relevant need to be filled in.


{{infobox Fighter New
|faction = #REQUIRED for faction design of template - terran/kilrathi/landreich/firekkan
|name = #REQUIRED <!--please avoid stating manufacturer in this field; it's stated two lines below -->
|type = #REQUIRED
|manufacturer = <!--enter only if known otherwise leave blank-->
|image = <!--in the ''image:filename'' format, no image tags-->
|caption = <!--image caption; if it isn't descriptive it should be left blank-->
|primary user = <!--please list only one user – for military fighter, the user is a nation and not a service arm-->
|additional users = <!--limited to three "more users" total; please separate with <br/>-->
|introduction = <!--date the spacecraft entered or will enter military or civilian service-->
|length = <!--the length of the spacecraft-->
|mass = <!--the mass of the spacecraft-->
|max velocity = <!--max velocity of the spacecraft in KPS-->
|cruise velocity = <!--only if known-->
|max afterburner velocity = <!--only if known-->
|acceleration = <!--can either be numbers or words excellent, good, poor-->
|max afterburner acceleration = <!--only if known-->
|max y/p/r = <!--max yaw/pitch/roll-->
|guns = <!--forward firing weapons only-->
|missiles = <!--fighter and capship missiles can go here-->
|turrets = <!--list turret number and type here-->
|armor = <!--fore/aft then sides-->
|shields = <!--same as armor-->
|fighter complement = <!--only to be used on capships/starbases that have fighter bays-->
|decoys = 
|cloak = 
|jump drive = 
|crew = 
|devices = <!--mostly for Arena ships-->

Following the infobox, the 5 angle shot should be placed next. Use the image tag with the following format.

[[Image:IMAGE NAME|thumb|300px|right|IMAGE DESCRIPTION]]

Other images should be placed in a gallery at the end of the article in a gallery. Galleries are created by using the gallery tag.


Most Capital ship entries will not require long articles and may not need headings, however if they do, they are created by using the heading code. Two equal signs with the heading in the middle will create sections. This is useful when discussing ships that have extensive histories.

==Heading 1==

Article text should follow the 5 angle shot, if required use headings, if not the text can be entered simply by typing in the text. After text is inserted articles need to be categorized. Wikipedia uses the double brackets for creating links.


Multiple categories can be entered by creating multiple category tags.

This is the raw code for the Bengal-Class Strike Carrier Entry so that you may get a better idea of the code in practice. Internal links in Wikipedia are accomplished by using double brackets

[[Article Name Here]]

You may also wish to look at other article's code by utilizing the edit tab located at the top of every page.

{{infobox Fighter
|faction = terran
|name = Bengal
|type = [[Strike Carrier]]
|manufacturer = Trojan Four Spaceyards
|image = image:wc1bengal.jpg
|introduction = 2619
|produced = 

[[Image:wc1bengal4.gif|thumb|300px|right|Bengal-class Target Identification.]]

[[Image:Cm-bengal.gif|thumb|250px|right|Bengal-class line drawing from Joan's Fighting Spacecraft (drawing is the TCS Tiger's Claw).]]

The Bengal Class was a Terran Confederation strike carrier design. It was included in Joan's Fighting Spacecraft Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092. In 2642, the Terran Confederation military command determined the need for a heavy space carrier and authorized the design of the Bengal-class. The construction contract was awarded to the Trojan Four Spaceyards. The first Bengal launched was the TCS Bengal in 2619. The TCS Tiger's Claw, the first in a new line of fully-redesigned Bengals, was launched in 2644. Following the launch of the Tiger's Claw the Bengal design was modified once again, reducing the overall length to 690 meters and the mass by several tonnes. The TCS Kipling, launched in 2645, reflected these changes. The fictional TCS Hornet's Nest was a Bengal-class ship.

The Bengals were designed to undertake deep-space assaults against Kilrathi positions without the need for escorting vessels. These ships were designed as all-purpose vessels that could hold their own in combat without assistance.

The TCS Tiger's Claw was by far the most famous ship of this class. While on her shakedown cruise, she routed a Kilrathi invasion force, liberated the Vega Sector in 2654, destroyed the Kilrathi fleet responsible for the destruction of Goddard in 2655, and ensured the entry of the Firekkans into the Terran Confederation later that year following a massive Kilrathi invasion. Some of the finest pilots ever to serve in the Confederation Space Navy served aboard the Claw, including Christopher Blair.

The last Bengal-Class ship was commissioned in 2657. By the end of the decade, they were replaced by the more modern Jutland-Class Heavy Carriers. However, surviving Bengals continued to serve the Confederation loyally throughout the remainder of the War. TCS Wolfhound served into the late 2660's, notably at the Battle of Vukar Tag where it and the TCS Concordia were the only two Confed carriers to escape undamaged. It served as Admiral William Banbridge's flagship before and during the battle.

== Notable Vessels ==

*''[[TCS Beacontree]]''
*''[[TCS Bengal]]'' (Class Leader)
*''[[TCS Eagle's Talon]]''
*''[[TCS Exeter]]''
*''[[TCS Kipling]]''
*''[[TCS Kyoto]]''
*''[[TCS Tiger's Claw]]'' (Destroyed 2656)
*''[[TCS Trafalgar]]''
*''[[TCS Wolfhound]]''
*''[[TCS Vanguard]]''

== Specifications (Wing Commander) ==

{|border="1" cellpadding="2"
| Class:
| Strike Carrier
| Length:
| 690-700 meters  
| Mass:
| 80,000 metric tonnes  
| Max Velocity:
| 130 kps
| Cruise Velocity: 
| 100 kps
| Acceleration:
| Poor
| Max Y/P/R:
| 1/1/1 dps
| Fore Shield:
| 21.0 cm equivalent
| Aft Shield:
| 21.0 cm equivalent
| Front Armor:
| 24.0 cm
| Right Armor:
| 25.0 cm
| Left Armor:
| 25.0 cm
| Rear Armor:
| 20.0 cm
| Guns:
| [[Dual Laser Turret]] (8)
| Fighter Complement:
| 104

== Images ==
Image:wcatv-bengal.png|[[TCS Tiger's Claw]] as seen in Wing Commander Academy TV series.

==Fan Art==

Over the years many fans have contributed their artwork showcasing the Tiger's Claw. 

[[Bengal-Class Carrier Fan Art]]

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