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Alpha Wing
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Confederation Intelligence thought the Kilrathi were setting up an ambush, so they decided to launch all our fighter wings in an effort to counteract their strategy. Spirit and I would take the bait, flying right into the middle of the anticipated melee.

Mission Profile:

We would fly a three-point patrol route, saving our heavy weapons until we reached the ambush location at Nav 3.

Mission Chronology:

1. A wing of Salthi attacked 14,874 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. A second wing of Salthi were escorting a Dorkir sport at Nav 1.
3. Three Krant attacked in the asteroids 9,815 kilometers from Nav 2.
4. Two Gratha hit us 20,263 kilometers from Nav 3.
5. Two more Gratha and a Fralthi were discovered at Nav 3. A third Gratha came out from behind the Fralthi as we attacked.

Post-Mission Analysis:

The Salthi and Dorkir were easy work for our neutron guns. We hit the Salthi from the side and the capital ship from the rear. With stronger armor and shields, we just kept firing until blaster power was low, hit the afterburners to run away, then attacked again. We destroyed two Salthi in frontal attacks.

Our shields regenerated by the time we hit the asteroids and the Krant attacked. I kept my speed to 100 KPS and nudged the afterburners during the attack. I used full guns, while Spirit launched three missiles.

The ambush didn't really materialize, at least not in the expected numbers. Against the heavy Gratha, I used my javelins, Pilums, Porcupine, and full guns while avoiding damage with my better speed and afterburners.

Next LaFong Entry: Between Missions - Jotunheim System

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. Heard the latest?
I haven't heard anything, either. We've been sitting here for hours an' hours....
Just waiting. It's starting to make me a little crazy. Some of the pilots, too.
I keep tellin' the pilots not to worry, the Colonel knows what he's doing...
... but what if he doesn't?

Talk to ANGEL

Hello, Maverick. I heard you saw plenty of action today.
The Kilrathi are using very smart tactics against us. I've been recalculating our odds of surviving this mission.
James Taggart
I wish you wouldn't sound so admirin' of 'em, lassie.
Jeannette Devereaux
We may be their enemies, but we cannot ignore their strengths.
They know this area of space. They are smart and tenacious.
James Taggart
Aye, but the longer we're here, the better we know this part of space.
And we're smart and tenacious, too. And we're becomin' just like them. Just like the Kilrathi....
Jeannette Devereaux
But we will survive, Taggart, and that is what matters.

Talk to Paladin

Pull up a seat, lad. Have you heard the latest from Tactical?
They've finished their computer analysis of the Kilrathi secret weapon.
There's nothing we can do to deflect that damned energy blaster---
---once they've aimed it at a planet-based colony, but at least---
---we'll nae have to worry about them using it against our ships.
Tactical says that the weapon would be useless against fighters or a starship like the Tiger's Claw.
That we'd be out-of-range before the cats finished priming it.
That's a wee bit reassuring, isn't it?
Those lads in Tactical are impressive, wi' how they figure these things out on their comp-sims.
Of course, their guesses aren't always correct....
Like that time they told us the new Dralthi ships wouldn't have enough range to attack---
---the Epsilon Prima system. We lost five pilots because of that mistake.
Tactical's usually very accurate...
...but I'd nae wager your life on that, laddie.

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

Pilots, it's cat-and-mouse time.
After taking a low, slow, evasive track around the asteroid fields...
... our quarry has now come up to speed and taken a straight course.
We can't think of any reason for this tactic, unless they're leading us into an ambush.
And we're going to follow them, right into their trap.

Michael Casey

We're doing WHAT, sir?

Peter Halcyon

We're going to take the bait, pilots, but on our own terms.
We're going to launch all fighter wings...
...on different routes through the asteroid fields.
...Tactical thinks that the ambush is set up at Nav Three...
:The wings will travel via Nav 1 through the asteroids at Nav 2...
And ambush the ambush at Nav 3. Destroy them, and return.
Wing assignments. Same as last time...

The Colonel quickly lists off the assignments, including yours.

Peter Halcyon

Alpha Wing, Maverick and Spirit.
Any questions? What is it, Taggart?

James Taggart

Colonel, the other pilots and I think that Maniac is nae fit for duty.

Peter Halcyon

Maniac, what do you have to say about that?

Todd Marshall

Sir, if I can't fly, then I'm nothing. I'd rather be dead. Please don't ground me.

Peter Halcyon

All right, get out there and fly. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing