Alpha Wing (Enyo System)

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Alpha Wing
Date 2654.110.0600
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Mariko Tanaka
Medal None
Objectives Proceed to Nav Point 1 (2)

Proceed to Nav Point 2 (1)
Proceed to Nav Point 3 (2)
Return to Tiger's Claw (1)

Victory Points 6/6
Notes Proceed to Nav Point 1

Proceed to Nav Point 2
Proceed to Nav Point 3
Return to Tiger's Claw

Previous None
Next Epsilon Wing (Enyo System)

Mission Layout

  • Nav 1
  • Nav 2
    • Asteroid Field
  • Between Nav 2 and Nav 3
  • Nav 3
    • Asteroid Field


  • There is some confusion as to when the mission briefing takes place and when the Tiger's Claw arrives in the Enyo System:
    • Wing Commander I and II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide claims "Colonel Halcyon had ordered every pilot to appear at mission briefings" at 0800 hours the next morning after the Tiger's Claw arrived in the Enyo System.
    • The briefing's in-game dateline reads "06:00 hours, 2654.110."
    • Colonel Halcyon begins the briefing stating that "the Tiger's Claw dropped from jumpspace seven hours ago, at 0800," suggesting that it is now 1500 on the same day the Tiger's Claw arrived at Enyo.


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The briefing room was buzzing until Colonel Halcyon entered and outlined the mission and assignments for the Killer Bee Squadron. I was thankful that all new pilots would be flying as wingleaders, with veterans protecting our wings. Spirit and I were Alpha Wing, flying Hornets on a patrol to check three jump points. Asteroid fields were expected near Nav 2 and 3.

The launch was a good one. I called up the Nav guidance system from the keyboard and locked in on Nav 1 before engaging autopilot. As we raced through space, I ran diagnostics on the weapons, guidance, armor, and shield systems. Spirit tracked activity on radar.

I was checking the readouts when Spirit’s voice echoed through the headset. “Excuse me, Commander, I have noticed enemy ships,” she said. I wasn’t sure why she was being so polite, but I suddenly felt sick with fear. “Get a grip,” I thought.

I kicked the throttles up to full, swung left, and used my right VDU to target the enemy. It was a wing of three Dralthi! They were almost as fast as our Hornets and carried more armor in their fore and aft shields, but I thought we could handle them. “Break and attack,” I radioed to Spirit and watched her roll to the left.

I followed quickly, but took a path to the right that would keep Spirit and me well separated and hopefully split the Dralthi attack. I was so nervous that I started firing my laser can-non while still out of range. Luckily, I caught myself and allowed my blaster power to regenerate before kicking in the afterburners and sweeping in on the lead Dralthi.

The nimble fighter darted up and away while I struggled to follow. I thought some condensation must have formed on the inside of the cockpit’s viewscreen, because my vision was suddenly obscured. Then I noticed it was sweat dripping into my eyes. That’s when I made the second mistake of the day.

I selected a Javelin heat-seeking missile and waited for the tell-tale ping that signaled a lock on my target’s exhaust. I hit the afterburners to stay on the Dralthi’s tail and then launched as soon as I had a lock. In my nervous state, I continued to fire my laser cannon and blew my own missile right out of the sky. “This isn’t going according to the books.” I winced and took a hit from a second Dralthi that had gained position while I jockeyed around with the first. Luckily, the shields held.

I hit the afterburners again and broke down and right to go after the attacked. This time I kept my wits. I stayed on him and blasted away with the laser. I saw some debris fall and knew that he was almost finished. As he looped up to make an escape, two quick shots finished him off in a shower of sparks. Spirit finished off her target with some laser fire against the weaker shields on the left side of the medium fighter, and I took out the third with a Javelin that I gave time to reach the target. “The simulator was pretty good,” I thought, “but nothing prepares you for a real dogfight.”

We scanned our radar for more enemies and, once sure that the area was clear, continued on autopilot to Nav 1. The jump point was clear, but about 17,000 kilometers from Nav 2 we hit our first asteroid field. I throttled back to 250 KPS and threaded the needle until we reached Nav 2. One glancing blow rocked the Hornet, but my shields and armor held easily.

The two Salthi appeared before we reached Nav 3 and I ordered Spirit to attack my target. Those nimble fighters can really fly, but their weak aft and side shields were no match fo our fighters, especially when they tried to change direction and seemed to hang suspended in space for a few seconds—just long enough for a few quick hits from the laser.

I was starting to feel cocky as we returned to the Claw, but another asteroid field brought me back to earth. I struggled to concentrate on this seemingly benign enemy. I knew complacency had ended the careers of many fine pilots in the asteroid fields. The Claw was a welcome sight and I circled around to approach from the bow after asking permission to land.

Our Hornets had survived with minimal damage, but I wasn’t sure I was as fortunate. My legs were rubbery, my pulse was pounding, and my brain was fogged. After Halcyon’s debriefing and congratulations, I headed for the bar.

Mission Hints and Synopsis:

1. Three Dralthi appear before you reach Nav 1. While out-numbered, the enemy is easily destroyed if you concentrate your fire on the side and aft, where their armor is weakest. Avoid a head-on confrontation and launch a Javelin HS if you can approach from the rear.

2. An asteroid field appears be-fore you reach Nav 2. Keep speed at 250 KPS and concentrate for easy passage.

3. Two Saithi attack before you reach Nav 3. Kick in afterburners and slide to the right before opening up with your lasers. Stay close when they turn away from you, and be prepared for an easy shot when they loop back into attack position.

4. More asteroids on way to Claw. Keep speed at 250 KPS.

Preflight Conversations


Belly on up, friend, and take a load off.
You must be Maverick. I'm Shotglass. Welcome aboard the Claw.
Used to be a pilot myself...
...till the fleabags shot me up so bad I couldn't fly.
I guess I flew with most every pilot on the Claw.
So if you want to know how one pilot or another flies...
...old Shotglass is the guy to ask
Stop by when you're off duty and we'll talk more.

Talk to ANGEL

Bonjour, Lieutenant. You are called Maverick, no? I am called Angel.
I am just reviewing some figures on our recent encounters with the Kilrathi.
You would like to know what I have learned, perhaps?
The Dralthi is the Kilrathi fighter seen most in this sector.
These figures show that 1.4 missiles are required to destroy the Dralthi,
while over seven direct laser hits are necessary to destroy the same vessel.
I hope this information is useful to you, Lieutenant.


James Taggart
Och, laddy, take a seat an' tilt a glass with ol' Paladin.
I recall once when I was just a lieutenant like yourself there...
We were flyin' patrol o'er Accord, the fourth planet in the Alliance System.
These four Kilrathi Salthi came zoomin' in with the sun at their backs...
Jeanette Devereaux
What is the point, monsieur? There is one, oui?
James Taggart
I was leadin' up ta it, lass.
That day, we learned that a Salthi will always turn ta the left...
It's got somethin' ta do with the way 'er engines an' ducts are arranged.
So when you tail a Salthi, watch ta the left...
That's where 'e'll go when 'e makes 'is break

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing, Enyo System, 06:00 hours, 2654.110.

Peter Halcyon
We've got a lot of work to do, people, so let's get to it.
The Tiger's Claw dropped from jumpspace seven hours ago, at 0800.
Blue Devil squadron had first patrol. You Killer Bees have the next shift.
You rookies'll be flying with experienced pilots on your first missions.
I want the rookies to fly as wingleaders.You vets keep an eye on the kids out there.
Here are the assignments.
Maverick, you're leading Alpha wing.
Spirit will fly on your wing. She's quiet, but she knows the ropes.
You're the wingleader, but if Spirit talks, you be sure and listen. Got it?
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir.
Peter Halcyon
Good. Here's your patrol plan, then.
Computer, display Alpha.
You'll check three possible jump points, at about 20,000 klicks out.
There are asteroids near Nav Points 2 and 3, so stay on course.
Any questions?
Mariko Tanaka
Yes, commander. What are we to do if we encounter the enemy?
Peter Halcyon
Engage, if the odds look good. Let Maverick make the call.
Next is Beta wing...
Your thoughts wander as the commander makes the rest of the assignments.
Peter Halcyon
...and back to the Tiger's Claw.
Remember ... this is no trainsim. If you see the enemy, he'll be out to kill you.
Be sure you do it to him before he does it to you.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing. UNKNOWN hours, 2654.110

You Flew Well You Flew Poorly

Peter Halcyon
Welcome back, Maverick. Looks like you survived your first trip out.

Peter Halcyon
I see you made it back... barely.

Spirit Survives Spirit Dies Spirit Survives Spirit Dies

Mariko Tanaka
He is a very able pilot, commander. It is an honor to fly on his wing.

Peter Halcyon
That's high praise coming from Spirit. You should be proud, Maverick.

Christopher Blair
But Spirit, sir. She didn't make it back...

Peter Halcyon
This is a war, son, not some flight simulator.
Young men and women die in wars. She knew that when she signed up.
You didn't do anything wrong, Maverick, so don't hold yourself responsible.

Peter Halcyon
After a performance like that, you're both lucky to be alive.
Spirit, I know you can do better than that.

Mariko Tanaka
I'm sorry, sir. I shall try to do better in the future.

Peter Halcyon
And you, Maverick. What have you got to say for yourself?

Christopher Blair
Nothing, sir. I won't make any excuses.

Peter Halcyon
Good, because there aren't any.
If you two don't shape up, you'll both be flying garbage scows.

Peter Halcyon
I hear it got pretty rough out there. How are you feeling?

Christopher Blair
I'll be all right, sir.

Peter Halcyon
It's not going to get any easier.
Today it was Spirit that didn't come home...
...tomorrow it may be you.

Peter Halcyon
In any case, you flew well out there. I've reviewed the mission report from your flight recorder.

Peter Halcyon
Let's go over the mission report.
Your Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
You got $K of the hairballs, Maverick...
Peter Halcyon
Recorder shows no kills for you, Maverick...
Spirit's Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
and $L Kilrathi for Spirit.
Peter Halcyon
and Spirit came up empty.
Spirit is Alive Spirit Dies
And of course, Spirit didn't make it back.
Award/Reprimand None
Peter Halcyon
Drop by my office in a couple of hours, Maverick ... I need to speak to you.
Peter Halcyon
That's all, then. Dismissed.

Next Mission:
Epsilon Wing (Enyo System)