Point of Origin: Vol. II, No. 22

This is a big issue for those interested in the business history of Origin - with company basically inventing the idea of releasing classic games as 'budget' releases which continues to be a huge part of the market to this day! What game started that trend? Wing Commander, of course! There are some other interesting parts, too - like the fact that they hadn't yet settled on a name for Privateer and the announcement of the Origin FX screensaver.

A very special thanks to Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum for making this resource available and to Electronic Arts for sending them to him in the first place!

  • Raves and Rumors has one Wing Commander review: "We're starting to see some Special Ops 2 reviews. Computer Game Review says: 'Great graphics as always,' and 'Wing 2 Ops 2 is great, but you'd better be in top fighting shape!'"
  • New SKU Review details the budget sofware plan and the game announcement mentioned above:
The CD-ROM compilations of Wing Commander II/Ultima Underworld and Wing Commander II Deluxe Edition are just about out the door... Also in August, the sales team launches a bold, new experiment by unleashing Wing Commander and Ultima VI at a suggested retail price of $29.95 (which will probably end up at around $19.95 as a 'street price'). 'The idea,' according to The Big Bulldog, Marten Davies, 'is to get those bargain-hunters who are picking up the low-priced 386 systems right now. They want to build a software library and build it fast. Since there's nothing out there that can really compare to our products in terms of technology, we want those buyers to pick up these games and think, 'Wow, now I know why ORIGIN's newest games cost $50 to $80.' Then we'll have them hooked.' The special price point is for a limited time only (120 days through Christmas), but if sales really start cooking, the offer may be extended... Current plans now call for the top-secret ORIGIN FX Screen Saver to ship by mid-October, rather than the originally-scheduled Aug.-Sept. period, due to additional design modifications suggested by internal test-site staffers. The Bulldogs have big hopes for this one. Then, everything breaks loose in November. Ultima VII, Part 2: The Serpent Isle (make sure you use the entire title), Strike Commander, Underworld 2 (maybe), and Trade Commander/Privateer (one of those names) will all be fighting to get out of QA at about the same time. Add duplication and build time, and you're looking at a holiday beat-the-clock. If all of these products make it, you'll be able to celebrate by taking your computer home for Christmas. You'll have to bring it back, of course, but to the brand new building out on 183.
  • Raves and Rumors has another award for Wing Commander 2: "Finally, pre-congrats are in order for Wing 2 and U7 teams. Moles over at MPC World (soon to be called Multimedia World) report that those two games won all three of their categories in the Reader's Choice Awards... Wing 2 took the best Arcade/Action Game title from Stellar 7 and Commander Keen, and also snagged the Best Flight Simulator award from heav-hitters Falcon 3.0 and Flight Sim v4. The 'official' winners will be announced in the mag's October issue. Killer!"
  • Foreign Trade has some quotes from across the pond: "Here's a smattering of comments from Wing Commander registration cards in Britain: 'Keep making games like this and I will keep buying your products.', 'If the dogfights don't leave you stunned, the sleepless nights will.', 'Never have so many died by so few.', 'The most incredible SF movie I have ever seen or starred in.'"
  • In, Up & Out announces that Jeff Everett is working on Origin FX - he would go on to create Armada! "Jeff Everett has been promoted from TDA to Programmer (with a capital 'P'). Jeff will be working on Phoenix Force and the screen saver. Congrats, Jeff."
Point of Origin
Vol. II, No. 22 - July 31, 1992
A Cast of Several
Raves and Rumors
New SKU Review
On a Roll...
In The Library
Just a Note:
Foreign Trade
Stork Watch
Bio: Sharon Miller
Road Warriors
In, Up & Out

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Wing Commander CIC - Visit the front page

Official news, fan projects and topics of particular interest to Wing Commander fans. Recent updates:

I Like This A Hole Lot
2017-11-17 -- LOAF was poking around in Wing Commander 2's background files and discovered a hilarious easter egg that would ordinarily never be seen by the player. The game frequently uses a red and green communications interface for dialogue sequences between a fighter and larger carrier or base. A small rectangle on the right features a graph intended to depict signal strength or something like that.

Taste That Synthi Meat
2017-11-16 -- The Wing Commander series has had quite a few large and elaborate print advertisements over the years, but even by the franchise's often lofty standards, this one's a whopper. This ad is spread across six full pages and follows a "five senses" theme with a late '90s vibe. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are all emphasized along with a smattering of FMV screenshots, gameplay scenes and a handful of commodities.

A Localization Interrogation
2017-11-15 -- Most Wingnuts are familiar with all of the cool contents of a basic Wing Commander Prophecy box... but this one's a little different. Can you spot everything that makes this setup unique?

Upgraded Corvette Ready For Vision Engine
2017-11-14 -- Version 0.32B of the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack was just released, but work continues at a rapid pace. The Kilrathi are the next focus, and they're led by the fearsome Corvette.

Catch Up On Strike Commander's History
2017-11-13 -- The DOS Game Club is a really cool place dedicated to gaming highlights of the '80s and '90s. Their community selects a game each month, and then they jointly play it together and discuss in their regular podcast. A recently selection was Origin's Strike Commander, and our own Bandit (LOAF) was able to participate in their episode on it.

Wing Commander Composer David Arnold Interviewed
2017-11-12 -- Modern Vinyl has posted an interesting interview with David Arnold, the composer behind the Wing Commander Movie's famous Overture theme. Much of the article focuses on the recent vinyl release of his work on Hot Fuzz, but it also notes his wide ranging involvement with films from James Bond to Stargate. Check out the full article here.

Homeworld Mod Removes Bugs & Fixes AI
2017-11-11 -- There's another new update to the Homeworld Remastered mod, Flag Commander. L.I.

OldiesGames Does Vengeance Of The Kilrathi
2017-11-10 -- We've been following the OldiesGamesTV series of Wing Commander reviews for a number of years, and now they've completed their three-part profile of Wing Commander 2. The videos are in French, but even if you can't speak the language, seeing all of the minor differences in the game are really cool if you originally played in another language. And where you understand their words or not, it's clear that they're big Wing Commander fans that we're happy to support!

Wing Commander Album Track List Complete!
2017-11-09 -- George Oldziey is back with another update on the progress of the second Wing Commander album. He's been quiet for a little bit, but there has been tons of progress on the orchestration front. The basic track list is complete and PDF scores will even be sent out soon.

Secret Ops Is All About Squashing Bugs!
2017-11-08 -- Fans have been running the new Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack through its paces hard since the latest version was released last week. As intended, the test managed to tease out a few bugs, and the team quickly responded. DefianceIndustries and PopsiclePete have already managed to put out a new version that resolves the issues identified so far.

Three Cheers For WC2 Manuals
2017-11-07 -- Wing Commander games can come in all shapes and sizes, and today we have a look at the different colored manuals of Wing Commander 2. WC2 was one of the most ubiquitous titles of the early '90s thanks to several factors: the popularity of WC1 was key, but it also was a major showcase for in-game speech and eventually mass-produced for inclusion in a large number of different OEM and budget CD-ROM releases. The red manual below was quite common and the black lesser so.

Shapely New Wing Commander 3D Prints Available
2017-11-06 -- Carter3D is a cool Shapeways outfit with a whole bunch of neat ships. There are quite a few Star Wars designs, but there are also about a dozen detailed Wing Commander models available to 3D print. Carter seems to be a Prophecy fan, but there are also a handful of ships from WC3&4 mixed in as well.

Wing Commander 3 Play-Through Remade At Nightmare Difficulty!
2017-11-05 -- It's been more than ten years since the legendary Queeg released his consolidated Wing Commander 3 movie. The original film set download records at the CIC and garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Now he's back with a brand new take on The Heart of the Tiger - this time he's completed the entire game on Nightmare difficulty!

GalCiv 3 Mod Continues To Expand
2017-11-04 -- Hellakazoo has posted some additional screenshots of his Galactic Civilizations 3 WC mod that highlight some of his latest additions, such as the Tarsus and Clarkson jammer. There's also a neat screenshot of one of the game's menus that feature the character portraits. Some of the recent CIC Forums discussion has been about what to add next.

Wing Commander Scores Lucky #7
2017-11-03 -- Here's a throwback to a twenty-one year old issue of Computer Gaming World. Back in November 1996, when we all were just getting into the Wingnut scene online, CGW posted a comprehensive "best 150" games feature. Wing Commander came in as the 7th best title of all time, just behind other famous contemporaries like Sid Meier's Civilization, Ultima IV, Doom & Sim City.

New Prophecy, Secret Ops Update Adds Ships & More!
2017-11-02 -- The newest version of the Prophecy and Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack has been released! It includes a whole pile of exciting ships that have been gracing the news over the last few months. There are additional bug fixes as well as some new features to smooth in-game graphical loading.

Kilrathi Invade #GamingHaikus
2017-11-01 -- We may have missed International Haiku Poetry Day by quite a bit, but idspispopz is there to make sure we're still covered with this simple yet elegant Wing Commander poem. Feel free to hit the comment link and add your own!

Arena Concept Art Inspires New Models
2017-10-31 -- After recently refining his slick Excalibur model, DefianceIndustries took a crack at turning it into the futuristic variant proposed in the Wing Commander Arena concept art. Its main vertical stabilizers have been moved inwards over the engine housings, and extended downswept winglets have also been added. The redesign really makes you think what new missions it might be called upon that would warrant these tweaks.

Waterloo Once Again
2017-10-30 -- Here's a new look at Klavs' groovy Waterloo class cruiser. Some of the most obvious detail is the addition of new windows and lighting, but there are also hull improvements throughout that give the ship a much more realistic facade. Additional gun emplacements are also present throughout that both fill in some of the blank spaces and give the ship some teeth.

GalCiv 3 Mod Adds Tons Of WC Ships
2017-10-29 -- Hellakazoo has been working on a neat ship expansion to Galactic Civilizations 3. He's already added dozens of fighters and larger capships, and he's nowhere near stopping. WC1/2 are where he began, but work is moving into the later games with plans to even include designs from Privateer, Armada and the Movie.

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