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Front Matter
Book Wing Commander Confederation Handbook
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Incan Monkey God Studios
Chris McCubbin, Chief Archivist
Austin, Texas, TERRA

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File ID Summary # File ID Summary #
admiral tolwyn 6 pegasus naval base 94
terran-kilrathi war, history 10 profile cn senior officers 96
pilgrim war, history 16 kilrathi skipper missile 100
death, sf maj arnold blair 23 loss of iason, inquiry report 102
joan’s ships of known space 24
death, sf lt cmdr kien chen 48
jump physics, layman 50
File ID Summary # File ID Summary #
pilot nose art, cs tiger claw 62 cn academy security report, christopher blair 108
pilot reviews, cs tiger claw 63 intelligence, pilgrim powers 112
boarding protocol, confed marines 70 navcom 118
deck plans, cs tiger claw 78 escape, taggart 122
flight deck protocol, confed naval 80 correspondence, taggart to tolwyn 126
casualties, 88th fighter wing 82
ship silhouettes (relative sizes) 83
kilrathi tactics 84


Welcome to CDATANET, network system of the Confederation Armed Forces. Network creation and maintenance by Incan Monkey God Studios | Lead Writer=Chris McCubbin | Additional Writing=Melissa Tyler | Graphic Design=Sharon Freilich, Jennifer Spohrer | Additional Design, Advertisement Design/Management=Tuesday Frase | Editor=David Ladyman.

Incan Monkey God Studios wishes to thank=Lawrence Freilich, scientific illustrator | Etienne Braun of Black Box Photo (Luxembourg, TERRA) for personnel photos | NASA and NSSDC=suppliers of photos and data | Chris Roberts and Origin Systems for creating the Wing Commander Universe | Digital Anvil, especially Jason Schugardt, Ashley Galaway, Eric Strauss, Chris Brown, Marten Davies | Rand Marlis, Creative Licensing Corp. | Sterling Belefant, Alan Smithee Films | HarperCollins: John Douglas, Rich Miller, Diane Walber, Jeannette Jacobs | Peter Telep, historian


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