Flight Deck Protocol: CS Tiger Claw

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Flight Deck Protocol: CS Tiger Claw
Book Wing Commander Confederation Handbook
Previous Deck Plans, CS Tiger Claw
Next Semi-Annual Report to Confederation Headquarters Detailing Casualties Among the 88th Fighter Wing Assigned to CS Tiger Claw
Pages 78-79



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MCPO G. Peterson, Deck Boss

The following instructions apply to all personnel on the Flight Deck. If you don't understand these rules, do not enter the deck.

1. I am the Boss. By order of the Captain, all instructions from the Flight Boss are to be obeyed immediately and without question. I don't care what your rank is.

2. During normal operations, all instructions from the Flight Control Officer on duty are to be followed immediately and without question. Only the Deck Boss can override instructions from the FCO. During emergency situations, all instructions from the Emergency Crew Chief are to be followed immediately and without question. Only the Deck Boss can override instructions from the ECC during emergency situations.

3. All personnel working the deck will wear either a utility coverall or a flight suit. Pilots will do no maintenance on their craft in flight suits, except for pre-flight checklists.

4. Absolutely no one on deck during scrambles except on-duty pilots and deck crew. If you think you have business on deck during a scramble, report to control bay first. No exceptions!

5. No horseplay on the deck, no loitering on the deck. If you're not working, get out!

6. All personnel will make way for utility tractor and fuel bowser at all times.

7. Diagnostics on craft engines and weapons systems that require a hot start-up will only be conducted with the express permission of the Deck Boss, under the personal supervision of the Deck Boss, Propulsion Chief, or Weapon System Chief.

8. No craft will launch or land from this deck without personal authorization from the Flight Control Officer.

9. No food or drink on the flight deck. If you're on break, go to the galley for your snack.


| query “flight deck protocol, confed naval” source=mil.archive.pers.cn.tigerclaw.MCPO.9842-68399

10. Pilots and techs ONLY in cockpits. Guests must have permission of the Captain and the Deck Boss before entering or viewing a cockpit, and must be personally escorted by a pilot at all times while on deck.

11. No craft will launch from this deck until a pre-flight checklist is complete. If the Captain declares a flush scramble, abbreviated checklists may be used. Full checklists WILL be used at ALL OTHER times.

12. ENVIRONMENTAL MAINTENANCE FIELD: NOBODY crosses the red line except launching/landing craft and field maintenance crews. Field crews will undertake hot operations only at the express orders of the Deck Boss.

13. EMERGENCY OPERATIONS: If the emergency klaxon sounds, all other deck traffic will yield to repair and medical crews, IN THAT ORDER.

14. If the breech klaxon sounds, all personnel will immediately go to the life-support lockers and don environmental gear.

15. Any pilot or crewman may sound the emergency klaxon at any time. I'd rather have the klaxon go when there is no emergency, than have it not go when there is one. HOWEVER, any bogus or prank alarms will be referred directly to Captain's Mast.

16. NO HOT LANDINGS! All craft will approach the deck with engines and primary maneuvering thrusters off. Only landing thrusters will be used for attitude correction.

17. Exterior deck. No craft will launch or land unless the exterior deck is 100% clear. This includes craft, debris, utility tractor, or personnel.

18. All wreckage will be cleared from the exterior deck immediately. Rescue operations will be coordinated by the FCO once the deck is clear.

19. Except in the case of medical emergency or express orders from the Captain, no pilot will leave the deck until your craft is berthed, secured, and pre-prepped.

20. No one except the Deck Boss can authorize any transfer of parts from one craft to another.

21. If a craft is redlined, it will be removed from the flight deck immediately. Redline craft will remain the repair bay until certified ready for space.


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